The Nikon Coolpix line upgrade will contain an updated P1100pj and a new rugged camera

The current Nikon Coolpix S1100pj model

There'll be a bunch of new Coolpix cameras announced at the end of August. One of them will be an upgrade to the current P1100pj model (the one with a built-in projector). Few weeks ago Tim McKenna mentioned about a new underwater camera from Nikon on his Facebook page. I can now confirm that there will be a new rugged Coolpix model, which will be Nikon's first.

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  • Canon User

    Nice! Keep it going Peter, NR Rules!!!

  • Paul

    Finally, an underwater p&s to compete with the rest!

    • Mock Kenwell

      FINALLY! One off my list. I’ve been harping on this for almost three years now. I still think they should have leveraged the Nikonos brand, but I’m curious to see how they build this one and how they will choose to differentiate it in this now saturated (pun intended) niche market.

      • Global

        How can anyone say “finally” as if they’ve been waiting? Unless its BETTER than the other guys, who is going to care? If its not high quality — if its just a dingy cam in a box — then this is not interesting at all.

        Who makes the best underwater P&S right now, by the way? I figure the sensor should rightfully be Canon S95 size to deal with low-light….. but somehow I doubt its out there.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Well, I can say it because I have been waiting. Durable, sealed bodies are one of Nikon’s few undisputed core competencies and points of difference. With a 20+ Coolpix line of vanilla cameras that are virtually indistinguishable from one another, there was simply no excuse for Nikon not to enter and dominate the tough cam niche. They’ve essentially been building the toughest cams in the industry for years. They should have entered it long ago. I’m glad they’re in the market. The next step will be to make a good one.

          The current crop of tough cams don’t hold a candle to an S95. Until recently, they all sucked, but Panny (TS3) and Sony (TX10) have the two best at the moment. You don’t buy a tough cam for IQ, dude. You buy one to get shots you could never get from a standard compact OR a high-end DSLR.

          • Nau

            give me small underwater camera that can do RAW!!!!

  • Zorro

    I’d like to see a new swivel-bodied Coolpix like the E995.

  • Motherwithanicechild

    Yes! More Coolpix! Can’t wait. Nikon makes best compacts and this camera will surely blow competition away.
    The algorythm used in their pixel processing is award winning. No wonder Nasa takes Coolpix into space, and with the new camera they’ll take it underwater!!! Have you never wondered what the world looks from under the water?! Now we’ll finally be able to see! With superior pixel-to-pixel pitch resolution too!

    • 😀

      • bjrichus

        ROFL 🙂

        • The invisible man.

          Can you save me 15% on my car insurance if I give you a 15mn call ?

          • AnoNemo

            that was a lizzard! (?)

            • The invisible man.

              @ AnoNemo
              you have to live in US to get the joke

            • MRPhotoau

              It’s in the forum tab I think, ask peter. A post that tells you how to add whatever picture you want he obviously chose the bridgestone lizard, maybe he’s also an aussie, or do they have it elsewhere??

            • Global

              Now if only NASA can find that water.

          • Jabs

            @The invisible man.

            Yeah – GEICO Insurance – lol

    • Troll?


  • The projector always seemed a bit odd to me but I think it makes sense for Nikon to produce a beach-friendly P&S. No sense in letting those sales go to the competition. They do have a consumer market they’re presumably making a profit with. This is late to be sure, but better late than…. even later.

    • +1
      I view this hybrid CAMJECTOR as I view All-Weather-Radial-Tires. It may be good at doing more than one thing acceptablly, but it isn’t excellent at doing either great!

      Here is an idea for Nikon: Standardize the bottom of the Coolpix cameras, add electrical contacts to the bottom for connecting to optional accessories, like a portable projector, or a docking station for connecting to a television. Then they could market various mini projectors/stations which dock Coolpix on the top. Projectors could be marketed based on size, portability, battery life, and luminous strength. They could create a whole new market segment, all for themselves.

      If Nikon keeps this up, what are we going to see next? Maybe their next model will be CAMJECTORIZED, a water proof, ruggedized camera with projector. This way you could do picture viewing at your next beach party, or produce an underwater projector showing of the skinny dipping pictures you just snapped!

      • I like the bus idea. A common connetor for accessories has worked out pretty well for Apple.

    • BartT

      Summer will be almost over when this beach-friendly P&S hits the stores. It’s not the best timing, but I agree that it’s better now than later or not at all. Unfortunately for Nikon, I already bought Lumix TS3.

      • Summer doesn’t start until January. Right after some folks holiday sales. Also, Northern folk like a mid-winter beach break.

      • MRPhotoau

        It often amazes me how some people seem to think that the whole world lives in USA. My summer is November-march. So the timing is great. Not that I’d be buying one.

        • Elton

          Indeed. There is a whole half-world people forget about. (I’m in the USA, but I do try to remember my geography and that it’s a global market.)

        • patrick

          It often amazes me how some people seem to think that the
          whole world lives in USA. My summer is November-march.

          USA isnt the only place that has summer now. Try the entire northern hemisphere.

          • Global

            Yes, but Americans invented summer, you have to admit that… Just like we invented cars, electricity, and civilization.

            Well, you might as well face it — China resides in a similar latitude as the US, so those of you living elsewhere, get ready for this kind of talk to continue for another 100 years, just in Chinese characters and broken English. The Chinese also believe they started the world and star centrally in it. So lets say it all together now, “the US and China are the only countries that matter.” This will be our song for the next 100 years. 😉

            • Troll?

              Only 100?

            • MRPhotoau

              That’s an interesting comment. Now china holds the population base, but the US is a country ready to implode. Tell me, how does it feel to be $14,600,000,000,000 in debt and rising at a rate of some 1.7 odd trillion a year. Yep North America is definately the centre of the universe.

      • Me too. I got tired of waiting for nikon. I needed a “beachable” camera.
        Very happy with the TS3. If nikon’s folded optics on their new rugged camera are anything like the S70, then it will be another fail for them in the compact market. My iphone4 takes better photos than the S70 could.
        On the other hand, I still love my Nikon DSLRs.

  • Bob2

    Phew, for a second there I thought that was the new Mirrorless Nikon! Probably uses the same sensor, though.

  • Laughably, I didn’t see any Coolpix cameras in our local stores. Fujis, Canons, Olys, whatewers, but not Nikon Coolpix. On the other hand, there are tons of cheapo Nikon DSLRs. Conclusion?

    • The invisible man.

      I don’t know about USA but I can tell you that in France you don’t want to sell coolpix cameras, the profit is like +0.00000001% !

      So that may explain why you see more Pentax, Olympus and other brands in local stores.

      By the way, if you need binoculars, get Pentax ones, cheaper and as good as Nikon binoculars.

      • I’m from Ukraine. 🙂

        • The invisible man.

          Do they still make Zenit cameras ?

          • Zenit is in the Russia now. Ukraine is famous of making Kiev rangefinders and medium format cameras. Arsenal factory (one of the eldest factories in the country) is closed now. Arax and Hartblei are still doing their stuff based on what is remaining in the Arsenal storehouses.

      • Jabs

        @The invisible man

        Except of course the famous ED spotting scopes with the available lens mount adapter – amazing!

  • Alex

    I hope the D800 has a built-in projector. I would say “suck on that 5D MkIII owners!” 🙂 What would be even better is if the D800 has built-in Netflix to go with the projector too!

    • would be killer for boring weddings

      • The invisible man.

        +10000 !

        • Shasta_D

          Connect the 5D up to the D800 to project the 1080p video you just took with the 5D (just in case the D800 won’t have video and only 12megapixels).

          • Troll?

            Hello friendo.

    • If only they could figure out a way to use the mounted lens to focus the projection beam (ignore the optical impossibilities and just dream for a moment).

  • D700guy

    thats actually kind of interesting.
    They do sell those disposable underwater cameras, and they are great for vacation spots such as hawaii, so why not?
    A coolpix that basically can do just that, be taken out on the water.

    • We buy those disposable cameras when we go on vacation all the time. We saw an underwater Kodak P&S a while back that was relatively inexpensive and did video. I wonder how much this one will cost.

  • Another coolpix….yeah….yawnnnnnnnn
    Give me the real thing.
    I hope the dslrs are in August still.

  • Paul

    Am I the only one who doesn’t even pay attention to coolpix releases? I buy Nikon DSLRs, and Canon or Pansonic compacts. Nikon compact cameras just NEVER compete with the other offerings.

  • Can Wishingwell


  • Lulz

    Lol @ nikon –

  • photo-jack

    To me it’s a riddle how that P&S business works out. Well, a woman may have 100 handbags and still “needs” some more to match a skirt or coat. But what about P&S? I guess every household has already a bunch of them. So perhaps we’ve reached the point where a Karl Lagerfeld signature, an Armani logo or maybe just the right spring or autumn color could generate more sales than the most fancy specs. Cause for Facebook & Co. it is sufficient anyway. But how does that work out for the maker? A saturated market, no brand loyalty cause it’s a one time business (no lenses, no flash, almost no accessories you want to stick with like in the DSLR-Business) and a life-span of 6 to 12 months before the next model appears. Typical P&S customers do not have much knowledge about the relevant technical features for photography anyway. Thus the maker have to do rather costly image campaigns to sell the product. Plus a development of cell-phones that must be scary to P&S makers.
    Until some years ago I frequently bought some photo magazines; not anymore cause they fill their pages with all that “news” about P&S that had been filling web-pages 8 weeks before and I’m still not interested.
    The believe in the “big” business with the masses had led to sacrificing in the development of more specific products in many areas. I hope pro-DSLRs will not be one of them in the near future.

    • Kind words, photo-jack.

    • Jabs


      The newer generation has short attention spans, low expectations in certain things and we live in a disposable society of Internet connected things with buzzwords ruling over real specs, often. Cameras (P&S) became a commodity like computers and thus a few manufacturers and just label changes to differentiate brands often.

      Contract Manufacturers make things much cheaper for us consumers, as they make them in larger quantities, thus generic like Fast Food joints.

      Mass marketing to billions instead of millions – MaXXHeadroom or RoboCop – look it up.

  • Narna

    Well I’m looking forward to a waterproof Nikon, and will probably buy one!

    The modern Coolpix line is actually very nice compared with the competition and Nikon sales are making a strong comback at least for us here in a pocket of Oz.

  • Anyone ever seen one of these projector Nikon’s in action? I’ve always wondered what the effective projection distance would be, and how big you could project.

    • kulturindustrie

      The size of your hand will be the biggest you’ll get in room with a window in a daylight situation. To have at least a little bit of contrast in the projected picture you’d need serious curtains. And don’t forget to buy a second battery…

    • MB

      You can get some idea from this promotion made using p1000pj that was first coolpix with projector:

  • Lulz

    At this point I’m just hoping the dslr’s in aug won’t be a huge disappointment like the evil in the other post….

  • Peter

    It’s about bloody time Nikon had a new weatherproof point and shoot. Loved my L35AW but after my wife dropped it many years ago Nikon repaired it and would no longer certify its underwater worthiness.

  • Ben Hipple

    underwater projector camera? maybe then next one will have an ebook reader or mp3 player.

  • BenS

    ” The Nikon Coolpix line upgrade will contain an updated P1100pj and a new rugged camera. ” >>> I guess it will take “rugged” pictures too ….

  • Why Nikon not make rugged with projector? 2-in-1

    • LOL


      y u no love us?!

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