The 50/50 [NR] roller coaster

The ratio of tips and rumors I received for a new DSLR vs. mirrorless camera announcement on August 24 is 50/50. The main difference is that I got some details on the mirrorless camera and nothing on the DSLR front. This is why I changed  my "prediction" from two DSLR bodies to a mirrorless only announcement next week.

I already see many readers are getting upset and all I want to ask you is to wait till next week. As the last announcement showed, I do not know everything and just because I do not have any detailed specs doesn't necessary mean that my "prophecy" is correct.

The chances for a mirrorless/DSLRs announcement for next week are still 50/50 and any combination between those two is also possible. There is also a very good chance that there may be a second announcement in September.

Everything is still possible and I may change my "prognosis" again in the next few days 🙂

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  • Pierre

    After following these endless waves of replacement hopes followed by disappointments for years now, I do not have an ounce of excitement left in my blood. This is becoming a very boring exercise.

    • Worminator

      Only four days left to wait, one way of the other.

      If it’s only the mirrorless, it’s still interesting.

      Fact is there is almost no D700 left to be found at retail. Something is coming down the pipe very soon, even if it’s not next week.

  • Abhinav

    feeling gloomy now 🙁

  • Worminator

    Upset? New cameras follow old as surely as night follows day.

    People getting emotionally involved might just as well shed tears that years washing machine announcement is delayed: they should seek medical help.

  • Alfonso

    NEX-7 specs looks amazing! Lets see its performance. New Nikon ML may have a hard time against it.

  • Jabs


    You know what might be great here?

    A post about what features in a new Pro body (D4, D800 – for example) that Pros or Nikon users from the past would love to see return or even updated now.

    Things like Nikon’s Pistol grip, Electronic remote shutter releases, the various camera heads, focusing screens, multi-power sources and such.

  • As much as I LOVE Nikon, they seem to have serious issues not being able to provide an ample supply of thier best & latest equipment. What does that say about Nikon and thier concern for professional photographers? And this BS of new camera announcements, whats the point? Again, they will not have enough of a supply to get one, you will have to fight to find thier latest and greatest equipment. I would rather spend my time getting more photo jobs, not hunting down new friggen Nikon bodies!

  • Curt

    Well, here in Japan – electronic stores have been discounting the D700 and D300s. And today I noticed in the nearest branch of Yodobashi Camera (huge electronics retailer in Japan), that they were completely sold out of D7000. That hasn’t happened since maybe the first week the D7000 was introduced. So, something is up, and it ain’t all going to be mirrorless.

    • yes, got similar reports from Map Camera in Japan

      • Curt

        Yeah, those guys too have been discounting D300s and D700 – both new and used. 🙂

  • andrew

    Is this coaster the mantis at cedar point ? sure does look like it

  • Bob Jones

    To the many deluded and mis-informed souls who believe there is a new DSLR or Mirrorless camera being announce on the 24th….

    There isn’t. End of story

    • Nikon Syndrome

      24 August… End of (your) story, beginning of a new era !

      • Bob Jones

        24 August… hope you are prepared for nothing ( except some new Coolpix that is…. )

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