Nikon’s mirrorless camera recap

Original source: Wikipedia

The leak of Nikon's mirrorless camera mount indicates that the camera is finalized and probably already in production/field testing. Based on previous leaks, announcement is imminent in the next few weeks (Nikon will have a major announcement on August 24th). Three new lenses are expected to be announced with the new mirrorless system. As previously reported, the Nikon mirrorless solution will have a 2.6x crop factor with an image diameter of around 17mm. Here are the possible sensor/mount dimensions send by a reader:

Here are two comparisons of the Nikon mirrorless compared to m43 mount and the new Pentax Q mount.

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  • Joe Bodego

    nikon rocks

  • jimmy bottoms

    this camera had better have 6-8MPs with such a tiny sensor. fat chance of that, though.

  • bart b

    The way I see it …

    1. The end is near for small entrylevel coolpix cameras. Everybody now has a smartphone with a 5 -8 megapixelcamera and we are pleased with the results as long as we want to use it to take pictures of our drunk friends. Why carry even a small coolpix camera with you when you’ve got your mobilephonecamera with you all the time?

    2. People still need a small camera to walk around. We go hiking or ride bicycle and do not want to carry a large camera but we still want to take better pictures then our mobile phonedevice can offer. Small sensor Coolpix is a ‘no go’ becourse it has the same sensor as our phone … We want better quality… Possibility to change lenses … Nikon is comming with the mirrorless ILC … Nikon Coolpix Pro …

    3. People who want to take pictures of their kids, art-pictures, people who need full manual controle all the time, prosumers, proffesionals, … The will keep on asking for the next DX or FF model to satisfy their needs and to ensure they always have the best quality available to take the best picture possible.

    I beleve the ‘Nikon mirrorless’ will be a very smart move from Nikon …

    • bart b

      And who knows … To get better image quality compared to what smartphones can offer … The new image sensor diameter of 17mm may well become the new standard for all future coolpix cameras 🙂

      • Maybe the sensors used in smart phones is approaching the quality of P&S cameras (I can’t really say for sure) but you still get better images out of a P&S because the optics on camera phones are crap. Maybe they’re getting better but I don’t see the image quality of camera phones surpassing P&S cameras any time soon.

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