Nikon’s mirrorless: not a “pro” camera but with few very innovative features

Nikon has mentioned on several occasions that they will surprise the market and will do things differently with their mirrorless camera. They also said that their mirrorless camera will not be targeted at professionals (although several websites reported the contrary) and will have enhanced video features.

The new Nikon mirrorless camera was described to me as "having more enthusiast than pro features" and "having few very innovative features". Nikon is also working on a special flash unit for their mirrorless camera which will be probably announced in the future.

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  • Man I’m dying to know what the new cameras will have, especially video-feature wise. I want them noooooow!!!

  • John

    The new camera doesn’t have to be really innovative in many ways in order for it to be a hit, as long as it has:
    – Very good manual controls (knobs and buttons)
    – Very good LCD
    – Excellent EVF (resolution/update rate)
    – Decent DR and IQ
    – Reasonably fast AF
    – Built-in/pop-up flash
    – 1080P/30 video
    – NEF files possible
    – Initial good lens collection with a set of standard zooms and a fast wide and normal primes
    – Soon to follow fast zooms and more primes

  • photoSmart42

    that small sensor better be damned amazing, otherwise not sure how successful it’ll be. the nikon name should carry it far, but hopefully they’ll come out with nikkor lens adapters at launch to have an entry into the current nikon user base.

  • This is what I need for my scope !

  • ich bins

    … much ado about nothing (Shakespeare) …

  • Georg

    Hmmm.. we do not know anything about this new camera, we don’t even know what will be annouced next week. So I think it is not very useful to critize Nikon for things we do not know. But it’s fun. >:-)

    Well, I’m very concerned about sensor size (sensitivity to light and DOF) but we have to think about who will buy such a camera.

    For myself I want two kind of cameras: One “enthusiast/pro” body with FX sensor (as small and light and with high sensitivity to light as possible) and one small camera which matches in my pocket or on my climbing harness or.. 😉 This is usually a compact camera and compacts have usually sensor sizes of 1/2.3″ or better 1/1.7″.

    As an engineer for mechanical construction I hate the mirror in cameras (vibrations, dirt, wear, size, weight,..), but today there is from an “enthusiast” or “pro” point of view no real alternative to an optical viewfinder and/or fast phase detection AF. So it is imho (today) not useful to build a system (mirrorless) camera as a competition against a DSLR range.

    Mobile phone cameras are getting better and better. In near time there will be no more reason to buy cheap compact cameras, because the cameras in mobile phones offer much better integration in life.

    Now Nikon build a small mirrorless cam. Smaller than the competion,and maybe not compareable to DSLRs but with hopefully much better sensor/lenses than compacts. This is imho the solution to still sell cameras without trying to stay in the market whith cheap, useless compacts nobody really needs.

    If the Nikon system camera is small enough (like a compact) to stay in the pocket all time, it will be the best camera you need, because it is the one you will have with you. 😉

    Apart from that I want a really small and light FX body not bigger than eg. a F3.

    • bart b

      100 % my opinion too :^)

  • David

    Don’t care if it’s innovative or ‘magic’ like some other dude says. Don’t want the marketing bull. If the camera cannot produce decent quality images, it’s useless.

    I have bought cameras like that in the past. You buy into all the marketing crap. After a month of shooting with the camera I realize that while it worked like a little computer and did neat tricks, it still did not produce the image quality I wanted. Most of what I shot with it ended up being deleted or hidden in some folder where no one could see it.

    I keep carrying around the D700 and the smaller cameras stay home! I would like Nikon to offer me another option to walk around with.

  • Crash

    Sony NEX is the best and it will be important to increase sales all mirrorless cameras (more Sony) to Nikon and Canon DSLR.

  • Skeptikal

    Who cares…

    The Panasonic GH2 is already hacked to give stunning AVCHD @ 60mbps…and MJPEG @ 100mbps.

  • Peter in northern Ohio

    Nikon should (it’s 2015 now) come out and ‘whip out their shit on the table’. Build a semi-pro mirrorless DX or FX and see how many people will jump on it.

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