New underwater camera from Nikon?

Update: the Facebook posts is now removed.

On June 27th Tim McKenna wrote on his Facebook page that he received a "new secret weapon from Nikon, a new underwater camera for some testing and campaign images":

Nikon does not have an underwater camera in their current product offering. The pictured package is quite big for just a point and shoot camera, but it may contain more than just a camera. The Coolpix lineup will be refreshed in August (Nikon point and shoot announcement are always in February and August) and there will be another major product announcement at the end of August. It will make sense for Nikon to introduce a new underwater camera, but something tells me that it won't be more than a point & shoot model.

Just two days ago I reported that the Nikonos trademark already expired back in 2008.

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  • Jonny
    • no EXIF data 🙁

      • ericnl

        if those were taken with the new camera, then there’s too much DOF for a P&S

        • WoutK89

          Doesn’t P&S mean that you have too much DOF anyway? So the more DOF, the more likely it is a P&S?

        • chris

          the smaller the sensor the more of the frame will be in focus for any given aperture

          • dave

            Not true, actually. The smaller the sensor, the shallower the DOF at a given focal length. What is true is that the wider the lens, the deeper the DOF. And with P&S cameras the decrease in DOF from the sensor size is more than compensated for by the increase in DOF from using such a wide lens.

    • Very nice photos.

    • I don’t see any “underwater” photos, just ones from atop the water. Water resistant housing then, not submersible for scuba diving (which would be awesome).

  • D7000 User

    Nice one Peter!

  • Mikycoud

    Me would like a Nikon UW camera! Me would like it even more if it was Evil UW…

  • AnoNemo

    This can be interesting but don’t get too excited. I think this is going to be a consumer camera perhaps something in the coolpix line. Perhaps they will name it after me Nemo 🙂

  • LOL

    Testing the weather sealing on the D4 perhaps. 😛

  • D7000 User

    Zoomed into the packaging, it says 4 pieces. Must be P&S, 3 spares for any leakages.

  • probably an allweather compact camera, like Panasonic, Canon and Olympus have, which can be taken to 10 m depth.

  • James Wright

    To small for DSLR…

  • Ole

    I want D800 news, not underwater camera news!

    • Ole

      And I got it! Thanks Admin!

  • Bullsnot

    Somethng tells me this guy was either told by Nikon to post this information, or he won’t be “previewing” future cameras any more…

    • preston

      That’s what I was thinking too. Would have blatantly violated his NDI if he wasn’t told to say that.

  • Nice surfing pics, but the telephoto perspective is not consistent with an underwater camera. It might be a water resistant camera for beach use, not diving.

  • Glenn N

    I hope its a P & S. I am looking for a very decent P & S for both above and under water. So far, I am 0 for 2. I would love to take my D7000 underwater, but not willing to pay 1K for a platic housing.

    Glenn N

  • yrsued

    Someone didn’t read their NDA’s prior to Posting on Facebook!!

    Someone at Nikon is NOT having a good day today

    • MB

      Nah, this is just a tease, something you do sometimes for the company that hires you (Nikon in this case)

    • Can Wishingwell

      Intentional leak for sure, so that the Nikonuts will stop buying other maker’s UW p&s, and wait for this to show up in store shelves.

  • My wife and I are looking for nice affordable underwater P&S. We’ve bought a handful of those disposable underwater cameras over the past few years but it would be nice to just have a digital one for the convenience.

  • Looks like the post was deleted off his FB page…. he obviously didn’t read the fine print in his NDA! 🙂

  • SDiggity

    So much for the “Top Secret.”

  • the post is gone, but the pic is still in his gallery. also, the pic was posted june 27

  • Mock Kenwell

    I’ll say it again. All P/S tough cams currently out there suck. It’s a golden opportunity for a company who pioneered underwater photography.

  • MR151

    I hope the UW camera has HD video. Anyway, those are some gnarly waves dudes.

    I remember Raimana from the Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D BD with Kelly Slater. Great vid btw. Worth a buy at Best Buy or wherever you get your Blu-Rays.

  • che

    Probably better to open the boxes first before posting!

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