Top 10 posts for August 2011

These are the top 10 most visited NikonRumors posts for August 2011:

  1. First mockups of Nikon’s mirrorless interchangeable lens camera
  2. What could the Nikon D400 sensor be like?
  3. Recap of what’s next
  4. “Nikon in White” mirrorless camera event in Vienna on September 21st
  5. Nikon press release: Joe McNally was using “the latest Nikon cameras” for his new exhibition
  6. Nikon rep: customers aren’t really asking us for a mirrorless camera
  7. Two more Nikon announcements in September
  8. Another coincidence
  9. Nikon’s mirrorless: not a “pro” camera but with few very innovative features
  10. Nikon’s mirrorless camera recap


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  • Rahul

    I guess the total number of comments on these posts combined would be greater than 2000.

  • Top post for Sept 2011:

    1. OMG! D4 announced: 20MP beast available in late October.

    Wishful thinking.

    • R!

      Sony rumors is saying that a sony rep says that a 36mpx FF sensor is underconstruction for 2012!!!!!!! I hope we get a D 700 s at least before that !!!!!!!! PS: D700 xs will be better.

  • AnoNemo

    NR Admin,
    Can you pull the top 10 humorous comments posted by readers for the month of August? I think this would be funny. (and we can even vote about them)

    • volfogg


    • Good idea, I have to start keeping track of those unless someone can “remind” me what were the top 10 comments for August.

      btw, the RSS feed of all comments can be found here:

      • R!

        I hope I get a prize!!??……

      • AnoNemo

        Yes, somehow we need to track or mark those posts. I think it will be hilarious listing the top 10 funny posts.

    • Raff


    • Anonymous

      Many would be funny only in the context in which they were stated, such as a reply to a reply to a statement made in a string of comments that had nothing to do with the post concerning rumors of Nikon camera products.

      • Anonymous

        I feel like I can hold my breath for six more days, longer if necessary!
        Thank God I quit smoking!

  • nikonuser
  • Slow rumors day I take it? 😉

  • ISP ©

    Not much smoke around the DSLR related announcement next week…. I gust we should keep our expectations very, very low ! Maybe in October….

    • Yes, still no definitive answer on what is coming next week. As I said before, I will be very conservative this time around. There could very well be another announcement in October.

  • Dweeb

    “Nikon August announcement a bust.”

  • They like to keep us waiting.

    • AnoNemo

      …until we buy something else 😉 There are companies not just Nikon who do not get it … look at Nokia, Kodak, HP etc.

  • AnoNemo

    Did Darth Vader hibernate this fricken Nikon or what? Or maybe in the big hurry they became a statue. Jeez, this company is slower than ever before. Has anyone told them that 12mp FX without 1080p in 2011 is not really cool anymore but I guess they have to wait for uncle sony to make them a FX sensor.

    Nikon is so slow that a snail’s speed is like a thunder or lightning compare to them. When a snail passes Nikon in the left lane the Nikon executives get dizzy. 😉

    • Raff

      It’s more likely the Nikon executives are sleeping in a rest area nearby the road…. : )

      • AnoNemo

        Aha, I got it … 1 Nikon executive = 1 Cinderella
        The problem is that the Nikon Cinderella must be really ugly and nobody wants to kiss it, that is why Nikon is still sleeping.

        • TheInconvenientRuth

          Hare and tortoise guys….

          I’m still betting on the tortoise.
          He won’t finish till January 2012, but oh my when he does the payout will be hare-racing*…

          You impatient little puppies just skip along and go play with the hare now…

          (*bad pun intended)

    • Jabs

      I HATE to be rude, but maybe it is your unrealistic DREAMS that are slow or even retarded.

      Go shoot with ANY camera and stop this pathetic juvenile whining.

      Nikon is not your ‘personal wish list’ or a darn butler for you.

      Perhaps since Nikon already makes the most advanced FX and DX bodies, then maybe you don’t know this or are just happy to complain instead of USING some gear, any gear and pipe down with the incessant and childish complaints.

      You probably DO NOT own any high end gear and just are happy with your iPhone or illustrious i-Gear.

      People are like obsessed with new expectations and when they don’t materialize, they bitch all over the place.

      Grow up, will ya.

  • Ole

    Admin: I need my D800 rumour fix NOW!!

  • R!

    Best rumor is Sony FF 36 mpx 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! video like the A77 anybody killer for sure!!!!!!! but damn!! nex- yr ????????

    • R!


    • AnoNemo

      hey that’s not a rumor … sony actually will deliver a 36MP FX with good video. I wonder whether they will go down the electric viewfinder route. I would prefer a good optical one though

    • JonMcG

      Sony sucks…

      • AnoNemo

        Sony sucks? Well, without sony I guess we would still be at 6MP. Without sony there wouldn’t be D3x, D7000, D5100, D300s etc. I think sony is learning really fast. I am considering the new NEX-7 with an adapter (so I can use my Nikon glass). Or getting a small zeiss with it.

        The sad thing is that Nikon does not offer anything close to the M9 or Nex-7 category but they had an excellent FM2 (long time ago). I guess Nikon wants to slowly get rid of the valuable customers so they can 100% focus on the CoolPix line.

        I bet that the new Nikon mirrorless will be nothing else than a fricken CoolPix on steroid.

        • JonMcG

          I’m sorry, you’ll just have to excuse me if I’m not that interested in Sony camera products. They don’t have the same level of glass and adapters are likely not going to be perfect. I’m not interested in a Nex-7. I want a DLSR. Maybe in a few generations or so Sony can keep up, but for now, I just want a current D700.

        • FM2Fan

          FM2 – that is a long time ago. When ISO 25 to 800 what about it – 1 fps and batteries lasted 5 years. Still got it – just in case to relive the memories.

        • Jabs

          Guess you only read about equipment on WEB SITES and have never used them yourself, perhaps.

          M9 = prestigious, awful and worse than a cheap D5100 but epicurean delight (lol)
          FM2 = all manual Nikon film camera that worked without batteries in the body and I used one plus bought one for my brother who shot models and had real Magazine covers in NYC. I hated it and instead bought a BETTER camera than that for myself – a Nikon FA with a better motor drive called the MD-15.

          – AND both of them had 1/4000 second shutter speed plus 1/250 second flash sync.

          ANYONE can buy batteries and carry a few spares = modern times and not the celebrated PAST.

          Reality bites, eh!


          BTW – the FM2n – needed WHAT?

  • where is the good stuff

  • Nikon should rename themselves to “Nikon Tortoise “

    • Kon_head

      Alas, Tortoise and the Hare, and who won? 🙂

  • The invisible man


    From my very thrusted informator in Thailand, Kim Sunamiwave, the new Nikon D900 will be announced later this month.
    Here are the new features:

    36MP all new sensor with very low noise
    (the microphone is disactived when the picture is taken)

    Takes up to 30 frames per second ! (in video mode)

    3 SD card slots (on for you, your wife and her mother)

    GPS compatible (you can enter the datas from you’re car GPS)

    I can’t wait to spend $3999.95 on that new baby !!!


    • BartyL

      Uhh…your “thrusted informator”? Whatever you’re up to sounds like fun!

  • I think Nikon should look to apple!
    Just leave a Nikon D800 on a bar so that a random like me could pick it up “accidentally”! 😀
    (second time a new iPhone is left on a bar)

    • argh, one mistake; bar = pub 😛

      • BartyL

        You would leave it ‘on’ a bar, ‘in’ a pub.

  • The invisible man

    You can say “bar” for a Pub (at least in French !)

  • Trevor

    Just FYI for those looking to buy a D700 or D300s right now (as they appear out of stock almost everywhere in the US), the Nikon refurbished store has them in stock (if you’re ok with refurbished).

  • The invisible man

    Peter, on my computer I now have to fill up name and email adress everytime I post a comment (Error: please fill the required fields (name, email)).

    Is it just me or you changed the way to post comments ?

    It is annoying having to re type the comment again.

    • Rahul

      Works fine for me on Firefox.

    • AnoNemo

      Because you are invisible!!!!

    • try to clear your browser’s cache

  • The invisible man


  • The invisible man

    Still does not work but it’s not a big deal

    • Ok, try to delete your cookies.
      Do you have the same problem if you use another browser?

      • The invisible cookie

        cookies ???
        you never sent me cookies, where will I find them ?

        • Rahul

          Because those cookies were invisible too 🙂 Invisible cookies were sent to the invisible man who now wants them to be visible so that he could put them into his……invisible mouth. This whole cookie event would be captured by an invisible D4 Batman and an equally invisible D800 Robin which were rumored to become visible on 24th August.

          On a more serious note, was your problem solved by Admin’s suggestion?

  • The invisible man

    I found the cookies and deleted them (anyway I’m vegan so I can’t eat cookies)
    Still the same problem, but if I can remember filling the name and email adress BEFRORE writing my comment, then it’s not a big deal.

    • Can you try with another browser and let me know if you see the same problem? BTW, which browser are you using? If you tell me IE, I cannot help you 🙂

      • TIM

        I use explorer 8

      • Jabs


        Problem might be new Firefox 6.01 plus specific Add-ons.

    • AnoNemo

      then I suggest to reset your browser settings or use a different browser

      • TIM

        I did.

        • Jabs

          Use IE9, unless you are stuck on WinXP, then use Firefox or Chrome, perhaps.

  • Foolishcfo

    Hey Peter,

    I think you should run for a government position. Your forecasts for August 24th, although misguided, were still better than the knuckleheads in Washington. Polish off the crystal ball and give use some good September gossip on the D4, D400, and D800. And, the Ouiji Board doesn’t care about the mirror-less announcements. It puts it down there with Coolpix announcements. Maybe you should enhance your website to allow for probablity weighting of your posts.

    • I do add probability ratings, sometimes. I usually rate only tips that I receive directly – it’s hard to rate info from other sources.

  • Kon_head

    These hyped up so call ‘BIGGGG ‘ events, for releasing some small toy cameras, is, in my books, a big waste of time.

    • The invisible man

      My wife is a native american and her dad (a chief) always say:
      “White man need to let the Coolpix storm go away, and when the sun rise he will see the D900 shine”

      • AnoNemo

        tell the chief that the CoolPix story never ends.

      • Kon_head

        How many sunrises?

      • Jabs

        Tell him to stay out of the firewater


  • juicebox

    any word on what’s going on at the IFA in Berlin?!?!?

  • The invisible man


  • News

    Don´t know if is real, but a reliable camera seller friend of mine, tell me that he already pre-ordered 400 Nikon D800.

    The date of release will be September 25 th.

    Words from a seller of this store.

    • Rahul

      Where are the words? It looks like a cheap way of increasing the hit on this camera shop link.
      Admin, please delete this post if you think the same; otherwise delete my post.

      • Rahul what i win doing this? I´m not making money with links, i make money with photos.

        I´m talking about what a seller from this store tell me today ok?
        You are fake anonymous, i have all my contacts on my website.

        This store is outside my country, but ships here some stuff we couldn´t afford here.

        Take care with your judgment ok?

        • Rahul

          Hi Bernardo,
          My apologies. Usually when someone posts a link, it adds to the discussion. I went to the link and found it to be a normal store and couldn’t think of any valid reason regarding why this was posted. In my opinion, the link didn’t have any affect on the credibility of the info you had. Also, initially I had misinterpreted the sentence “Words from a seller of this store” as “The words from the seller of the stores can be found on this link” because the link appeared just after the sentence. So I concluded (wrongly) that you perhaps were associated with the store and wanted to increase the hits on it.
          Nice photos on your site BTW. Though if you make your site Flash free then it will work on devices like iPad too.
          Apologies again.

          • It´s OK Rahul, misundertanding occurs often.
            We are here trying to know if this enterprise will do a FF who fill our needs, it´s normal we get “over-excited” sometimes.

            The seller told me that, and last year with the D7000 was the same thing.

            And thanks for the tips, i´m trying to do a mobile site too!


      • Bernardo Vaghi is a regular commenter here, I don’t think his link is spam.

        • Rahul

          Yes. It was a mistake from my part.

  • Hard to release something that has yet to be been announced. September 25th is a Sunday; it doesn’t seem plausible.

  • Jabs

    Off Topic but perhaps relevant to SOME of the very discussions here:

    I expected great things from the new Sony A77, but here are the results so far.
    I disagree with the web sites conclusions, because mainly most web sites have WRITERS with short attention spans who DO NOT know how to photograph properly or at a higher level and thus give malformed advice due to them actually being incompetent or worse, incapable of discerning FINE details because they view things on crappy LCD’s with a LOW color gamut = a common problem now.

    This idea is new and seems revolutionary and probably will be looked upon as great to many, but I don’t see that, thus in the minority on that.

    GREAT specs, horrible execution and worse when Reviewers are not great at their job and are mere ‘web-heads’ – PLEASE, hire a real photographer will you!

    Nothing against ‘web-heads’, but too many people are now writing and doing serious reviews with opinions instead of tangible facts = dumbing down the photographic experience.

    • AnoNemo

      I agree, not the best technical review. On the other hand, we can conclude that the A77 is not a totally crap camera. Now I wonder about two things:

      1) Will the IQ be better on the NEX-7? (Same sensor no translucent mirror)

      2) BIONZ? Maybe the this engine is not properly configured yet. Now, if the sensor is good then we can hope that it will find its way into the Nikon D400. We know what Nikon did with the A900 sensor in the D3x. This would be a D400 dream camera with the Nikon touch of the sensor and the new Expeed.

      • Jabs


        I have mixed feelings about this sensor and the camera in general. It reminds me of new developments that need to go to the second generation, perhaps like the iPad versus the iPad2 and even the upcoming iPad3.

        I really hope that Nikon does not use this sensor, but they probably will with their new Expeed3 system and then perhaps I can then comment more.

        Sony makes remarkable things, but the problems that I often see with Sony’s gear over years of using them, is that they often try and cram too many items or functions into their gear and then it WOWS you but then does nothing particular well, but looks great while doing this – at least in the consumer end.

        Sony Pro or Broadcast is a different Company literally from Sony Consumer Group with the Broadcast Division reminding me of Nikon’s Pro gear and even RED’s Cinema gear, but this camera seems like a consumer camera meant to knock out the D7000 and so far, it fails miserably in my opinion.

        Sony went askew to me when they bought up all that Movie and Content Providers to not let what happened to the BetaMax now happen to Blu-Ray. Too many irons in the fire and thus jack of many trades and master of NONE. Then Sony gear lost focus and Apple ran over them. They seemed ruled by Committee and thus not as clear a focus as Nikon, to me. They are therefore going too many directions at once in my opinion.

        They are trying too many new things in this one camera is how I see it. It is like a crap shoot to bombard Nikon and Canon and they have little or no experience in either Camera design or usage in the semi-pro to Pro ranks.

        • AnoNemo


          I am speculating that maybe the sony BIONZ is the issue. Nikon is an expert to take the best out of the same the sensors. I think maybe the sensor is just fine but we’ll see (hopefully sooner than later)

          • Jabs


            It is hard to make a judgment call on a piece of equipment that is so new and that I have not personally seen yet. Nikon has REAL expertise in photography and they tell you that plainly, as in they use a combination of actual REAL photographic scenes in their database built into the camera system somewhere within the Expeed SYSTEM, and from that they are able to give such great results.

            Having used Nikon’s for so long, I consider that a REAL fact and the real reason as to why Nikon is so good. Sony is NEW to photography at this level (the level of Nikon and even Canon) and thus they are like the new kid on the block trying to take down the older and wiser master = Nikon.

            Sony does NOT have that capacity yet, as you cannot program in YEARS or decades of photographic experience into a computer and expect to get REAL results, as computers do NOT think. Hence, Sony is a great Manufacturer, but they probably do not have real photographers fine tuning their gear like Nikon and Canon do before they release it. If Canon has NOT been able to catch Nikon since the D3 release, then how do you expect Sony, an inexperienced newcomer – to do this?

            Digital cameras are more than electronics alone and thus specs devoid of the reality of photography results in an A900, A850 and now an A77.

            Bottom line – there is NO substitute for real experience at making specialized gear.

            It would be more interesting to me or even more relevant when we see what Nikon does with this same sensor and they perhaps will now teach Sony how to really do a camera, like they did with the D3X versus Sony’s A900 or A850. You cannot sell great technology for CHEAP and then expect great results = what Sony perhaps needs to learn. The D7000 and the D5100 both look better than the A77 to me, so now I expect Nikon to release either a new D400 to replace the D300s with a new (or this same) sensor or a D7100 to replace the current D7000 with new features to counter some of the newer specs of this A77.

            • AnoNemo

              What I see is that sony has been improving the last couple of years. I think this is a fact and a good news because it forces the establishment to raise the bar.

              Also, as technology evolves the differences are getting smaller. I think Nikon and Canon really needs a serious competitor to force them to act a bit faster and to become more responsive (listen to the users)

            • Jabs


              True that Sony has been improving over the last few years, but so has Nikon and Canon too. As Technology improves and more capabilities are added from this, I see a greater differentiation and NOT things becoming similar in the DSLR world, but your assessment applies mainly to the Micro 4/3rd’s and P&S world.

              DSLR’s are at the cutting edge while the others are becoming like computers – commoditized and made by the same Contract Manufacturers, so often merely distinguished by a control placed differently or body colors, for example.

              I actually don’t see DSLR Manufacturers trying to always speed up their Product refresh cycles as that brings more and more products to market, but inferior or they are similar to the previous models and like the Automotive Manufacturers – let us change a headlight, a taillight and add a new wheel/tire combo or a new wheel cover and call it a new 2012 or 2013 model.

              Competition does spur new advances, but you first have to BE a competitor. I see Sony as a competitor for the Micro 4/3rds group and NOT one for Nikon/Canon as they are not in the same league.

              You probably are thinking like Apple or now wish Nikon to be this way – constant yearly refreshes with minor updates to force people (rich airheads) to buy a new product before actually fully exploiting its’ use or learning to use all of its’ features proficiently. Those products are pretty and limited functionality items geared towards trendy and obsessed people, so indeed the Sony target.

              This is called dumbing down the experience to sell tons of questionable gear like they sell yearly updates in the Automotive world – works for them and Apple, but not for DSLR’s so far. Ask Canon about that perhaps – LOL!

  • Jabs
    • venancio

      great catch… so if you’ve got one hooked up and your assistant has one hooked up and you’re covering an event, will it allow you to monitor if all necessary angles of the event have been covered/captured in real time? and if you’re the director or event lead, can you receive on your laptop the output of your photo/videographers and advise them what shots need to be taken again? i guess time will tell…

      • Jabs


        Maybe, but it depends on what Operating System is on your computer. Camera to camera would be nice if encrypted, but if not, then everyone with a smartphone, tablet or other Wi-Fi enabled gear would be able to intercept your feed signal.

        If it is encrypted, then you probably just set the Wireless Security in say Win7 and then SHARE the Connection or even JOIN the Network and then maybe each becomes available to your whole closed Network.

        Sounds exciting to me because you can now send and receive signals – let’s see how this plays out and when it’s available – sounds like an Olympics bound item. Hope that it works with even the old cameras too.

        Sometimes I shoot in huge warehouses or dirty environments and with an assistants, thus valuable.

  • broxibear

    New patent for a 105mm Micro Nikkor VRII ?

    • Jabs

      WOW – look forward to that plus a 200mm Micro-Nikkor update to VR

      • broxibear

        That might be the 200mm…it just says telephoto in the patent ?

    • BornOptimist

      I think this is the AFS Micro 60 f/2.8.
      First example says focal length: 61.00
      Aperture: 2.88
      FOV: 39.2 degree
      Total length: 91.29 (this is from the sensor plane)
      This is so close to the numbers for the AFS Micro 60
      This example does not have VR (figure 1 page 22).

      Example 4 shows a lens with VR (figure 7 page 28), but that is also a lens with focal distance 61.

  • Jabs

    Off Topic

    How is a story that may be important to the discussions here:
    Photo Bootcamp

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