You can now attach Nikon lenses to an iPhone 4

Photojojo now sells in their online store an adapter that will let you attach Nikon lenses to an iPhone 4. The kit costs $190 $249 and includes an aluminum case, SLR lens adapter and UV filter. Two loopholes on each side lets you attach a camera strap. The case has also a tripod mount thread.

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  • Finally I can get rid of this useless D3s! And D3! And all the rest of this useless junk now that the iPhone has arrived!

  • cirtap

    I am begging Nikon to hurry up with a new camera..any camera!!! So we want get A nikon cake, a pointless iphone lens thingy..or out of date thing about underwater crap…Please hurry Nikon..Please!!!!

    • Steve

      Unfortunately it seems Nikon release less than one product a month on average (is that right ?) and when they do release something it often isn’t want ppl here want anyway. An iPhone adapter is just another example of something no sane person would want. Why not just get a decent camera phone like the N8 ?

      • ZoetMB

        This isn’t from Nikon – it’s a third party.

  • Ronan

    Turn LED Flash ON, instant lightsaber.

    • Reeb

      excellent :p

  • benS

    wte f ! who on earth would even think of mounting their nikon lens on an iphone …
    this is beyond lunacy .. a waste of time

    • Brian

      Yep and for $249 why bother you can get a Nikon DSLR few a few bucks more.

  • John


    • So you can have another camera that won’t fit in your pocket.

  • the perfect match for a reflex nikkor 2000mm f/11!

    • that will produce real magical images we die for 😀

  • Justin

    Nothing yet for the DROIDX?

  • I can only laugh.. rofl

  • BaoKeWen

    Right, I’m gonna gaffer-tape my iPhone4 to my bellows unit, mount a lens and see if I can get a picture that’s in focus…

  • zer0

    isn’t it a Canon lens on the pic?

    • Tony

      Yeah, you seems to be right, and actually there is none of a sample with nikon lens….

  • VJ

    But it has no hot shoe… Where do I attach my SB-800?

    But seriously: I wonder when this iPhone worship will stop… There are all sorts of accessories, and people act like it is the only device capable of such things. I’m not bashing the device, I can imagine it has good features and usablity, but it is almost turning in to a religion. I like a good multifunctional phone as much as the next guy, but I don’t want to spend on accessories that cannot outlive the phone.
    And the sad thing is: when you loose your iPhone, you’d have to get a new one or all the accessories you bought for it are useless. And if Apple decides to change some things (even something a simple as the size), it also renders many accessories useless…

    • che

      Lose. Not loose. Loose=release. As in when you set loose a dog on someone. An iPhone is inanimate. It cannot be loosed. Only lost.


      • VJ

        Thanks… It was a stupid typo though… 🙂

  • che

    Total crap. Who would carry a nikon lens without a body. These new-tech geeks are brain-free.

  • b.h.h.

    Is this a late April fool? Who need this?

  • hocome it went up $60 in a day?

    • the price changed few minutes after the post went life

  • Georg

    Hmm. I have to set the date to April 1st.

    But I appreciate the idea of a small, light body which is connected to the web with real lenses. Nikon I really want a small (mirrorless) FX or DX body with Wifi and an extension kit (I would not buy) for all unnecessary connectors you outfit your cameras today (and maybe some testers want). No joke.

  • Trevor

    LOL. I love all of these comments – makes for a good Friday morning!

  • ZoetMB

    If they had made this thing without a gigantic adapter and with the capability of using it with a pancake lens (of which neither Nikon nor Canon have any in their current line, right?) it might have made some sense.

    But who is going to carry around the gigantic adapter and a large lens, but not carry their Nikon/Canon body? It’s not the body that’s the problem (esp if it’s DX), it’s the lenses that are a pain to carry around, especially the 2.8s.

    Makes no sense to me at all. That’s probably why it will be very successful because most new successful new products and web services (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) make no sense to me.

  • poizen22

    i wonder what the crop factor would be. that 50mm canon prime probably ends up at something like 400-600mm especially with that extension tube lol.

    • marvin_yorke

      the extension tube is needed to match the flange focal distance only

  • i see canon also has an adapter, i am going to laugh if i see someone with a phone attached to a 600 mm lens now that would be a great photo

  • jonnie

    Stupid people buy Iphones, even more stupid people buy crap like this….

  • I thought it was one of the most ridiculous, useless things I’ve ever seen in my life.

    One of my Canon friends (iPhone owner) thought it was awesome.


  • El Tabarnacos

    That’s the most useless product I’ve ever seen. They should bundle an F-Mount Dildo with it. This way some people might find an application for it

    • NR needs a Like/Thumbs Up/+1 button on their comments.

  • Ville

    Looks like they’ve found the ultimate solution to Canon’s focusing problems in low light … 😉

  • Henriki maxado

    Nao tenho um iphone4 ,mas ja sou fã, quando ter loucamente procurarei um deses !

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