Samyang T-S 24mm f/3.5 ED AS UMC tilt-shift lens with Nikon mount priced at $999, available for pre-order


The Samyang T-S 24mm f/3.5 ED AS UMC tilt-shift lens with Nikon mount is currently available for pre-order at B&H for $999 (compared to $1,999 for the Nikkor version). Additional information:

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  • Eric Calabos

    why they always release the Canon version first? 🙂

    • bernard

      because it is easier to manufacture, no coupling cell.

      • And Canon sells more cameras than Nikon so it’s a bigger market.

  • Paul

    Sold. This lens is bound to be excellent, popular, and backordered…

  • Discontinued

    This sample images look like high iso hand held garbage shots. Can’t wait to see some real images and maybe some dxo or other test results. This could very well become my 1st Samyang lens if it performs better than the Nikkor.

    • Paul

      ‘…better than the Nikkor.’? The Nikon is great, and if you can get something fairly equivalent for half price then you should be happy. Don’t imagine the Samyang will improve on the Nikon because it won’t…

      • Discontinued

        See arturo’s comment above. The Nikkor TS ain’t special at all and should really be updated. As TS it performs rather like a DX lens. Shifting it on FX brings more pain than gain.
        Nikon released some real good performing lenses recently (like the 28 1.8 or the 85 1.4). The 24 TS is a different story.

        • darren

          Where do you think Samyang got their design from?

          • Samyang Fangirl

            From Canon?? I can clearly see the red ring.. hahaha

          • Discontinued

            >> Where do you think Samyang got their design from? <<

            I don't know. But if their 35 1.4 was copied from Nikon it would show twice (!) the CA. Look, if the Samyang T-S performs significantly better than the Nikon TS, I will get it. If not, I will wait for a new Nikon TS. Nothing left to discuss, alright.

    • iamlucky13

      The sample images are definitely worthless…even counterproductive, as they not only don’t allow one to judge the actual quality of the lens, but they’re simply poor photos. Ask a casual user to compare these to some of the better photos people have produced using Lensbabies, and they’ll think the Lensbaby is better.

      I’d be shocked if this lens doesn’t blow away the quality of the Lensbabies, in addition to simply be far, far more controllable.

      Beating Nikon’s offering, however, especially for half the price, would be a tall order. Samyang’s usual trick is to hit optical quality levels in the same ballpark as Nikon, but sacrifice in minor ways like reduced build quality or corner sharpness to keep the price down.

      • Groosome

        The samples aren’t new either – they were shown probably months ago with the article for the announcement. Or was it the Canon availability? I forget – not new anyway.

  • Bill Pahnelas

    let the fun begin! this is really the only lens that has gotten my interest in months. hope it lives up to expectations

  • arturo sanchez

    The Nikkor PC-E is a real shit compared to the Canon 24 TS-E II.

    • Darren

      Yea what the heck nikon? A lens that is 10 years newer than yours is better!

      • brian

        Unless I’m mistaken, the canon 24 TS was introduced only a year or two after the Nikon version which came out around the time of the d3. So 2007/08ish.

        • brian

          Yep Jan 2008 for the Nikon, and may 2009 for the canon.

    • Joe

      “Real shit” is a bit exaggerated, you can get decent images from it (when not fully shifted to the wide side of the image format, and after some CA correction). But yes, they could do much better, and I hope the Samyang does. I’m also interested to see how the new 28mm PC from Schneider-Kreuznach does, but that would be a major investment.

  • pmrphoto

    can’t wait–sold my Nikon 24 about two months ago when I heard they were going to make this one… Next I have to be patient for their 50mm f/1.2…

  • KnightPhoto

    How do I subscribe to a thread without leaving a comment?

    • At the bottom of the comments section there is a “comment feed” and “subscribe via email” options.

  • John F

    The current Nikkor PC-E 24mm, if used on the Nikon D800, is severely limited in its tilt and shift movements (because of the presence of built-in flash). Does anyone know if the new Samyang T-S 24mm will have the same limitations with the D800 (and D600) ? I could not find any info on the subject, even on Samyang’s own websites.

    • Joe

      What exactly is “severely limited” between the PC-E and the D800? There is only one limit, you can’t do a 60-deg-rotation AND full upwards shift at the same time (it is 10mm instead of 11,5mm then). That’s a setting that you most likely never will use in practice.

    • Ralph

      I havent had a limitation in an actual shoot. not sure what your on about. Both the 24 and 45 are fine on my D800e

  • Davis5

    1000 dollars are tooooo much expensive for a samyang… the price of the original is not so highest…

  • Julian Phillips

    I remember reading (in an online review) that the Nikkor 24-PCE is by default setup as an architectural lens – and if you want to use it to shoot landscape you have to have it converted by Nikon. I wonder if the Samyang lens will be similarly limited – or if it has a bit more flexibility with its TS mechanism. I look forward to reading the reviews on this one. To my mind Nikons main advantage as a lens manufacturer over 3rd party lens providers is mostly in the electronics (autofocus motors, VR) – but for a traditional mechanical manual focus lens like this I should think the playing field is a lot more even – its the nano coatings that mostly give the edge to nikon – so a bit less glare / CA.

    • Ralph

      So Ive read but I shoot landscape and havent changed it. On the 24 you can do it yourself, just take out four screws rotate and put screws back in. From what Ive read the Samyang allows independent rotation of tilt from shift, same as the Canon – a big improvement over Nikon.

      The issue with the other PC-E lenses is that the internal wires arent long enough to do the rotation yourself.

  • Vincent Kluwe-Yorck

    Latest info: lens will be out in May. And yes, no E-communication with the cam whatsoever. But hand on your heart, what in hell would you need that for? Shifted lenses don’t measure correctly anyway. So best is measuring manually in any respect.

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