Nikon D5000 service advisory – check your serial number now

In its latest press release today, Nikon provided a web site where D5000 users can check if their camera is impacted by the latest technical service advisory.

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  • NikoDoby

    First! Yes finally!

  • Not First

    Can someone please explain to me why people have an obsession with being “first” to reply to a blog, a forum, etc.?

    I don’t think I’ll ever understand why people are so happy about it.

    • Niloy

      It was an old internet meme. Look they even tshirts out of this phenomenon.

      “…First Post!
      It’s that feeling of joy you get when you are the first to post in a forum or message board… the exhilaration of knowing you were first!

      Internet scientists have proven it, …there’s only one post that is the first and it’s First Post! No other post comes close to first post, all other posts are a distant second! ….”

  • NikoDoby

    Relax, it’s just something childish we do. A bit of internet humor.
    That, and they double dog dared me to do it!

  • Not First

    I’m not flaming or anything.. just extremely curious how it started and stuff. It’s pretty much everywhere on the internet and I tried searching for its origin.. tried wikipediaing it hahahah.

    Maybe I should start up being “last”!

  • NikoDoby

    Humor! There you see you have it. Doesn’t make you feel better?

  • udo

    This is not a rumor…

    • Alex

      aye, but in defense of admin, I welcome things like this. There’s a chance that he just helped out a lot of D5000 owners by posting this. Personally, I think this site should include Nikon news in addition to the rumors (as long as the news is related ONLY to nikon. the reason I disliked the news a few days ago is because it included something about circuit city, which is a company I could care less about, especially when visiting a nikon related website).

    • yes, but I consider this important enough to post it here

  • Anonymous

    I fully agree with alex

  • Phil

    Not sure why people would dislike this…what if they had a D5000?

    Nice how they give free shipping and shipping in 2 days.

  • Question: How long till I get the D5000 back? Within days? Weeks?

    • alex

      if you can read it says there

  • Nicolas

    What if I live in Costa Rica? Man this sucks. My d5000 is affected by this.

    I purchased it online through Amazon, and shipped it down here. How could I get it fixed? There’s one Nikon distributor here, but it’s for laboratory and precision equipment, so I don’t think they’ll be able to help. And I really don’t want to ship it back to the states, for when they ship it back, customs here will probably charge me AGAIN. This $/#&$(!g sucks.

  • Weston

    crap, mine is affected too. Good thing it didn’t crap out at the wedding last weekend.

  • Andy

    crap..i checked the serial numbers and they say my camera was affected..but it’s still working fine so far..unfortunately the nikon dealer in my country doesn’t announce the service advisory..anybody know what should I do??? I’m really confused man..sigh

  • Just called Nikon Japan.
    They didn’t ask for the serial number of my D5000.
    – Don’t you need the serial numbner? – I asked.
    – Is it a D5000 bought in Japan?
    – Yes
    – Then it’s not necessary. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.
    So, apparently the whole Japanese batch of D5000s has the power button problem, and will be repaired for free.
    They will send a courier agency to pick up the camera from my home, and will return it back in a week.

  • grumps

    Sure it’s a small inconvenience! Mine is on its way back to Nikon now from San Francisco. Good thing is, at least they’re not leaving it as some blue chip companies would! Unfortunate that this does happen, fortunate that Nikon caught on and can fix it. Perhaps they will do a sensor clean while they’re at it 🙂

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