Best Buy: Nikon D300 replaced by D300s in September

Update: for unknown to me reason, the "official Best Buy twitter feed" does not exists any longer.

This is coming from the official Best Buy twitter feed, not sure how they came up with the September date - maybe this is when the Nikon D300s will be available in their stores:


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  • low

    it has begun…
    (OK, this isn’t really low) 🙂

    • low

      no it most certainly isnt. but you very know its coming.

      so let it begin…..

    • Jon Paul

      Imitation is the highest form of flattery. But that was low.

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone else more concerned that Best Buy has an official Twitter feed?

    • Wahlroos

      I am, but would never buy from BB anyway

    • Zoetmb

      I’m not concerned that BB has a twitter feed, but I’d be concerned about anyone who subscribed to it!

      • Anonymous

        Wisely spoken.

      • another anonymous

        Nicely spoken 😉

        • regular

          At Cannes Lions International Advertisement Festival (a big event for marketers and ad producers), one of the presentation was on how big companies can use twitter to create friendly feelings in the consumer’s mind.
          So no surprise here.

      • yet another anonymou

        Truly spoken.

  • Weston

    I just noticed the D3 is no longer in stock or available from other vendors on Amazon, maybe their just getting out of the uber camera’s.

    • anon

      i can’t find new ones anywhere except . I would expect d3 replacement and d300 replacement before a d700 replacement. if a d4 comes out with 16-20 mpx and the same frame rate and near iso performace of the d3, it will be mine in a heartbeat. althought it’s what i want, so it won’t happen

      • Nikkorian

        well a d700 replacement will take awhile. how should they improve on it? maybe in late 2010. an x- or s-verison though will surely come. maybe it will even feature movie mode just for the sake of the 5d2

        • Ed

          Its about the customer perception. More marketing than anything else. If brand X has HD video, then your product is obsolete without it. And, the 12mp sensor count for a full frame does not leave room for a lot of cropping, and the competition has twice the pixel count in the same price range, so sales must be hurting. Expect video and more pixels.

  • Ryan

    I just called my local BB to c what they had to say. Sure enough d300 is a deleted item. No one else there knew why or what was next.

  • I think someone might be looking for a new job soon.

  • Zorro

    Who cares, when the D90 is available now.

    • Adam

      cuz, well D90 is not a replacement of D300, heck besides image factor, D300 beats D90 in every professionally way

      • johnny pierce

        When is the D90s coming out?

        • Anonymous

          Very unlikely that we’ll see any replacement to the D90. It seems that the D90 is the end of that line. The D5000 has almost the identical specs, while missing a couple buttons. Nikon realized that the people that use the buttons, rather tend to get the DX00. Now with FX in the game, and moving towards an post hysteric behavior about it, we might see FX prices beeing normalized. This means that the price of the DX00 will move towards the D90, and the might no be enough space for both of them. They only hope I have is that they will do the same kind of body, once they decide to put an FX sensor in something smaller then a DX00.

          • fotosniper

            what? no AF drive motor and no commander flash capability? no, the d5000 is nothing like the d90

          • Char

            With the same argumentation, you could have said that the D80 was the end of that line, since the D60 has “almost the same specifications”.

            The D5000 and D90 are not exactly the same thing (second wheel, upper display, larger viewfinder, more direct access buttons, MLU, AF drive, ….)

          • Anonymous

            Your logic is fail.

  • James

    I’ve thought about doing that for a wile (you guys are just two quike!)

  • Quash

    NRAdmin, you’re a victim of your own success. This is old news… broken by you ages ago. 🙂

  • Zoetmb

    The D300 is still available at B&H, but not at J&R and the D3 is not available at either. The D3 is more interesting because we know a D300 replacement is coming soon, but the D3x can’t replace the D3 because it’s too expensive. And I don’t think the D3x, which I assume is produced on the same line as the D3, is selling like hotcakes, so the question is why is the D3 out of stock? Did Nikon shut the line down for too long?

  • Ling

    They want pro to forget about D3 and get D3x instead!

  • Man, that’s an ugly twitter page design.

  • getanalogue

    that’s exactly what i am thinking

  • Is there any way of blocking the IPs of morons like this?

    Finding them and clubbing people like this similar to how seals are done would be preferable, but I just don’t have the time to hunt ’em down.

    • done – I delete those comments but somehow I missed that one for some reason.

  • Mark

    Perhaps the plan is to try and move the D3x down to the D3 slot in the Nikon product line? One problem is that it will look bad to just take the D3x and drop the price suddenly down to the D3 price range (about a $2500 to $3000 reduction).

    Something is due for the D300 and I just checked and the D300 seems to be avaiable online at bestbuy’s web store?

    I would not be surprised to see something happen with the D700…. Has anyone else noticed that B&H has the D700 body only for only $2,369.95???

    • Kram

      I’ve just checked both B&H and Calumet Photo. The D700 body is selling for $2,999 less $300 rebate at both sites. It is a bit misleading on the Calumet site as they refer to the saving of $350 in respect of the old price and they state there is a $300 instant rebate available on the new $2,999 price.

      • Dweeb

        $2300 USD? When I can get a deal in Canada for $3200 CDN on sale? Two Hundred dollars off in Canada now! I may not sleep tonight. This first gen camera has been a profit pig for Nikon Canada since day one. That’s why I refuse to buy it. Or the D3X for that matter. I wonder if they’ll tack on another $3000 bucks for the 24MP sensor when the put it in the D700 like they did on the D3X. The phrase “making a killing” comes to mind.

  • Mark

    Quick follow up:

    Interesting addition to my above post,

    Calumet Photo –
    List the D300 body for $1599 but states call for availability, so it seems that it is out of stock or getting very close.

    Has the D700 body for $2,349.99 (most vendors are at the standard $2600/2700 price range).

    Is the lower price D700 price at B&H and Calumet, two big vendors a sign that the D700 is on its way out or to be price reduced for the new D700s/D800?

  • shivas

    The price reductions on the D700 are paving the way for the D700x TH and NRAdmin were speaking of. . .so those make sense. . .

    As for the D300 – I think it’ll be phased out all together and replaced with the D300s soon (like the D2 and D2h situation), and all remaining D300 stock any stores have will go for A LOT less (like $1199 or less). . .

    I certainly hope the high iso capaiblities of the D300s improve, because I would consider it as a primary body and make the D200 a backup for sure – that 100% coverage + 2 CF cards would make my life so much easier!

  • getanalogue

    think it’s likely that a D700x could replace D3 as well as D700. In case of Nikon to launch a D700x, D3 would be obsolete.
    Regarding D300 successor (D400 not D300s): How about a DX sensor with Fuji’s EXR tech and 20MP’s? Fujifilm just launched a lot P&S’s and super-zoom body with built-in lens, no pro body on basis of D300. What if Nikon has built a lot of D300 bodies in expectation of Fuji to buy the stuff, but their camera was too good? And Fuji & Nikon made a deal. Nikon has now a lot of D300 body surplus, which ahs to be sold as a D300s? Think about it. EXR is most advanced tech. ‘blads and phase ones are using multi-exposure already. Is this Nikon’s next step forward to beat the physics? The only way.

    • shivas

      you couldn’t be MORE off base. . .

      A D700x or any sort of variant would NEVER replace the D3.

      It’s the bread and butter staple of a PRO photographer, the high fps, dual CF, and rugged build (lighter and smaller than a gripped D700 too) alone would always keep it in the limelight. . .

      Yes, the D3 will be “updated” with either a a slightly better sensor (ie 5% bump in mpix), but will be aimed at de-throning the Canon 1D3 – that 10fps has been untouchable, I suspect the new D3h or D3s will have a 15mpx FF sensor with 10 fps, dual CF’s, and a faster AF (if that’s even possible). . .

      The D300s will be a revised DX sensor probably in the same league as the current 12mpx – possibly a bump, but I doubt it, they’ll save that for the D400 or 500. . ..once again, focus will be on better AF, dual CF, and higher fps so that there will be a suitable/comparable DX pro line (last one we had was D2x). . .

      • getanalogue

        shivas, agree, but does Nikon as well? They want to push their D3x and upgrade the D700 at the same time. Is the market for D3 saturated, or not? I don’t know. Everyone is crying for a D700x to compete with 5D2. How about a D3xs? With faster and larger memory?

      • Eric

        If Nikon was upping the fps or resolution, it would be called the D300h or D300x. Nikon’s screen leak was clearly of the D300s, so it’ll just be minor stuff like better ISO and movie mode to keep up with what Canon’s 60D will surely have.

  • Ed
  • Dennis

    Aside from whether the D300 will be replaced by D300s in September, why do you think this is an official BestBuy twitter feed? To me, this news has the credibility of an individual BestBuy employee, not BestBuy the company.

  • Jacob

    The D300 has a “Deleted” label in Best Buy’s inventory system and has an “Out of Stock” date for September 6th, which always means the new model will be out that week. For what it’s worth the D40 has the exact same out of stock date as does the D60 (the D40 has been out of stock at my location for a few weeks) looks like that August 4th announcement will be a big one with products rolling through the following month.

  • Mike

    You guys, Best Buy’s stock is not a good indicator for release dates of new cameras. Do you actually buy your gear at Best Buy? Please tell me you don’t.

    It’s in stock at all these places:

    Most likely Best Buy is unable to get more, or has decided not to sell it anymore for whatever reason. They are not a camera store and stock changes all the time. The listings should not be considered a definitive listing of all of Nikon’s available products. I used to be a buyer for a large retail store and many many times things would go out of stock or in some cases, the credit was cut off until payment was made. We are talking about one of Canada’s largest music stores also, not a fly by night operation. Don’t think that places like Best Buy are not in a similar predicament just because they are a huge store.

  • another anonymous

    is this only my feeling that short time before announced press conference there is somehow less number of rumours? 😉 maybe it’s only in my mind and i do’nt care so much in another time or maybe some silence before tempest…….

    • I think you are right, but don’t forget that we already know pretty much what will come up. The only question mark are the lenses – nothing confirmed there.


    Read this article “Nikon VL1 ~ Art of the Image” at
    The Nikon VL1 (VL=VeryLarge) with a 50 MP sensor! It is not even a rumor, it is just dreaming from the author of the article!!

    • I read this last week but to categorize it as a rumor is a stretch.

  • Brian O.

    Looks like the Twitter account which posted the message was removed.

  • Kram

    It is doubtful Nikon will soon replace the D700 with a higher pixel version. The D700 has much better light gathering ability than either the D3x or any D700x. Therein lies its brilliance. This is equally true of the D3 which was not replaced when the D3x arrived.

  • David Johnson

    The Nikon D300s will have video function or it will lose significant sales. I shoot with D300 almost everyday. I shoot once in awhile with D90 and not in video. But there is an emerging market for that. I believe Nikon has no intention of ignoring video in the D300s. Will it need 1080p? Will it need autofocus during roller shutter video? There are nice videos being made with D90 which although software can do pretty much the same thing from our D300……a number of customers would really like to see at least that added to the D300s, plus the other improvements D90 has, just add those to a better platform in ruggedness, controls, and viola, you have a really wonderful camera. Many buyers are NOT going to rush out and buy Canon if Nikon is several months late……

  • David Johnson

    A number of photo pros are carefully looking at FX versus DX and still see significant advantages to DX. Nikon desperately NEEDS a less wide open (EQUALS TOO EXPENSIVE) longer lens that can come in for about $1,500. No other lens proves this more to me than the Nikkor 70-300 (in D version, no longer made and the VR version). Some of the best wildlife, nature and people action shots I have ever seen were taken with those two lens. For an example of after market ratings to illustrate my point look at the 200-500 Tamron rating from users. It is rated as good, fast, sharp, and certainly priced attractively. Nikon needs such a lens as many potential buyers will not buy a non-nikon lens. NOR WILL THEY BUY EXPENSIVE A HEAVY NIKON GLASS. Nikon needs to make some really good lens that are priced to sell, cover FX and DX, and realize that NIKON telephoto after the 300 mm point isn’t affordable. The D3x may be a wonderful camera. Some lens for it may be really wonderful. But at this stage in my photographic career, I am NOT BUYING REALLY EXPENSIVE LENS!!!

  • getanalogue

    strange, just 10 days ahead of Nikon’s press conference and no rumors? NR, aside the D300s, which other camera is rumored to be presented? D3s? D3000? No new rumors ;-((

    Still love my Bentley F4

  • dave

    Hmmm, the last time Nikon discounted the D300 just prior to a press conference, we got the D5000, and back in february they discounted the D300 for a couple weeks and we got a bunch of new P&Ss. As for BB discontinuing the D300, there are a number of reason BB discontinues items and manufacturer discontinuation is just one reason (but definitely a good one).

    I do believe a D300s is coming. I saw the histogram screenshots that Nikon briefly had on their website and thought I had a scoop for NR, but it had already been posted. I saw ALL the screenshots they had. I particularly like the ability to see the histogram for a specific section of the image… nice.

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