Picture of Nikon’s mirrorless camera mount

Picture of the mount and sensor of upcoming Nikon mirrorless camera named "X810" leaked on the Chineses forum Xitek:

Brief translation (thanks B.): the new mirrorless demo machine is here, temperatly named X810. The user is not going to post pictures of the whole camera due to trade secret and he do not want to lost his job. but he did post a picture of the mount as requested by other users. As we can see it is not a F-mount and the senser size seems to be 1/2.3 or 2.5. many users seems to be disappointed with the small sensor it has.

The mount on the picture is similar to various, previously filed patents from Nikon for a mirrorless camera:

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  • Jabs

    In summary, I think this camera (X810) is the equivalent of a CoolPix Pro line and will have several models of different capabilities.

    New Product category – that’s all.

    Reminds me of past Nikon’s like the old rangefinder models “S” series and such.
    Fast street shooter and Leica like size but cheaper and quicker to shoot with.

    Think Minolta CLE

  • Wadesta

    I like it. I think that it is important to differentiate between this line and others and I’d be lying if I said I was excited about the sensor size but I’m excited to see it, regardless.

    • bhammer

      Almost no DOF control, ‘good’ ISO stopping at 800, yet interchangeable lenses? Point is…?

      • bhammer

        But… I guess if the price is right…

        • Anon

          There’s more to photography than the things you listed….

          I’m disappointed in sensor size as well, but I could care less about shallow depth of field images. I like the field of view from larger sensors. This is a huge disappointment.

          Oh well, I guess I’ll go back to holding out for a digital Contax G2… 😉 lol

          • If there’s more to it then why get a camera that’s lacking functionality?

          • Stabsy

            I am with you. It can’t be so difficult to make such a marvelous camera in digital !!! I do not understand it

          • Jack Wallace

            There’s more to photography then specs on a camera too….like, oh, maybe, creativity? pfff

  • Do the maths

    Previously we have been led to believe that it would be a 2.6 crop factor, that’s a bit smaller the 4/3. Product photos would seem to back this up, if that is 2.6 crop factor sensor then the outer diameter of the lens ring would be around 50mm, smaller than the 60mm of the D mount.

    Just suppose that was realy a 1/2.5 sensor like a compact, that would make the outer diameter about 23mm, which would be too small.

    Methinks that crop factor has been confused with absolute sensor size 😉

    As for ISO, expect 10MP with at least 2 stops better performance than a G12 (yes, that’s better than many fairly recent DSLR’s).

  • FakeKenRockwell

    Have said it before and will say it again. Big cameras are dead. When your iPhone can replace your P&S and massive so-called “Pro” cameras are too much of a pain to use, what is the future of a dedicated camera? It has to be small enough to carry easily, it’s lens system needs to be superior than anything a p/s can field and it has to have all the advantages of a interchangeable lens system. All this belly aching about DoF is just silly. How many ‘enthusiasts’ can actually afford a bunch of good lenses faster than f/1.8? Imagine if we could shoot fast, wide and get DoF as good as a decent pro f/2.8 lens in a small package. What is not to like?

    • Lulz

      Again, people who buy point n’ shoot cameras will continue to buy point n’ shoot. People who shoot dslrs but want something for snapshots while traveling will buy m4/3 systems. Wrong market.

  • jimmy bottoms

    what’s the point of this system? crappy high ISO, DOF control and noise characteristics, at (judging from all other MILC system cameras) DSLR prices?

    almost as DOA as the Q system, unless nikon has put something in there that we cannot expect.

  • jimmy bottoms

    DOA system if it costs even nearly the same as a D3100.

  • I wish they’d compete in the Micro Four Thirds market instead. As it is, they’re a little proprietary system off in the corner, with nothing to distinguish it except negatives.

  • Kristopher Buck

    Fiber Optic connection on the top?

  • no-nikon-no

    wow it looks so cute. you could put a 70-200mm full frame lens on it and and it will be 350-1000mm f2.8, thats amazing!

  • Bart B

    According to this dutch website Nikon will announce 2 dslrs in August, a D4 and most likly a replacement for the D700 The D4 will be available this year …

    The mirrorlesscamera will be shown at CES in Las Vegas in Januari


  • Teun

    All we need is some CSI-software to improve the pixels, so we can count the number of pixels the sensor has.

  • Pacman

    pointless machine! 🙁

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