Update on the Nikon Coolpix P500

Just a quick update on the rumored Nikon Coolpix P500: in addition to the extra wheel on the lens for faster zooming, the camera will have a 22.5-810mm (x36) zoom and a 12MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor (probably made by Sony).

The current P100 model has 10.3MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor and a 26-678mm (x26) zoom.

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  • Unbelievable zoom 😮 This should be sufficient to compete.

    • Vandyu

      This will be interesting. I looked at the Canon SX30 and was underwhelmed. The grip was awful. But, it’s a Canon. I’ll be waiting to look the P500 over. I’ve been leaning toward the Panasonic FZ100 for an ultrazoom and hoping Panny would make a few corrections to improve image quality. That being said, folks at the DPR Panasonic Forum can pull some great shots out of the existing FZ100. So now, Nikon fans (including myself) can only hope that image quality won’t go out the window while the marketing guys brandish their zoom length.

  • zzddrr

    Great, now it’s time to do something with the FX line.

    • Ronan

      Heh? We are quite happy with the D3s and D3x…

      Heck if you want MORE, get a MF camera…

      • Panfruit

        A 5dII competitor would be nice. D3x sensor in d700 would *not* be difficult.

        • Yes sir! Im waiting for a D800 as an upgrade from my D300.

          • ms

            I’m a canon guy, but only b/c I like the alt zeiss glass… a D800 with the D3X sensor and d700 body/ergo just might make me switch…

            • SZRimaging

              What Zeiss glass is there for Canon that isn’t built in an F-mount?

            • Victor Hassleblood

              I am a Nikon guy. No D800 just might make me switch …

        • Mock Kenwell


          • Steve

            According to mirrorless rumors, Nikon are going to bring out a pro mirrorless body in April. I’m hoping for a shrunken D400 ! (with adapter for Nikon G lenses)

            • Eric Pepin

              doubt it will be very “pro” unless its priced the in 1.5 – 3k range for body only.

      • Discontinued

        “We are (…)”

        Speak for yourself, Ronan.

        Yes, zzddrr does sound like a broken
        record a but his point becomes more and
        more valid every day, every week, every month.

        M4/3 is at 12MP even cell phones are. Nikon itself sells
        a 16MP DX with astonishing low noise at higher ISOs.

        Progressing technology makes Nikons entire FX-line-up
        look like a parade of dinosaurs. And I am not “quite happy with”

        • Baked Bananas

          Hey, you are correct. Nikon is even losing ground to pentax when it comes to dx0 sensor ratings, (k5). And I’m not quite happy with that. So switch now….you wont be missed. My question is when did pentax started making cameras… I thought they made tampons?

          • Discontinued

            “(…) you won’t be missed.”

            Wow, that did hurt a lot. That did hurt even more than the switch to Pentax advice.

            Yes, the bitter truth is that: I am not looking forward to a new FX at all. In fact everyone who pretends to be looking for first signs of something NEW on Nikon Rumors is just faking it.

            As a matter of fact all of them (including me) are coming here to make friends and seeking for (a happy) family. I came especially for you, Baked. But somehow sometimes I just speak my mind and can’t help it. Guess I screwed it up big time.

            Let me try to make up for it. The D700 is still kicking ass and will probably still beat the shit out of any other camera for years to come – even of the rumored 1Ds MK IV. Hell, we all know there is much more to IQ than just RES or DR or high ISOs without noise. There is fanboyism. And that will keep any camera up to date for years and years to come.

            Please do forgive me and become my (virtual) friend.

            • Mock Kenwell

              Settle down, boys!

              Tampons. That cracked me up.

        • zzddrr

          @ Discontinued
          I might sound a broken record but I have to agree with you. It’s been way too long the wait. Nikon seems to be unable to deliver. I bet sony or canon will come out earlier with new FX and not Nikon. Besides that, Nikon is not even capable of sorting out the D7000 body shortages. I am very disappointed with Nikon lately.

          • Victor Hassleblood

            You do sound like a broken record. The D7000 body shortage is one place where the needle got stuck. One of your comments (if I recall correctly) was “body only only available in a few shops”.

            That leads me to the following question: How many shops do you need to get just one camera?

      • Mock Kenwell

        Why an MF camera? It still won’t have hi-def video. Just give me 18-24 MP and I’ll stitch if I need more. We need a suitable response to the Mark II. We’ve waited long enough.

    • +1
      It should be about time too.

  • Fred

    My gawd.. before we know it, we’re going to be looking at 354,654,652,879,876,211,321,258,001 x zoom

  • randini

    Oh fark. So much for it being usable underwater.

  • 810mm?! Yowza, wonder what the aperture is at that point.

    • Panfruit

      Effective aperture at 810mm: f/1999.

    • SGN

      Indeed.. if the aperture is not quite wide, for the expectedly small sensor, diffraction would rob fine details even at the widest aperture, making the focal length somewhat pointless.

  • C

    WO, I want my FX lens to have a zoom begin with 22.5mm! Up to 100mm is enough.

  • HAL

    Coolpix is such an uncool name.

  • Nicola

    When will we have back-illuminated sensors on DX and FX?
    And what about that patent with a FX CMOS covered in micro-lenses shaped as a curved plane of focus?

    • ms

      could this be for a mirrorless type camera? how awesome would an FX EVIL be!

  • John

    Seems like that tremendous zoom range number might be with electronic zoom at the long end. I find it hard to believe ~800mm optically with any kind of resolution at the long end.

  • On 26th of January 26,2MP D800 will be.

    • VinnieJ

      Hope you’re good at making predictions. 😉

      • padlockd

        I hope not! 2MP? ;D Obviously a typo, but I wonder what he thinks the real value will be.

        • No typo. He means 26.2 when translated to a US style notation.

    • sirin

      – On 26.2th of January…

      fixed 🙂

    • John

      If it is 26.2 MP that will be too many . . . 16MP bump from the D700 would be just right to balance sharpness and DR and noise. Let’s hope he’swrong.

      It would be nice if Nikon simultaneously launched a higher MP AND a lower MP version body – like a D800X and a D800H or something like that to satisfy those who want higher MP counts and those who want better DR and noise characteristics.

      12MP is more than enough for my needs in FX, though I’m not a pro.

      – John

      • chuck

        They should make the FX line to match the resolution (pixel density) of the D7000

  • Mirrorless

    New Nikon mirrorless rumors and info everywhere but not here.. why?

    • There are many rumors all over the Internet, most of them are speculations and wild guesses and I do not report them here. For this specific mirrorless rumor, some of the information is not correct based on my expectations and I am still trying to check few things out before I publish it online.

  • Carlos R B

    BSI sensor from sony and 22-810mm? this combination has SU#*@K written all over it…im yet to see any of the sony cameras (or others) with tiny BSI sensors that dont kill details even at base iso…..the only acceptable is the canon SD4000 sensor….i hope some details on the 24-100mm 1.8 camera……high hopes….

  • Mir

    Definitely something that will initially attract the masses.. Very interesting to see how they pull it off with the image quality.

  • camaman

    “Željko Kerum” !!! LOL!!!

  • Anonymous


  • The invisible wife

    x36 zoom !
    I bet you could take a picture of Neil Armstrong pooping on the moon !

    • Anonymous

      Yes because Neil is not invisible. 🙂

    • sirin

      AND Neil won’t see you doing that!

    • PAG

      You don’t REALLY believe we put men on the moon, do you? It was all an elaborate hoax. (It’s sad, but there are actually people who believe that.)

  • see my comment above

  • This Coolpix @810mm, assuming VR off, is the ‘safe’ shutter-speed still 1/810s? Do I need to adjust for crop factor?

    • preston

      The zoom range listed here is the 35mm equivalent, not the actual focal lengths, which is what should be used with shutter speed for hand holding estimates. For example, the P100 is actually 4.6-120mm, not 26-678mm which is the 35mm equivalent.

      • Carlos R B

        If you are saying that the different sensors make difference regarding shutter speeds, thats wrong….you should use the 35mmEQ IF the VR is off…

        • preston

          You don’t use 35mm equivalents. Use ACTUAL focal length. Focal length is the measure of how strongly the lens converges light and the lens doesn’t know or care how large the sensor is. It is slightly more complex than this (the resolving power of the sensor – also not directly related to the size of it – plays into it), so read this article for a more technical desciption: http://enginova.com/Minimum%20Shutter%20Speed.htm.

          • Carlos R B

            Sorry, even then….the actual focal length for my dp1 is 16mm, you CANNOT TAKE A PICTURE AT 1/20…same for my GRD1…..the actual focal lenght is 5.9mm, is pretty impossible to shoot at ANYTHING BELOW 1/30….im talking about real experience…think for a second if what you are saying is true, why in the first place to have stabilization on a LX3? 5.1-12mm lens….you are the first peson i know off that uses this math…

          • Carlos R B

            I forgot to mention that the next shutter speed for the dp1 obviously would be 1/30, but it doesnt make a difference since the GRD1 example shows the same results….

    • Carlos R B

      The safe shutter is the next after the 35mm EQ…so if using the 810mm, at least 1/1000 should be used….

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with Nikon. Even the latest samsung compacts run at 16MP. Why can’t Nikon provide more than 12MP in full frame? (The D3x would only count if that sensor would be in D700 body)

    • sbmonkey

      Why would you want more megapixels on a 1/2.3 sensor, especially with this lens? Stop being part of the problem.

      • Anonymous

        I was generally talking about how impotent Nikon is. Nothing new! They use sony sensors and the innovation is done by other companies. Besides, Nikon is unable to provide a high res small body FX for over 2.5 years now since sony introduced the A900 (August 2008).

        Nikon is no longer in control when it comes to innovation. That is what I meant.

  • dino

    why such things ?! Mine is BIGGER than YOURS?

    the 24-100, if truly optimized for performances, is a much more appealing lens.
    Actually, I’d extend a bit more, if possible to 135mm but that’s just hair splitting.

  • Tonny

    Come on!!!! D800 please, can wait any longer. I’m dying……

    • Wow, Nikon kills with cameras (or without) 😮

      • Unfortunately.. death is not forthcoming, just a zombie existence.

  • aeobs

    Oh, enough with that “d700 replacement” crap already. I think that most of the people who keep raving about are all talk, and thy are actually not interested in buying the new camera at all. The last thing that matters in any shot is the resolution. I’m not saying it’s not important, it’s just there’s almost nothing you can’t do with 12mp that you’ll do with 24mp.

    • Anonymous

      if it would depend on you, we would have a 1MP camera. Be happy with your 12MP and don’t assume that what’s good for you it must be good for everyone.

    • My_CR


      Except sell your pic. Which is quite a thing for a pro photographer.

      I spoke with a freelance photographer who sells pics to news- agencies in France. Even if his only making pics for newspaper, they are buying nothing if the resolution is lower 20 MP.
      Not quite easy to earn your money in those conditions with a D700!!!

      • Anonymous


  • aeobs

    anonymus, I am selling pics and using d3x.
    Any guy who want to sell photos and actually need 21mp is making enough money from the job to buy d3x at any moment.
    Out of 10 customers only 1 would thing 12mp are not enough. But than chances are, they have no idea what they want and I’ll be better without that assignment anyway.
    You would say things are different in advertising/commercial/fashion photography, but again that’s not the case. Good example is one of the leading advertising photographers chase jarvis who’s also well known for using nikon gear. He’s been shooting with the D3s camera before it even came out on the market and he still does.

    • Anonymous

      Look, sony and canon can make 20MP+ for 1/4 the price of the D3x for over 2.5 yrs now. Where fu** is Nikon? I am sick and tired that I am told that 12MP is what I need. F*** Nikon I invested in their lenses but they constantly want to rip us off! So where the f**** is Nikon with the small body high res FX? Nowhere because Nikon cannot do shit without sony! That’s the new reality my friend. Sony is more innovative than Nikon lately.

      • Because the D3x makes images more than 400% better than those from the Sony and the Canon, which everyone tried to deny but now a cold hard fact.

  • aeobs

    all talk

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