The picture of the Nikon mirrorless mount is real

The picture of the Nikon mirrorless mount is real. How do I know? Nikon officially requested the Chinese forum Xitek to remove the entire post containing the camera code name and the picture. The post is now gone.

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  • John

    The nice thing about this sensor size is that it could be use in an interchangeable lens body as well as a fixed lens (zoom) body. I’d be very interested in a fixed lens body that had an EVF, swing out LCD, and a 24-100 or so FF equivalent zoom that was reasnably fast (say f/2 at 24mm and f/2.8 at 100mm) and compact (collapsing). They’d get my $$ for both of these cameras (if done correctly).

  • Lulz

    I’d Rather spend the extra couple hundred on an x100

    • Richard

      I’d rather wait for the interchangeable lens camera that Fuji is rumored to be developing.


      • Troll?

        Yes I agree.

      • broxibear

        Hi Richard,
        I think you’re right about the Fuji.
        I suspect it’ll be a micro four thirds sensor, if it’s the same sensor as the X100 then there would be no reason to buy the X100 anymore unless it was significantly cheaper…and it’s already pretty expensive at £1000?
        If Fuji can make a m4/3 that looks like the X100, 2 or 3 good lenses and is priced to compete against the EP3 they’ll be onto a winner.

        • nobody

          “If Fuji can make a m4/3 that looks like the X100, 2 or 3 good lenses and is priced to compete against the EP3 they’ll be onto a winner.”

          The lenses are already there, made by Olympus and Panasonic!

          7-14mm zoom, 12mm f2, 14mm f2.5, 20mm f1.7, 25mm f1.4, 45mm f1.8.

          There’s room for emprovement, yes, but what’s there for m43, isn’t bad at all!

          • Richard

            One of the beauties of the m4/3rds standard is the lens interchangeability. Lens adapters are fun, too. I am starting to play with some of my old Olympus OM lenses on an E-PL2. The 50mm f1.4 becomes (effectively) a 100mm f1.4 and so on.

            If Fuji puts out a m4/3rds body with a great sensor and some nice prime lenses, they could become a major player in this segment almost overnight. They just need to price things competitively.


          • broxibear

            Hi nobody,
            What I meant was that Fuji aren’t going to bring out just a body, if they also add a few exceptional lenses of their own even more people will want one…I’ve got the 20mm f1.7 on my GF1 and it’s stunning.

        • camerageek

          Anyone who thinks Fuji will put out a micro four turds camera needs to have their heads examined. It will be APS-C no doubt about that. Why would they take a step backwards to the land of mediocre sensor performance?

          • Richard

            The flaw in your analysis is the assumption that Fuji will introduce only one camera. The rumor indicates a probability of two, and perhaps three cameras.

            While Fuji may not be selling you a MFT camera they can sell quite a few to other people if done right. MFT is what it is. At present, it is better than the P&S cameras in terms of IQ & etc and worse than many of the DX sensor cameras in this regard. It is certainly no D3s, but then neither are the DX cameras.

            We will see what Fuji intends to do soon enough and then we compare cameras a little more objectively.

            As much as you appear to dislike MFT cameras, I suppose you must think even less of the Nikon sensor which is the focus of this discussion.

            • camerageek

              There will be no Fuji Micro Four Turds camera. I can guarantee that. As far as the Nikon above, yeah it’s as laughable as the Pentax Q, but however unlike Micro Four Turds which many try to portray as something akin to the next coming of Leica, Nikon and Pentax will not be trying to hoodwink our market sector with it and aim it solidly at the unwashed ignorant peasantry (i.e. the dreadfully common consumer).

            • Oilymouse

              Oh dear. Not only a simpleminded opinion about sensors based on your personal interpretation of physics and technology, but now a prophesy too.

              Doesn’t it bother you hardly anybody ever attempts to counter your fundamental positions regarding sensor size and consumer intelligence? Or do you simply think that means you must be right?

              And regarding your so-called guarantee: in fact, you can guarantee nothing, except the flow of turds coming from your keyboard.

      • Brandon

        i’ve been keeping up with the fuji 43 camera. If it turns out to be true, it could take the amateur/travel/p&s category by storm. I’d definitely get one if it were 43 and just buy a nikon mount adapter.

      • Please post a link with rumors about that new FUJI camera.

    • I will not because Fuji will not compatible with my modern NIKKOR. 😛

  • jimmy bottoms

    to this and the recently-announced Q system, i say: WTF

  • sflxn

    Where’s the beef? All I see is bun. 🙂

    • Troll?

      Let’s hope the nikon buns are sexy. 😉

  • I don’t get this at all. Nikon is pandering to the consumer market obviously. They always have with their lower-end products while Canon has a respectable history of making point and shoots that professionals/high-end users would enjoy. Nikon has always been 2nd fiddle in this regard and even though they made some advances with the P7000, they took a step back with the P300 IMO. Releasing a stupid mirrorless system with a tiny sensor doesn’t make much sense.

    As someone who deals in camera retail on a regular basis in the tri-state area I can assure that mirrorless cameras are nowhere even close to being a recognizable product in the consumer market. People who are into photography understand them for the most part, but want the most bang for their buck. I expect this Nikon product to be pricey and have low IQ compared to Panasonic, Olympus, Sony, and Samsung offerings.

    This camera will be a micro-Leica, except people will be buying it because it’s yellow, not red. 😉

  • jimmy bottoms

    again: W.T.F.

  • Chard

    Hmmm… I think Nikon followed the Pentax’s Q concept. Having a tiny sensor but with an interchangeable lenses. =)

  • rhlpetrus

    If the sesnor is that small, count me oit. I think a Panny m43 is looking more and more probable in my future. The G3 RAWs are looking about as good as the D5100 in the DPReview tests when both converted with ACR, even at high ISO.

  • rhlpetrus
  • Jojo

    Nikon have been condemned for this by many on NR and other sites, but I am going to suggest this could become a market leading design. (Pause for effect, even mocking laughter….)

    Many are disappointed after expecting Nikon to take on existing mirrorless systems, but they are obviously thinking in a different direction. I too am a little disappointed; I would love a NEX sized compact (with EVF fixed, add on, or fold up) that would focus AF-S lenses via an adapter, but Nikon are clearly going elsewhere.

    Many market analyses have predicted the demise of the current P&S market as mobile phone cameras continue to eat away at it. Obviously Nikon will lose out if/when that happens, they must have thought seriously about this problem. Perhaps they are looking to create somewhere for those P&S shooters to go (at least that portion interested in photography) by developing what we could call a High End P&S market – “Super P.Sh”. Essentially appealing to those who would use a compact, but providing the extra USP of interchangeable lenses and a small “system”. Olympus and Panasonic seem to be aiming at a similar target market, but m43 will only work here with their pancake lenses. A G3 with standard kit zoom may shave something off the D3100 equivalent, but is still a strap over the shoulder or put it in a bag type of camera – it’s very slightly smaller, lighter but the difference is not really significant. Even the GF3/EPM1 are no longer particularly small once you fit the standard zoom.

    Years ago the Olympus 43 system was hampered by not providing a significant reduction in size despite the smaller sensor. Today Sony, Olympus and Panasonic are demonstrating cameras can be as compact as you like, but APS-C and even m43 do not really allow for correspondingly smaller lenses. Perhaps Nikon’s CSC will provide a better mix of balanced compactness with good enough quality, which the Pentax Q will not. The history of photography/equipment is full of “smaller but good enough”. Most of the target market will never want to print bigger than A4, many will never actually print a picture. I have read posts on NR saying 12MP is enough, my D300 produces 1st class 40 inch prints, etc. A 12/14MP 2.7 crop camera will likely produce A4 prints of a higher standard! Many enthusiasts use so called high end compacts when they want a small camera (LX5,ZX1,S95,etc), this new Nikon will provide better quality. It will be bought by some P.Sh upgraders, some enthusiasts. I believe it could create a new market niche in coming years and help Nikon to hold on to some of the “disappearing” P and Sh market.

    Obviously, it’s not an F mount, will there be an F mount adapter? Yes, hopefully providing AF with FA-S lenses. Although most F mount lenses will not be very useful on the format, think of the marketing potential/cachet of tapping into the world’s best known “Professional” camera name and system. The 35/50mm AF-S 1.8 lenses would be good shorter telephotos, but forget wideangles for obvious reasons. Will it be a professional camera? No, but some pros will use it. Some for its compactness. I would imagine every user of the 200mm f2 lens will buy one, if only for the experience of trying a 500mm f2! An 800mm f2.8 would have its uses also.

    So while some of you may agree with the Glaswegian who says “this is pish”, perhaps we should think more in terms of “Super P*sh”…..

  • Ben Hipple

    would this lens work with an adapter on the nikon mirror-less min camera?

    it could make the small sensor interesting.

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