Flashback: Nikon mirrorless camera will be “something that nobody is currently making”

one of the many Nikon patents for a mirrorless camera

one of the many Nikon patents for a mirrorless camera

I am going to re-publish the recap of the Photokina interview with Tetsuro Goto (Director of Laboratory Research and Development of the Nikon Imaging Company) where he said that the mirrorless solution from Nikon will probably not be targeted towards professionals and the main emphasis will be on small size and unique features:

When asked about interesting concepts at Photokina it seems the Samsung NX100 caught his eye with the camera’s small size as a key to this systems’ merit. The interviewer jumps at this and asks if it is OK to say that when so many people are waiting for Nikon to develop mirror less systems. He then asks that if Nikon was hypothetically willing to make a mirror less interchangeable lens system, would it be APS-C, considering the problem with size due to lenses used. He replies that going APS-C would only make things bigger and would detract from the F mount’s market value in terms of IQ and features. If the lens system and body are not smaller in total, the whole meaning of reducing size is lost.  If it was up to him to make such a thing, a mount smaller than the F would be chosen (his personal opinion)

In the interview Mr. Gotou does not confirm whether they are developing mirror less systems, he says that they are “eagerly developing a new genre of camera” that president Kimura described (in a previous interview probably) as “something that no maker is currently making” and that there is a hush order on what that thing is and that Nikon president Kimura says “Nikon will introduce this product as soon as it is completed” but also Mr. Gotou added “Nikon will view the market movement to decide when to introduce this product”

When asked whether it is a concept that will appeal to people using such product for work (I guess he means a pro product) or more of an enthusiast type concept, he responds by saying that although it is not targeted towards people who use cameras in their work, some will  look at this product as a really fun to use camera.

This is what Nikon’s President Makoto Kimura said on this new camera:

Mr Kimura revealed that Nikon is planning a next-generation product that is different from a compact or a mirrorless. He is quoted as saying “I cannot tell you when it will be launched because it is a strategic product” and also “We want to propose a domain that is different from SLRs and compacts. We want to create a new market.” He also said: “Various manufacturers have proposed mirrorless cameras and we are going to propose a new generation camera.” On timing he said it will be out during the mid-term management plan but will not comment further.

The new concept model will probably have an enhanced function for video recording and may adopt the so-called mirrorless structure. It could be any time this fiscal year or the following year, as new models are starting to sell.

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  • Matt

    Almost there!


  • twoomy

    I hope they don’t invent Micro Four Thirds. 🙂

    • Rahul

      Maybe they’re thinking Three-Fifths ? 😉

      I don’t get the point of EVILs. Sure the body is compact but with lenses on, they’re large enough not to be pocketable. I’m not comparing with D3 sized DSLRs, similarly priced DSLRs like D3100 aren’t much bigger if you consider the volume required to store one in a bag with the lens on.

      I see EVILs only making a mark with pancake lenses, but how versatile are they in focal range ?

      • Ronan

        Similarly priced? Dude those 4/3 bs cams are over a grand… complete oke…

        • Rahul

          I was speaking of EVILs in general, not just 4/3. And out here, yes, they are priced in a similar range , the D3100+18-55 is slightly than NEX5 at $750, the $650 NEX3 slighly undercuts the D3100. The EPL1 is $100 cheaper than D3100 ($690 for 18-55 kit). The EPL-1’s street price is like $200 cheaper than MSRP on Olympus’ website. Looks like no one’s reaching for their wallets for Olys here 😉

          No idea about the EP-2 and EPL-2, didn’t find prices listed.

      • Eric

        Walking around NYC I’ve carried the following cameras with me at one time or another: Nikon D200, Pentax K-7, Canon G10, Pentax K10D, Voigtlander Bessa R3A, Nikon F100, Pentax LX, Nikon FE2, Sony A200, Olympus E-P1, and a Sony NEX-3. I can say without question the best cameras for the job were the two EVIL’s (the old film SLR’s and rangefinder were also nice).

        I guess it depends on what kind of a bag you want to carry. I’ve found on all day photowalks I prefer using a messenger pack for it’s multi-purpose abilities and fast access. There’s just something about the bulbous DSLR shape that drives me nuts after the first mile or two. Whereas I didn’t even notice that the E-P1 was in the bag at all. So they may not be pocket cameras, but they still far better at street, hiking, and travel then DSLR’s are.

      • Definitely 5/7ths and a third.

    • Nicole

      I hope that it will be Six-Fourths. I’m too set in my ways to use a new format. 🙂

  • Carlos R B

    bad news…if it has the same m4/3 IQ, then Nikon is screwed….

    • Parci

      yeah, pretty sure your shots are only being held back by that evil 🙂 m43 sensor…

      • Carlos R B

        Hummm..you sure look like a m4/3 user…lol….no offense intended…i had a G1 once…DR was pure crap…noise at base iso and after iso400 pixels simply fall apart….all of that shooting RAW…..

        • Eric

          That has as much to do with Panasonic-made the sensors as it does the smaller dimensions of the 4/3’s sensor. The pixel density is very close between a 12mp 4/3’s sensor and a 16mp APS-C sensor, and the new Sony 16mp APS-C sensor blows them away in high ISO. I’m really hoping Olympus finds a new vendor for their sensors if Panasonic can’t match Sony’s quality.

          That said, I hope Nikon goes the APS-C route. Seeing as how I shoot between 28-90mm’s large lenses are not a concern of mine. Plus, 1.5x crop is better for adapting old manual full frame lenses.

          • Carlos R B

            I seriously dought that Pans sensors will ever match sonys…they are already on their third generation and very little has changed. like you said its a shame for Olympus, to depend on panasonic. As for what you wrote above about using the nex and pen, im still waiting for the nex to come with a EVF and to have more lenses options. Actually, my hopes were from Nikon, but i really dont know now…

            • Eric

              Me too. I sold both my E-P1 and my NEX-3 because both lacked EVF’s. Hopefully between Nikon, Olympus, and Fuji perhaps this will finally be the year someone makes an affordable compact street shooter with built in EVF.

            • Jimbo

              fuji x100

        • Roger

          Brother, you should have asked me about that Panasonic, you would have saved some money there.

          Be careful with your money and time, do your research before you buy. And yes – IQ of Micro 4/3 cameras is *horrendous*.

  • Broxibear

    One day they’re talking about releasing a “PRO” level mirrorless camera, then it’s “not targeted towards people who use cameras in their work, some will look at this product as a really fun to use camera.”
    Are they just making it up as they go along ?

    • pnutz

      Remember, this is a republish from some time ago (about 4 months). Looks like they went from designing a consumer camera to a Pro camera in the past 4 months after taking a careful look at the marketplace.

      • No way they can develop a new camera in 4 months – unless they had 2 completely different prototypes and decided to go with the “pro” version in the last moment.

        • broxibear

          Or the other way…they designed a “pro” model first then decided the market for those isn’t that big, so made a cut down version to compete against the GF2, EPL2 and Nex5 ?

    • that’s my point – I don’t think the pro mirrorless rumor is correct (I had to re-publish this again because every website out there is reporting on a new pro EVIL camera from Nikon and I don’t think this will happen).

      • Catastrophile

        would take a false ambitious rumor over a true depressive one any day until the announcement day 🙂

      • Eric

        No offense, but I really hope you are wrong. We have enough craptastic entry level EVIL’s on the market as is. I want D7000 image quality and build quality in a compact body. If Nikon goes the 2.5x crop route I have no interest in their system. Depth of field control is one of the main reasons I change lenses, and it’s hard enough to get shallow DOF with a 4/3’s sensor. Anything smaller is simply unacceptable.

    • Roger

      Nikon never said they would make a PRO mirrorless (they cant make it, no one can because of the inherent disadvantages to mirrorless cameras), they always said they will make a “fun” camera.

      Read: they will make a product no better no worse than what Panasonic, Oly and Sony are already offering.

      I repeat: when you take out the mirror, you lose the DSLR-like AF and you lose the bright and clear viewfinder. Mirrorless is handicapped with regards to these two areas, that’s what Nikon (or anyone else) can not make a PRO mirrorless.

      • Eric

        I have to disagree with this. Sure, if you are only talking about sports and wildlife then you’re going to want to use a DSLR for the foreseeable future. However, there are other “pro” uses that aren’t as dependent on auto focus speed. The AF speed on the GH2 is plenty fast enough for photo journalism, wedding photography, and landscape photography (obviously).

        What would you rather drag around the world with you as a photo journalist; a D3 or an EVIL these size of a Leica M9 with D3 image quality? That’s an easy call for me. A wedding photographer could carry three EVIL’s on himself at one time. One with f/2.8 zoom around his neck, and one in each jacket pocket with fast primes mounted on each.

        As far as the OVF vs EVF. Neither is more “pro-worthy” than the other. It’s just a matter of preference. I’ve used both and see advantages in each. However, in a few years time I do think EVF’s will be the better choice without a doubt. So Nikon might as well start building their pro system now.

        • Roger

          Ah, but an M9 doesnt do half the things D3s does. I’m not sacrificing the capabilities of the system just to shave off a few grams and millimeters. Both the weight and size difference disappears when you factor in that an EVIL camera will require several extra batteries to carry around due to the fact that EVF drains battery life spectacularly quickly.

          As far as the EVF and OVF – there’s definitely one that’s more pro worthy. Ask sports shooters would they replace OVF with a jerky, low dynamic range and low resolution EVF.

          EVF *might* be better in several years or decades, but today? Nope, not even close.

          • Eric

            Of course the M9 doesn’t. It’s not an EVIL, it’s a rangefinder. This discussion is not about rangefinders. The M9 was just mentioned as a size reference.

            I’m not concerned at all about sports. As I said, if sports are you’re thing then stick with DSLR’s. However EVF’s have a very real advantage for portrait work since you can see what the sensor sees. Seeing what the DOF looks like while shooting as wonderful. Once you get used to it you don’t want to go back. Plus, if you’re shooting in bright sunlight EVF’s are nice to have for reviewing photos.

            I never had battery life issues with either my E-P1 or NEX-3. Given, you can “only” get around 350 shots out of most of them, but that’s not a problem for what I do. Besides, we’ve yet to see a pro-grade EVIL. If they do indeed make one the size of an M9 then there should be space for a larger battery. If not, an extra battery in a camera bag is hardly noticeable. If you’re shooting more than 600 pics per day I assume you’re shooting sports. Once again, for that I’d use a DSLR. I’ve never shot more than 350 photos a day in my life.

            • Roger

              This is clearly a case of you and me using our cameras for completely different applications.

              You raise a good point – EVF shows you the exact DOF – and I like that. But I cant stand the lag, resolution and the dynamic range in EVF screens. The lag alone kills EVIL cameras for my uses.

              I’m considering buying an EVIL to replace my p&s. Waiting to see what Nikon does and the next generation Sony NEX, and then I’ll make a move. Micro4/3 cameras are out of the question for me. For my primary camera, D3s is here to stay – the combination of ergonomic features, battery life, OVF, best AF and IQ in the business is simply unbeatable for what I do.

              Thanks for the civilized discussion, Eric. It’s a rarity these days. 🙂

            • Eric

              Any time. People take cameras way to personal. I really don’t understand why so many people care what other people use. I just enjoy talking about cameras, its nothing to get upset over.

  • The Wallbanger

    Which company will be the first to offer a mirrorless, full-frame option? The need for the ability to use the viewfinder while shooting video cannot be understated.

    • Leica
      Oh, wait ..

    • Catastrophile

      not sure what is the connection between your two sentences:
      1) “Which company will be the first to offer a mirrorless, full-frame option?”
      2) “The need for the ability to use the viewfinder while shooting video cannot be understated.”

      obviously mirrorless (or SLT) makes using the viewfinder possible (unlike the 5D2 or any video-enabled DSLR so far), but you don’t need the camera to be FF, many subframe mirrorless cameras like GH1/GH2/NX10/NX11/A55/A33 already have an EVF that can be used while shooting video!

  • Since Nikon is so stingy with giving us any new news, we have to go back and reread old news 🙂

    • yes, because now every website is talking about a pro mirrorless camera and I don’t think this will happen

      • gt

        I think you’re right about that.

        A small, mirror-less camera is going to be more fragile than a larger, heavier camera….And something fragile would never be the choice of working professionals.

        There’s just no way this mirror-less release is going to be a “professional” camera

        • SZRimaging

          Wouldn’t a Leica M9 be a mirrorless professional camera? Seriously, there is no reason they can’t make one slightly heavier and slap it in a metal chassis. Makes sense to do a pro one as I hear plenty of people out there that would go for it. Think a Magnesium body at the $1200 price point, plenty of buyers.

          • Roger

            Well, no, pros arent using Leicas. They havent been in decades. Sure, there’s a 1 goofball using it to every 10,000 or so Nikon/Canon users,…

            You cant have a professional camera with autofocus like a point-and-shoot camera, or with EVF unable to give you a clear and detailed view in real time of what you’re shooting. Those are features that belong in a low-end camera, not a pro camera.

            That’s why neither Panasonic or Olympus or Sony have not made a serious mirrorless camera, because inherent disadvantages of mirrorless cameras are preventing them.

        • Ken Elliott

          “A small, mirror-less camera is going to be more fragile than a larger, heavier camera”

          I’d say you have it backwards. A SLR has a lot of moving parts, including the mirror. Remove it and you’ve greatly simplified the camera. Leica (among others) has a long history of building “mirrorless” (Rangefinder) cameras that are pro-quality and durable. I have a pair of Leicas that are over 50 years old and still running just fine.

          I’d like a digital version of the Nikon SP rangefinder, FX, with a 24, 35, 50 and 85 mm lenses. Please make the 35 and 50mm lenses pancake, please.

          • Eric


      • If it’s going to target the lower segment instead of a PRO model, then Nikon has to come out with something really innovative such that it will trump the competition, or else it’ll just be another “normal” mirrorless system 😮

  • HDZ

    Is “Pro” mean function and durability?

    • Global

      It sounded like an off-the-cuff description, not a definition. But probably yes. Anyway, most things have a shelf life of about 5 years these days in terms of personal use or professional use, so the line is very blurry.

      I think the questioner more wanted to know how NIKON envisions the use of their product (a. by working professionals, or b. by hobbiests). Its very clear that Nikon is working on something for hobbiests. Industry can always take advantage of such products as well, but it seems they dont have any particular industry in mind.

      The comment about it being “Fun to use” scares me. As does the “whole new type of camera” because we want something just smaller than an APS-C sensor and lots of compact lenses with very short zoom ranges if possible. If thats not what they are making, then i dont really want it.

      I don’t want a “fun little toy to throw away” from Nikon. If they make it and make a lot of money with kids, good for them. But ill be still waiting for a manageable small sized system with the true value system of small lenses.

    • broxibear

      I think what it means is a something that professionals will use as a”carry with them” type of camera, it has the controls they use like exposure compensation, good AF and above all very good image quality…all in a body that will fit in their pocket.
      It’s not a replacement for dslrs for professionals, but it might be for amateurs who might normally buy a D3100 or D5000 for quality and control but hate the size and weight.
      They made a bit of a mess with the P7000 so lets see what this brings…if it happens lol.

  • Anonymous

    This company is getting crappier by the day. Seriously, what the fu** did Nikon innovate the last 2-3 yrs? They can’t even give us an FX high res small body with proper video in it. If they don’t show shit within 60 days, this company is screwed. That is because many have to buy their gear before the season starts and after. Sorry Nikon but you are late and lazy to communicate with your most valuable customers.

    I mean how ridiculous is that their cheapest dslr has higher resolution than the flagship! How ridiculous is that they introduce a camera back in September and still as of today you cannot buy the body only version of it at most places. (e.g. BH etc.)

    Nikon, where is the beef?

    • Anonymous

      I meant, because many people have to buy their gear before the season starts and NOT after the season.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Rant intelligently, please. Really? No innovation in the last 2-3 years? That statement is unfounded. Just because they didn’t do what you want doesn’t mean they haven’t innovated. You’re capable of a good rant, but this is not your best work.

        • Anonymous

          Mock Kenwell,

          I am not sure what you meant. What I meant was that Nikon did not show any innovation in camera technology. Sony at least is trying! I am not saying they perfect but at least they try and listen to their customers. A good example is the NEX series. First try and I hope this will make Nikon think.

          Yes, they made some nice glass but that’s not what I talked about.

    • “If they don’t show shit within 60 days…” Seriously dude?

      1st off, you’re complaining about amateur features in a pro camera. I don’t give the flyingest f*** whether a full frame camera has video, and neither does anyone else whose going to drop 5k on one. In fact, I’d prefer that they drop video completely and spend that money on making a better still camera.

      “I mean how ridiculous is that their cheapest dslr has higher resolution than the flagship!”

      It’s 2 megapixels, which are completely negligible. There are absolutely o situations in which a photo from a d3100, or d7000 is going to look better than an image from a d3 or d3s.

      Any problem that you think makes you need more resolution is usually fixed by getting better with the camera you have now. If you are cropping more than a couple of photos per card, you need to work on your composition.

      And back to the “If they don’t show shit within 60 days, this company is screwed.”

      If Nikon was going to have the problems with demand that you claim, you’d be able to walk into best buy and pick up your d7000 right now wouldn’t you? 😉

      • MadDog!

        Couldn’t agree more Cantwell, I fully second the idea of removing the damn video feature that the camera manufacturers insist on putting in their cameras. In my business I have never used it ( I am a photographer, not a videographer) this is just my opinion, but I find that the cameras that I am using are doing a great job, and no innovation is going to improve my work. I will upgrade my gear ONLY when they bring something out that produces better DR, IQ and MP, they can also stop IMHO with the ISO (I have never used it at anything above 800). When they do that or my bodies reach their cycle, I will get new ones. It is all very funny most of the time but sometimes it seems that a lot of people are waiting for Nikon (or Canon) to improve their photography with an innovation, how about trying study and practice!

        • PHB

          Well maybe you are not the market that Nikon is looking to serve with that feature.

          Adding video to the D90 was a major reason that it was Nikon’s most successful DSLR to date. Not having 1080i video when Canon did was a major drag on Xmas 2010 sales.

          Nikon has to develop video capability to stay competitive in the consumer market and adding those features to the professional DSLRs does not cost them a penny.

          So go get you panties in a bunch if you like but this is a feature that many people want to have even if you do not.

          Video is a huge market and there are many people who want to have a professional quality video camera. Unfortunately the professional video market has been abominably served for years now. About half the models on the market are still based on obsolete tape media, pathetic. So while I would be happy to pay $2000 or so for a professional camcorder with a bit more capability than my $900 Canon vixia (sells for $500 now), they just don’t exist on the market.

          Nikon seems to have the same idea. The main constraint that video puts on a camera is that you want lower weight and resolution is not so much of an issue. So the smaller crop size than DX would make sense as would making power zooms.

          I really can’t see why you think it so terrible that Nikon invest in serving a profitable market rather than produce yet more loss-leading flagship products. Fact is that in 2010, Nikon spent more on advertising the D3x than the revenues from the D3x. Take a look at the back of any camera mag – the most expensive spot, just count up the number of times you see a D3x or D3s. Then think of the global cost. The whole flagship line has been nothing more than a halo model since they started doing digital.

          A camera is a tool, not an extension of your ego.

        • Just A Thought

          “I fully second the idea of removing the damn video feature that the camera manufacturers insist on putting in their cameras”

          Just be “very” glad that they have not “yet” removed the capability to take still pictures from cameras.

          The world has changed – look at the popularity of YouTube and tons of other video sites. They are also training the new generation to replace magazines and newspapers with eBook Readers (Kindle et all) using eInk. Advertising in mags will then become video.

          The camera of the future be a video camera which will include the capability to combine three frames to produce a still photo.

          Ever watch Star Trek or any of the space science fiction shows? If yes, then have you ever seen a photo hanging on wall in the future? Science fiction has a knack of giving us an insight into the future.

          Still photography is going the way of the buggy whip, unfortunately.

      • broxibear

        You’re right about video, the reason the Canon EOS 5D Mark II has been such a success is not because photographers wanted it to shoot video, but because film students and film makers were buying it as a cheaper way into HD filming.
        I spoke to Calumet a few weeks ago and they told me they had hundreds on back order because all the film and media colleges in the UK were buying them up.
        I like the fact that my D3 hasn’t got video…a pure photographic tool, reminds me of my FM2.

      • Anonymous

        Cantwell and broxibear,

        I am sorry but you guys don’t get it. For you both I suggest to look for a 1MP camera and have fun. 🙂

      • Roger

        Dont bother with Anonymous – he’s throwing hate on everything Nikon related here for months.

        • Anonymous


    • PAG

      “The season.” What season? Are you the one blathering on and on about the wedding photography market? Yes, I’m sure if Nikon comes out with a FF a year later than you want it, thousands of wedding photographers who use Nikon will sell all their gear and run to Canon. [/snark]

      And the company is screwed? Really? Nikon seems on track for the same release schedule they’ve used before, and during that time they still managed to survive. They are years behind in providing an update to the 80-400mm for us wildlife photographers, but many of us still shoot Nikon for wildlife. Did they lose any sales because of that? Probably, but they’ve simply concentrated on other markets. Maybe the uber success of the D90 made them emphasize the the D7000.

      And then there are the people here who blather on that if Nikon doesn’t release a 50mm f/0.1742 or some such s*** that everybody will run to Canon.

      Sometimes the only “season” I see around here is the silly season.

      • “And then there are the people here who blather on that if Nikon doesn’t release a 50mm f/0.1742 or some such s*** that everybody will run to Canon.”


        Well said. 😉

      • PHB

        Apart from the 80-400 AFS, there really isn’t any lens that is now missing in action in the Nikon lineup. Sure there are some that they could make, perhaps should make, but thats the only lens that is a must replace.

        Which is a huge change from just 3 years ago – no fast primes, no f/4 zooms, obsolete tilt-shift, many key lenses still on the old camera motor drive, no DX ultra-wide.

        What I find rather pathetic is the way that the folk who keep yammering on about the need for a new Noctilux seem to have overlooked the fact that the new 85 f/1.4 is actually better at that particular game. If you want to do night photography, that is the lens to get. It is better at controlling sagittal coma flare than anything else I have seen on a DSLR.

        Sure it would be nice if Nikon got back to making the really on the edge exotics of yore, but the fact is that they mostly did them because they could, not because there was demand for them.

        • Richard

          I would very much disagree about the “missing lenses”. If one examines the Canon lineup, the missing pieces should be self-evident. The one everyone is waiting for is the 300mm f4 VR (II).

    • mshi

      You need to look elsewhere.

    • Roger

      Wait – Nikon has a cheapest DSLR that has more resolution than the flagship D3x?

      Newsflashl – no one has a camera with more resolution than the Nikon flagship. Anonymous, you’re really a troll, arent you buddy? Gotta stop with the Nikon hate, brother, it’s gotta stop already.

  • Eric Calabros

    look at comments under recent posts of NR

    thats exactly why CanonRumors closed its NONSENSE SUBMITTING SYSTEM 🙂

  • Most innovative? Really???????

    Sony has struggled just to make a usable SLR, and they haven’t been the first (or even second) in any of the big digital innovations. Full frame, EVIL, HDSLR, etc. The only “first” they had was in body image stabilization, and they bought that from Minolta.

    From what I’ve seen, Sony has puttered along in a similar pattern as minolta, with engineer designed cameras that only get input from photographers after they’re released.

  • The Man from Mandrem

    The next generation of fun to use cameras should be a Parrot AR Drone on steroids. Whether from Nikon or someone else, that’s the next great leap in picture taking.
    Something that pants’s the image quality of the Contour HD, has great VR and zoom and can way outperform the AR drone in terms of range, height, and IQ. And something with an underwater jet variant you can buy as well. After the Chase Jarvis photoshoot, Nikon should have at least realized there’s lots of cool things cameras can do if you don’t have to hold them in your hand.

    • PAG

      I’m very interested in that drone if I can get it armed and ready to launch from my car when some slowpoke is blocking the left lane of the highway. The camera can take a photo a moment before vaporization of some moron who is texting while driving and backing up 30 cars. Now THAT’s entertainment.

      • Ronan

        Left lane on the highway isn’t for speeding… its for emergency vehicles and for passing.

        If a cop catches you on the left lane and its not for passing someone, he can give you a ticket.

        Most states don’t bother, but some do.

        Just a FYI next time you are speeding on the highway in the left lane.

  • The Man from Mandrem

    Thanks for the feedback. Feedback from non-crazy people is welcomed too…

  • zzddrr

    Did you guys read the report with that Sony marketing guy? He mentioned that he thinks the lifecycle of the FX is 3 years. That is why we don’t have D700 replacement. expect it after sony will release a new FX which would be around August 2011. Then Nikon will get the sensor so the earliest is December 2011. That’s what happened when Sony released the A900 (aug 2008) and then Nikon came with the D3x (dec 2008).

    I am just sad about the fact that Nikon is completely sensor cripled. This explains the wait. Look what happened with the D7000. Same thing, sony was out with the same sensor 2-3 months earlier.

    This mirrorless, well I think NR admin is right and this will not be a Pro level camera.

    • Catastrophile

      if the 2.5x crop sensor is the true rumor, then this means a new sensor which is coming and that will most probably be made by Sony. if so, we can expect other manufacturers to use it, just like the Sony APS-C sensors are used ubiquitously from anything like Leica X1, Fuji X100, Ricoh GXR to the many different brand of DLSR’s.

  • jackc_2001

    as a Nikon fan I’m disapointed by the fact that the sensor is smaller than APS-C….
    what make it even worse is that it sounds like we can no longer use the F mount lens on the mirrorless camera….

    sorry i dont want to say this… but i smell failure base on these info from nikon.

    • Just A Thought

      What would be the point of making a comparatively tiny body and mounting huge F mount lenses. If you want to use your 70-210 f2.8 or 300mm f2.8 then Nikon has big bodies for that.

      A 110mm sensor would mean that they can make tiny telephotos and telephoto zooms. Perfect for Soccer Mom’s to shoot their kids’ sports events. When done just drop the camera with zoom lens into their purse. Portability is a key reason for interest in buying into mirrorless.

      The other issue I believe is battery power. I takes a lot more current to autofocus an F mount lens because all the parts are bigger. On a 110mm sensor BX or CX mount body, the lenses will be at least 50% smaller than DX lenses. Nikon is not going to make a tiny mirrorless camera and have it use the same battery as a D3S. The battery will be smaller.

      • Catastrophile

        “Portability is a key reason for interest in buying into mirrorless.”

        probability is higher for APS-C because that sensor size is already available and so are the lenses that can cover its image circle.

        mirrorless is not just about probability, it is about combining probability with good image quality and the latter gets better the larger the sensor size, looking at we have today of m4/3 vs NX/NEX/GXR the APS-C cameras (even with their lenses) are not at all or not too much larger than m4/3, while the image quality from the current 4/3 sensor leaves a lot to be desired compared to APS-C, probably because of the maker more than because of the difference in sensor dimensions.

  • SGN

    Any possibility that the innovation in this “no one currently makes” or “fun to use” statements is not about the imaging platform (DSLR or Mirrorless), but about the form factor about those wearable display, detachable screen stuff or internet connected facebook enabled camera rumors we’ve seen around???

    • zzddrr

      Thank God, now Nikon wants to compete with Apple. Jeez, Nikon first should sort out the product shortages. ….

  • Brad

    I notice that no-one is making an interchangeable lens auto-focus range finder along the lines of the contax g2 right now…

    • Roger

      You mean interchangeable lens point-and-shoot like the Contax?

  • viTRifY

    Any rumour about a 17-35mm f/2.8 refresh?

  • Roger

    Nikons own statements blow a Antarctica-sized hole into the nonsense that they will come up with “pro mirrorless”.

    Newsflash – you cant have pro camera with inherent mirrorless handicaps (p&s-like autofocus and disastrous EVFs). Nikon will come up with a toy just like Panasonic, Olympus and Sony did.

  • Is it me, or can anyone else think of about two dozen things they’d like to see from Nikon besides a camera with no mirror? BFD.

    • MadDog!

      I think I could list more than that, but seriously my D700 takes awesome pictures (or is it not my camera) and there are a lot of things a D800 would need to have before I would just jump at buying one so that I could say, ‘hey look, mines bigger than yours’
      One thing I am going to do though. I’m trading in my iPhone on a new fun to play with Nikon one!

    • Broxibear

      Market forces Michael, Nikon see a market neither they or Canon are in and want a piece of it.
      They’ve got a tough job trying to catch up with Panasonic Gf1/2 and the Olympus PEN series…both are far from perfect but consideing how much they cost they’re pretty damn good.
      P.S. Nice images on your website.

  • I am waiting for EVIL with two lenses mount for 3D photos or even ability to attach one short and second long lens 🙂

  • Huggs

    I’m having a hard time following the hype of this cam. Every time I think about their hype, I think P7000.

  • Carlos

    The whole “fun” thing was probably the real clue. Lots of features, lots of electrons, perhaps some sort of link to social networks and that sort of thing. Maybe 3D, but certainly an emphasis on video.

    It may take a smaller company to intoduce a “professional grade” true EVIL camera, not to mention one for purists who would be happy with an affordable Leica.

    It is clear that many amateurs and pros alike would ditch their DSLRs tomorrow if someone came up with an excellent and affordable EVIL system that took full advantage of that technology.

    I’m surprised that Zeiss or Voigtlander (sp?) hasn’t at least come up with a purist version.

    • I’m not a pro but I would like a small cam. I even came up with a concept on my blog:


    • Richard

      I don’t know that those companies are capable of doing what you describe. Their manufacturing capability is limited to old technologies that do not well fit a comparatively inexpensive/affordable Leica as you put it…. The cost of lenses remains much too high for the systems you and many others, myself included, would like to see brought to market.

  • Richard

    This sounds as though it may be some screwball sensor size because Nikon are designing the camera based on the lens size they want and that the sensor size will be determined by that final design. As a consumer product they can get away with that. As a professional product all is determined by the sensor.

  • broxibear

    They could do worse than to just copy the Leica M9 look…


  • d300

    x-100 for me.

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