The most ridiculous Nikon rumor

Remember the Nikon MX rumors from last year? Some Chinese forum now claims that the M stands for Micro and the new MX camera will have:

  • 24.8mp full frame sensor
  • 1080p video at 24fps, 30fps or 60fps
  • 100% optical viewfinder
  • Nikkor 10-70mm f/1.2 lens


NR probability rating: 0% (this post belongs to the Humor-Rumor section)

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  • PHB

    I don’t doubt that there was an MX research project, but the launch of the D3x pretty much killed the point. If an FX frame camera can do 25MP at 1600. it can do 50 MP at 800 ISO. And that is plenty for studio work.

    Sure, an MX fram ISO 6400 camera would be better, but there aren’t enough serious photographers willing to pay $20,000 extra for three ISO stops.

    I think the price of the D3x pretty much eliminated any room for MX. It is expensive by 35mm DSLR standards but cheap by the standards set by ‘blad and co.

  • Aimpic

    A full frame sensor with a 10 mm lens – Ha, Ha, Ha.

    • dr4gon

      A zoom lens, no doubt!

  • wyss

    is this for lawl? =/

  • rhlpetrus

    I like the look of it, but OC it’s complete BS. 10mm lens f/1.2 on a FF sensor? WOW!!

  • Shuang

    This thing sucks , what if you need to shoot sport with a 300mm 2.8vr . I guess d3 still got its place in the nikon line up .

  • rotmous

    Why even post this garbage? Slow week for rumors, Admin? You are a true dumb_as$.

    I am sorry guys, I need help… I am loosing my mind, I do not know what am I doing… where am I… I’ve been banned from every possible photography website out there… I just want to have some friends… please….. I am good person, just sometimes I act like a complete idiot… I am sorry….

    • Look at the title of the post. It’s supposed to be amusing…

    • Anonymous

      If you don’t like it, why be here in the first place.

    • Claire

      rotmous don’t be a little sh!t, thank you!

    • Magistos

      It’s called a sense of humor. Find yours, please, Rotmous.

      • Mike

        Find yours as well.

        Sorry, but why do people who don’t speak English post in English?

        • Magistos

          What makes you think I don’t speak English, Mike? My nickname? It’s a specific misspelling of Magistus, coming from the two latin words: magister (master or chief) and magus (sorceror, priest, or wise man). That’s all. πŸ™‚

          Oh wait, trying to stir the sauce a little? Enjoy yourself, or go get a cup of coffee and relax, man. I was MUCH nicer than some of the others. (I.E. – no cursing)

  • Tony M


    I’m starting to wonder if MX might be a similar camera to Oly’s EP-1. A small form camera with EVF and which takes DX lenses (OK smaller but DX with an attachment) would have great interest to me as a ‘carry anywhere’ camera.
    Maybe there is something in the rumours of an ‘MX’ Nikon and Nikon are not as far behind as thought (at least I agree with Thom on this market gap).

  • MW

    haha, you never know, maybe some day this will become reality, but just not the recent future. Maybe our son and daughter will even find this week by their time

  • Astrophotographer

    How about a 70mm f1.2 with a 40.5mm filter ring. Defies physics and math.

    • dave

      They didn’t say it was a constant f1.2. One of my P&S was advertised as having an f1.2 lens and it sure as heck isn’t constant…. wait a sec… why am I responding … that thing is laughable. And my sides are hurting. Did I miss something… was yesterday April 1st or something? πŸ™‚

      Next, we’ll be seeing a rumor about the Nikkor 12-300mm f2.8D VRII micro DC IF ED lens I’ve been wanting.

  • NikoDoby

    Well if it’s fake then that’s a pretty good photoshop job!

    Yes, I’m joking!

  • Peter

    Nikon –Ophthalmic–!

  • Alex

    yes! make it built in 10mm-700mm f/1.2. I would replace my Panasonic TZ5. Come to think of it, it would replace the D300 also.

  • Visitor

    Wonder what the 1DR Mark IV will look like?

  • This is going to sell for $150, right?

    • Niloy

      I can confirm this.

      $150 is with the 10-70mm f1.2 kit lens included. Body only it’s $85.

      • Berry Nais! Are they taking pre-orders? Maybe I should order two!

  • pufferfish

    Surely it should be 200% frame coverage, 1 Gigapixel and 6-1200mm and 2160p for video? And I don’t expect it to be bigger than the size of a matchbox or weight more than 10 grams (including battery).

  • x

    DUDE! 0% NRCR? Wait until this baby is announced πŸ˜‰
    You also forgot to mention, that it’s only a few mm thick, haha.

  • Chris Lilley

    Olympus PEN E-P1 with the 4/3 sticker turned into uX and some light photoshop on the 14-14 kit lens.

    • Chris Lilley

      I meant to type 14-42

    • Soap

      excellent catch

  • YMO

    Well, being aware of the fact that this is totally fake, IF Nikon released a camera like the PEN, I would definately buy it!

  • Niloy

    Try to imagine what you’d do if this things actually gets to the market for $400.


  • x

    it must be real!
    The umbrella reflection prooves it’s a photograph. And photographs can’t be changed.
    So it will come. Probably shortly before Photokina.


  • Archer

    Nikkor Opthalmic? What’s that mean, a bionic eye fitted on a camera?

  • Jimmy

    I saw one of those on sale in China a couple of months ago. I figured it was a black market knockoff.

  • I Want To Believe! πŸ™‚

  • Chris Lilley

    The truth is out there.

  • I know.

    The Truth is indeed “out there”. . . πŸ™‚

  • Jeff

    Thank you for pointing out that this is totally flawed from the beginning. this is a good one for the humor rumor

  • Anonymous

    funny rumor

  • Ed

    Thanks, Humor is good, laughing makes you live longer.

  • MW

    I mean, it is even beyond FX, it is mu (U looking greek symbol) X.
    It might able to take picture in 3D or 4D……or even 7D, just think of the possibilties.

  • Gary

    i just got this yesterday and i found out that i can actually see the earth’s core through its viewfinder!

  • gcardinal

    ohh crap! you cant be serious?..

  • waeltklass

    and I can shit pearls….

  • Mike

    Something tells me there is a chink in Nikon’s armour.

  • Magistos

    And yet, until it is small enough to wear as a special ring on my hand, with full HD and eyefi, with a seperate flash ring on my other hand, I’m not interested.

    I politely call this wishful thinking. πŸ˜€

    • MW

      that would be awesome, haha

  • Mark

    Yes I do not believe. I keep hoping for Nikon to make a semi compact that has a DX sensor and aims at a killer price point.

    Something with a form factor similar to Canon G10:

    $499 = DX sensor 10MP w/short zoom
    $650 = DX sensor 12MP w/short zoom

    Designed to be control friendly in manual mode, aperture priority or shutter priority.

    A medium format digital (MX?) would be great. Nikon should aim for square format or a camera that lets the photographer switch from 1:1 ratio or 4:3.

    Not only a camera with a bigger sensor, but format variety. Keep it under 15k and it could be a hit, but make a rangefinder for 10k to 13k and it could really be big.

  • Alex

    I don’t know where else to write this, so I will write it here.
    I don’t know why so many people keep hitting the “dislike, don’t post again” button. I would rather read some rumors/news than seeing no updates. Admin, please don’t pay any attention to the “don’t like.” Every article you have posted, people have hit “like” and others have hit “dislike.” As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t like something, then you have the choice to not read it. But for those that like it, they can only read it if it gets posted. So keep posting all the gossip! I love this website.

    • NikonMan

      I second that.

      I noted that the “like” was way out in front for the first day or so but then the “dislike” crept up.

      I wonder if they don’t dislike the fact that there is nothing new, but by clicking “dislike” they are making it likely that there will be LESS posted…

      Admin keep up the good work

      • Thanks! I know this rating system is not ideal, but it still gives me a general idea.

  • Anon

    That shit would’ve been awesome, though.

  • RThomas

    FAKE, definitely. The “H” and “A” don’t line up with the rest of the letters on the lens.

    Still, that would be a nice lens spec, even on a DX camera!

  • bob

    the idea ain’t bad… the lens is way off… nearly bought an olympus ep-1 over the weekend… wouldn’t mind if nikon did a small form rangefinder type thing with ability to use F mount lenses (thru adapter)…. and leica lenses… and contax lenses…

    • worminator

      If the leaked roadmap is to believed, and on this point is would seem entirely reasonable speculation even if it isn’t, Nikon will release a DX compact camera soon.

      The pic above is a demented “envisioning” but surely has a kernel of truth to it, as it’s clear as anything that Canon/Nikon/Pentax are not going to sit idle and leave this field to the G1/Pen. The only question is whether it will be fixed or interchangeable lens system.

      I had a look at the PEN on the weekend btw. Better finished than the photos indicate, small and heavy. A rather clunky control system that yells “first gen!” loudly. I found the lack of an optical viewfinder disconcerting and unless using the pancake lens, the overall size/heft was not significantly different than a small dSLR. So: nice concept and good execution, but not compact enough or cheap enough to replace a compact camera and with no viewfinder it’s not going to replace a dSLR for most people either. Still it’s clear this is the space to watch.

  • bernd

    I just thought of something. the first post gave me the idea….
    the MX project, right. put the M on its side and it turns into a 3. there is the mx or (d)3x

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