What others are saying: Nikon D800 and PRO mirrorless in March/April of 2011

my favorite band: Vicious Rumors :)

my favorite band: Vicious Rumors 🙂

Generally, I am trying to filter out a random rumors from the Internet because usually they are just speculations, guesses and wish lists. Here are some recent Nikon rumors from other websites. I cannot vouch for any of those - your guess is as good as mine:

According to a "guy from Nikon tech support": D700 replacement is coming in March or April with 16-18 MP sensor and costs of around $2000. Another Nikon D800 rumor from a Chinese forum has the same date - March of 2011. According to the forum member, D800 pre-order procedure for dealers in China has already started. The specs:

  • 18mp sensor
  • 98% preview
  • full HD
  • AF module will be updated
  • Body flash will be removed
  • The looks of D800 is nearly the same as D700
  • Released in March 0f 2011

I also received several reports that the Nikon D700 is not available for orders in some countries.

Another rumor is that Nikon will release a "PRO" level mirrorless camera in April based on a 16MP or 24MP Sony sensor. The initial report was for a potential release in March. Nikon has been keeping their mirrorless plans closely guarded and the filed patents were the only real hints we had in the past few months. If true, this will be the real surprise Nikon has been talking about for a while. Thom Hogan also mentioned that Nikon will run an advertising campaign for a new camera (probably mirrorless) in newspapers and magazines starting in April. There are even some speculations that Nikon and Fuji might be working together on the x100 camera and Nikon may release a similar model.

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  • Tonny

    I’m saving my money for the last 2 years until I can buy D3X but I’m still waiting for you man ……..D800. What are you wating for Nikon, don’t you need my money anymore.

  • Fred

    A D800 with only 18 MP and no built-in flash? I would rather buy a Canon 5D Mark III, rumored to have 28 MP.

  • Bruno

    Hey Admin, here in Brazil we’ve been hearing rumors about Nikon establishing a whole subsidiary here about next fall.

    At the moment all we have here is a sales representative which also gives support and technical assistance.

    Could you verify this information?


    • I know Nikon did something similar in Mexico recently, I will not be surprised if they do it in Brazil as well but I haven’t heard anything so far.

    • ZZ

      I heard a rumor in Thailand too; Nikon distributor, Niks Thailand, will be replaced with Nikon Thailand. It will start in April.

  • It’s like always try to make it more expensive with less feature than Cannon except for the D3. I found it acceptable if it is more expensive and has better features, or cheaper price with comprised features, but not expensive with less features!!!

  • Jim

    I do not understand NIKON..Why is it then when they announce a new Camera or lens, you cannot buy one. No one seems to have a D7000 or D3s in Stock and don’t know when they will get them in. But.. The same holds true with Leica. Anybody got an M9 in Stock. I haven’t found one yet

  • Joey Bottafucko

    Check this out….
    Screw Nikon! I’m Switching to Canon! 😛

  • Nathan

    That blows if the view is 98%. We want 100%! I know Nikon wants to differentiate the D3 or D4 with the “consumer” models, but come on, all the other brands seem to have 100% viewing across their entire product line.

    Then the built in flash is missing? Man, I’m happy I have the D700.

    • HDZ

      Will 100% viewfinder let LCD smaller?

    • Porks Photo

      Yeah !!

  • Brocolli

    Nikon mirroless Pro could be High resolution compatible with Mamiya/hasselblad type of body to compete in studio. The Nikon system (think flash,etc) can support à lot. It would be Nice to use the same lenses and just differnt bodies depending the contract.

  • mshi

    I don’t need 18MP. Why don’t they just put D3s sensor in D800 instead?

    • Cold Hands Luke


    • Geoff_K

      I dont need it, however I want it. ;- )

  • PPop

    I will be VERY disappointed and frustrated if it is not 24MP. They have the sensor, they have had enough time for the D3x to make enough money. Use it again before it gets too old. Those of you that “need” high ISO can buy an “old” D700 or a D3s. They are more than capable, and not too expensive (You can buy mine if the D800 is OK). The D3x is too expensive and BIG for your average landscape shooter. Little hint, no landscape, architecture or studio shooter shoots without a tripod (unless they have a lot of lighting). For us ISO800 is high ISO. Just give us as much clean MP as possible to get rid of artifacts (moiré, resolution loss due to anti-aliasing, etc.). From what I have seen the D3x performs “rather well”, even at high ISO. RECYCLE THE TECH!

  • Felix

    Could the “D4” hidden in body armour spotted on Jan 7th be a prototype of the “D800”?

    • Sensor

      Yes it could have been… Or it could have been a 25mp D400, or a just a d3/ d3s

  • Steve

    Dear admin,

    Could you please do a post summarizing on the size of the Nikon pro mirrorless sensor? How confident (in percentage) are you that the sensor size will be FX, DX, x2, x2.5 etc.

    I remember a post where it was stated that the x2.5 patents were a trick, that the true size is x1.5 Can you please verify that?


    • Steve,
      I do not believe Nikon will release a mirrorless “pro” camera. I think we should be happy if we see DX size sensor, but I think it will be smaller (based on patent drawings). I hope I am wrong. The claim of a “pro” body is misleading, especially when there are no specs to back it up. To me for example a pro body means full frame and fast lenses – will we see this in the Nikon’s mirrorless solution? I doubt it.

      • Catastrophile

        It is safe to say that by now a majority of the Nikon Pros must be using some sort of FX body as their top camera rather than a D300(S) but a lot of folks consider D300 to be a professional camera because it has all the hallmarks of a professional DSLR: 100% viewfinder; weather sealing; magnesium alloy body; sophistication in things like AF, metering, customization, external controls.

  • Jason

    this rumor specs are boring, give us 34MP black illuminated FF sensor lol

  • Brocolli

    ISO this ISO that.
    What ISO would you prefer for theatre with ballet perfomances?
    And how to get the gigantic mirror noise eliminated?
    Or should I just wait for the Mirrorless Pro?

  • Full frame only!

    Come on, guys. Use a little bit of common sense. The books that are planned to be out for the D800 speak of a sensor that is around 24 MP. Therefore, the specs given in these rumors are definitively completely wrong!

    More, the D7000 is already around 16 MP, therefore how could the D800 be around 18 MP?!! It simply does NOT make sense at all!

    The rumors on the D800 are currently out of track!

    • Mark Astle

      Because upgrading MP is not the same as upgrading the camera. I’ll be really disappointed if they leap on the MP bandwagon, particularly at the detriment of image quality. A real upgrade would be a D700 with better high ISO, better tonal range and HD video. Why do you think anyone needs 24MP? You can print a billboard from 12. It just means bigger hard drives and another new Mac.

  • Cenk

    If this is true, 96 % viewfinder coverage is a real shame…

  • broxibear

    “Generally, I am trying to filter out a random rumors from the Internet because usually they are just speculations, guesses and wish lists. Here are some recent Nikon rumors from other websites. I cannot vouch for any of those – your guess is as good as mine:”
    Which rumours, if any, that you have heard about a D700 replacement can you add to the mix ?…no one’s going to hold it against you if they turn out to be false, just add a caveat and a % of trustworthyness ?

    • broxibear

      Oops that should be “trustworthiness”.

  • MrMoo

    My D700 is doing just fine for me, thank you Nikon. I’ll continue to make great pictures with it and not get caught up in this xx% view finder, million megapixel crap.

    • broxibear

      You’re right MrMoo, the whole thing is madness…when did the D800 rumours start?, probably the day after the D700 was released and it’ll be the same for the D900.
      It’s the fault of manufacturers who feel the need to release new cameras every couple of years, I’ve always thought camera lifespans should be longer but what do I know?.
      I’ve never heard a photographer say “that would have been a great photograph if only I had 6 more MP”…Just sit back and laugh at those getting their knickers in a twist because a D800 doesn’t have this or that.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        You’ve never heard … ? ? ?

        Really. I often thought: Damn it, good shot.
        Wish I had done it with my MF or at least with a
        D3X which i do not intend to by, cause there is my HB.

        An affordable FX with higher RES is very welcomed.

        Still Moo is right, cause needs are rather personal,
        aren’t they.

      • Zim

        Why are you on a Nikon Rumors website if you don’t care?

  • pavel

    NO flash!? Hopefully the rumor is fake because it was one of the reasons I bought D700 and not 5D II.
    They should rather add flash to D4 than to remove it from D800

  • face

    Duh! these are d300s replacement specs!

    • Zim

      D400. I’ll take one

  • camaman

    Body flash removed = fail … it is hardy useless to the point it needs to be removed
    Looks almost exactly like D700 = fail …to big
    Price = win IF it pans out and above points are untrue.

  • Q

    98%? They need to do better than that! I hope it’s true that the flash is gone. But I also hope for a FX with swivel screen. And Nikon also need a image stabilizer in the house, but I dont expect that in FX in the near future.

  • Cenk

    We need in-body image stabilisation, 100% viewfinder coverage, professional quality, flash-less FX body, high ISO success, more megapixel etc…

  • Ex Canon 5D2 owner

    Why wait for the extra megapixel. ?
    The D3X is allready here with 24.5 mp, what are you waiting for ?
    The price? Do you want a decent camera or not !

  • bobb
  • I’m only replying cause I love Vicious Rumors. I’m going to play them on my radio show monday.

  • LuvsMeSomeNikon

    Oh goody! I wonder if the Chinese version will be made of cadmium, painted with lead, and smell like sulfur.

  • Alberto

    I’ve been saving for FX Nikon for quite sometimes. I really hope that the rumour about removal of built-in flash false. It’s excellent for fill-in flash. If that’s the case, what a pity! I’ll upgrade to D700 instead which price will go down….

  • Danyyyel

    Since the start of the DSLR video revolution everyone interested in the hybrid camera have speculated and hopped that Nikon would be game changer as they had no professional video market to protect. Until now as a base Nikon user I have been always disappointed in this regard. Lets hope that this will be what we have been waiting for. They have patented a lot of video tech, lets hope they were basing it on there mirror-less system which is more appropriate for it.

    Nikon would really take the market by storm if they did a camera like the gh2 with a a clean hdmi 4.2.2 output for external recorders and a professional body and ergonomics. Get the level of resolution, lack of moire and aliasing of the GH2 and some very good dynamic range with some very flat contrast. Some more frame rates. I hope that if they are coming with a pro mirror less camera, they are not going to give some halfhearted video implementation.

    I hope that try to reinvent them-self as they did when they came with the D3 and D300. Market change like the latest figures have shown they are now only number 3 in some market. They large sensor video and hybrid market is so easy to take… it really hurt me when I see such underwhelming effort from Nikon until now.

  • Finally, I really hope this model comes out. I might have to put it on my list for “things to buy in 2011.” : )

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