Nikon’s mirrorless interchangeable lens camera will be announced on August 24th

The latest information indicates that Nikon will announce only their mirrorless camera on August 24th (in addition to the new Coolpix cameras). This makes sense since the mirrorless mount pictured above was the only real leak in the past few weeks. I don't have the technical specs yet, but here are some more details on the upcoming interchangeable lens camera from Nikon:

  • There is a good chance that more than one version/model of the new mirrorless camera wil be announced at the same time
  • The camera body will be very small, very compact, with a clean industrial design
  • Built-in high resolution EVF
  • Many video features
  • Compatible with F-mount lenses
  • The sensor will be slightly smaller than Micro Four Thirds (probably 17mm in diameter, 2.6x crop factor)
  • Four lenses to be released, one of them will be a pancake, the second will be a super zoom
  • Phase and contrast-detect AF
  • Camera code/project name: X810

See mockups of the camera here.

It seems that another press event is already scheduled for September. There are already some "new product launching seminars" planned the end of September in at least one country. I do not have an exact date, but I think September 19-23 would be a good guess.

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  • scurvy hesh

    aw crap. say it aint so!

    • Dexter0508

      “say it aint so! I will not go! turn the lights off! carry me home! na na na na!”

    • Darkness

      It ain’t so, nr fail..

  • WarStreet

    This camera will be too big for a compact, and compact user expects one lens doing everything rather than carrying other lenses. The smaller the sensor, the easier it is to do a multipurpose lens such as macro, wide and tele as we see in compacts eliminating the need of interchangeable lenses.

    On the other hand, the sensor is too small for those who would like to use this camera as a DSLR substitute. It’s not that worth it to spend money on lenses of such a system. Are you going to get a fast prime with the DOF and background blur of a 2.6 crop factor camera ?

    My opinion, this camera is not a substitute of a compact and neither of an APS-C, but just brings the worst of both with the carrying annoyance of a dslr, without the quality of a DSLR.

    • Anonymous

      Only works as a practical 2.6x tele-converter 🙂 For birders.

      • Anonymous

        If it’s say 12mp (possible – even compacts are now), then the pixel density will be equivalent to 81mp! extended to FX. No other lens-exchangeable system provides this scale of pixel density. It may be prone to diffraction even at f/4 or f/5.6, but the very center portion of some lenses wide-open may match the resolving needs of that sensor.

        Stick this mirrorless behind a 300mm f/2.8 with an adapter provided, and get a whopping 780mm in an instant ! Wildlife photographers’ dream…

        For normal usage, yes it sounds as a wasteful investment. If I can’t put it into my pocket, and if I still have to change lenses unlike a compact, then I’d rather opt for a dSLR and get better results.

    • John

      You’re right, it not a substitute for either the P&S nor DX.

      I is likely capable of having a small body like an LX-5/X100/etc. while having lenses significantly smaller than DX AND m43.

      So it brings significantly better sensor IQ than a P&S and much smaller lenses than DX. It may be the sweet spot.

      A true P&S shooter will not want interchangeable lenses (my wife is one of those folks) and a DX/FX shooter (like myself) will not swap out my DSLRs for this system. What it will do is create a camera system that has very good IQ in a small package that someone like me will purchase IN ADDITION TO my DSLRs.

      It would be great if they came out with a fixed zoom lens version (like a 24-120 FF equivalent) in addition to the interchangeable lens version.

  • peter

    I am staying on the bandwagon but I bought a fifth of Kettle One because if there is no FF I am going to fall off the wagon!

  • This camera is a total crap in terms of market and usefullness.
    Not great DOF, not great size, price will be $599, handling compromised by the size…

    You can buy a GF2 an EPL 3, even a t2i spending more $50,00.

    Give us the FF Nikon, and you will no regret it!

  • Well that’s just jingles. Waiting for august 24’th for half a year and then this comes announced, joined by some coolpixes.

  • JonMcG

    Very frustrating for me to digest this as I’ve been really looking forward to seeing a new FX body out there, even a D400 would have been a welcome addition at this point.

    What I need to remind myself is that the camera body is really only about 20% of what I consider what I need to make great pictures. Unlike many who say it doesn’t matter, I disagree. A good body *can* make better pictures. However, it’s only once piece of a large puzzle.

    I presume I’ll just live with my lowly D90 for awhile and keep working on improving my post processing skills, lighting skills, etc. It’ll make me that much better of a photographer when/if Nikon will ever release a D700 replacement.

    Just keep telling myself……..relax, breathe, the day will one day come… 🙂

    • D700

      If the body is so important then why are you still shooting that D90????? You should have updated to a D700 about 3 years ago instead of complaining now that there is no update to something you dont even have.

      People are weird.

  • Anna Seed

    Great! My 35mm DX lens becomes an 90mm f/1.8 !

    • Drew Hoover

      Yes, but with what resolution? Will your 35mm DX lens resolve at more than 4x what it was designed to resolve for the much larger aps-c sized sensor?

      • Bert

        That never stopped Canon users

    • Roger

      Not quite.

  • Landscape Photo

    What customer base is this mirrorless aiming for?

    * Potential coolpix buyers? No, they will find it a compromise in many ways

    * dSLR buyers? No, they won’t compromise IQ for some weight reduction

    * Customers who want to shoot discreetly with a Leica-feel? Maybe, but the DoF & high-iso IQ measures will likely be under acceptable threshold due to tiny sensor. APS-C sized Fuji X100 would be a better choice.

    * Who else left? Some enthusiasts who want to feel the versatility of a dSLR but not yet ready to lug around or pay for? Yes, possibly.

    * Photographers whose main subject is different, but wishing for a grasp of wildlife, using the advantage of its pixel density? Yes, if their lenses are up to that task

    • tub33

      > What customer base is this mirrorless aiming for?

      I already have a D3 and D90. I don’t always have it with me so I have a Panasonic ZS1 point and shoot in my pocket right now. I wish its image quality and controls were better. If Nikon’s mirrorless system will still fit in my pocket (M4/3 and NEX won’t) then I may buy it.

      • WarStreet

        But, it won’t fit in your pocket with a size slightly smaller than a 4/3, and which DSLR user will want interchangeable lenses in a compact camera ?

        • D700

          Its not intended to replace dslr or aimed at those users.

        • tub33

          We haven’t seen the camera yet. The reviews I have seen say the Panasonic GF3 w/ 14mm prime will fit in a cargo shorts pocket. You can put another prime in the other pocket. In theory Nikon’s could be even smaller.

  • NikonD80Still

    i think i remember a time when people are anticipating and got disappointed. It might be this month again. i don’t have high hopes to get new dslr but mirrorless only.

    anyway my d80 still produces good photos. my friends even think i have a fullframe D3 😉

    • the visible man

      dont kidd yourself, theyre just saying that to be nice.

  • Kevin

    F Mount compatible?

    so my 70-300mm will turn into a telescope :O !? I wonder what the picture quality will be like…

    • Anonymous

      Is your very central crop sharp enough before diffraction sets (I mean wide open)? Maybe @200mm f/4.X. Then go for it…

      And will the body cheap enough to justify?

  • Brian

    Can’t wait to try my 600mm on the mirrorless.

  • Anonymous

    This mirrorless will be such a wasteful move for Nikon (unless they can prove it wrong).

    Personally if I wanted it compact, then I’d be inclined for the extreme end, a good-enough, 2x zoom mobile phone cam for the sake of having it almost always with me.

    If I’m going to start carrying something for an assignment, then it won’t make much sense to lose IQ for a kg less weight in my bag. Sure I’d be happy to carry half-sized body with half-sized lenses on my neck, instead of a D700 cw. an FX lens, but only if it were possible with no or little loss in IQ. We know it is yet a distant dream…

    Nikon, don’t waste your resources, don’t take our time; bring that D800 asap !!!

  • cameramm

    no dslr next week – very disappointed – as I was told earlier (by nikon people), the pro cameras will show up at the end of the year – in stores in January. But you were so sure about new ff cameras next week, why?

    • Anonymous

      Not the Admin (has warned about an only-mirrorless last week), but more of Thom Hogan and another 2 photographers I can’t remember their names at this moment.

      Let’s hope they are correct, and we see the dSLR announcements soon.

      Btw, Ken Rockwell is dead silent about this subject (possibly because he previously mispredicted a couple of times)

      • Hamuga

        He is to busy cleaning up the rot inside his digital cameras.

  • C_QQ_C

    >>•Compatible with F-mount lenses <<

    The shown mount does not look like it is to me….

  • Davidb


  • Lulz

    Lulz @ nikon

  • Lulz

    I just don’t get it man. Sonys evil looks so much better.

  • Ken Elliott

    If they have really small lenses and hit a sub-US$200 price, they may have something. Otherwise I think Sony/Panasonic/Olympus have them beat pretty badly. But I bet it will still sell because plenty of people see the Nikon name and assume it’s good.

    Let’s reserve judgement until we see it / use it.

  • Dormant

    X810 seems a naff name to use for the first in a new product line.

  • Bob
  • James

    Wow! People are funny. I think this is exactly was is needed. I have a D7000, D40 and an LX2 and I must say the LX2 doesn’t satisfy my needs as a photographer and the D40 is just too big for some occasions. The M43 systems are interesting, but still a bit big for what I’m looking for.

  • poizen22

    i dont understand people complaining about a camera similar to a s95 with a changeable lens system…

    • People just like to complain, that’s all. I bet that in less than half a year after the D700’s succesor is announced, there will be some who will demand information on the follow-up.

      • T140AV-Rider

        half a year?
        Far too long my friend.
        What about half a day after the replacement goes on sale.
        Oh, and it will include words like, ‘Want it today’ and ‘It must have’

    • bart b

      You can only compare the size of the mirrorless Nikon with the Canon S95… Nikon mirrorless will come with a changeable lens system, EVF and a 4 times bigger image sensor … Of course Canon-fanboys are complaining now 🙂

  • Daf

    I’m going to cry if there’s no 400/800 announcement.
    You hear that Nikon – going to reduce me to tears – shame on you.


  • bart b

    Give this 17mm diagonal image sensor maximum 10Mpixels and put all the lowlight technology Nikon has in it … Then I’ll buy it. 🙂

  • m0m0

    wait, maybe this is just a smoke screen and nikon is making a point that leaks from now on will be hard to come by..

    maybe nikon wants everyone to keep anticipating the 24th of august and stressed out whether the full frame will be announced or not that way when the announcement comes, it will be a “no brainer” to pre-order or buy the camera when it’s available..

    i’m sure nikon won’t let it’s professional / enthusiast market down by releasing a smaller pseudo micro 4/3 system with an interchangeable lens system (defeats the purpose of the camera really) or if the camera won’t be announced on the 24th of august maybe they’ll do it close to christmas so they can make production numbers up and release the camera the day it’s announced..

    the economy and the markets have been down a lot lately and i think this is nikon’s (or every manufacturer’s) marketing strategy: build up the anticipation, give a bit of frustration, and finally supply the market with their much needed fix of full frame bodies.. i’m hoping to finally shoot with an upgraded d700 sometime this year and i’m confident that the d700 replacement will whoop some canon 5d mark III ass..

    • stev

      I think you are right on your assessment. Im more interested in a D400 replacement. Im more of a DX user. Then there is sony who is spilling the beans intentionally a month before they announce it. I think these rumor sites are great for companies

  • if there is no D700 upgrade/replacement (read new entry level FX) announcement, I am buying the Canon 5D. Shame on you Nikon. People have been waiting for you to upgrade that camera and you are losing customers. Some heads need to roll in Nikon.

    • SirRaspyMcNasty

      me too, the only thing holding me back is the proximity of a d800 possibility. UGHH so frustrating

      If there is a d800 im gettin a 35mm 1.4 and a 85mm
      if not , 5d mkii + same setup with a sigma 85mm

      but i sitll want a frackin nikon! T____T

  • fo2re

    Nikon D300/700 with “Holy Trinity” f.2.8 for the though stuff and Olympus E-P3 always around with me is for me the perfect combination.

  • iusedtolikenikon

    Full-frame mirrorless, Nikon. That’s the way to go and you will not regret it…

    This is crap.

  • Ryan

    Where is the Announcement?????

  • EddieV

    I held a Lumic GF2 in my hand last night and played with the controls a bit. I have a couple D 3digit cameras and I always carry one with me in a bag, ie the bag I carry to work with me. So with my laptop, some binders, and whatever other crap I happen to have in there with me along with the camera and maybe an extra lens, it gets to be heavy. But I just don’t like carrying a P&S either. Anyway I think there’s a space/market for a micro DSLR type of camera, and I’m very tempted to go back and pick up that Lumix if the actual release of a micro Nikon isn’t until Christmas season. I don’t need that DX or FF sensor and quality every minute of the day, but I do need a camera.

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