Fuji x100 may be compatible with Nikon CLS

The Fuji x100 camera will have a flash commander mode - "The Fuji Guys" just confirmed this on twitter:

The rumor coming out of CES is that the Fuji x100 will be compatible with Nikon's CLS (Creative Lighting System).

Fuji x100 is priced at $1,199.00 at Adorama and they just started taking pre-orders.

Nikon and Fuji have worked together in the past (see FujiFilm FinePix S5 Pro which was based on the Nikon D200). The contact points on the x100's hot shoe are different compared to Nikon's - probably because Fuji wants to sell their own new flash units:

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  • Wish to see Fuji’s next DSLR with extended dynamic range.

  • JorPet

    The X100 is still one sexy looking camera. A bit to pricey for me to grab as a point and shoot, but if I didn’t have DSLRs, then this would be high on my want list.

    Hope they are successful with it.

    • Carlos R B

      Very sexy indeed…if delivers X1 IQ, than the price will not be that high…you pay 2000 for a leica X1, with lousy AF and lousy shot to shot times…..i just wish the X100 had stabilization to shoot at low speeds (for desired effetcs)

  • Mock Kenwell

    Yep, sexy but too pricey. But I love the idea of having it compatible with CLS. Very smart partnership. Fuji is yet another company with more vision than Nikon in its compact lines.

  • I got an email from a reader with an interesting guess – how about if Fuji is working with Nikon on the X100 and Nikon will release a similar camera as its mirrorless solution? Hybrid viewfinders are the way to go I think.

    • Carlos R B

      That would be logical…doesnt the new mirrorless system aimed at professionals? i guess Nikon will come with something revolutionary ( to make a change) instead of just an evolution. Mirrorless , untill now, is much more for amateurs….nikon will change that….i just hope for something below 2000 usd….

    • I am still not convinced that Nikon’s mirrorless solution will be high-end aimed at pros but I certainly hope so.

      • Teun

        I’ve posted this on twitter, but this might be interesting. I’m still not convinced though. http://blog.digitalrev.com/2011/01/19/nikon-mirrorless-camera-based-on-fuji-x100/

        • Hehe, their post came online an hour after my comment above 🙂

      • Mock Kenwell

        Nor am I, but hope springs eternal! Nikon always aims for the low end of the pool in their non-DSLR offerings. Surely they must realize there’s a market there. And if pros like a compact, lots of amateurs will follow…

    • dave

      That was exactly the thought I had.

      Interesting that they are using the Canon eTTL flash shoe layout on the X100

    • BornOptimist

      Hmm, that would be nice. The hybrid viewfinder is the ONLY part on X100 that I find interresting.

    • lol, other sites are reporting this a rumor already 🙂

  • dave

    OK, just saw specs… so they are taking a four year old sensor (12.3MP) tossing all the expensive bits that make a DSLR a DSLR and slapping on a D7000 price tag? No wonder Fuji and Sony (and now Nikon) are anxious to get these things to market. These things are practically all profit.

    • Don Pope

      Megapixel count has nothing to do with the age of the technology.

    • Fuji lady at CES did mention that this sensor was manufactured by some one else and specially modified by/for Fuji… could be updated sensor that’s in the D300s from Sony? I’m actually happy for the lower MP count though.

  • Geoff_K

    I do not want a camera that looks like it was made decades ago.

    • Anonymous

      None of us has better look over time! 🙂

    • scurvy hesh

      I do! That camera looks like a fun little street photography tool. Much more discrete than a DSLR

      • Anonymous

        I was joking. Of course this camera looks great. I wonder what the Nikon people are thinking.

  • Funduro

    I always wanted one of those classic Bauhaus type film cameras, unfortunately didn’t have the extra cash back then. The X-100 merges both the look with new technology. Sure it’s expensive, since when does good design, materials and workmanship gets sold at Wally World prices? I have been to site that ask for a zoom lens version already. I used to shoot slides and would spend time doing composition and studying what I wanted to capture. Having a single focal length forces you to use your visual thoughts to frame the scene. I find that rather fun frankly.

  • Anon

    Hmm. I would kill maybe five babies to get my hands on a Nikon S-mount digital rangefinder, like an S3 or SP with a digital sensor, preferably full-frame and under $5000. I would love Nikon to release a mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera with one of these hybrid viewfinders (or even better, a real rangefinder) since no one else has yet.

    • pnutz

      I would love Nikon to release a mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera with one of these hybrid viewfinders (or even better, a real rangefinder) since no one else has yet.

      Ummm Leica M8, M9, or Epson RD-1 come to mind as Digital rangefinders that have been released, oh and all three happen not to have mirrors.

      • ob1

        all three have ridiculous prices as well.

        • pnutz

          The prices are quite good considering we are discussing with the Leicas all metal construction and basically a hand made camera. I hate seeing the “cost too much” arguement. If you ever held an M in your hand, you would never say it.

          As far as the RD-1, what do they go for now used? 1200? 1500?

          • ob1

            I’d rather them make it in a factory like Nikon and halve their prices. Then I will buy.

            Right now it’s all marketing; hand made, metal construction, who cares?

            I want a range finder and for a decent price.

            I don’t want the luxuries, like titatnium bodies, it’s cosmetic.

            I’d rather buy a Skyline GTR than a Porche, because I want performance not prestige.

  • I have all CLS units from Nikon and i will never use one with that camera. 😀

  • Sweet little camera.

  • Albert

    These flashes are the same as Sunpack RD2000 and PZ42X: http://www.sunpak.jp/english/

  • Gareth

    it is very noticeable that fuji has no good flashes, they would be stupid not to come up with their own line, given how popular the X100 is, and that they are planning on following it up with more in the line.

    You did say Nikon was working with others though, and they may have known about the X100 already.

  • anonymule

    $1200 is too rich for my blood, especially not having interchangeable lenses. I have no doubt it’ll be a good camera, and I really wanted to like it but, not for that kind of money. Everything else is awesome, nice design and aesthetics, although the proof about image quality remains to be seen, it should be an awesome camera. But, I learned my lesson with the Olympus EP1. I’ll wait until the price drops $300 and it’s had a few firmware updates, then I’ll get one.

    • Funduro

      anonymule: You have a sound plan there. Look at the P7K’s price drop since released.

  • Quash

    Nikon had space in Fuji offices in Japan this year before moving locations. They have a joint software relationship that was struck a a couple of years ago. Not sure what this means for either of their mirrorless offering. But, my guess is they will not initally compete head to head and each knows what the other is doing.

    My bet is Nikon will have an APS-C mirrorless offering that is decidedly less upscale and is positioned to bring consumers up the ladder from point and shoots.

    I’d also love one of them to offer a full frame interchangeable mirrorless model that is rugged if not old school. Won’t be good for Leica but there is too much of a price gap in the full frame rangefinder-type market. Time for some competition.

    On the Nikon CLS on a X100 front – a boy can dream but I don’t think it’s going to happen given the contacts we’ve seen. My bet is that Nikon flashes will work but not ttl – only manual.

  • NXNightmare

    Would love to see a mirrorless full frame offering. These wide lenses on cropped sensors give bugger all DOF.

  • Meh

    Nikon, make this camera and I WILL buy it

    1. X100 old school styling and viewfinder (range finder even better)
    2. Sensor around 12mp will great low light performance (nO more MP needed for this kind of camera).
    3. FF sensor (I’d settle for crop, but FF would sell it for me)
    4. Interchangeable lenses (new mount is OK, but make current lens work on it with an INCLUDED adaptor.
    5. Priced around $2500

    • Meh

      BTW I said $2500, but only for a FX sensor. For crop, drop the price to around $1500-$2000.

  • mshi

    What we really need is Leica M9 kind of FX digital rangefinders that are priced under $3K.

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