First mockups of Nikon’s mirrorless interchangeable lens camera

I do not have any real images of the upcoming  Nikon mirrorless interchangeable lens camera but I received two mockups that will give you a pretty good idea of the camera's design:

Here are some details in addition to those I published earlier today:

  • Similar clean design like the Coolpix P300.
  • The camera will not have any dials on the top plate.
  • Speaker will be located on top plate.
  • There will be a pop-up flash and/or flash hot shoe for external flash.
  • The new mirrorless lenses may have electronic zoom buttons (see this patent).
  • There will be some functionality that will be introduced for the first time in a mirrorless camera.
  • The camera will probably be available in different colors.

I was told also that the mirrorless camera looks very much like the drawing filed in this patent (eventhough the camera will probably not have the patented protective mount cover):

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  • SLRist

    @Dan – Why don’t you just buy a Canon then? It’s not like you can’t just buy an adapter and use your old Nikon glass on a Canon body. Autofocus is a non-starter with shallow DoF shooting. What’s the big reason you need DSLR video anyway – do you film lots of TV interviews? Thankfully Nikon are treating the DSLR video as the waste of time and resources that it is and waiting for the fad to pass. Camcorders which can take 35mm lenses are where the future of shallow DoF video, not DSLRs. The form factor could hardly be less suitable.

  • MIKE mls149

    Oh wow, I am going to sue on this new mirrorless. My seven year old son drew this one up in school last year..except his was more colorful.

    • The mockups are very close to the real camera.

  • gone mirrorless

    it’s not going to win any design awards

  • That had better be one amazing sensor and the lenses had better be AF-S grade if Nikon wants to sell this pig’s ear.

  • RH Boks

    If Nikon will be serious in the mirorless camera’s , use a full frame sensor and follow the design of Fuji. Maybe they can work together.

  • Mig

    They build the best mirrorless camera in 2005!! Just put a Full Frame sensor on it with the capacity of setting ISO and WB.
    That’s all you need! You can build it Nikon!

  • i dont like the design, but i do like the idea.

    for nikon, bringing out an fmount mirrorless system allways means to cut sales from their dslr market, their small dslr are allready small, and every serious photographer takes an ovf instead of an evf any day.

    i assume the way for new photographers will be compact-mirrorless-dslr

    so the dslr is allways the last step, probably not for guys that want it the smaller the better, but the kind of a 12year old that starts gaining interest in photography

    by bringing out a smaller than mft sensor they go into the right direction, not trying to fight mft or their own dslrs with similar sized sensors, but going into real compact territorry. the mirrorless cams so far try to get the dslr crowd, THIS nikon wants the compact user.

    i think thats a good idea.

    also super16mm film is 2.7x crop, which is what is claimed for the nikon.

    obviously this is the startup package, with no wheels or whatsoever.

    also nikon is not what you would call big in video. but with this system, they could easily make super16mm video cameras, or just bring out a small good videocamera with the mount.

    i personally would love to have a nikon mft mirrorless. but i think i understand why they didnt. i currently use a d700 and a fuji x100, and when the new nikon is nice, i will sell the x100 instantly, despite the bigger sensor

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