It happened again: Sony replaced Nikon from the #2 spot in the UK

I have been saying this for a long time and after Taiwan it happened again in the UK: according to AP Sony took the #2 spot from Nikon in the UK in volume sales of interchangeable lens models for December 2010 (Sony now has 25%, Nikon is down to 20%). I don't think Sony got to the #2 spot with better image quality but rather with innovation.

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  • ob1


    Time for Nikon to release the mirrorless beast

    • Eric

      Surely Nikon’s mirrorless camera will be out this year. I’m not exactly sure what they’re waiting on, but their D40 days are long gone; at least in Europe and Japan (look at the sales numbers of the NEX-5 in Japan). It may take longer in America but I have no doubt mirrorless cameras will eventually do away with entry level DSLR’s.

      • Roger

        Probably, anyone serious about shooting is not using a entry DSLR or mirrorless, but a high quality DSLR.

        In the low end, customers dont care if they’re buying entrylevel DSLR, mirrorless, or the latest small sensor point and shoot.

        • Jesus

          that’s bullshit

          • Delie

            Roger is a bit a local cock. He likes to cry about mirrorless cameras, you’ll get to know him.

            • Delie

              I’m joking/an idiot – please don’t take me too seriously! Roger is perfectly nice I’m sure, probably much nicer than me 🙂

              And yes, of course, he’s right in that at the present time no professionals photographers (perhaps an extremely tiny minority) are really shooting on mirrorless cameras, but that may or may not change in the future

            • Roger

              Thanks for the laugh, brother!

        • curlykale

          Rubbish, I can’t afford a Nikon D7000 or above. I sold my D90 as it is becoming old tech. I have been using my brother’s D3100 and it’s a superb little camera. Capable of superior images at high isos than the D90 or D300s!!! It lacks in build quality slightly but the autofocus is great.


      • Vandyu

        I’d say Nikon has allowed Sony to do exactly what Sony has intended to do all along. It may have taken a few years to get up a head a steam after acquiring Konica Minolta, but Sony is a powerhouse electronics manufacturer, accustomed to being in the lead. That being said, Sony is sweating loss of TV territory to LG and Samsung. It’s a dynamic market.

        Nikon has been losing ground because it hasn’t been producing innovative and quality products, other than at the pro level. There just aren’t enough pros to keep the company in the #2 slot. I used to think that Nikon, next to Leica, was the producer of the finest quality cameras. So, I bought into the Nikon system and have been fairly happy. But, I’ve also seen what I consider a lapse in quality.

        The company could be producing a better compact than Canon’s G12, but it cut corners (no swivel LCD) and made an also ran product. Now it has to try to make up lost ground in that product area, as well as mirrorless. Frankly, you couldn’t sell me a NEX after handling one recently. What a cumbersome piece of equipment. A small boxy, thin housing with a heavy lens on the front and no grip. Oh, well.

        But, Nikon had better wake up and smell the coffee. I still have my D80 and FA and would like to buy a small bodied FF if Nikon ever decides to build one. They could take the FA body and do some micro-electronics work and produce a retro DSLR that would be great for me. Well, they could do a lot of things.

    • Sony

      sony pays retail areas to stock their stuff, and nikon doesn’t.
      sony gives kickbacks for units sold (like canon)
      sony just throws $$$$$$ at problems until it’s solved.

      • Sky

        lol. And Nikon doesn’t? You’ve got to be kidding me. You ever been in a shop selling cameras? Half of dudes there do nothing else than advertise Nikon.

  • LOL

    Nikon is a shit company, sony wow!

    • Banned

      Exactly, you put it simply but that’s the bottom line. I hope now they take notice. Take this as a warning that your customers are starting to get tired of your counter-productive closed system!!!

      – Listen to your customers. If people want HDR let them braket at 2ev intervals. If people want to gel their flashes let them see the recorded white balance. Stop hiding everything! This is not a P&S!

      – Open NEF. Let Adobe do its think and drop trying to be a software company! You SUCK at it.

      – Open your firmwares. Same comment as above.

      • GlobalGuy

        Are you for a moment suggesting that Sony is an Open company?

        Have you seen their memory cards?

        • shevko

          What problem with the memory card? Sony camera has SD & MS duo card slot. You don’t shoot Sony of course you don’t need MS card. If you shoot with Sony there is no problem with MS card.

          • Jan

            MS,, bluetooth, flash hotshoe, nope, no problems at all… if you’re a Sony fanboy.

            • Sky

              MS is AN OPTION – all the cameras Sony offers has dual slots, so you can pack twice as much memory into your DSLR. That’s a fair deal. You don’t like it – you use SD.

     – I have no idea what’s that, lol

              flash hotshoe is a Minolta legacy. A great invention by the way, try switching flashguns quickly with standard ISO shoe, lol, good luck.

  • Eric Calabros

    Second (maybe)
    Sad days coming 🙁

  • James

    Nikon is a premium brand think of it like Mercedes of the camera word.
    Canon is Ford
    Sony is the Toyota of the Camera world..

    • LOL

      i;am so sorry, but nikon is SKODA, like SKODA used part for his cars from VW, that nikon used matrix from SONY!

    • zgeg

      Your comparison is bad. I’d rather have a Toyota than a Mercedes.

      And I’m a Nikon user.

      • James

        My comparison is not about what you would rather have. But rather what the industry preserves in quality.

        Nikon is top notch.
        Canon is semi notch.
        Sony is poor quality.

        I’d rather not get my accelerator stuck!

        • James

          My brain is all over the place today, and my English is really poor. Which is awful consider I am after all English, but I hope my point is clear.

          Nikon is a quality brand which charges higher prices than its competitors, so its ok if we don’t have a larger market share in terms of unit sales but rather percentage sales from direct cost.

          • Anonymous

            James, there is a little problem with your argument. Nikon sells crap as well! Look at the entire Coolpix line. This is a disgrace for a premium brand.

            Now, you are talking about premium brand. Yes, they charge more and give you crap service. They screw you up with the warranty ….

            Remember, charging more than the competition does not guarantee that it is a premium brand.

            Nikon screwed it up and they do not have the gutts to come out and talk with their loyal customers! Look, sony clearly communicates their roadmap so people don’t really have to guess. What does nikon do? Say nothing and comes out 2-3 yrs later with similar products. Sorry but this is not a premium brand company.

            Why don’t you ask the loyal Nikon dealers? 1) they make less than ever before on Nikon products. 2) They make more on Sony and Canon products, and 3) Nikon screwed them up couple of times. (for example giving special treat ment for Best Buy or allowing Best Buy to release a product earlier than any other dealer who had been with nikon for over 20 yrs)

            Now go back and tell me what premium is that?

            • Harpo

              I own a Sony and they DON’T have a road map and anyone who says they do is full of s&%$. The a700 replacement is years over do, there is no direction for full frame cameras and Sony’s only real interest is in cheap consumer gadgets/models. My gears for sale and I’m making the switch. The proof is in the pudding, handle the Sony a580 and then handle the Nikon D700 and then make your comparisons to elite vehicles. Sony build quality is substandard to the Nikon. No need for the Sony fan boys start telling me it’s not a fair comparison I know there’s a difference in price, but it’s all Sony can manage to produce, entry level sub $1,000 compacts (way too small for my hands) made with cheap plastic that have no weather sealing.

            • Harpo

              Correction to my comment below. Should read D7000 not 700.

            • James

              You’ll note that Nikon is second in DSLR sales.. So I was talking in reference to that not its p&s

            • Mike

              I agree with Harpo. Sony couldn’t buy the market with the a850/900. Where some people see Sony as being innovative, I see them as flailing about trying to see where they fit in and throwing as many fishing lines out there as possible to see what catches. Their interchangeable lens cameras consist of APS-C and 35 mm DSLR’s, APS-C fixed mirror and APS-C mirrorless. So of course they have surpassed Nikon in those sales. Extrapolate DSLR sales and I don’t think they are 1st in that category anymore. Sony has the pockets to innovate and fail (I.e. Beta, mini-disc), Nikon conversly has the ‘wait and do it right’ approach. Why is Nikon in danger? Because they don’t play in the same “my appendage is bigger” sandbox? This will cause their demise? Consider that Sony is still in business and yet they have left their early adopters hanging. No word on a700, a850, a900 successors, yet they are discontinued products. If I were a Sony user I’d be pissed… Sony seems to change their direction every 3 years. “Like your a850?! Great! That’s the last full frame DSLR we’re going to produce. So you better like it. Meanwhile our lenses will be priced in line with our competitors’.”. That sucks. I think Sony’s cameras will never really appeal to those who need/want DSLR type cameras. EVF may be the future but there will always be a desire/need for an OVF. If the rear LCD of a DSLR fails, you can still finish the job. If the EVF and LCD fail, you’re pooched.

            • JVS

              @Harpo, you haven’t really read the interviews properly. Sony said the a700 replacement will be SLT and have ISO in the hundreds and thousands. Why would they release anymore information on a camera that has not been announced yet. It would be stupid of them to do that as they would be giving specs away to the competition as well.

              BTW Sony do have a roadmap but its for the NEXxies. But you can obviously expect more lenses for the DSLR/DSLTs this year.

              @Mike, As for full frame, Sony also said as long as they are in the DSLR business, there is always going to be a full frame model in the lineup so argument closed on Sony leaving the full frame market. BTW they a850 and a900 are not discontinued products

            • shevko


              Your comment is full of misleading info about Sony.

              Do a research first before you show your criticism.

              You have no idea about the a700 successor; the a850 and a900.

              You have no idea about Sony’s G lenses and Carl Zeiss lenses.

              You have no idea about Sony’s dslr direction.

              You probably have no idea about Canon’s and Pentax’s direction too.

              Open your mind and pay attention to other brands too. Don’t stuck yourself inside one brand.

          • twoomy

            Sorry, but *Leica* is the Mercedes. I’ve been a happy Nikon shooter for 3 decades now, but I just don’t see them as the elitist choice. While some products like the D3x would be Mercedes like, throw in all of the sh*tty Coolpix cameras and their inability make a 5dmarkII killer for the past 3 years and it all evens out. (And no I don’t need anybody to tell me how the D700 is superior to the 5dmkII; I know how it’s better AND worse in different ways.)

            • Anonymous


              I 100% agree with you.

              Please read the interviews with the sony execs and you will find that they provide much better details about upcoming products than Nikon does. (Actually Nikon does not say anything and it is always late) Also, they even show prototypes of the upcoming cameras. For example at CES the prototype of the A700 replacement. I am sorry but Nikon showed shit but middle finger.

            • Duiweeville

              I think that Leica is just an overpriced camera. there is no way the leica sensor will outperform a the D3s. Leica suck..

            • Harpo

              Sony hasn’t given any detail on the a700 replacement, is it 24mp or 16mp, SLR or SLT? Other than those vague references there have been no details regarding the replacement. Sony can say it’s going to blow people away and that they are taking their time to with it…That’s not a road map it’s stalling tactics. As far as the mockup goes we’ve seen it about 3 different times now at various trade shows and if I were a betting man I’d say when it’s finally released it won’t look anything like the mock-up especially if it’s an SLT. There is a lot of speculation about specs out there, but Sony hasn’t confirmed them.

              As far as full frame goes unless you’re heavily invested in Sony/Minolta glass it’s a big gamble to assume Sony will take care of your full frame needs in a big way beyond the next generation a900.

              Nikon and Canon by virtue of their history at least project upcoming replacements. They also have a better range of models to choose from both in APC-S and full frame bodies. Sony has a gap between new entry level models/gadgets and older full frame models with nothing in between. I don’t begrudge Sony my camera has been great, but I’ve grown out of it and currently Nikon offers a couple of better alternatives.

              And yes I have read the interviews…Sony needs to put their money where their mouth is and release some real information with real specs and they need to do it sooner than later or their going to lose the mid-tier prosumer market, if they haven’t already.

            • Anonymous


              This f***n nikon said nothing about whether they want to replace the mighty 12MP D700. But sony showed prototypes and they publicly acknowledge that they are late but will replace it pretty soon. Read the f***n interviews with the sony execs.

              Besides, sony did put money where their mouth is. Approx 1.5 billion USD investment in sensor production capabilities. What did nikon do? Nothing! Nada. They can’t even make enough of the D7000 bodies to sell. How crap is that.

              So what did Nikon give us last year? Well, 2 sony sensor equiped DSLRs. What did sony give, 3-4 dslrs, 2 translucent dslrs, 2 mirrorless (NEX), one dedicated interchangable lens video camera (aps-c size), and some p&s.

              If this trend constinues, 1-2 yrs Nikon will be wiped off the map. I am telling you, sony is learning much faster than these impotent Nikon execs can imagine. I am sick and tired of waiting and waiting and waiting for this fu*** company to produce something that matches the competition. I am talking about the fu***n small body high res FX with video. Besides, these morons cannot even offer 2.5 yrs later just 720 video in FX.

              As I said before, Nikon has 60 days to deliver after many people will switch and never look back because they want an equipment before the season and NOT after the season!

            • Roger

              Anonymous- bet you didnt know Sony “1.5 billion USD investment in sensor production capabilities” is for… wait for it…


            • Roger

              Anonymous: “Nikon will be wiped from the map”

              At least youre not even pretending to be anything other than a Nikon bashing troll. 🙂

            • shevko


              you are right!

              1.5 billion USD investment in sensor production capabilities is for compact sensors.


              By doing that, the main plant will expand and focus on large sensor and dslr product.

              Roger you got that right. Well, half right.

        • DSLRMania

          Sooo, which one is like BMW?

          • Olympus. 😀

          • bobos

            My 2 cents on cars analogy:
            Leica: Rolls Royce
            Nikon: Mercedes
            Canon: BMW
            Sony: Toyota or Honda
            Olympus: Mazda or Subaru
            Samsung: Hyundai

            Maybe Sony is trying to be Audi but they won’t reach the standards of Mercedes or BMW.

            • roos

              This is fun.

              Id go with:
              Nikon – Mercedes, the bigger the better
              Canon – Volkswagen, we make lots of cars, they all work
              Pentax – Peugeot, good enough is enough
              Sony – Toyota, if we dont make that kind of car, its not a car
              Olympus – chrysler, we once made great cars
              Panasonic – Hyundai, cars business seams profitable, lets make some
              Samsung – Honda, everybody knows their cars are just biproducts the the mc:s
              Fuji – Fiat, we make cars, sometimes they are ok and some of them even look cute
              Kodak – GM, big ones can be in decline for ages

            • roos

              Forgot Leica: Aston Martin: its expensive, i need one

            • George

              I like to think of my Nikon as a BMW. A BMW is a drivers car and Nikon is a photographers camera …

          • Harpo


            The only thing that’s appears confirmed in recent interviews is the a700 will be SLT technology. No firm dates features etc… You’re looking at from your disappointing side of the fence (Nikon) and I’m looking at it from mine (Sony) and neither one of us is happy with our chosen brand so will have to agree to disagree. Just for clarity I’m not interested nor do I care about anything other than DSLR cameras. One last reminder…Sony came out with its first video capable DSLR just this past fall months/years behind Canon, Nikon and Pentax

    • Vandyu

      That’s a pretty interesting comparison. I would pretty much agree. But, look at good, old Ford in America–going gangbusters in sales. Toyota crashed in reliability and has a way to go to rebuild confidence internationally. Nikon probably is Mercedes, but look how Lexus has cut into their sales (a fancy Toyota, or Sony as you say). So, where does that place Pentax, Olympus, and Fuji in the world of cameras compared to automobiles?

    • Spidercrown

      Canon=honda=sony – very daring company, relase product fast, dare to put lot of new stuff into new product.

      Nikon=toyota=panasonic – these company are among the more conservative one in jp. Slightly slower in roling out new product compared to above.

      There nothing wrong with each of the company, each one of them has their own strategy. If one strategy fail, the other one will survive. At the end, jp still rules, ok may be not, since korea is picking up so fast…

  • Tom Valiulis

    I have been a Nikon user for only 5 years and during this time, I have had difficulty in getting any of the good Nikon equipment. From the pro lenses, pro bodies to the upper end products – everything is hard to get! I have contact at a major online retailer and they say that Nikon is so much tougher to get from product then Sony or Canon. The problem is that Nikon can not deliver their GREAT products!!!!! The could have a bigger stake of the market if they could have more product to sell at the stores!!!

    • The Man from Mandrem

      Sony is known for consumer electronics. Between that and the pricing (VR included) Sony has to screw up not to get alot of market share. I know alot of people who buy Sony electronics when they don’t have time or patience to do research (which is surprisingly frequently). Usually Sony charges a premium based on he brand name. In the camera game, once Sony has established themselves, I would expect their prices to rise to reflect the Sony brand and their market share to stabilize.

  • Anonymous

    F***k Nikon, they deserve it! Last year I was going to buy the D7000 body only and the 24-120 VRII, but since it was not available 2-3 months after release (and before Xmas) I said no to the lens. I refused to invest in Nikon equipment because these bastards cannot deliver.

    Besides, it’s been 2.5 yrs they still don’t have answer to the 5DII. On the small pocket cams front. These morons at nikon completely missed the sony NEX. Sony will earlier come out with the 2nd generation of NEX cameras than Nikon would come out with their first mirrorless.

    I am sorry Nikon but you suck! This will happen in all other markets with Nikon. BTW, the same thing is happening not just in the UK but in many other countries across Europe.

    • nebus

      It’s true – this is hardly news by now as they’ve been eclipsed in other markets by Sony too.
      I’m only hanging out to see if they muster somethin to compete with the 5dII – I’ll give it 4 months then I’m switching. I’ve got a lot of glass to move which will be a pain but it will be interesting to gain some light going from 1.4 to 1.2 and certainly some extra DOF.
      At least Nikon have their other markets to keep them afloat – but perhaps the DSLR market won’t be one of them in the coming years perhaps.

      • Spacenoodle

        I’m in the same boat as you, glass and all. I’m also giving Nikon a few more months before I switch.

        But lets look at how ridiculous what you are saying is. You are hoping that Nikon comes out with a new camera that can compete with a 3 year old Canon? They might, but the 5D Mk. 3 will come out this year (most likely) and I’m making the fair assumption that Nikon once again will be behind the curve for innovation and functionality.

        • Darkness

          Please switch, that D700 must be ruining your photography.

          • SadTruth

            The D700 ruined many of my pictures, I then bought a D3s with it’s amazing low light capability and superfast focusing and a range of 1.4 AFS lenses, only to find the thing that ruined my photography was in fact me, not the camera.
            I’m just not very good at taking pictures, yes they’re in focus and perfectly exposed but a chimpanzee can do that with a $100 compact.
            It’s got nothing to do with the camera people, it’s you.

            • Banned

              At least you admit it.

            • nebus

              Actually my comments and i suspect other are nothing to do with taking bad photos. I think sometimes my best shots are taken with my Ricoh GRD and that’s a pocket camera (although I think my clients prefer what I shoot with my Contax 645 + Phase One back.
              No it’s not about taking good photos. We ALL know that’s about the photographer. But once the sot is taken it’s about the quality of the file, and this is where all Nikon cameras bar the D3x let me down and I am using the 5dII or 1dsIII consistently over my Nikon (when I’m not using a MFDB) because of the picture quality (IQ).
              I’d absolutely love it if Nikon get ahead again because I like the handling (as well as the hassle of changing a lot of glass over). But I’m not sure they’ll do it this time again, and if they do it may be short lived when Canon release their updates probably 3 months later and trump them again.
              Fingers crossed for Nikon until then .

        • Roger

          Switch now, brother. I’ll take your used 600/4 if you have it by any chance? 😀

          Hey, I gotta try…

    • Spacenoodle

      I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here.

      All those users posting “oh Nikon is a premium brand”, that is rubbish. That may be so in theory, but in reality when you are a competitor with a smaller range of lenses than Canon (we are talking being made today not your bullshit lenses from 50 yeras ago that you can get on ebay), smaller range of price points and models to catch new buyers, and most importantly lacking quality video that people both want and expect from a dSLR these days thanks to Sony, Canon, and Pentax, then you are going to lose market share big time.

      But oh no, the build quality is superior the fanboys cry? Only just with bodies, and they get replaced by users ever couple of years anyway in this market. And when it comes to Nikon Lenses vs Canon L lenses the difference in build quality is … well I can’t see one.

      Having a premium brand is pointless if you are only slightly more expensive than your competitors with a tiny market share.

      Most Nikon fanboys defended the d700 touting the better ISO performance and that video was simply a gimmic that nobody wanted. But guess what, it wasn’t. Every photjournalist, digital artist, family photographer wants to take HD video using their SLR camera. They have ignored that part of the market and payed dearly for it.

      • Darkness

        Rubbish, no-one shoots video.

        • Darkness
          • Delie

            So by no-one, you mean 20% of the people in the poll. Man, stop fisting nikon and get real you miserable relic of the past.

            • Delie

              ok, so in hindsight, perhaps that was a little harsh, but I am an idiot if it’s any consolation to you 🙂

      • scurvy hesh

        I used to work at a repair center and the ratio of canon shutter failures vs Nikon was staggering. Its no wonder why almost everyone that worked there used Nikon cameras. The fact is that Nikon builds far more rugged cameras. I work outdoors in the field quite a bit, and have been more than abusive to my D2 series cameras. They quietly take the abuse and keep shooting. I think its really funny that you rail on Nikons awesome reverse compatibility. Especially when you see all these MKII users using adapters to mount Nikons “bullshit” lenses. Also if memory serves me right, Nikon was the first to launch DSLR video. Sure Canon upped the ante with the MKII but thats how progress works. The D800 will most likely have that feature updated as well. Nikon and Canon have been leap frogging each other for years. But of course you already know that right???

        • Banned

          Are you trying to be rational? That’s not gonna work around here you know…

          • scurvy hesh

            LOL right??(goes back into cave)

    • Roger

      Hahahah, I started reading from below towards up (dont ask), and I just knew you started this line of Nikon-bashing posts.

      Always trolling hard, eh, Anonymous?

    • scurvyhesh

      Answer to this?
      I just got done with a great shoot with my Nikon gear and am very happy that I have so many in focus keepers. Even with my “bullshit” 85 1.4!

      • Keith

        Donk is – and always has been – a talentless, motor-mouthed halfwit who wouldn’t recognise a good camera if it stood up in his soup.

  • Chris P

    I don’t know what Sony are doing in the rest of the world, but here in the UK they are paying dealers to stock their complete camera line, and to reward shop assistants for pushing Sony cameras in preference to both Canon and Nikon. They are literally buying sales volume.

    I know this because the boyfriend of a friend’s daughter showed me his newly bought Sony dslr last weekend. When I asked him why Sony and not Nikon or Canon; what he said made it very clear that the camera shop assistant had pushed the Sony and had carefully steered him away from Nikon and Canon.

    • Anonymous

      Because the shop makes more money on selling Sony. Also, Nikon screwed up their dealers big time.

    • Roger

      To a user who buys what salesman tells him, it wont make any difference whether he bought a Sony or Nikon or a Canon, or a Casio point and shoot even.

    • Vandyu

      That sounds entirely posssible. In 2007, when I went into the largest private camera chain in my state (not Ritz), you’d think that it was a Canon factory store the way the sales staff pushed Canon on me. I wasn’t interested, but everyone in the store keep telling me how much better Canon was. If the 20D at the time had been a bit cheaper, they might have convinced me, but I could get Nikon cheaper. I’m probably one of the final holdouts who like the D80 because it doesn’t have video.

  • steffen

    Interesting – I never had problems with getting Nikon gear. Is this just Germany? In any case, the EVIL cameras will sure play a role in this game. Nikon (and Canon) are more conservative than the other players like Sony and Pentax. However, I like the way Nikon has its eyes on quality and durability instead on innovation. That was actually the reason for me to switch just one year ago from Pentax to Nikon. Nikon will have its EVIL cameras soon and I would’t wonder if they are already very mature in their first version.

    Keep calm – quality wins in the end.

  • venancio

    no, not by quality but by marketing strategy… like by how much they’d give a little bit more of the sales to the dealer/seller… the salesman would push more to the potential buyer the product that gives them a little bit more of the return…

  • haha

    just relax urself..
    coz HERO always came at the end of the story to vanished all the evil..

  • RUH


  • RUH

    What is Nikons market share in the USA?

  • Jose

    Aside from motor industry analogies, I think this is really bad news for Nikon.
    I have been a Nikon user for too many years to count, and have had and used everything they did, from the S rangefinders (I still own a S3), to the original F, the FM2, FM3a, F6 and digital D200 and D700.
    I have seen 3 revolutions in photo, back in the (late) 1950’s the transition from rangefinders to reflex, in the (late) 1990’s from film to digital and in the (late) 2010’s from reflex to mirrorless.
    Nikon not only dominated, but led, the first 2, and has been sorely missing in the 3rd, maybe thinking that if they stood really quiet and still, progress would go away. Well guys, it didn’t, cause it never does.
    The leaders of the “new” photography are Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. The 3 electronic giants of the world.
    The sad reality is that sooner rather than later electronics will replace optics, and the good old aficionados will be left with their beloved, heavy and old fashioned equipment looking silly and slightly confused (having had buried silly money for all those f/1.4 primes and f/2.8 zooms…).
    Nikon will gallop towards irrelevance, a-la Leica (looser of the first revolution) and / or Kodak (looser of the second one), and will become the official looser of the 3rd revolution if they don’t react and do something.
    And please not another me-too like the P7000.
    Maybe it’s already too late for them. Who makes their sensors? They’ve let the fox in the hen house

    • preston

      “Nikon. . . will become official loser of the 3rd revolution if they don’t react and do something.”

      Calm down – we KNOW they’re going to do something. About being the “official loser of the 3rd revolution” why not mention the other photographic giant – Canon – who has already said they’re are exploring it but that they’re not going to release a mirrorless camera in 2011!? So I ask, how does Nikon become the loser in this case over Canon?

      If Nikon releases their EVIL by the middle of this year then I don’t think they will have lost enough market share here to prevent having a successful launch of a new product line. Especially since the rumors and patents have suggested that Nikon would be entering this market I know LOTS of happy Nikon users have avoided getting a m4/3 or NEX to see what Nikon will bring to the table.

      • Anonymous


        The problem is that sony and the others in the meantime are coming out with the second and/or third generation of mirrorless cameras. This is lots of experience and Nikon is clearly late from the game.

        Late from video
        Late from HDR
        Late from pano
        Late from 3D

        See, there are quite few things nikon has to address and sony and the others already started to master.

        Nikon became a lazy crap coolpix company. How ridiculous is that the cheapest dslr has higher resolution than the mighty flagship? How crap is that?

        • Roger

          Which DSLR has higher resolution than D3x? Please tell me, I’m dying to know.

          Oh wait, you cant….

          • scurvyhesh

            Actually, the Leica S2. But no one really uses that camera.

            • Roger

              I actually know one person who owned it. You wouldnt know whether to cry or laugh if you had seen what snapshots she used to make with it.

              Some people just have money to burn…

        • preston

          Late with video? Did you forget about the D90?

          And I don’t ever want my camera automatically making an HDR shot for me. That’s something you need complete control over. That’s meant for the people that never move the dial off of full auto mode.

          Anyways I thought this revolution was about high image quality in a small form factor (the entire point of mirrorless) yet all you’re talking about is software gimmicks (video, HDR, pano, 3d)!

      • Jose

        It’s Nikon the one company that has lost their spot as number 2. Canon still have not lost theirs. We might argue that Canon would be the official looser of the third revolution only when, and if, they loose their number 1 spot.
        I appreciate that Nikon are working on a mirrorless system, but their actual track record at doing anything other than traditional photographic stuff (i.e. reflex camera bodies and lenses) is nothing to write home about. Their compacts, to say the least, are below market best, and their main merit has been to slow down the resolution war, by sticking to 12 Mpx (which most of s are happy with).
        Any other innovation, like those mentioned above (video, hdr, panorama, 3d) or live view, have been tackled clumsily and following someone else’s lead.

    • Vandyu

      Well, I have to agree. Sadly, I’m afraid you’re right. If Nikon had the resources, they might consider buying LG electronics, another up and coming producer. I remember LG when it was called Lucky Goldstar and was nothing but junk. Now, because Sony has abdicated the 26 inch television category, I am forced to buy either Samsung or LG for a smaller set. And, all of my TV sets (granted they are CRTs) are Trinitrons. Once you leave a brand and become satisfied with another, it’s a loss for the company. So, I’ll probably buy LG, which might be just what they have rebranded it, “Life is Good.”

  • Darkness

    Sony’s SLR’s suck, cant blame them trying something else.

  • Dweeb

    Sony – in camera stabilization, in camera HDR …
    Nikon – incremental upgrades since the D100. And an expensive absolutely pathetic NX2 editing program.

    • Darkness

      Absolutely, go Sony!!!

  • No matter what brand you use, It depends on a person who takes photos Canon, Nikon or Sony it self are nothing unless in hands of photographer. Same like giving same colors and brushes to everyone cannot prove as artist where as colors it selves aren’t anything.

  • Hey, what is this icon with my reply title. How to get rid of this ?

    • I will remove those random gravatars – many people get confused.

      • Catastrophile

        sorry for the typo:
        they help the reader following WHO’s saying what

      • Discontinued

        I liked them too. They helped a lot.

        And just too funny how they sometimes matched the style
        of comments.
        Take zzddrr’s for instance. His looked like a smacked up dog,
        left outside in the rain.

      • ok, I switched to more “friendly” gravatars

        • Catastrophile

          many thanks, was very pleased to see the page load with these colorful easy-to-distinguish graphics instead of that gray anonymous thing everywhere.

  • Broxibear

    I think these figures are misleading, they would only make sense if you take out the Sony NEX range from the equation since neither Canon or Nikon sell such a camera.
    “interchangeable lens models” covers NEX3 through to Alpha A900 that’s 15 different models ?
    I still believe Nikon has to trim it’s range across the board, there are too many models that overlap and just confuse potential buyers in that market…If you’re going to bring out a mirrorless camera then make sure there’s space in your range for it.
    If it takes away sales from another model in your range then what’s the point ?.
    Why not scrap the D5000/D5100 which makes a gap between the D3100 and the D7000 for the mirrorless to slip into.

    • Catastrophile

      would make a lot more sense to scrap the D3x00 line and create a mirrorless that fills the gap between the D5100 and the most expensive Coolpix.

  • woble

    Seriously, who cares! Brands switch market positions a lot in their life time. One day it is Canon, the other it’s Nikon, then Sony, then some other. All of them will bounce back and forth and they prepare and release new hardware.

  • Catastrophile

    i think not long ago, there was a similar report about Nikon/Sony sales in Taiwan. not listed among the “Related posts” above.

  • Sony brought a lot of new people to the interchangeable lens market.. They did a good job at that. I dont think a lot of people with a Pentax, Nikon, Canon or Panasonic DSLR replaced it by a NEX (maybe some added a NEX to it).
    I think Sony will be in the top 2 in the near future. I dont know who will drop to the third place. Both Canon and Nikon are possible. It is all about marketing budget. Pentax will be 4th in DSLR. They want to stay more exclusive (poor man Leica) with great limited primes. Olympus.. well I dont know..

  • ZoetMB

    Haven’t read all the posts, but maybe Sony got to the #2 spot by actually having products in stock (and by spending lots more on Marketing.)

  • Kosta

    Sorry for my English.
    This is good news, competition is good for us, better products at better prices!
    (I am a Nikon user)

  • Wow, an interesting number of trolls and haters on a site about Nikon equipment rumors.

    If you don’t like Nikon products, feel free to go play under someone else’s bridge…

    If some of the trolls on here spent half the time they did practicing and shooting that they do complaining, they may actually learn to create some compelling or competent images. If you think the brand of camera you are using is holding you back from taking decent images – then feel free to switch cameras, brands, whatever – but you’ll find that the grass isn’t greener on the other side no matter which side you started on.

    Its not the brand of camera – its the photographer that makes the image.

    • GlobalGuy

      Hey Bob. Let’s not make this place sound verbatim like DPReview. 3 off comments in a 100 comment thread isn’t much trolling until you start interacting with them and feeding the machine.

      Best policy: Ignore it. 😉

    • GlobalGuy

      “Its not the brand of camera – its the photographer that makes the image.”

      +1, by the way!

      Sony is a great company. Nikon is a great company. Canon is a great company. Let’s hope they rise together and take prices down and build better equipment between the lot of them. 🙂

      • shevko


  • Hmble opinion

    I have D700, can not be happier. But it does not fulfills all my needs; I’ll keep it for years. My extra needs require mirrorless camera and a higer MPix FF. I am waiting to see Nikon mirrorles proposal and Nikon + MPix proposal for four months more, otherwise simpler can not be my selection, you can easily guess it; by the way, I feel at home with manual focusing and manual aperture and time/speed settings 🙂

    • Global

      Also a D700 user. Also keeping it.
      But my wants:

      100% viewfinder
      Higher dynamic range
      Dual compact flash slots
      D3s low-light ability
      18MP min ~ 24MP to keep low-light — I am pretty darn confident they can make 24MP look like 12MP from 3 years ago.

      I don’t need 24-30MP right now, because I wish for ISO to be carried further. But if the D700 isn’t 18mp minimum, it will be just weird. 16mp is a lame upgrade from 12mp, IMO, unless its 16mp with D3s ISO.

  • dear nikon, you are lol.

    and your quality control last monts suck. 3 of 6 lenses needed to be repaired, 2 of 4 camera bodies had problem on purchase.

    • Anonymous

      Harold Ellis

      Sad reality, I had similar experience. So the smart dude above that said Nikon is a premium brand perhaps missed the point.

      • Global

        All my Nikon gear has worked 100% perfectly and all of my friends Nikon gear has worked perfectly. One one lens didn’t focus well — and it was a Sigma.

        Sorry to hear you had some bad experiences, but I am just letting people know that its not a majority case. People with bad experience do need to share those experiences. But consumers should still feel very confident in Nikon. I think a lot of problems that are experienced come from the first couple lots of production (the early-adopters) or when production is moved to a new factory for a certain product. In every company around the world somethings always slip through. And by bad luck its possible someone got bad ones more than once while the vast majority do not.

        I would not call these people trolls. I think its just bad luck. Nikon has made exceptionally good products for me and ive got a bunch of them.

    • scurvyhesh

      Dear harold Ellis. You are Troll. You are either lying, or blaming your gear for you ineptitude. I have never heard of anyone having that many problems regardless of what brand they are using. And I have seen a lot of shit cameras in my time.

      • Global

        No need to go there, Scurvy, unless you own stock in Nikon its just a couple people expressing their thoughts. There is no way to disprove their experience and it could just be bad luck. All my Nikon products have worked perfectly. But i’ve seen a bunch of Sigma products not work well (mine and my friends). On a Sigma forum, I would be called a troll, but it would just be the truth of my one particular case.

        The vast majority of Nikon products are excellent and superbly produced pieces of craftsmanship. There are a few unlucky folks though that by toss of the dice get a few dudes while the rest of us go our entire lives without any issue in our gear. If we don’t know their cases, its at least fair to let them blow steam without making them feel worse, just in case its true in which case sympathies are deserved but folks should just know that its not the majority case at all.

        • scurvyhesh

          Go where?

          Ted Nugents house? can I bring my crossbow?? We can shoot at Harolds “broken” lenses for sport. Or he can give them to me and I can do a blog on how great they are. Dudes lying and I’m calling him out. I used to work at a Camera service center and I have a lot of experience in dealing with grumpy pros and the problems of their gear. I have never heard of anyone have that many consecutive problems with any manufacturers products that weren’t explained by a misunderstanding of how the product operated. As for Sigma, I have never seen (or thought it was possible) a lens De-laminate until I had the pleasure of Seeing Sigmas lovely Ex lenses. Now thats a LOL!

  • Chris

    There is a huge disconnect between Nikon and the consumer. From the constant lack of availability of most of their products, and to the higher cost of all of their equipment compared to the competition, to their need to confuse the consumer with camera that don’t auto-focuses with so many of their lenses.

    They need to get their shit together. Yes, they have the best AF in the world that sports pros will never give up, but the other 99% of the market doesn’t give a shit about that and see more value in a Canon T2i. A T2i that they can get with Canon’s constant instant rebates, which will AF with all of their lenses, that has easy to understand menus, a simplified auto-iso, better implementation of live-view & video, cheaper lenses across the board, ect.

  • Q

    Nikon is to slow. Same goes for companies like Nokia. They think the brand will sell by it self. Old merits don’t count that much!

  • Renard

    This would not happen if Nikon could keep up with their product demand–not to take anything away from Sony.
    How much money is Nikon losing because customers can’t buy their products and look elsewhere?

  • roos

    There is somethin you all miss here. Nikon is a photographers brand. Yes, they make consumer electronics and earn money from their coolpixes, but I’m absolutely certain that they identify themselves with their gear they make for photographers. This is extreamly important in the long run. When a market is growing fast as the camera market has been doing since digital photography revolution, growing with it within ones own vision is a cruicial key to still come out on the other side alive when the boom is over. In the short run and if you have most of your business in other areas, it might be very profitable to just flood the market with every posible product one can come up with. However, if the booming market is you main market, its dangerous to expand the costs of development and manufacturing fast just to fullfill the dream of every possible new customer, since if someone else is doing a better job at it, you risk the whole perfectly good core business of yours by trying to expand in the new market segments.

    Nikon has been very wise in carefully picking up new technologies and letting partners manufacture part and try out concepts. Look at how they slowly went digital following the conservative part of the pro crowd, how they let kodak try making full frames dslr:s in their film houses before releasing full frame digitals of their own, how they was slow on the VR side but decided it should go into the lenses where its more usefull, how they let fuji try out the superccd:s in their houses before deciding cmos was better and now they are letting others do mirrorless before risking their business by entering the market before deciding on how mirrorless will be usefull to a photographer. Just like they did with all these other technologies they might be late and loose a few posible random customers but they have managed to keep and expand there marketshare among there desired customers – photographers, wether pros or amatuers – and by doing that they sell a lot of consumer gear on their name and reputation even though they are not always as feature rich as their rivals.

    • Global


      Not everything is about doing it fast. These days a lot of people feel like they “need” something within a 1 or 2 year cycle. When in reality a lot of product development and market testing and reliability monitoring for new engineering takes at least that long.

      The fact that Nikon releases a steady flow of products every single year (and 2010 was no different — HUGE releases in their lens line) means that they are quite reliable.

      For anyone who absolutely needed it they produced the BEST DSLRs in the WORLD with 24mp and with high ISO. If your very livelihood depended on it, you were more than free to pick between the two. As for everyone else, Nikon is working on their stuff and releasing a camera at a time.

      Regarding mirrorless, that is a new CATEGORY of product. You don’t just ask CocaCola to start making Alcohol. Yes, a LOT of people drink “Jack and Coke” — but it doesn’t mean that CocaCola is just going start making whiskey because there is even a very long history of such a trend. Coke has to decide what’s right for their business and borderline things that change the nature of the company sometimes get postponed or lost in internal debate.

      As long as Nikon makes world-class DSLRs we should be very happy for them. There is no way they are making a mirrorless with an F-mount, so there is absolutely no reason for anyone here to personally care if the Nikon brand is on a mirrorless camera or not. Nikon can make crappy P&Ss and world-class DSLRs, so whatever mirrorless they make is a gamble anyway until we see it. Rushing them would only ensure its poor. Letting them take time at least it means it will probably be serious or given serious considerations if they do go forward.

  • Ant

    Nikon is an imaging company, Sony is a consumer electronics company. Sony got their good new products into the market in greater numbers in the run-up to Christmas, because they have greater production resources to throw at the Q4 ramp-up. Nikon were probably unable to produce enough D7000s to meet demand, maybe because they don’t have Sony’s flexibility to increase or decrease production to meet seasonal fluctuations demand, which is one of the hallmarks of successful consumer electronics companies. I also wouldn’t be too surprised if Nikon were deliberately constricting production capacity or supply to maintain margin on new products. Anyway, one month does not a trend make.

    • Harpo

      D7000s are available at all outlets where I’m from in Ca. The Sony a580 is still not available and I’ve seen a lone a55 in one photography store.

  • ways

    as nikon users we don´t want to accept nikon is terribly delayed on their pro and prosumer products…
    only nikon knows…but nikon is not the present either near future

    • Roger

      Delayed on their pro products? What are you talking about?
      Is there a better product on the market than Nikons D3s and D3x?

      Unless you consider a mirrorless to be a pro product, but no pro I know uses it… They do use those D3s and D3x cameras, though. 😉

      • ways

        perfect pro bodies depending the type of work…

        D3X price…?
        I think it needs to be study.

        I definitely need more DR, or more ISO, or more resolution on a prosumer body to complete my equipment.

  • DBX

    I always remember growing up in England how poor Nikon’s dealer network was there. It looks like very little has changed. The chains — at the time, Boots and Dixons were both big in camera sales, while Jessops was simply a large store in the Midlands and not yet a national chain — were invariably well stocked with Minolta, Canon, Olympus and Pentax and often didn’t carry Nikon SLR gear at all. Even the press photographers in the UK were well covered by Canon, even before EOS. Immediately prior to AF, the “in” camera on Fleet Street wasn’t the F3, it was the Canon T90. It was a surprise coming over to the US to see how widespread Nikon gear was here.

  • Mark

    I am a loyal Nikon user and teach photo. What I am observing is that students are at least giving Sony a serious look because of their limited budgets. For example, B&H has a Sony A230 DSLR with 18-55mm Lens for $349.95 plus free shipping. The lowest cost Nikon option is a D3000 DSLR with 18-55mm VR Lens for $549.00

    Also add to the fact Sony has name status and bought Minolta’s SLR technology which brought that following with them.


  • Roger

    As expected- point and shoot users are buying mirrorless camersas instead of Canon G12.

    Ooooh, big deal…

  • Claude

    Wait till Nikon’s next releases and Sony will be back at No.3. These position changes always happen before releases of new cameras by both Canon and Nikon but they come bouncing back as soon as the new cameras are available.

  • Maa name is

    I’ve read half of the comments on top. From what I see there’s alot of nikon haters here. Haven’t you heard that VIP always comes last? Nikon has some tricks up their sleeves. They are waiting for their competitors to come up with their products first, then nikon blasts them with theirs. It always works that way.

    Take D7000 and 60D for example. Who comes out first? And who earns more? I guess you all know the answers. 

    What I’m trying to say here is that if you guys are thinking of switching, you all are too naive. It might be a big loss this time for nikon, but wait till they use ultimate weapon of theirs. And I’m NOT referring to the Evil mirrorless camera.

    • Roger

      Not many haters – it’s “Anonymous” mostly, he’s been at it for months telling us Nikon is dead, and Sony are gods walking the Earth. Sony shill if I ever saw one…

  • Ex-Canon User

    I don’t even put the NEX cameras in the same class as DSLR cameras.

    Statisticians do. 😉

    • Discontinued

      Good point.

      (new) icons for commenters are back.
      Thanks admin.

  • Mock Kenwell

    This should be a concern to the top brass at Nikon. Their old “slow and steady wins the race” mentality will eventually get them killed. I can’t see any changes happening unless they get bought or their board cleans house. It’s shocking how many boats they miss.

  • After 35 years shooting with Nikon, I can’t even begin to express my frustration with their lens lineup–if you can call it that. From $2000 lenses to dropping the friggen aperture ring (brilliant: right when they start making cameras for video), and new lenses that have CA problems. Top notch bodies, but I still have to use AIS lenses to get what I need.

    I also shoot with Canon for the fast lenses, but hate the bodies and autofocus. Nikon just needs to figure out their lens lineup and listen to what we need. I’ve seriously considered going to Sony, and might just do it to get my feet wet. I won’t sell my Nikon system–at least until I find out that the bodies aren’t as bad as people make them out to be. Sony flashes are brilliantly designed.

  • The problem of Nikon over Sony is that it always lags behind, in addition to release many more cameras at an affordable price.
    The D700 is already obsolete, long ago should have taken another model with a reasonable price had to be well advanced in the MP.
    I’ve thought several times happen to Sony, but I have not done for the flashes, objectives, etc., I have.

    • Harpo

      Not as absoete as the Sony a700.

  • MadDog!

    My customers don’t seem to think that my D700 is obsolete! I’m sick of reading so much crap, I’m going to stop reading and shoot instead. Enough with the bitching over Nikon behind the eight ball, Sony this Canon that, just list your stuff on ebay and take up mountain biking or snow boarding. Photography is a whole lot of fun, if its not to you then I feel sorry for you, but get over it already. I would say make a career change but I don’t know why a pro would winge about such incidental crap, so that makes you hobbiests. Dare I say it again, hobbies are supposed to be where people spend their spare time HAVING FUN, if it aint fun for you, get another hobby or go and figure out what it really is that is missing in your lives.
    I’m sorry admin. but your site needs a bit of admin before it goes from informatively letting us know what Nikon is up to and turning into a big disgruntled bitch session.

    • Good post I agree with you for the most part, but don’t let the trolls get to you haha!

  • I’m very proud of my Nikon D700. Been using it since less than a year to make a photographic magazine (had a d60 before). Don’t need a new body right away, and I’m just buying lenses this year. So, Nikon is 2nd best selling in the UK. Does that mean my camera or lenses are worse? Does that mean my photos suck bigtime?
    No, and NO.
    Switching? Who had that stupid idea? Not a chance, this D700 will stay with me.
    Perhaps some people here are more interested in having the latest and most expensive camera body (and the best selling brand badge attached to it), and forgot taking photographs.
    Let’s talk about pictures, not market shares.


    • Discontinued

      “So, Nikon is 2nd best selling in the UK.”

      Not that it really matters, but you didn’t quite get the news I suppose. “Sony took the #2 spot from Nikon in the UK in volume sales” probably means Nikon is 3rd not 2nd.

  • ruhtard

    People want their brand to be on top. I understand this. Its a fact of life, there have been fist fights over the ford vs chevy crap. Nikon has a great lineup of “stuff” Sony Ericsson does not have much to offer. There is room for them to play in the SLR market but like the rest of the crap sony ericsson puts out there its all mediocre junk.

  • Photography?

    From my understanding this is how competition, innovations and inventions work in order to create “newer” and “better” technology to please all of you guys stupidly arguing over a something as simple as first, second or third place. Quite frankly who gives a flying f**k? Sure Sony moved up and Nikon went down whoop de doo! Guess what? They’re still making a lot more money than you and in the end the consumer buys whatever the hell they want. Yeah the 5dMkII is great so it the D7000 but a year from now or even a week from now they’ll be considered relics of the photography world and may even be displayed in some random museum nobody goes to. Back to the main point Sony creates something consumers like, their ratings go up and someone else’s ratings (Nikon) goes down. A couple months later Sony’s creation is a thing of the past and Nikon comes out with their EVIL and/or the D800 or whatever and moves all the way back up to the number one spot! Only thing is exactly a week later Canon releases the 5dMkIII or the 1DsMkIV and kills Nikon back down to the number 2 spot, and the cycle begins all over again. So yeah you can argue who’s Mercedes Benz and BMW and Toyota and Honda, but in the end it’s all a technique of marketing that always screws over the consumer. So quit arguing over reliability and each Company’s stupidity because you got to have some brains to make the amount of money they do, and just go out and buy the camera from the company you like with all the bells and whistles that float your boat! Have a great day everyone and this was not intended to offend or piss anyone off, so sorry if I did.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      Best comment on this one so far.

    • DVX

      You are 100% correct but some of these fanboys don’t get it.

    • Catastrophile

      “Back to the main point Sony creates something consumers like, their ratings go up and someone else’s ratings (Nikon) goes down. A couple months later Sony’s creation is a thing of the past and Nikon comes out with their EVIL and/or the D800 or whatever and moves all the way back up to the number one spot!”

      very true, last year (just few months before the NEX & SLT announcements), Panasonic GH1 and other m4/3 cameras were outselling all or most of Sony DSLR’s, people were then qucik to jump to conclusions that Sony can not match or be as innovative as Panasonic. After the NEX5 and A55, the sales figures are completely different now.

  • Miro

    it doesn’t matter!!! I do not care what the hardware is. FX, DX what ever, innovations and design drive market. Compare Sony SLRs with Nikon’s. Higher price of Nikon is not justified. You pay for name. You can get the same, if you buy Fuji.

    Somehow Nikon is loosing market. When I was in Nikon store in Tokyo, must say what a disappointment. Nikon has the worst store of all brands.
    If you visit Sony, Panasonic, Canon..etc what a superb service.

    and the advert: IAM NIKON ->LOL

    • Photography?

      You know what I do to skip horrible service? Do my own research ahead of time because I know the teenagers they hire to sell you things at their retail stores don’t know shit about the things they are selling.

  • mats

    someone will probably buy Nikon camera division

  • Bruce

    Long time Nikon shooter… Sony NEX-5 owner (~2 months). LOVING IT. I now have about $4000 invested in the NEX-5 “system” including various lens adapters and a bunch of fast and high quality vintage lenses incompatible with F-Mount. That’s my gear budget blown for a while. Nikon has missed my mirrorless boat.

  • Sky|0/%28appareil2%29/680|0/%28appareil3%29/676|0/%28onglet%29/0/%28brand%29/Sony/%28brand2%29/Nikon/%28brand3%29/Pentax

    Nikon says: I’m gonna loose even more market! :O

  • Some people may still scoff at Sony as a serious competitor, but they should stop now. Sony and Panasonic are launching an all out blitz on Canon and Nikon in the consumer market. Nikon isn’t going away, but it’s time to start realizing Sony is serious about cameras. They might not make a model you like right now, but eventually they will and it will be priced very competitively with Canon/Nikon products. From the few dealings I’ve had with people in the camera division, Sony is very responsive to photographer feedback. They are one of the only companies that has told me to “TELL THEM HOW IT IS” and point out things I don’t like about their cameras. Other companies get very defensive and start spewing company line BS about their products bringing up obscure features in their defense.

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