Nikon rumors and expectations for next week (recap)

This is a recap of what is expected from Nikon next week. All of this information has already been posted here on NikonRumors. If you have missed some of the posts or are a new reader - enjoy (click on image for larger view):

nikon-d300s nikon-d300s-3 no idea if this is real or fake


  • Several Nikon Coolpix compact cameras are expected - at least one will be with a built-in projector.
  • Nikon D3000 is also expected - an entry level camera, similar to the D5000 but without the video mode:

nikon_d3000 nikon-d3000-d5000-comparisson

All of the above, except the D3000 rumor, were NikonRumors exclusive.

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  • t.try


  • Martin

    Nikon, if you know what’s good for you, you will announce a replacement for the sb-600… perhaps.

    Thanks Nikon!

  • low

    we’re in for a treat…

  • jbl

    ahh good… but what I’m really waiting for is the D700 update… and I strongly hope that we get a D700s, not a D700x.

    • Eli

      What is wrong with the regular D700, aside from it not being enough resolution for some people?

      • grumps

        Nothing, it’s just as you said!

    • Human

      I too would much rather see a D700s than a D700x. The D700 is almost perfect, I’d just like the addition of video. No more pixels, please.

      • You don’t want an updated D700, you want a D700 and a video camera. Or a D90. Have you shot a D90 and a D700 side by side? Try before you buy.

        Some of us would really like the D3x sensor in a pared down package. Anything else would be a waste of resources from a business standpoint. There’s easily quantifiable value in more pixels, and Nikon knows it.

        • Human

          You’re correct. I ideally want a D700 and a video camera. But the video camera I want should have a full frame sensor and an F mount. In the near term I think the most likely place I’ll see this is in a DSLR.

  • Eli

    It would make sense for them to introduce the new 70-200 (hopefully an f4 version also!) alongside the D300s, since they’re so often used together. Crossing my fingers!

    • specs

      And that would not make any sense.

      Have you read the reviews of the old 70-200/2.8 VR(I)?
      It is almost the perfect lens for DX (and fails for FX).
      The diff between the Canon 70-200/2.8 and the Nikon according to a dpreview were that the Canon was optimized for FX where the Nikon excells for DX.

      The new 70-200 should be better tegether with a D700 or D3x. Expect lower quality with a D300/D300s or very high prices.

      • The only thing the 70-200 “fails” at for FX is landscapes, and that’s not a total fail. It’s sharp enough to castrate a flea at 135 and shorter all over. It’s soft wide open in the last 2% in the corners. Not the sides, just the corners. An 8×10 crop would lose the soft part.

        But really though, show me a situation where it fails. Show us all at 100% where it fails.

        • Mike

          I agree. It’s a phenominal lens period. The reported weaknesses are in such a small percentage of real world shooting. This corner softness “issue” is at f/22 focused to infinity. I’m rarely above 5.6 with this lens.

  • MW

    ooohh, can’t wait till the d300s come out, I think I’m gonna get it

  • Swirved

    1080p????????? 60fps?????!??

  • Ivan

    What I’d really like to see are some more fast standard zooms, possibly a more affordable f/4 range. As nice as the 17-55 is for DX users and the 24-70 is for FX users, they’re both pretty damn pricey. Also, the lack of VR in them is somewhat of a pain, being an event photographer – Canon’s 17-55 has IS and costs less, I wish Nikon had an equivalent to this.

  • Char

    Just a question – who gives a shit whether a rumor is “Nikon Rumors exclusive”? Ah, well, yes, if it only shows up on NR it is less likely to be true, but other than that…?

    • Agreed. An exclusive rumor? Come on…

      • Let me explain – I get a dozen of email every day pointing to other sites that have re-published the information from NikonRumors. When I am the first one to post a rumor, I consider this rumor exclusive to NR – meaning NR was the first to publish it. Please feel free to prove me wrong.

  • heartyfisher

    Hey NR Admin .. could we have a vote “Agree / Disagree” button for each post?

    • I don’t know at that point – no matter what I put up there, it will not be perfect. Thanks for the idea.

      • heartyfisher

        LOL .. I was just thinking that it may help shut the idiots up a bit.

  • C Benson

    Nikon Rumors better hope that Nikon will release D300s, D400, D700s and so on, with in the next week or two because if not there is going to be allot of angry people.

    • Mike

      Admin is like a weather man. He can only tell us how much he knows/ has been told. Just like the weather, we only know if it’s going to be rainy or be sunny on the day of. Meteorologists are wrong all the time and they doplar radar etc. Admin here relies on more vague information. Cut him some slack. After all Nikon reserves the right to scrap any press conference just to spite the rumor mill. That is beyond admin’s control. This is a great site and gives us gear heads a one stop site to gather Nikon rumors versus combing the Internet myself. Even if the road map is nit true, don’t shoot the messenger. He never said it was fact. Cheers!

      • Mike, this is one of the most intelligent description of what I do here I’ve heard in a while – you get it 🙂 Thanks.

    • C Benson, I try to make sense of your comments and I can’t (and I am not talking only about this one here).

      • C Benson

        Simple. In the past you or Nikon Rumors, have made predictions that Nikon was going to release new cameras for example: D400, D800 or D900 serious cameras at the beginning of the year. But in the end, Nikon did not release those types of cameras. Nikon only release D5000 serious camera. I was upset an other people where upset because Nikon Rumors made false predictions and got people hopes up. Plus other people, on other web sites, where taking the information that Nikon Rumors was providing and running with it. Have you ever heard of a nursery rhyme “Little Girl cried Wolf”? If yes, then you know where I am coming from.

        In the past I been trying to get Nikon Rumors, to be more accurate in reporting the information to their members. I understand that Nikon Rumors is providing a service in “rumors”. But they are also providing a service in reporting the correct information to their members. This is what I am trying to get across to you and to your members.

        Thank You

        • niko58

          C Benson. I assume that you understand the definition of the word rumor, which is a key word in this sites name, Nikon Rumors. If not, I have included several definitions here for you to consider regarding your request:

          1. general talk not based on definite knowledge; mere gossip; hearsay
          2. an unconfirmed report, story, or statement in general circulation
          3. talk or opinion widely disseminated with no discernible source
          4. a statement or report current without known authority for its truth

          While the Admin may make every attempt to make some assessment as to the validity of the rumors he becomes aware of, even attempting to rank them as to the probability of their truth or actuality, it is not reasonable to expect everything you read on this site to turn out to be true. Since manufacturers do not publish their internal development and production schedules, places like Nikon Rumors are the only places you can go to get a clue of what “might” be in the current pipeline. Sometimes it will be correct,, sometimes it won’t, but if you come to this site, your expectations should be realistic.

          If you only want to be made aware of information that is based in fact, then you should really be visiting the Nikon website and just wait for them to publish the announcement of the next new camera, lens, flash, etc., because obviously you are trying to locate Nikon Facts, not Nikokn Rumors.

          • C Benson

            Please read paragraph 2 again. “I understand that Nikon Rumors is providing a service in ” “rumors” “.

            There is a major problem in assumption when it comes to Nikon Rumors, because people on, go to Nikon Rumors web site to find out if Nikon is going to release a new camera, in the future. The problem with Nikon Rumors is that they glorified what’s about to happen in the near future, that’s the problem. People takes the information that Nikon Rumors, provides to heart and yes Nikon Rumors provides information as rumors. But they can also provide accurate information to their members. All I ask is that Nikon Rumors act like a news reporter and get the facts before they release the information. That’s all.

        • I do not predict – somebody else does that already – I react on leads, news and tips. BIG difference! Also, I cannot control what other site post.

          • 90% of the posts have a source link – feel free to contact the original source and complain to them. Anyway, we all got your point. I hope you got ours too – no need to carry this discussion further. Thanks.

  • JMCblog

    Does anybody think that all firmware changes will be available to the D300 as well (as with e.g. the D70 and D2x)?

  • gurbally

    I guess D700x will have the D3x sensor and fps of 5 to 6.
    As for ISO, up to 3200 will be fine.
    And 24mm 1.4 and 35mm 1.4 will be great news.

  • Eigil Nybo

    What is happened to the D400. D300s, come on, no real news, look at the spec’s.

  • Mathias

    But who the fuck wants a SD card in a pro camera?! I would absolutly prefer a faster CF card in my PRO D300…

  • Alan Fischer

    I WANT A FAST SHARP 80-400 VR II soon or I’ll switch to CANON

    • Kwartjuh

      1 year ago:


      nikon didnt make a 5d-like camera, it completely blew the 5D out of the water, and in my opinion also the 5D mark II with the d700.

      Like i said earlier: you people are behaving like spoiled little brats. I honestly doubt that people like you care about photography instead of just being total gear-nuts. The 80-400 isnt the fasted of lenses, but performs beautifully on the fullframe AND dx bodies. Sooner or later it will be replaced, but you there is a list of primes that are more out-dated specwise that the 80-400.

      And all this admin bashing is just plain silly as well. Yes, admin has made some mistakes, like giving is BS-info about certain retailers going backrupt and stuff that nobody here cares about, but some of you people act like the guy is actually is responsible for what nikons announces when!?

      Give the guy some slack, he only tells us what he is being told by mostly anonymous people.

    • niko58

      Alan. I would say that you should quit threatening to switch and switch already.

      After all, if moving from a Nikon D3 series camera to a Canon 1D series camera, you will probably get everything you want immediately and not miss much. However, if you are switching from the Nikon D300 or D700 to a Canon 5D Mark II or 50D, then you can spend all your time on Canon forums complaining about all the features you used to have on your Nikon camera that are not on your new Canon camera.

      Two truths that you have to deal with if you use Canon cameras. First, if is not a 1D series camera, then you are just a consumer and your camera will have very few features in common with their 1D series cameras. You will get megapixels, but not much else. Secondly, the marketing machine within Canon drives their camera features and I have a great deal of difficulty believing their marketing people are photographers. Find a Canon site or pro that hasn’t complained for years that they wanted an external switch, like on Nikon, to lock the mirror up. Instead, they got a button for direct print, because marketing figured it would boost the sales of their printers.

      What will you miss. Oh lets see, pro-level 51 focus points, matrix metering, built-in commander for wireless flash, up to nine-frame bracketing, a huge number of configuration options allowing you to taylor your camera to your various shooting requriements, and even many simple things that Canon just doesn’t feel you need.

      Yes, you can switch, but will you really be happy? Who knows, maybe you might find a camera that isn’t cluttered with all those pesky professional features much more to your liking.

  • David Johnson

    I give Nikon Rumors a lot of credit……saves me time checking on the latest Nikon scoop, a lot better than buying a camera or a lens and finding out a week later that what you really wanted was just being introduced. Not avery serious photographer is totally in tune with manufacturer. I know an engineer who researched cameras for two years but had not really followed the more serious amateurs and pros who would have advised him very differently. He bought a camera which was really not right! If you are buying from the B&H superstore, you might get the real scoop, buying at a small city Ritz or Best Buy… Nikon Rumors is a quick way to get a heads up! Besides it is interesting to hear from photographers who care about quality, marketing, and results!

    • Thanks David, I put a lot of effort in this site and I am glad you guys find it helpful.

  • David Johnson

    I also personally agree with Mathias: A CF card is far better than SD, a faster CF card would be better than SD. When you look at the more pro NIKON DSLRs they have CF Cards. Upgrade that equals better, adding SD to a serious camera is a downgrade. The D90 is a GREAT camera. But it sure cuts some corners! I for one do not want that much corner cutting on a D300s or especially a D400 or D700 upgrade.

  • David Johnson

    Several Nikon Rumor posts have suggested the need for Nikon to update their 80-400 VR. In my mind that is a lenses that needs fixing. Many expect a 70-200 update. That would be excellent, but many of us are trying to get that 200-500 range and I for one do NOT WANT a wide open 2.8 type glass since handheld shots will beat tripod almost every time for some subjects.

  • Sean Carroll

    Well, I’m sick of waiting for great expectations from Nikon, If I want a bloody movie camera I’ll buy a movie camera from my local camera store, I will never buy a combination of both as I am a loyal stills guru. I’m just going to mortguage the dog as security and go and buy a bloody D3 and head off and never again worry about another camera, I m so sad that I have invested all the poor kids future in Nikon equipment. Keep up the good work my friends in camera land and be happy with what you’v got.

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