Weekly Nikon news flash #126


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  • brandon

    wish i had $8.5k for that noct

    • Moth Flopwell

      If you bought that $3,000 dollar at best lens for $8,500…u would need a true rubber room!!!!

      • That suggestion things makes me wonder what happened if enough people requested a digital Nikon FM remake …. Oh right, Nikon would still be making cameras for gearheads and we would never see a tool for an artist.

        • Worminator

          That seems pretty tangential to the point.

          Whoever bought that lens is not going to use it. It’s going to sit in a collection, just like it did before it was sold, in the hopes that it will make the owner some money when they come to sell it 5 years later.

          To pay $8500 for it and then slap it on your D700 and bring it with you on vacation … that would be stupid – unless $10,000 is anyway pocket change for you.

          • f/2.8

            It’s $8,500 only if sold.

        • Anonymous


          • Ric


    • this sells for 2,999 € and it’s MINT (without 4000 € boxes..):


      • Anonymous

        With $3000 I could buy a D800!

        • Bernd

          Can you? Where !?!?!? 😉

  • chuck

    What on nikon’s green earth is the meaning of the bizarre D70 washing video…
    Also on the same youtube acct. there is a video of someone holding a D7000 and 50/1.2 chanting “NIKON NIKON 1.2 NIKON NIKON”

  • Observer

    Wooden D4 link no longer has pics

  • Danny R

    Even with the box, that noct is absurdly overpriced – One went on ebay a short while ago for $2800 http://www.ebay.com/itm/200642294851

    • Moth Flopwell

      There are truly some stupid people in this world….That lens is only worth maybe 3,000….if that…and to pay 8500 for it..make zero sense….none what so ever.

      I have a broken down Nikon D300…in the next hour..it can be yours for $10,000!!!! lol

      • Worminator

        It’s in mint condition. There are people that collect that stuff.

        The value of the to 1% condition gear tends to rise over time.

        Hence it is an investment. A risk, yes, but more than likely the selling price in 5 years will be more than what was paid just now.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Unless Nikon releases the rumored f/1.2 G…

        • enesunkie

          Good, I’ll have to keep that D60 in mint condition and sell it someday for a D6 🙂

    • IanZ28

      While living in Japan 2004-2006 I could have bought quite a few of these around the $1000 mark each. Then there were the 70-180 macro’s selling for $700-800 each. Also had ample opportunity to pick up the 28 f1.4d at reasonable prices.

      If I’d only known the value on some of these oldies would continue to climb I would have bought a few. Would have been a safer investment than stocks or real estate. LOL

      • MJr

        And could’ve used them for all these years inbetween !

  • Quote:
    The main competitor to the P7000 was the Canon G12. Released back in 2010…

    “I believe that the P7100 now has all the tools it needs to compete well with the Canon G12.”
    Wow. They released a camera they believe that can compete against a Canon from 2010. Doesn’t sound to optimistc, if you ask me…

    • Mock Kenwell

      LOL. I thought the same thing. Story of Coolpix’s life. Building new models to compete with three year-old models. And when they discuss “what they’ve learned,” they only mention improving speed of operation. How about lens speed?! The P7100 has the slowest lens in it’s category. And hello? Full HD video? Besides, any intelligent buyer realizes that the S95 killed the G series.

  • According to the wikipedia page, the Russian spacecraft was not lost in space, it never made it to orbit: “the vehicle failed to achieve orbit, reentering over the Altai Republic region of Russia.” So either it crashed and lost all its cargo, or, because it was self-terminated, it used parachutes and the equipment has been recovered.

    • It would be up in Siberia, they said.

    • iamlucky13

      The Progress cargo spacecraft has no parachutes. It’s used to deliver cargo into orbit, then burns up on re-entry.

      In this case, it was sub-orbital and came down near the Kazakhstan border. It’s believed to have disintegrated into several thousand pieces over mountainous terrain. Odds are not good for even a D3 surviving falling in an uncontrolled manner from high altitude in spacecraft carrying roughly one ton of explosive fuel (not to mention the fuel that would have burned around the spacecraft when the range safety officer ordered the self-destruct after the rocket deviated from the acceptable course).

  • andy

    IMO, the 58 noct is a vastly overrated lens. It has an aspherical design and corrects for certain types of aberration making it ideal for astrophotography. This leads people to believe it’s better than it really is. For regular photography the latest 50mm f1.4G beats it in terms of resolution AND contrast.

    The noct does not have the wide open contrast of a Leica 50mm summilux e.g.

    Nikon needs to wake up and produce a high end 50mm lens. Judging by these ridiculous ebay prices, people are willing to pay $$$ for something that isn’t even that good, just because it’s a bit more special. I’d be interested in a leica quality 50mm f1.4 if nikon were to produce one.

    • IanZ28

      It’s essentially a collectors item with only 10,500 produced. When the prices were more reasonable photographers would actually buy and use them. I think most photographers that still own a NOCT would be smart to cash in unless they are collectors themselves.

    • Worminator

      Not just for stars. Coma is absent from this lens when shot wide open. It’s unique for night photography, as well as stunning engineering in making that front element.

      • PHB

        The 85 1.4 AFS is actually better on sagittal coma flare than the NOCT.

        They have learned something about lens design since. I can’t imagine that there would be a new f/1.2 unless it outperformed the old NOCT as well.

    • nick

      if it could autofocus

      • Jabs



    • Jabs

      Have YOU ever shot with a Nikon 58mm F1.2 NOCT? I have!

      Probably not – it indeed earned its’ reputation and YES, I still have shots with it on Fujichrome 50D Velvia Pro slides.

      At that price, it indeed is overpriced, but I am NOT a collector, so don’t care.

      … and YES, it was better than the Leica and cheaper too – it was one of a few if not the only lens that I know of, that was specifically designed for night time or low light shooting WIDE OPEN and it delivered the goods like nothing else then or since. I have seen tests of it against many other low light champions, and usually it wins at F1.2 including a beating of the ‘regular’ Nikon 50 F1.2 AIS manual lens.

    • Jabs


      Dream on – lol

      The 58mm NOCT was and probably still is the best 50mm (or thereabouts focal length) lens ever made.

      Nikon probably would NOT be able to make it today and sell it for less than $8,000 and I would love to see some shots on a D3X, as that body would be the one to exploit such a remarkable lens, in my opinion.

      Make sure you have actually USED or know something about a lens before you ‘trash it’, as nothing Leica makes comes even close, pal. I have seen shots from several Leica 50mm including the ultra expensive ones and the 58mm OWNS it easily at LOW F-stops. The 58mm NOCT ‘owned’ everything else that Nikon made in low light accuracy or performance and you cannot categorize that, as CHARTS do not tell the whole story – SHOOT with one and then come back here and tell us about YOUR reaction.

      I shot with it once on an F3T film camera and it amazed me and still does today. It was the ONLY low light lens that I absolutely loved and I am sorry that I never bought one, as I never thought that they would discontinue it then.

      TWO Nikon lenses that absolutely amaze me and NO ONE has yet equaled them.

      58mm F1.2 NOCT
      300mm F2.0 ED-IF

      SHOT with both too!

      … and also that weird and stunning 220 degree wide-angle lens that you could see your feet in when you shoot it – but I forgot its’ name. Large and super expensive for sure.

  • broxibear

    Here are some full size images using the noct-nikkor on a D3

    • broxibear

      P.S. graysofwestminster in the UK have 2 for sale, one mint for £3000, the other EXC++ for £3250 (I guess it’s more expensive because it’s boxed and comes with original manuals).
      Here’s the description…
      “REMARKABLE – BOXED WITH ORIGINAL MANUAL. Nikon’s ultra sharp wide aperture (f/1.2) lens was introduced in AiS format in 1981 and discontinued due to a hugely expensive manufacturing process and cost of materials in 1998. Over the 17 years of manufacture only 8951 examples could be produced – an average of just under 567 lenses a year! (Contrast this with the ¾ of a million 50mm f/1.4 lenses produced in the same period). The front element was a hand ground and hand polished aspheric surface giving the lens an unrivalled quality which endures to this day and ensures constant demand by the most discerning photographers (high-end amateur and professional). The aspheric front lens element in combination with exotic glasses and superlative optical design assured optimum correction for coma, particularly at maximum aperture, and other Seidel aberrations leading this lens to perform superlatively at maximum apertures. Design refinements made it possible to focus as close as 0.5m (1.7 ft) and yield distortion free images while retaining high contrast. A boxed NOCT is only rarely available and this example (Numbered 185113) is the only one with a box we have seen for over 7 years. The number indicates that this was only the 111th AiS Noct ever made! An amazing find!”

    • Jabs


      Thank you, thank you and thank you again for that link clearly showing now in digital on a Pro body, what type of a masterpiece that lens really was and still is today.

      Made my day, pal.

      • broxibear

        Hi Jabs,
        It’s an interesting lens…an AFS version would be nice, and stupidly expensive no doubt ?
        Ken’s got an article about it here kenrockwell.com/nikon/58.htm

        • Jabs


          I consider myself really ‘lucky’ to have held and shot with that lens years ago, but regret not buying it then, as you could easily rent it then.

          Those shots on a D3 really reminded me of the absolute clarity of that lens BUT very few photographers THEN as now, know how to properly shoot any high speed lens at wide aperture, so I ignore people and their comments on it, as I had to rethink and relearn photography when I first came into contact with it and a 300 F2.0 at Nikon House in NYC (Manhattan). What a ‘sweeeeeet’ hunk of glass those two lenses were and I sure wish that Nikon would re-release them EVEN as the original manual focus versions exactly as they were before.

          Nikon also needs to make their AF systems able to work with such low F-stop glass, but since no other manufacturer’s bodies do, then perhaps Nikon will overcome that obstacle in the D4 with newer technology.

          Shooting with both the 58mm and the 300mm was helped by me taking some specific F3 screens optimized for shooting low F-stop lenses and made the process so much easier and less painful, so now I wish for that flexibility in new focusing screens for ANY upcoming Nikon Pro body. I just had several F3 bodies with me and just used the ones that gave the best results. We NEED a new Nikon House in NYC – pronto.

          Nikon – are you hearing me???


    • Jabs

      WOW – that lens is SHARP, even at F1.2

      Stunning clarity too and excellent colors – I want a 58mm F1.2 NOCT – now


      and a D4 too

    • Jabs


      Here are TWO images from that group that clearly show why the 58mm F1.2 NOCT is so legendary.

      1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/18236975@N00/4322992627
      Look at the separation between the woman and the background PLUS look at the F-stop being used.

      2. http://www.flickr.com/photos/20990774@N08/4203873342

      Look at all the headlights and then the street lights.

      Nikon said then that the 58mm F1.2 NOCT was specifically designed to shoot wide open without flaws, thus a really specialized and expensive lens. Nikon used to advertise the lens with a shot of fountain bathed in lights and even then, you could see how spectacular it was. Sort of like the opening fountain scene from that old American TV show – Friends.

      • The Noct was a finicky lens. I had a 7 leaf AI. Images taken with it had a totally unique look to them, but it was a effort to get there. First off, focusing with less than an inch of DoF is a challenge regardless of the screen you use. It did weird stuff in bright light. Obviously that is not its sweet spot, but you had to stop down to f2.0 to avoid a very soft look. I finally parted with it due to sensor reflections. Basically there is a giant mirror in front of your sensor. If you shot in the wrong way it caused weird stuff to happen. In the end I could not afford to hang on to such an expensive lens that required so much work. I bought it for $2450 and sold it a couple of years later for $2750 (financed a 85G f1.4 and a couple of TC with the proceeds). It was in excellent condition. It felt better than any other lens I have ever used and it fit on my D700 better than any other lens I own.

        • Jabs

          @Russ Beinder

          You needed to LEARN how to properly shoot, as in USING polarizers (linear or circular) and that lens had 9 blades and not 7, if I remember right.
          Look here and then scroll down.


          As I said before I would ONLY use this 58mm F1.2 NOCT on an F3HP or F3T, F3AF (in manual mode with DX-1 AF head removed and another F3 head installed) body, as it ALONE had the depth and variety of focusing screens from all matte to some with split center points and some really weird varieties that simply WORKED, as I had them all except maybe one or two AND I used them daily and saw their great importance. I also tried that lens with an F4s but the F3 with the right focusing screen nailed fast moving Ice skaters in the old Rockefeller Skating Rink at 30Rock much better than the F4s as both were set to manual focus PLUS I was shooting through glass and thus the need for polarizers (circular for the F4 and linear for the F3). I thus went to Nikon House with 3 F3’s and one F4s to test out all the exotic lenses and accessories over a three to four hour period – LOTS of fun too – lol.

          The 58mm F1.2 was a VICTIM of photographer’s poor shooting as it showed UP your own sloppy or questionable techniques and since it had 52mm filters, a Nikon standard then, it was easy to add filters to it PLUS you always had to shoot with the hood — something most photographers STILL do not do today.

          Your post was a text book example of HOW NOT TO use a wide aperture or low F-stop lens.

          USE a tripod or monopod
          Use a lens hood ALWAYS
          Use a Matte box, as needed to reduce flare or ghosting when shooting into the sun
          USE an electronic cable release (Nikon’s) plugged into the port on your camera and then USE mirror lock up or such – NOT the silly self timer.

          We get spoiled by VR, but VR does not fix your lack of proper photographic technique which a LOW F-stop lens only magnifies. You can’t (so far) recover camera shake induced blur or mis-focus issues in Post Production = get it right BEFORE.

          • I shoot how I shoot. The equipment either makes it easy or not. The whole point of the lens for me was no DoF and no tripod. Never had a ghost issue and always had the metal hood attached.

        • Jabs

          @Russ Beinder

          Nice shots – were they all taken by you with a 58mm F1.2 Noct?

          • Yes. Even if Noct is not in the keywords, you can usually tell which ones as I normally publish my EXIF.

  • That cake looks more like plasticine to me! 😮

  • The invisible man


  • Anonymous

    Oh, man, where’s the friggin smoke?

    • Bart B

      plus one

  • ElPadre

    please, other european D7000 users: flood nikon europe with requests for 1080p@25fps. they need to realize we feel cheated by the lack of our “native” fps in full HD. there are petitions around as well, but this may be the most effective way to make nikon wake up and respond whether 25fps would be possible at all on a d7k, and if so, when can we expect the firmware upgrade.

    • Tgfdf

      Not just Europe. Most countries outside the US use PAL.

      To be fair the US guys should get 1080 30p too.

      • ElPadre

        yup, correct. however, the “US guys” don’t need 30fps as bad as we need 25fps, as 24fps can, with a good video conversion program, be telecined to 30fps — although the artificial light flickering might be a problem for them, too. still, one more fps doesn’t seem to be *that* hard to achieve, while six more fps could overdrive the video processor.

  • Shirrif

    Freaky Accident:
    Propably worst translation ever made… 🙂
    What it mainly tried to say was; Hammer was thrown to back of safety cage where some pro cameras were stored. It dropped on some of them and end result was clear: Seven kg camera hurts PLASTIC (D3) cameras. Actually only lens and radio controller was broken

    • LOL

      plastic is only the coating to the metal body underneath.

  • So is there going to be an announcement tomorrow, admin?

    • no, the announcement is suppose to be on Sept. 8th

      • broxibear

        Hey Peter,
        I’m a bit lost with announcements and non announcements…what is rumoured to be happening on the 8th of September ?

        • Not sure, there should be another DSLR related announcement. My guess is an entry level DSLR or a new accessory or a lens. We should keep expectation low and hope for a surprise. Some tipsters suggested a D700 replacement, but I have nothing to confirm that (specs, pictures, etc).

      • Thanks admin! 🙂

        You’re an angel! 😀

      • Rahul

        Announcement regarding which camera(s)? 🙂 Please, please give us the rumor even if it’s probability rating is 30-40%.

        • Probably a new DX camera, I don’t expect a D300s replacement, maybe a new low level DSLR. It may even be a DSLR accessory or a lens.

          • Rahul

            It is difficult to guess what kind of low level DSLR can Nikon launch, given that D5100 is pretty new and D3100 is not very behind compared to D5100 in terms of specs. Perhaps they can launch a $500 D2000 by removing video and articulate screen from D5100.

            • LOL

              D7100… two days after I get my D7000. RIGHT ON! 😐

            • Rahul

              Well, the D7100 would make sense. Sony has already released a new DX sensor which is being used in A77 and NEX 7. It is unlikely that Nikon would remain behind Sony for a long time (as far as sensor quality is concerned). It would be easier for Nikon to just replace the sensor of D7000 than to come up with a D300s replacement.

            • kyoshinikon

              The big question is why with the 60D and 7D already behind and the k-5 at eye level the d7000 really is only missing the “selling” point and probably wont be retooled for another few years…

            • Mo

              D7100 !! 😀

              although I would be very surprised if it’s true.

          • enesunkie

            I believe Nikon has come out with a new low end consumer body every year
            D3100 2010
            D3000 2009
            D60 2008
            D40x 2007
            D40 2006

            The D5000 and D5100 are a step above and maybe don’t
            count. It would be the end of a predictable run if there wasn’t a D3200 by December.

  • The invisible man

    I keep receiving emails everytime someone post a comment on NR, what did I do wrong, who get back to “normal” ?
    Thank you

    • Lio

      You can manage followup comments. There is a link on the emails you received.

      • T.I.M

        Thank you Lio !

    • you have checked the “receive notifications” box, you can unsubscribe from the email or uncheck the box

      • T.I.M

        @ Peter,
        Yes it was unchecked.

      • T.I.M

        Still the same, I receive email for every comment posted.

        (and again, I have to fill up my name and email if I want post a comment)

      • T.I.M

        I fixed it (for the emails part), still have to enter my name and email to post a comment.

  • TIM

    “how” not “who”
    I need to emprov my English…

  • broxibear

    Here’s another Nikon cake, could be the D800 ?…

    • enesunkie

      That a nice looking cake. The first was a rather poor attempt.

  • Dweeb

    I especially like the part at Nikon Jobs where you can “Inquire about adoption, please click here.”

    Couldn’t find the part on the VR site where they explain why the 300 ƒ4 doesn’t need VR after 11 years.

    • Bondi Beach

      lol x 2

    • Jabs


      Yeah, then you would not buy the 300mm F2.8 -lol

      Such a dweeb – LOL.

  • Redoc

    I just folded the cards already, put an ad that i am selling all my Nikon stuff, going to Canon don’t like how Nikon is handling things and all this bullshit. Maybe its childish or whatever i don’t care.

    • Lol! Why don’t stay with both systems?
      I have to many good fossa to switch Canon…Maybe the new FF body will surprise you!
      24 mp
      1080 60 fps
      720 240 fps
      2 stops better dynamic range
      Autofocus insane
      2 sd slots

      This is the new body.

      • Rahul

        Hi Bernardo,
        How important do you feel is video for you? Say if tomorrow Nikon releases 2 FF body with exactly the same specifications except that one has video and the second does not. Would you buy the one with video if it is 20-30% costlier than the other one? I always wanted to ask this question to a professional photographer because amateur photographers are always attracted towards video but do professionals also find video a very nice option in DSLRs?
        BTW I am an amateur. My DSLR has video but I don’t use this feature 🙂

        • LOL

          Well some of us are video AND photography pros.

        • Rahul, the photographer of today os also a videomaker.
          I work with photography and short videos for advertising, music labels,
          even for educational work.
          The two things are in fusion, new days!
          Good video quality and options make clients come
          We get the best of two worlds to use our creativity.
          That’s why the Mark ii was a sucess around the globe.

    • Why? Canon’s current bodies are inferior to Nikon’s as is their glass. Why would you run from the best gear in the industry(even though it’s about to get some updates) to old shit that’s inferior to Nikon’s current lineup(with no real update rumors)?

      That’s like owning a Ferrari, selling it and buying a Ford, just because Ferrari doesn’t update their lineup every year. That’s real fuckin’ smart.

      • LOL

        It is if you work on a farm. Ferrari ain’t make no pickup truck. 😉

        Right tools for the job and all that.

      • Rahul

        Just saw your gallery. Loved the photographs of your baby.
        Since you seem to have both 50mm 1.8G and 35mm 1.8, I wanted to ask you whether it would be any good to have 50 mm 1.8G for someone who already has a 35mm 1.8? Have you tried 50mm 1.4? If yes then how does it perform as compared to 1.8?

        • @ Rahul Thanks for the awesome and kind words. Those shots of the baby were for a client, we don’t have any children(yet!) 🙂

          RE: 50 1.8G. We own the 50 1.8G, 50 1.8D and 35mm 1.8G and love them all(as well as all our lenses, which is over 12 now). I recommend the 35mm 1.8 and the 50mm 1.8G as the different focal lengths are needed for different shots. The 50mm on a DX body is actually 75mm, which is a short telephoto. This focal length helps isolate your subject and is easier to blur your background.

          The difference between the 50 1.8G and D is as follows; the G version is much sharper wide-open with better contrast and bokeh and has sharper corners throughout. The G version also has better bokeh highlights when stopped down and is is less jittery than the D version. The only advantage the D version has over the G is it is slightly sharper in the center stopped down, but this is very minimal. We use the G version when we know we are going to need that focal length and will be shooting wide-open, due to it’s amazing sharpness/contrast @ f/1.8. We use the D version when we want jittery bokeh or low contrast when shooting wide-open(for artistic reasons). See our photo “Bokehlicious” for an example of the 50 1.8D: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaceyjordan/5618071803/in/photostream/

          The 50 1.8G is just as sharp as the 35mm 1.8G DX lens, wide-open. This says a lot of the 50G, as the 35mm 1.8G is one of the sharpest lenses i’ve ever used, wide open.

          I would recommend the 50 1.8G over the 1.4G because I believe the 1.8G is a much better value. The two perform near indentical @f/1.8. The 1.4G is slightly sharper stopped down, but minimally so and not really worth the price difference.

          (If you google Nikon D7000 50mm 1.8G, our shots are some of the first listed in Google Images. People seem to want to see shots of the 50 1.8G because they’re interested in knowing if it’s the right lens for them. It’s one of my faves on DX, especially for portraits)

          • Rahul

            Thanks a lot for such a detailed analysis. It appears that 50mm 1.8G is the best choice among 50mm lenses.

            I saw you photo-stream and liked the images very much. It seems that you are interested in all kinds of photography (portrait, nature, brids/animals, macro, hdr etc.). I especially liked some of your fisheye work. ‘Low Tide (Featuring Jessy Motes)’ and ‘St. Johns River’ were mesmerizing.

            • @ Rahul

              No problem at all. Like I stated earlier, I get a ton of questions about the new 50 1.8G. I was one of the first people to get my hands on a copy of the new 50G, I guess that’s why my images rank so high in searches.

              Regarding our photography, we love to take photos of anything and everything. HDR and landscape/architecture is my personal fave. My wife loves Nature/Flowers/Macro. We’re are Husband/Wife photography team. She is also our Creative Director on shoots that require them.

              Thanks for checking out our photo stream on Flickr.

          • Jabs


            Great shots and you got me nostalgic for that 80-200 F2.8 ED-IF, a great lens too.

            Your shots look like well developed Velvia 50D Pro and to me, that is one of the highest compliments that I can give any shooter.

            Keep pressing along with your craft and thanks for the information in your link – very inspiring too.

            • Wow! I couldn’t ask for a better compliment @ Jabs! Thank you very much! That really means a lot to us!

              While a lot of it is post processing, I couldn’t do anything if it weren’t for my Nikon gear(2x D7000’s + 12 choice lenses and flashguns). I tried everything and found Nikon to be the best, hands down. I’m obviously well invested in their system now and would never think of leaving as the gear we have available to us currently is still the best and to bitch about that is rather ignorant. I believe our photography is always evolving as we learn more and more. I never went to school for it and am totally self taught. If I told you how long I’ve been Shooting/Editing, it would make you laugh…..(8 months). I’ve always loved photography, so I picked it up and ran with it as soon as I got some gear.

              Since we’re on the subject of gear, I love our 80-200mm f/2.8 ED (new 2 ring version). It really is an excellent alternative to the 70-200 f/2.8. There is a reason the 80-200 has been in Nikon’s catalogue for so long(since ’92, I believe……obviously in various versions). It’s ultra-sharp, even wide-open with lots of great contrast and crazy-sharp when stopped down(especially @ f/8). For anybody looking to buy a 80-200 f/2.8, read my detailed review on B&H’s website. It’s on the product review page, entitled “So Sharp, It Will Cut You!”.

              Anyway, thanks again for your awesome words, Jabs!

            • Jabs


              WOW – so short a time in photography and such results – lol, as in happy for you.

              I too am self taught but coming from an artist background when I was a child, it has forced me to think perspectives and photographs that tell a story to more than just me alone (you know what I mean).

              Artistry is a gift from God and how you use it depends on you, so I am always eager to see people pursue their passions without sinking into perversion or becoming so self-absorbed that they now think that the whole world now rotates around them – yeah RIGHT (lol).

              I just love to shoot and read about what others do, as that inspires me a lot. We have the Internet today and that is really a great tool to see varied ideas, so I don’t complain much but just try and learn as much as I can.

              Everyone or most of us can envision what we want or desire, but the good ones are those who learn or know how to implement this with the gear or tools that they use.

              What do you use mainly for Post Production, if you wish to tell us here – shhhhh – weez hunting wascally wabbits – LOL.

              I am now kind of a Linux guy Ubuntu Studio 64bit, Artist-X with some Win7 64bit plus XP, Server 2003 and an upcoming MacBook with Snow Leopard [Lion is too new for me to be a guinea pig for Apple (lol)].

            • Jabs

              One last thing:
              Do you also own the 70-200 F2.8 and if so, what do you think about it along with the 80-200 F2.8? Are they two different types of lenses or just different generations of an idea from Nikon?

              The 180mm F2.8 has also always been one of my favorite Nikon’s, as many photographers used it to photograph models in NYC, plus I owned and loved the 300mm F4.0 ED-IF and it sure was sharp.

              Nikon rocks – lol

            • @Jabs

              I agree with you totally on all your points regarding artistry. It is a gift from God, in my opinion. I’m a professional musician and have been around photography my whole life as I’m constantly having my picture taken for promo shots, concert shots, press….etc. So I’ve always been interested in it and was always critical of the photographer and the shot. My wonderful wife has been into photography for years, so while I have only been shooting for a short time, she has been shooting for several years(well before I met her). She never really focused on the gear, just on the art. When I decided to get us some good equipment, I learned all I could from her (regarding proper composition) as well as the gear it’s self, from photography sources. Once I got that figured out, I started learning how to edit these shots we were getting. I went and picked up copies of Capture NX2, Photoshop and Photomatix and this is what I use today. Along with an assortment of great PS plugins(Nik’s ColorFX Pro, Silver FX, Topaz Labs…etc).

              All of this learning did come at a cost. We first bought a new D5000(with some DX lenses) to learn on. We put 20,000+ clicks on that body in less than 2 months and I edited damn-near every one of those shots as practice. Once we got comfortable with that I rented a ton of high-end Nikon’s (D3s and FX lenses) and ultimately settled on two D7000’s with an assortment of great FX glass and a few essential DX lenses(since we were shooting APS-C). Each D7000 now has over 10K clicks(per body) and that number rises daily(literally). There isnt a day that goes by that we don’t shoot. I edit at least 3 times a week now and now that we have actual paying clients, we’re getting paid for our work. It was deffinatly a crash-course but it’s been a blast. Some of our shots have been featured on several well known photography blogs/sites as well as used by some corperate clients. We’ve also lost some photography friends along the way. A lot of them will no longer speak to us or deleted is from Facebook. These were Canon shooters and were the same people that told me that Canon was “the way and the light”. I did my own intense research and found that Canon was the worst choice I could make, while Nikon was the best. They resented us for our choice in gear and our fast paced learning which equalled real results. It’s sad that these people(whom all know each other professionally) were so threatened(while totally unprovoked) that they took the measures they did. My Wife and I were just doing something we loved, together. We never once rubbed anything in their faces. That’s just not our way. When you’re being hated on, you must be onto something!

              The hard work is far from over, though. I’m starting to tackle the last stronghold and that’s lighting(multiple flash work….etc). So far, so good on this front. It’s actually a lot harder than anything else I’ve learned. Controlling light is not an easy task. Nikon does make it a TON easier with it’s great iTTL and CLS system. I couldn’t be happier I chose Nikon and in my opinion, you should chose Nikon for it’s CLS ALONE! It’s truly amazing. Nobody else is really doing what Nikon has done with Creative Lighting. It’s remarkable how easy that aspect is and how well CLS works. Nikon has the best flashguns on the market, too. Our SB-900’s are great.

              Ok, RE AF Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8D vs. AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII. I had both lenses and loved both. The 70-200 is an amazing lens, don’t get me wrong. It’s not any sharper than my 80-200, though. The only real advantage is the VR. If you mind your shutter(keep it no slower than 1/200th sec) speed and have a steady a steady hand, you don’t really need VR. Plus, as you know, VR wont help with moving objects, only a fast shutter speed will freeze your subject. For what I do, the 80-200 was a better choice(Bang vs. Buck). I will own another 70-200 VRII soon, but there were other lenses we needed so the 80-200 stayed and the 70-200 helped bankroll the other more pressing lenses we needed. At more than half the cost of the 70-200, the 80-200 is an amazing bargain and will probably outlast the 70-200 in terms of durability. It’s a total tank and has no AF-S or VR equipment to get destroyed 20 years from now. Speaking of AF, the 70-200 is slightly faster, but the 80-200 on the D7000’s in-built AF motor is blazingly fast, too. You’ll also notice the 70-200 is slightly sharper in the corners wide-open. Both of my copies were so damn close in sharpness, I couldn’t really tell the difference(especially wide-open). My 80-200 actually was slightly sharper @ f/8. They are both amazing, but again the 80-200 is a better bargain(especially is you have a body that performs well at high ISO’s so you can mind shutter speeds).

              As soon as the D4 is released, we will be picking one up as well as a few FF lenses we need to round off our kit. It will be interesting to see how this finally pans out. We couldn’t be happier with our Nikon gear. It’s been flawless.

              Sorry for the long post. 🙂

            • Jabs


              Nice that you are a professional musician and thus quite able to translate one artistic discipline into another.
              Photography is often discipline – lost on too many who shoot digital only or low end gear.
              Great that your wife and you work together creatively, as that is a great blessing to both of you – hope it continues and makes both of you very happy and fulfilled.

              I used to play the violin also and that gave me a disciplined perspective, so I get it. The length of your post did not bother me, as I probably post the longest messages here – LOL.
              Great information about the lenses, as I was very curious about them.
              Hone your craft as jealousy, hatred and animosity often mean that you are great at what you do as the green-eyed monster of envy attempts to take its’ toll on you, so overlook much and keep rolling, as life’s a fun ride if you know how to enjoy it – lol.

              Me, I am a ‘perfectionists’ in just about everything that I do, so I am a ‘nut job’ to many and really don’t care, as I march to a different drummer, as they say.

              Nikon basically makes what no one else makes, so as my needs expanded and got more specialized, I got rid of my Leica and Canon Hansa crap and bought an FA-MD15 combo, plus an F3AF and its’ two lenses in mint condition and never looked back.

              Great results often come from a passionate dedication to excellence and thus hard work is required for that.

          • @Rahul

            I meant to add a link to an example of the 50mm 1.8G to compliment the link I posted of the 50 1.8D. You’ll notice the bokeh of the 50mm 1.8G is much creamier. http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaceyjordan/6107954950/in/photostream/

            • Jabs

              Nice indeed.

    • Good decision, switch sides right before an announcement full of awesome and end up waiting even longer.

  • T.I.M

    I tried the video on the D7000 today, it sucks !
    Make a pro video is much more difficult than taking pictures.
    I wish the D900 won’t have video if it’s not improved compared to the D7000.

    • LOL

      Just because you couldn’t do it doesn’t mean it sucks.

    • JonMcG

      Yeah, there is plenty of video shot with the D7000 that looks fantastic… You’re in your own world I’m affraid…

      • T.I.M

        ok, so what did I do wrong ?

        Manual focus and manual exposure.
        1280×720 HQ 30 f.p.s
        ULTRA Sandisk 4gb 15mb/s card
        External microphone.
        50mm f/1.8
        105mm f/2.8 af-s VR

        • If you’re getting stuff that “sucks” from the D7k, could it be that “You’re Holding It Wrong™”? 🙂

          But really, you’ve listed out the tools you used to capture video, but not the issues you found that resulted in your assessment that it was subpar. Care to share what qualities it had (or lacked, as it were) that led to this conclusion?

          At any rate, I think you’ve uncovered the reality of any craft, namely that spec has very little to do with it. As JonMcG stated, there are plenty of examples of videos shot on the D7k which are amazing. I’ve been thrilled with the work we’ve produced with the camera, and feel it’s the best Nikon has done to date (with the exception of the low light performance compared to the D3s—not a fair comparison due to the different size of sensor).

          I rail on the Canon 5dMII (and friends) for their poor performance in key aspects of image quality, but the truth is that I’ve seen some incredible footage/images from these and other cameras. We all have. Heck, there is some amazing stuff produced on the iPhone. The number one issue is not the gear, but how you use it.

          • T.I.M

            Never mind, I will return it, video quality is not better than what I had with the D90
            Also I don’t need the 2 SD slots, the motor for AF lenses (I only use Af-s) or 100% viewfinder.
            It does not worth the $400 extra compared to the D90.
            I’ll just wait for the D800/900

            • The D7000 is light years ahead of the D90. I’ve made some amazing video footage with my D7K. The D7K’s video is, in a lot of ways, as good as it gets in a DSLR. What was wrong? I think you’re making a mistake. I live in Jax, hit me up….. I’m extremely proficient on the D7K, as we shoot with 2 of them.

            • CaryTheLabelGuy is absolutely correct: the D7k is “light years ahead of the D90.”

              The resolution is better.
              The color is better.
              The dynamic range is better.
              The rolling shutter is GREATLY reduced.
              The sharpness is better.
              The D7k doesn’t skip lines like the D90. (worst aspect of the D90 imo)
              The autofocus is better while filming. (does anyone even use this?)
              The autofocus is better in general.
              Manual control exists, hence it is better.
              Two is better than on (card slot).

              “Make a pro video is much more difficult than taking pictures.”

              Truer words were never spoken. Jabs’ advice below is really spot on. Video is a different beast, and requires, in some ways, a higher degree of control and forethought compared to photography.

              If you’re expecting to be able to just pull out the camera, slap on a zoom lens and roll out, you’re probably going to be very disappointed with any camera you pick up. Video is much more proficient at revealing your flaws and shortcomings as a shooter. Take some time and learn how to create great footage, and you’ll be happy you kept the D7k. If you’re unwilling to do this, then yes—the D90 is just fine for your needs, and will be for years to come.



          • T.I.M

            @Ron Adair & Cary the label guy

            I’m returning the D7000, I will get a D5100 (same 16MP sensor), I will use it as a 2nd body when I do weddings, and it will make an excellent x1.5 for my (futur) 200mm f/2.0 af-s

            I’m sure the D800/900 will show up before the end of the year.

            • As long as you don’t need manual control, then you’ll probably be fine (same as your D90). If you aren’t using the manual settings in video, that could be a reason you’re getting subpar results.

              I’m not sure whether the D700 replacement will be here as soon as you say. But I’ll keep on hoping along with you. I can’t wait to see what Nikon’s next move is in FX—both pro and prosumer.

        • JonMcG

          You might also consider that your playback system may not be up to snuff. D7000 records in AVCHD which, frankly, is pretty difficult for the compter to transcode in realtime. Yes, a modern PC/Mac can-should play this back properly just fine but if your system isn’t well tuned, is a little older, or is on some type of laptop, don’t be surprised to only be seeing 15-20fps, which would also make playback look bad even though the recording is just fine.

          • T.I.M

            I build computers, don’t worry mine is fast !

            • Jabs

              I hope you got a great Video card and are using at least Win7 Pro 64bit plus have downloaded either the latest Nvidia or AMD/ATI WHQL certified drivers.

              Use a Nvidia Quatro card instead, as Open GL performance is better or an AMD FireGL card – these Workstation cards are what photographers use.

              I personally prefer Ubuntu Studio 64bit 11.04, as it has an RT kernel and blows both Macs and Windows boxes away, and yes I have Windows and Macs in my Office/Studio plus I too build computers. Get some SSD’s with Sata 6 and put them in RAID 0 for the Operating System plus use some Sata or SAS drives of a few terabytes to put your Content/Data in – RAID 1 to 5, maybe.

              Use at least 8megs of really fast memory and preferable 16 to 32megs.

              Video needs bandwidth and if it does Real Time effects, then you need more memory to physically fit in that transition or to render the file.

              Adobe Studios (CL5, I think) now work with the OpenGL features of Nvidia cards and maybe AMD’s OpenCL (not sure) – DO NOT use a laptop without a dedicated video card no matter HOW new and fast your Intel processor is including new i7 Sandy Bridge, as the built-in video sucks on ALL Intel boards/processors and is thus unusable in Video.

              Buy a laptop with an added on internal Video Card in it or you will be sorry from the low frame rates or the slide show that results and then you blame Nikon or anyone else. I use desktops for video and laptop only to SHOW stuff with K-Lite Mega Pack Codecs installed, but not to edit anything, unless you have an Alienware, Dell, HP, Lenovo Workstation laptop – you are toast – LOL

              Linux-BSD boxes like Apple’s and such Unix based boxes run OpenGL much better Windows, so in Windows, I use Win Server 2003 for it’s blazing speed but it is outrageously expensive but worth it to me. I tried Server 2008, but it is not as fast as a Workstation OS, but better as a Server but I need Workstation performance. Look up Win2003 Workstation 64bit or even 32bit, as they (32bit version) are not limited to the 4meg mess like the consumer 32bit OS’s.

        • Jabs


          1. Get a faster card for your camera
          2. Get a tripod with a fluid head
          3. Get a follow focus unit
          4. Get some Video lights and some Barn doors plus Video specific filters and such
          5. Go to a School for Videography
          6. SLOW DOWN – shoot in short takes ONLY at first, then try and try until you get ONE scene right. Most video newbies try to shoot everything at first and get nothing right, as taking Videos is a different discipline from Photography.
          7. Get a Program from NewTek, (www.newtek.com) as they are Video specific and NOT one from Adobe, Apple or such. Newtek also has many Tutorials, so download them and LEARN much.
          8. Video = SLOW with Pre-planning, Photography = fast with not much Pre-planning, so almost the opposite discipline to me.

          • T.I.M

            Yes I probably have the fastest computer on the market, that’s a Sinclair Timex 1000 with 1Ko RAM, UHF b&W video !

            • Jabs

              Yeah – and I have a Commodore Vic-20 and the radically speedy and exclusive C-64 with dual 5 1/4 inch disk drives that do not click anymore.

              Back at you, pal.


              WOW – my Casio is so cool and so is my ancient HP calculator – swoopy lines and graphs too. A Scientific ‘miracle’ indeed. Can you put a webcam on my C-64 portable too?

              Or do you need my 128D and C-16 too or even the CD-32?

              How about a couple of Amiga Towers and such – all 120megs HD’s too with Kickstart 3.1. Want an A3000T or an A4000T with a Video Toaster?


    • Anonymous

      I used it too, it was hard and totally different from doing stills or working with a video camera. It’s shaky and hard to focus, plus focusing, as quiet as it is, turns out quite loud in playback. So there are a lot of things that need to be conquered or learned or whatever to make it work, but when you get it right, the potential for beautiful video is a pretty powerful incentive to shoot. Video. I’m still trying to make it work.

  • broxibear

    People have started receiving their AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G lenses…
    It’s all I can find to post…I don’t think Nikon are making anything anymore, they’ve just shutdown, they’ve given up lol.

  • Alex

    I say we flood Nikon for requests for manual video mode.

    • AS

      I agree!

      I personaly did send them that request

  • $8500 for a 50mm, oh come on now.

  • One More Thought

    I really don’t think we’ll see any new FF DSLRs from Nikon this week…or perhaps even in 2011. The field is getting set.

    I believe the window for any company to announce new products is limited for the rest of the year to Sept/Oct…anything else bumps too close up to the holiday season.

    At this point any announcement on Sept 8 will be very underwhelming…maybe a D3200 to replace the D3100…

    Then it’s the mirrorless announcement later in the month…so then Nikon would have October to drop any new FF DSLR on us….

    • I agree, there is a very low chance for a new FF camera next week.

      • AnoNemo

        Didn’t I tell you this for months now? and I was labeled “stupid”
        Read the latest Nikon manager discussion in their financials. They said that “speed up the development of new generation of products.” This means they have nothing. My view is that Sony needs to fix the new FF sensor so without it Nikon cannot announce anything.

  • Ole

    My oldest daugther’s birthday is on the 7th.

    I would like a birthday present on the 8th: D800 announcement, thank you!

  • bart b

    Enjoy the silence … 🙁

  • broxibear

    Frozilla’s got a 40mm micro 2.8 video reviewfor those interested… http://froknowsphoto.com/nikon-40mm-micro-2-8-dx-review/

  • My question to Nikon:

    “Can we have in all Nikon SLR camera Center weight metering linked to focus point (the “center” in this case will be the focus point selected by me).”

    Nikon answer:

    “Dear Valued Nikon Customer,

    Thank you for your recent suggestion regarding camera metering systems.

    Customer comments are an important part of the Nikon process of constant development and improvement and your comments are most welcome. We take all product feedback and suggestions seriously and log all of these for feedback to the relevant department. These ideas are then discussed and used where appropriate.

    You can be assured that your thoughts will be considered in future designs and Nikons aim of providing the best quality products and service possible.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further assistance.

    Kind Regards,

    Anthony Piper
    Nikon Europe Professional Support

  • frankly, i ‘ve seen better d700 cakes -_-‘, it need to be better modelled :)) but anyways sweet idea.

  • Submitted a suggestion to Nikon that they improve the build quality of the hot shoe on the D700. That is a real weak link. I’ve had three repairs in the last 14 months on two D700 because the hot shoe has crapped out when using an SB900 on the D700.

  • Jabs

    Off Topic but perhaps good news about Pocket Wizards:


  • AnoNemo

    I think we should rename this section to NNNF aka Newsless Nikon News Flash. 😉

  • broxibear

    East Japan to returns to full power…
    “Power restrictions will be lifted in eastern Japan including Tokyo early September which is two weeks earlier than initially scheduled as demand for electricity eases due to a cooler weather and improved supply and demand”

  • broxibear

    P7100 hands on video review http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S44FSePO6XU

  • why do you paste these type of useless videos?


  • Gem

    Please Nikon release details of something so this page can change, pretty please :))

    • twoomy

      I’m pretty sure the lack of anything else means that nothing’s happening this week.

      • AnoNemo

        Yes, I agree with you. Even Nikon Rumors became Boring Rumors.

        This tells me 2 things
        1) NR Admin has no clue about anything because he has not received any leaks
        2) Nikon is a piece of crap and left FX the line untouched for over 2 years. What kind of crap is that when a pocket cam can deliver better video than the flagship dslr @ $5,000?

        I think Nikon is enjoying its time for not doing anything. They do not have to compete and they can sell the same forever. Oh, sorry actually you have to go out and even hunt for D3s, D3x, and D700.

        Very disappointed with Nikon’s delivery. It is clear that Nikon cannot deliver a new FX without sony. (And we know sony will deliver the new FX line next year)

        • bart b

          Calm down,

          Coolpix announcement: August 24
          Mirrorless: September 21
          DSLR: Oktober ??

          Nikon Rumors admin still has more then 2 weeks to find rumors about the mirrorless and more then a month to find things for FF worshippers.

          After the announcement you will have to wait an other 2 months before you can actualy find one in your local store … So … 😉

          • ISP ©

            + 1

        • twoomy

          A bit harsh, but I agree with you. If we go with Nikon’s 3-year cycle, we’re overdue for a new D4/D400 and pretty soon D800. (Even a D700s/D700x seems unlikely at this point.)

          I really believe that both Nikon and Canon have a secret agreement to milk this generation of cameras for one more year or the disaster totally destroyed their timelines.

          My other fear is that there may be some history to Nikon not being able to announce cameras with similar Sony sensors until Sony releases their equivilent model. No D400 could come before the a77 announcement and if so, no D4/D800 announcement until after Sony’s next FF announcement… many, many months away…

          • @AnoNemo

            Your teenage angst is showing.


            When did “we” start dreaming up this 3 year release schedule for Nikon? Their pro bodies have been on the 4 year schedule since the D1, their first pro DSLR. And if I’m not mistaken, that’s quick compared to film bodies.

            Conspiracy? That’s original. Anytime a consumer doesn’t get what they want today, they scream conspiracy, tattle to the government, and ask for an inquisition. Sayonara, freedom. Welcome government meddling and “consumer protections” (aka nanny state).

            Let’s assume the Sony thing really is holding up Nikon. So what? If Nikon produces a killer camera, it’s irrelevant who announces what first. If Nikon sees a bottom line problem with their strategic partnership with Sony, they’ll do something different.

            Again, the 4 year schedule is part and parcel for Nikon. These wild assumptions don’t help anyone, and frankly sound silly.

            And just in case the few boneheads here have forgotten:


            Take a pill, get some finger paints, or go for a walk. The new cameras will come when they come. Until then, try making a few bucks from your current camera. The fresh air will help you.

            • ISP ©

              LoL ! +1 !

            • twoomy

              Ron — I think *you* need to take a pill. You seem way too worked up over this. I’m just chatting, but you sound ready to pop some veins in your forehead.

            • AnoNemo


              Easy sport! You gonna pop your O-ring. 😉

              I can sense that force is strong with you.

            • @twoomy

              You post falsehood and foolishness, I post fact and reason. You post insults and taunts, and then what?

              The only way this can devolve further is if you start posting offensive remarks about my mother, whom you’ve never met.

              Nikon doesn’t release pro bodies on a 3 year schedule. Since that’s a key point in your argument, let’s start with that.

              And secret agreements? Really? Too funny.

          • AnoNemo

            Look, maybe I was bit harsh but seriously… I mean Nikon, Canon, and now Sony they all look like a maffia and handle everything under the table. They do not give a damn about customers otherwise we’d see something.

            Don’t you find it a bit suspicious that all of the sudden the two m-fuc***s (Nikon and Canon) are so quiet? And they released the same type of mediocre products? Coolpix type… BS

            These companies are worst than the Arab Oil Cartel. At least they do not hide who they are and we know what to expect.

            Look at thei product lines. None of them try to compete face-to-face.
            Nikon = fast focus low MP
            Canon = slow focus high MP
            Sony = high MP translucent mirror + 12bit

            I can see a pattern here how they split the market. Now if all of those sushi eaters decide to release new FX then we’ll see from all three. (And pretty much the same number, price range and split the “bells and whistles”)

            The only luck these companies have that it is almost impossible to prove that they collaborate and discuss their product roadmaps among them way advanced.

  • Rahul

    Looks like probability of any new announcement on 8th is diminishing gradually.
    No smoke => No fire 🙂

    • broxibear

      Hi Rahul,
      Sometimes you just get an explosion, and the smoke and fire come afterwards ?

  • broxibear

    Nikon published a patent for a new type of sensor today, it’s quadrangular pixel design is to improve focusing and increase sensetivity http://www.freepatentsonline.com/8013927.pdf
    Maybe this is the mirrorless sensor and explains the small size ?

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