Nikon D300s and Nikon D3000 confirmed

Nikon D300s and Nikon D3000 are now confirmed for July 30th announcement (European time). That means that all Nikon websites will be updated on July 29th around midnight (US Eastern time). The NR rating system is at 99.99% for that rumor.

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  • Snicker

    Any confirmation on the specifications on D300s and D3000 ?

    Just curious, my last(?) DX camera was D300 (which has served me well as backup camera for close to 18 months now).

  • Grev

    hope D700x is included as well

    • PHB

      I can’t see a D700 series upgrade coming out at the same time as the D300 upgrade. It will be the same production line with minor retooling and slightly different parts.

      The D300s is simply a minor update on the D300 so that it is not behind on features compared to the D90 and D5000. It is pretty clear that there will be a D700s run at some point just as soon as they run out of their current stock. I would expect the D700 and D300 to share most of the logic board components.

      I can’t see a D700x being at all likely until the D3x has dropped by at least $2000. That price says to me that Nikon has real production issues. And the low ISO performance strongly suggests that there is a design issue as well. I think it most likely that Sony and Nikon brought out their 25MP cameras earlier than they would have wished to respond to Canon. But they are stopgap models based on a limited production run, hence a very high price.

      If so we will see a D4 before we see a low cost 25MP sensor and the low cost body will be a D800.

      I think that the D4/D400/D800 generation will be designed to support video rather than supporting a cute video hack. But what Nikon should really be doing instead is making a dedicated video body with a sensor designed for video that takes F-mount lenses.

      • Human

        “But what Nikon should really be doing instead is making a dedicated video body with a sensor designed for video that takes F-mount lenses.”

        Yes, please. I’d buy one.

  • David Johnson

    Hope the D300s has improved sensor, video capability. I hope the D300s was worth all the anticipation and many of us do look to what changes may be in store for the D700. Many of us are locked into DX for lens due primarily to the 1.5 magnification factor.

  • As outdoor photographer I couldn’t care less about video capabilities. Any improvement in ISO-capabilities would be very welcome though… So I am hoping for a firmware-update for the D300 like there once was for the D70 after the introduction of the D70s.

  • NikoDoby

    99.99%? So there’s still some doubt then 🙂

    • LOL

      • Anonymous

        LMAO – good one.

    • I am always concerned that Nikon may be playing a number on us – it will be 100% when Nikon makes the announcement.

      • NikoDoby

        Any chance Nikon has been misleading you this whole time and will instead release a D400 instead :

        • always a possibility, but I don’t think they will do that – large companies do not have a sense of humor

    • fotosniper

      so your saying theres a chance?

  • low


  • kristupa saragih

    confirmed by who? how about the lens?

    • Anonymous

      Don’t care about by whom, if the admin says he’s good for it, then he is good for it.

      But the information about the lens would indeed be very interesting!?

      • Mike

        “Don’t care about by whom, if the admin says he’s good for it, then he is good for it.”

        Sorry, that’s not good enough. “Confirmed” is not 99.9%, it’s 100% with proof. Wow, you’re easy to convince…

        • Anonymous

          If the admin decides not to tell the source, then he might have his reason, don’t ya think?

    • Do you want a name and an address? Then we will never hear from this source again 🙂

      • Zenndott

        Have to support the admin on this one. This it the nature of leaks–one has to protect the source.

      • Some people don’t understand Journalism 101 (even tho’ I’ve never taken it, I understand that sources need to be protected). But it’s easy enough to pass over those comments. By the time they’re old enough to move out and get a job, they should have a handle on basic ideas like that.

      • kristupa saragih

        wow some guys really sensitive about things like this. To be clear, I am not asking your source to be published. You can just say confirmed by ME or confirmed by my source/contact. That’s all..

        • donde?

          And what would that matter?
          There’s a probability rating system, read about it when you want to know more

          • kristupa saragih

            yes it would for me.
            why it’s so big deal for you? I just asked a simple question and everybody freak out.

  • I’ve been waiting for the D300s, not because I want to buy one – but because I hope that the D300 price drops 5 or 10%.

    • Zenndott

      I see that B&H still has the D300 in stock, and there have not been any major sales at other places (at least to my knowledge). If Nikon does come out with the upgrade now, would that not cause the resellers to unload their remaining D300 stock at reduced prices? (According to in Japan, the D300 is on order at a number of discount places–perhaps they go wind of the new release.)


      • Anonymous

        I also wonder about the price development of the D300, as I’m leaning towards getting one, but frankly I fear that it won’t get much cheaper.
        But I fear that the D300s will just sell at a higher price that will make the D300 look “cheap”.
        Once the D700x is introduced, I see the D700 falling in it’s price, which might have an impact on sale prices of the D300s.

        • Mark

          “Once the D700x is introduced, I see the D700 falling in it’s price” I think this is possible this coming announcement but a bit more likely in November. There are a number of vendor that have dropped the price on the D700. I have seen it as low as $2350… at a number of places!

      • I just took a look at that website and you are right! 132,300 Yen (or $1397 US) for a D300 body. That would be a much more appetizing price…

  • NikoDoby

    Has anyone said, “It has begun” yet?

    • Zenndott

      Yep. /\
      You just did.

      • Zenndott

        Sorry for the grim face. I did not choose it.

        • NikoDoby

          Zenndott, I didn’t choose my face either, my mom gave it to me 🙂

  • rinna

    hope there’s an improvement in the sensor…one can only hope…
    especially there’s a rumour that sony will release A850 (probably using back illuminated cmos) which might be a competitor to D300s.

    • Eric

      It’s going to be the same sensor with slightly improved NR algorithms. We won’t see an improved sensor until the D400, and it will likely use whatever 15ish megapixel backlit sensor the a850 uses (provided the a850 doesn’t go FF).

      • rhlpetrus

        I hope they hange AA filter (like D3x’s) and improve the sensor re DR and also the CFA (color). I hope they leave NR out of the RAW file as they seem to have done to D90/D5000. There have been careful tests shown at DPR by some people that indicate some RAW manipulation in high ISO for D90’s files that seem to reduce detail a bit in dark areas, creating bltches that are not there for D300’s files.

        The Dxxx series is a pro line, better leave the NR for off-camera software and user.

    • fotosniper

      why? the d300 sensor rocks, if it aint fixed dont brake it

  • Ricardiano

    I want 3 Mpx more please

  • Rudyc

    D300s is confirmed…. Lucky me i was able to hold one today…. Nikon has already shipped demo copies to dealers…

    • Anonymous

      Must know about manual video controls, audio inputs, 1080p, need details please 😀

  • mhood

    You’ve held a D300s???? Tell us all about the video improvements…

  • someone

    these will be the improvements:

    full HD video 1080P
    Best ISO on the market for APS-C

    • xcm

      are there just two inprovements?????? same compressed MJPEG?, no manual setings?, no AF????? could U tell us more about the video?

    • rhlpetrus

      D300 already has best high ISO fo APS-C in RAW (D90 seems to have some RAW NR manipulation that seems to produce better results but I hope Nikon hasn’t done that to D300s).

  • Tim Catchall

    Are we also going to get new:
    10-26 f4.5-6.7 DX,
    12-28 f4-5.6 DX,
    17-65 f3.5-5.6 DX,
    18-105 f3.5-4.5 DX,
    55-155 f3.5-5.6 DX,
    75-255 f4.5-5.6 DX?
    All made of the finest engineering plastic?

    If so I will attach my D700 and 24-70 to the back of my bike and drag it through the streets of London until there is nothing left but the lens mount and pentaprism. Which I will then stamp on.

  • Captain

    Questions for those who clicked dislike for this post.
    Do you dislike the very existence of the rumour or are you unhappy about what Nikon has planned?
    Why do you visit this site?

    • Mike

      You are a wanker. No, it’s not because some of us dislike the rumour, it’s because it’s not “confirmed” if there are no supporting documents or if someone says 99.9% and then uses the word “confirmed.”

      For the record, I didn’t click like or dislike, since I could care less. I’ll buy whatever Nikon releases, if I like the camera/lens.

      • Captain

        It’s a rumour site idiot, and the questions were for those who did click dislike.

  • What about lenses? Any news?

  • 芽依

    亜美 彩華 大輝 !!

    AF-S N 28mm F1.8!
    AF-S N 135MM F1.8!

    • Tim Catchall

      Is that a wish-list or something more concrete?

    • Zenndott

      literal translation; “text with chinese characters and the kana syllabary”

      What does that have to do with the lenses you list?

    • please use English

  • rinna

    if AF-S 14-24/2.8 is replacement for AF-S 17-35/2.8 how about replacement for AF-D 18-35/3.5-4.5? AF-S 17-35/3.5-4.5G ED N would be great…or slightly slower. They need to release a wide angle zoom lens that can be used with filter.

    • Anonymous

      What is wrong with the 18-35mm? It does give you a very nice corner to corner performance, slightly stopped down.

      • rinna

        there’s always room for improvement…don’t you think?

        • Anonymous

          Sure, if you can mesure it, you can improve it… But aren’t there a lot more things pressing then to replace a quite good affordable ultrawide lens for a camera system that is still really expensive?
          An affordable ultra wide for DX, would be a lot more interesting, the old old 80-400 desperately needs an AF-S implementation…

  • Scottinbr

    Am I reading the specs right – the d300s will weigh almost half of what the d300 currently weighs?

    • Tim Catchall

      Yes, all metal components will be replaced with high quality engineering plastic, apart from the lens mount and shutter.

      • Scottinbr

        This is good stuff! The d300 was a heavy camera to tag around for everyday use (especially when coupled with an 18-200mm).

        • Tim Catchall

          Haha, I was only joking. I think given that it is an ‘s’ upgrade they are unlikely to make any major structural changes.

          • Scottinbr

            Well anyway, if the specs of the d300s here are accurate it will weigh significantly less. My only assumption would be a material change of some sort, unless these specs are wrong. Check it out.

        • The D300 is heavy? LOL!!!!
          You’re not going to be happy on the day you upgrade to a D700 😀

    • no, the D300 is 825 g (1.82 lbs.), the D300s is 840 g (1 lb. 14 oz)

  • retox

    Am I the only one that thinks Nikon needs to get their s— together and drop a new speedlight to replace the SB800?

    How hard can it really be to design a new flash – just sloppy business.

    • nd2010

      Is the sb-900 too big for you?

      • retox

        yup – sure is

        • Zorro

          Then get the SB-400

          • retox

            SB400 is a toy

          • Captain

            SB400 a toy? Rubbish!

  • Mark

    Is anyone interested in the D3000, if it is price competitive, I think it could be an interesting camera to have.

    • Shivas

      I’m waiting for the d3000 to come out and get cheap!! I need a vacation dx body, because the D200 is too large and cumbersome to give to my restaurant waiter to shoot a picture of me and my wife at dinner…..

      I hope iso performance on the 300s is good enough for me to jump from my d200….and has dual cf slots to boot!!

  • gurbally

    Waiting for my D700x and 24mm or 35mm 1.4. I hope D700x gives us what 5D Mark-II offers in terms of resolution, plus 5-6fps.

  • David Johnson

    High Quality Engineering Plastic compared to Aluminum. Although this shift would give a great camera and reduce weight……it is not going to happen at this time. I guess Tim Catchall was teasing us….and it did grab my attention! It reminded me long ago I dislike high impact plastic on chainsaws, until I used one! I became a believer and they dominate the field today. The D300 is heavy in the field and sometimes that makes me appreciate a camera like the D90. But gearing up for such a change would be very expensive and I for one am so enamored with the D300 that an upgrade appeals too! It is a shame to see a couple of D90 features that would be nice on the D300! As to the comment of one posting (which I agree with in my actual shooting practice) that still capability is paramount and video is secondary……but I think of the videos I have seen shot on D90 and on Canon’s Mark 5 DII…….and think…..I may use that somewhere!!!

    • Tim Catchall

      Yes, I was just teasing

  • fotosniper

    i hope the d300s will keep its rubber attached for longer than 3 months. the only thing i hate about modern nikons. stupid rubbers comming off. FIX IT. two words, FIX…. and….IT

  • from philippines exclusive distributor of nikon

    see the pictures. 🙂


  • Stretchhammer

    We have the D300s in the philippines.
    check here

  • Anonymous

    $20 says it won’t even show up… maybe more P&S.

  • Kevin

    Hmmm…I’m interested in the D3000 as I was right about to buy a D5000 off of Amazon before they pulled it (presumably due to the recall). Problem is, I need to have it in hand before I leave for Copenhagen on August 15. Given that the announcement is supposed to be made very soon, do you think the camera will be shipped out by then?

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