Nikon D3100 firmware update v1.01 is out

Today Nikon released a firmware update for the Nikon D3100 (v.1.01). Full list of changes after the break:

  • A magenta tint was present at the bottom of still images captured at high sensitivities after shooting in live view mode or recording movies for an extended length of time.  The occurrence of this magenta tint has been reduced.
  • When images captured with continuous shooting in live view mode were played back, in some very rare cases, some of the images were not properly displayed.  This issue has been resolved.
  • When shooting in live view mode with AF-area mode set to Subject-tracking AF, in some very rare cases, the focus point slipped off the subject with autofocusing after the intended tracking subject had been selected.  This issue has been resolved.
  • When images edited using camera retouch functions were played back in calendar playback mode, they were assigned to dates based not on the date of capture, but rather the date on which they were edited.  This issue has been resolved.
  • When white balance for RAW images created using the camera’s image overlay function was fine tuned with Capture NX 2 or ViewNX 2, the images acquired a magenta cast.  This issue has been resolved.
  • A portion of the error message displayed when live view mode could not be initiated because the camera’s internal temperature was too high has been revised.
  • When Noise reduction in the shooting menu is set to On, operation is as follows.
    Processing to reduce noise is performed at all ISO sensitivity settings.  Noise reduction is especially effective with shooting at high ISO sensitivities.
    Processing to reduce noise is performed immediately after shooting in any of the situations noted below.  While processing to reduce noise is performed, "Job nr" blinks in the viewfinder display.  Shooting is not possible until "Job nr" is no longer displayed.  The time required for noise reduction processing is roughly equal to the shutter speed used to capture the image.

    • Shooting at shutter speeds slower than approximately 8 seconds
    • Shooting at high ISO sensitivities when the internal temperature of the camera is high
  • The Help information displayed for the Noise reduction item in the shooting menu has also been revised in accordance with these modifications.
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  • Anonymous

    I could not sleep to get hold of this update for days now 🙂

    • iamlucky13

      And now you’re going to have nightmares about flying D3100’s attacking like in the picture!

      • Anonymous

        That was a good one 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Well, this addresses a whole bunch of issues. Thank god Nikon takes it time to only deliver high quality products.

    • PAG

      Yeah, this list of fixes obviously repaired a pile of core issues that people saw every day like…

      A magenta tint was present at the bottom of still images captured at high sensitivities after shooting in live view mode or recording movies for an extended length of time.

      Wow. How did this camera ever get released? [/snark]

      • Anonymous


        i was asking the same question. The D3100 had only couple of minor issues like the little magenta problem….

  • Jaime

    I wonder if any of those problems is present in the D7000…and if so, I would think the second firmware update for the D7000 in on its way.

    • Drab

      The magenta cast one sounds like an improved amp-noise reduction routine, since it only happens at high ISOs and after activities which would get the amps hot. Very likely to be a D3100-specific fix as only it has that sensor. That said if it is an improved technique they will likely use it in the future on other products.

      All the other ones could very well be generic framework bug fixes which would apply to the D7000 if applicable. No one outside Nikon knows how much source is shared between the D3100 and D7000 firmwares, much less if these are driver issues unique to the D3100 or universal “structural” issues they addressed.

      My GUESS is these were mostly issues addressed at the driver level. The choice of sensor for that camera is very likely one of the last decisions made. The firmware team likely had a body and mechanical prototype in hand > one year ago. The sensor drivers were likely written based on specs, and shipping parts often don’t match design timings and voltages.

    • I’m also liking where this is possibly going. A quick fix for the higher-end D7000, then a slower release with more fixes for the D31000. Maybe now the team will get back to the D7000 and fix/update the following issues:
      -Manual aperture control during liveview
      -UV meter during liveview

      Contact Nikon here with your concerns, the more the better!

      • SDiggity

        +1 re: 720p/60mode

        • If D3100 got 720/60p, I would crap my pants in joy!

  • An

    Typo? Should say Nikon D90 firmware update v1.01 is out

  • ericppp

    this is great and all, but what I reallllly want is an SDK & capture control pro compatibility. pretty please with a cherry on top?

  • kyoshinikon

    Im still a little boggled that Nikon makes firmware upgrades for their low end cameras but never made one for the D90…

    • Drab

      Dismissing the rumors that the D90 has a defect preventing firmware updates, what errors need fixed?

      The D200 only had one update, and it was mainly to address a specific flaw in a specific batch of them.

  • camaman

    Why do people drool over 60p video?

    Anyway its a nice update. Nikon tuned pretty big list of things. Thats great of them!

    • aregias

      with 60p video, time warp is possible to around 800-1000 fps (interpolated)
      at 30p, time warp looks plain silly…

      i think. ^_^

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