The best Nikon unboxing video

Here is something to cheer you up for the weekend:

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  • dan


    • Banned

      I was SO hoping it was a BRICK inside hahaha.

  • Luis Brito

    Great video.
    I think that’s what happened to me the same way when my D90 arrived
    Congratulations, girl, and great photos

    • Paul

      This is better than those I Am Nikon commercials…

      • Steve

        for sure.

      • fo real;)

        • Goose


      • Mike

        That should be a Master Card commercial: “Suprising a loved one with D90?…. Priceless”.

        • I want to get THAT exited again…… hopefully soon……. (please Nikon)

  • Cj

    That is one sweet man, and one happy woman !!

    • ja

      thats the nikon effect : we all get that its a great feeling

  • venancio

    thanks admin… i’m preparing the answer now to the question the wife might throw me “where did you get the money to buy this D800?”… i guess i’ll just have to figure out something… like love… that answer is never too shallow, i think….

    • MJM

      Love for the camera or love for your wife? Love for the camera may be a little too shallow! You could always buy it for your wife and just happen to borrow it on a more than regular basis!

      • venancio

        i was thinking along the line “luv, this is our baby, we’ll take good care of her/him/it, together”… but i have to confess you have the vision of a prophet…

  • Mark Stump

    Very Sweet πŸ™‚

  • broxibear

    What’s that quote from Broadcast News?… “I say it here, it comes out there.” lol.

  • Man, what would she have done if that was a D3x?

  • I was alot less excited when i got my D90 last year, tho it was a cheerful moment. I guess if that was a D3s for me than I’ll be just the same. LOL.

  • ricardo

    Indeed opening big brown boxes are one of the best moments in life. πŸ˜€

  • WOW! Amazing that a camera can make someone this happy, thats why i love photography!

  • danny

    It should have been a D7000….

    That said I wouldn’t like she ttook photos of me photos ever..

    • nRoyal

      Wow you must be great at parties, Mr. Killjoy

    • chimphappyhour

      Did you bother to look at the posting date for that video?!? You didn’t even have a clue what a D7000 was when this was posted originally.

  • broxibear

    Talking of unboxings, admin/Peter do you know of any announcements on the 13th of May…the day after the 2011 financial results are made public ?

    • No, nothing so far. Nikon usually schedules their press events 2-3 weeks in advance. That 50mm f/1.8G seems to be ripe for a release.

  • The invisible man

    LOL !
    I wish my wife would scream and jump like that everytime I receive a new lens or camera !

    • Sure she will.. if she receives πŸ˜‰

    • NiknWontRepairMyGray

      When you get your D900, just show her the price tag, she will jump and scream like that for sure.

      • The invisible man


  • Jabs

    One sweet and unexpected reaction – now, if he can get the camera away from his wife. Great to see such enthusiasm or even euphoria on the part of his wife. Guess what he is getting tonight … LOL!

    • The invisible man

      Jabs you need to stop, there is people under 18 on NR reading your comments.
      (I’m nice with my wife ALL THE TIME, that’s how I can own a $9.000 camera bag and still being alive)

      • Paul

        You own a $9 camera bag? High five for being frugal?

        • Mock Kenwell

          LMAO. And on top of it, I’m now imagining you high-fiving the Invisible Man!

        • Steve

          In some countries/languages a period . is used instead of a comma, which is what we use in the EnglishUSA.

          For example:
          English: $9,000 vs. Spanish: $9.000

      • Jabs

        @The invisible man:
        Yeah – he is getting his picture taken tonight – WHAT ELSE were you thinking about?

        • Hendog


        • The invisible man

          LOL !
          @ knekker: man, you need to relax……

  • PiXLPeeper

    I may be interested in buying her outfit before Christmas at half price probably with less than 500 actuations as a gift for my wife πŸ˜‰

  • maddog

    NAS claims another victim…..Looks like she’s lovin’ it though and will be for a long time…

  • candid

  • Rob-L

    Makes me smile!

  • How awesome! That woman is ALIVE! I hope she has a ball with that camera.

  • That was a little over reaction over there πŸ˜€

    • The invisible man

      And what about all of us reactions when NR rumors will announce the D800/900 ?
      I’m sure I’ll forget all my life’s worries for at last few hours !

      • WoutK89

        NikonRumors is head of the announcements at Nikon? Is that why they were so fast with the 50mm/1.8G lens?

  • Rick Rae

    We should all have that kind of enthusiasm for as long as we live. What a great video.

    • Nicole

      Please may I second that suggestion. πŸ™‚

  • RTH

    Loved when hubby said “Don’t drop the damn thing!”………..ROFLMAO! I was thinking the same thing. I’ll bet hubby was even happier that night….WOO HOO!

  • Its not just the camera its the love and sacrifice thats behind the present. sweet guy!

  • OMR

    Nikon is Love, the great D90, It’s a nice gift.

  • Victor Cho

    I just purchased the AF-S 14-24mm F/2.8 G ED lens and showed it to my wife. How come she reacted in a totally different way? Anyway, congratulations to this new Nikon owner.

    • Common Sense

      Haha. At least you lived to tell this tale! Congrats on your new lens!

    • Feri

      I think she really loves you…:)

  • f-stop

    The acted the same way when my D90 came…..that video needs to get bought and me into a real commercial. ..nice

  • gorgonzola

    Thats so cute :))))

  • cirtap

    She got excited for a Nikon D90!!! IF someone gave me a D90…I would through it to the wall..WAIT..i mean sell it double on Ebay!!! She got excited about a D90. They make a D7000 that runs circles around this D90.

    Where’s my D800…OR D4? LOL

    • WoutK89

      At least it wasnt a D3000 πŸ˜‰

    • Funduro

      cirtap: Not everyone has access to the money tree.

      • PiXLPeeper


      • jack

        Cirtap wins the oblivious citizen award.

        This video made me smile, but also made me feel guilty. I haven’t been this excited about any gift (Nikon or otherwise) in a long time. I wish I had given my d90 away to someone who would have reacted like this instead of selling it for a paltry sum on FM.

    • Tom

      This video is atleast more than 2 years old, it was posted on youtube at march 2009.

  • cirtap

    WAIT..I forgot..I have a Nikkor 35 1.4 G coming Monday….I will video tape my excitement…. ^____^

  • Eric Calabros

    every Photographer, should have such woman in his life

  • Oh so sweet…

    I love the thing that happiness does not necessary need to cost a lot. In a poorer country, the same thing can happen even with a basic point and shoot. But for many of us here, we will not be as excited/crazy about receiving a D3s/x (still excited, but not as much).

  • Alex

    Ah, that’s nice! Brings tears to my eyes actually. I guess he also got very lucky that night.

  • I was about that happy when my D700 came, but a lot more restrained.

    • The invisible man

      because you was already thinking about the D800

  • Diego

    Nikon makes happy people…

  • if my gf were so gratefull, I will certainly buy her more presents… πŸ˜‰

  • Stephen.C

    How come no one mentioned how funny the little girl was?

  • TommyDe

    – It’s a Dee Ninetee!” Made my day.

    I think it’s the only camera/Nikon that could cause a reaction of that kind. Just think how would it be if she got a D3X – “Are you insane!?!?!?”. D60? “Awww! Thanks.” Dee Ninetee FTW. Cheers!

  • Biziclop

    The lil girl is more interested in the packaging, lol.

  • I like that they have a cannabis-plant growing in the window πŸ™‚
    No wonder they were so happy, haha

  • Wellcome to the Nikon World!!! I hope you enjoy it! A big hug from Brasil!

  • Will

    I was not this happy when i got my d90. Should I? I think I should.

  • Ant

    This vid is a little reminder that the simple things are most important. Whilst a D800 might seem very important, can anybody imagine being this excited about receiving one? If you have nothing, a D90 is a truly fantastic thing. If you have the cash to splash on a D800, take a minute to think how lucky you are that’s the case.

  • Lapdog99

    Next time she can make the video and then add some snaps. I do hope she gets a strap on the body soon!

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