Nikon is preparing a major announcement at the end of August

Certain Nikon offices have already blocked employees from taking vacation in the last two weeks of August 2011. Expect major announcements during that time frame (my guess: D3s and/or D300s replacement). This is not really surprising, since Nikon likes to make announcements at the end of Summer (the D3, D300, D90, D3100, D7000, many lenses and Coolpix cameras were all announced around that time in the past few years). End of August announcement will also give Nikon the opportunity to show the new products at CliQ 2011 in Las Vegas (September 6-11, 2011).

There should be at least one major product announcement before the summer (my guess: D700 replacement).

Regarding the upcoming Coolpix line refresh - it will probably happen around February 8-15, 2011. It is still unknown if the point and shoot cameras will be the only announcement next month.

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  • broxibear

    I’m surprised that so many people posting here are obsessed with megapixels… 18, 24, 36 ?
    After all the articles in magazines, on websites and blogs about megapixels, tests showing little difference between a 3 MP camera and a 6 MP camera, even when blown up to 12 x 18″ , yet still people fixate on megapixels above everything else ?
    Personally I don’t see Nikon going above 18mp for their D400, D800 and D4.
    If there is an announcement in August you won’t be opening your gold boxes until this time next year…there are people still waiting for their D7000 and AF-S 85mm f/1.4G ordered in Sept 2010.

  • Jens

    I hope D400 will come soon? Dont want to wait till August…

  • Oliver Richter

    Next Nikon SLR:
    Nikon D9000, Sensor 20 x 30 mm, 1,2 crop, 20 – 24 MP, 39 AF points, full HD,
    maybe SLT + hybrid mirror viewer, Ai, CF + SD card slots, magnesium body smaller than Nikon D300, ca. 1800 €. This is my speculation.

  • PAG

    Bring on the year of the non-pro wildlife / sports photographers’ lenses. The 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 and 300mm f/4 need updating badly. I just ran a seabirding trip and saw several Canon 400mm f/5.6 lenses out there so it seems like this could be a popular lens as well. I think that a 300mm f/4 plus 1.4x TC would be a better combo, but I guess the price would the major factor between those two.

    So 3 new affordable long lenses, please.

    • plug


    • Todd

      I really really really want an updated 80-400mm. Been waiting years for it. Hope this is the year.

  • Kingyo

    Yes!! Finally, the D700s is coming!!! Its a 12mp D700 with video 😛 😀 just kidding (I hope!)
    We’re definitely overdue on some big announcements, and with the amateur cameras out of the way (d3100, d7000 & coolpix) we can finally expect some semi-pro/pro bodies to be born.. To all Canon users: start selling off your gear now! 🙂

  • aetas

    No matter what the outcome half of everyone is going to be pissed off. Either you did not get the mp you need or you got to many. Then you also have the wait. Who here really thinks they are going to get their hands on something right when its announced. Just saying.
    Im looking forward to see what nikon has been putting away. No real rumors about this one so far right. Thats pretty tight lipped wouldn’t you say.

    • broxibear

      Hi aetas,
      You’re right, it doesn’t matter what Nikon bring out someone will want more this or less that.
      Considering the array of digital cameras out there at various budgets if someone can’t find a camera that’s right for them then maybe they shouldn’t be taking pictures in the first place.
      Logic and common sense seem to go out of the window when people start demanding flagship features at entry level prices…ok, rant over lol.

  • Mock Kenwell

    August? What’s the rush? Why not just wait another year or so before addressing video in an affordable full frame? Jesus Christ this company has no sense of urgency.

    • Discontinued

      “What’s the rush? ”


  • Dweeb

    Interesting how Nikon has put itself in a position of having to issue all 3 camera replacements at about the same timeframe. Pro DX, Pro FX, Prosumer FX. And not a Photokina year either.

    Canon of course also owes a few significant updates. Seems like a competition war brewing later this year, eventually ending up in the pre-Christmas timeframe.

  • mshi

    Those waiting for D700 replacement will be disappointed again this year.

  • freshprinceofholyoke

    Any rumors of a potential touch screen? Apparently, PCworld states that’s in Canons future…

  • D700guy

    AS far as I’m concerned, these camera bodies share the same plausibility as the Lochness Monster and Sasquatch. Until I see some tangible proof that they truly exist, they are mere myths IMHO.

    • D3Guy

      This is and these are rumours, not

  • This is going to be the year for Nikon, with replacements due (or not) for all 3 bodies. Exciting times ahead I would say 😮

  • Ideally I want a MF and FX body with video and hi-ISO capabilities. I have (in posession) the D7000 and can get a D3s immediately. Im in a quandry about getting this D3s or holding out for the “D800”?

    My thoughts are that with the D3s and D7k, I can do everything I need to… low available light, hi-MP shooting at 16mp, full frame accuracy and more importantly a great deal of versatility with my lenses (given the crop factor).

    I had a D300s (stolen), but I’ve found the D7k ISO range the same as the D3 and the “usable” ISO at 3200 ….even 6400 in certain conditions! This is absolutely performs better than the D300s and if it’s any indication of a new sensor/body logic that reduces ISO noise to forthcoming models? In other words the “D800” performing far better than the D3 and approaching the ISO of a D3s.

    I shoot weddings, lifestyle and commercial fashion.

    In my plans I eventually plan to get a Mamiya or Hassy for the ultra-commercial stuff… (wayyyy down the line, lol) UNLESS Nikon makes a ultra-hi MP or 32-bit version sensor.

    I’d appreciate everyone’s thoughts and suggestions. Thanks

  • ChrioN

    I think they are planning 360 degrees filming like this:

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