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  • Zoetmb

    Circuit City’s online prices kind of suck, so I don’t know why anyone would bother. The physical Circuit City failed because they didn’t differentiate. This online Circuit City will also fail because there’s really only four things an online site can offer: a better price, deep stock, liberal return policies or quick shipping. Circuit City has already failed on the first two. Seems to me that the “owners” of this site think all they need is a known name.

    As for the P6000, it was announced last August and available since October, so I’m sure it’s going to be discontinued soon, although Nikon rarely announces which Coolpixes are discontinued and they tend to keep outdated models on their websites long after they’re not available. For example, the P80, P60 and S550 are still on the U.S. site, although they’re no longer available (they’re not on the International or Japan sites.) The S610 is not on the Japan site, but is on the international and US site. But you can’t get that either.

    When the next announcement is made, I would expect the P6000, S710, S60, S610c and S560 to be discontinued, whether announced or not. However, all except the S610c are still available at B&H and the 610c is available at J&R.

    The L20, which was announced in February has also been removed from the Japan site, but still available elsewhere.

    Since they were first released in 1997, there have been 90 Coolpix digital cameras by my count, so obviously there’s a lot of turnover in the product line from year to year and none of this should be a surprise. Besides, all they really do is change the model number and modify the specs slightly, so what difference does it really make? Hopefully, since they’re having a press conference, we’ll see something a bit more unique this time.

  • Visitor

    Hmm…..Wonder what if any connection to TirgerDirect as the web sites have close if not identical layouts?

    • N1DQU

      The company who owns TirgerDirect wons the Circuit City name now too.

  • Tony

    The company info for Circuit City is the same street address as Tiger Direct/CompUSA.

  • Ryan

    Almost sounds like a scam… they both go out of business simultamusely , and now something pops up online.. seems weird to me..

    • Ten2Twenty

      Can you point me to a link of Tiger Direct going out of business? I thought they just bought the Circuit City name and are milking it for people that were used to going to THAT ONE website to order things.

      I’ve used Tiger Direct for ages.. prices are OK and I always get next day delivery with UPS ground. I don’t think there is anything bad going on. Just a company trying to take advantage of a small number of purchasers that may feel comfortable buying from a Circuit City website.

  • I agree – the links this weekend suck, not much going on in the world of Nikon.

  • Alex

    It doesn’t look like you’re learning anything from your “like” and “dislike” survey system. You should know by now that this kind of post is not popular.

    • Not true Alex, you can see in the archive that the weekend Nikon links tradition got good ratings in the past:

      • me

        Maybe its the iPhone app that got the negatives this time around.
        There seem to be quite a few who could be classed as iPhone haters. . .

        Personally, anything Nikon is of interest to me.

    • Eric

      I don’t get all the complaints about posts like this. Obviously it’s not exciting as more rumors, but I’d certianly rather have SOMETHING to read about in the mean time.

  • Ryan

    I’m not really sure why, considering it has full relevance towards nikon and it’s news. Whether its true or not, its a rumor, so as far as rumors go, its completely valid. And CompUSA and Circuit City sells nikon and were both two of the biggest electronics companies in at least the states. Just because you don’t have a P6000 doesn’t mean the post isn’t relevant man. And actually I think they are doing a much better job than before, which is to say they were already doing great before hand.

  • Rlanthier

    More on the new Circuit City below:

  • Loa


    Short comment on the D90 remote: I have the D300 equivalent (same thing but with different plug) and it works really great.

    I would recommend it to anyone looking for a remote.


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