Nikon software compatibility with Mac OS X version Lion 10.7

Mac OS X version Lion 10.7 is now available for download. Nikon issued a service notice specifiyng which software products will be compatible with the new Mac OS:

  • Capture NX 2
  • ViewNX 2
  • Camera Control Pro 2
  • WT-4 Setup Utility/Thumbnail Selector
  • Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0
  • PC-PJ Transfer

The following products will no longer be supported:

  • Capture NX Ver. 1.x
  • Camera Control Pro Ver. 1.x
  • Nikon Capture series
  • ViewNX Ver. 1.x
  • Nikon Transfer Ver. 1.x
  • PictureProject
  • Nikon View series
  • Nikon Scan series
  • PictureProject COOLPIX Remote Control
  • WT-3 Setup Utility
  • Wireless Camera Setup Utility
  • Wireless Connecting Utility
  • Nik Color Efex Pro 2.0

In addition, Nikon doesn't plan to provide compatibility for other software, or SCSI- or serial-connection products.

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  • Canon User

    I love it! NR Rules!!!

    • Zorro

      NR Rules???
      Why are you here?

      • Troll?


      • Canon User

        Yes NR Rules!!!
        If you don’t agree, stay away from Peter’s site:-)

  • Nikon View NX2, Camera Control Pro and Nikon Capure NX 2 already work on Mac OS X Lion.

  • Neil

    They actually announced it now instead of a year from now! Wow! Although from what I’ve read from people who have tried it, NX2 has some problems but are intermittent.

    • Neil

      I forgot to add that I’ll be putting it through its paces tomorrow. Got a glamour shoot tomorrow afternoon. Woohoo! 🙂

    • D700guy

      NX2 sucks. I own a full license copy but absolutely never use it.
      PS5 is so much better and user friendly.

      • Bryan Hope

        NX2 sucks? LOL. Maybe it’s time to upgrade the DX4 computer of yours. PS5 can’t hold a candle to NX2 in terms of NEF RAW conversion. My friends and I have never had a problem with NX2. It just delivers and is stable on my Windows 7 64 bit machine. Maybe you need to learn how to operate a computer and the software. PS5 is for kiddies that like to use layers (yuck) and use the clone tool. Grow up already and quit yer whining.

        • binary_eye

          If speed is an issue, yes, NX2 sucks. My work machine is a quad-core Mac Pro with 6GB of RAM. NX2 crawls. When you’re batch converting hundreds of raw files, ACR is a much more practical solution.

          Also, it’s Photoshop CS5, not PS5. Photoshop 5 came out 13 years ago. And plenty of grown-ups are making money using Photoshop in a professional capacity.

          • Bryan Hope

            If it crawls on your machine, time to ditch the Mac then, isn’t it? My quad core PC has no problems with batch files.

            PS5 – semantics. You know what I meant, didn’t you? Or is it the only argument you have in favor of photoshop? The name? Jesus!

            Lastly, yeah those grown-ups making money using only PS shoot photos that a monkey could have taken. Real pros use proper RAW converters like Capture NX2 and DXO. Now crawl back to your cave and take some snapshots of your family and cats.

            • pabs

              you’re a dope!

            • Bryan Hope

              No ‘Pabs’ you are a dope and probably like this other fool that can’t get NX2 to work correctly.

          • Jabs

            Actually you don’t have enough RAM = your problem

            4 cores need at least 2 gigs of RAM per core = 8 gigs minimum in OS-X and better yet, use 4GIGS of RAM per core for a total of 16gigs plus get a Workstation Video card instead of a consumer card, as OpenGL support is better there.

            • binary_eye

              Thanks for the info. However, I don’t really have much control over the machine I use. I can ask my IT department for more RAM, but that’s about it. 🙂

              Regardless, if NX2 needs more RAM, then it’s inefficient. ACR, Lightroom, Capture One, and RPP are all able to convert raw files (tested with D200, D300, D700, and 5DII) at least twice as fast on this same machine. And none of those programs hang for a half-second to update the preview when moving an adjustment slider. If I get more RAM, I’ll use it run ACR more efficiently, not to just get by with NX2.

            • Jabs

              @Binary eye.

              Nikon’s software uses real time rendering and thus all images go into RAM, hence better but slower – get more RAM and tell them to get a Nvidia Quadro or AMD FirePro Workstation video card for you as you are rendering stuff in real time.

              I use the Nikon software myself on Win7 64bit ONLY but I can do better in Linux by far.

              Bottom line – you cannot do real time rendering of a 24bit to 32 bit IMAGE within the pipeline of a 32/64 bit processor or Operating system. When Apple fully goes 64 bit totally (leaves behind the legacy 32 bit stuff), then maybe they go to a 128bit CPU structure (allowing them to move TWO 64bit ‘chunks of data at a time) like AMD did years ago with AMD64, then you can easily manipulate 32bit images in real time, as I do that on a 64bit AMD processor on a REAL 64bit system (Linux) and it is fast even with little memory. The problem is that most of the so-called 64bit programs are really 32/64 bit as they get pseudo 64bit by adding 32+32 bit to get a 64bit aka Intel EMT64. With Intel EMT64, so need to put everything in memory to do real time and now NVidia has specialized units to help overcome the problem, but the problem really is Intel NOT adapting AMD’s 64 bit extensions – which they just licensed recently after a huge lawsuit win by AMD.

              Hope this is not above your head.

          • Eric

            Don’t feed the troll. If someone gets better results with NX2 than with Photoshop, they are hacks who don’t know how to use professional tools. Nikon’s software is a joke in comparison.

            • Actually Eric, I prefer NX2. I have had no problems using it as far as speed and workflow are concerned. It’s just a different way of conversion. If you don’t like NX2, that is fine, but to blatantly dismiss it as a ‘joke’ is a little premature.

      • Dweeb

        Yeah pretty bad when someone says PS5 is user friendly in comparison. Didn’t realize they still sold NX.

      • I agree, NX2 is a headache. It is the slowest of any commercial photo editing programs. I prefer Lightroom.

      • bert

        NX2 is maybe not as charming when it comes to workflow, but on image quality, it beats CS5, Lightroom and most others. It is the only tool that handles the great aberation removal (in a way that it totally removes it from any NEF with any lens, not as with Photoshop that you have to tweak settings and never get a perfect result). It also allows the perfect D-lighting to be tweaked. And D-lighting gives better result than any shadow-highlight tool in PS and co.
        If you are a nitpick like I am, NX is the only tool for the RAW conversion to get the best out of your Nikon images. It is so good, it even lets D700’s beat 5dmkII images handled in any software. Actually, even 5DmkII images can benefit from NX2, as importing them as 16 bit TIF into NX even gives many pro lens correction tools to those files!
        Everybody who says PS gives better result for RAW, they don’t care about the resolution above 6 megapixel, or don’t use Nikons best primes. If you work with a 28mm Ais (best wide angle Nikon ever made) or a 85pce (sharpest product lens) you will get no comparison with PS CS5.
        I still use PS, but only after NX made an excellent 16 bit TIF file.

  • Nincompoop

    I wish Nikon would take a fresh approach and simply get out of the software business. They’re not very good at it, their sw is buggy, it detracts from focus and r&d on hardware, and I really doubt it brings in much revenue to the company. Save NEFs as DMG in-camera and be done with it.

    • jadewatcher

      Can’t agree with you more. And thank you Nikon for leaving us Nikon Scan and Nikon scanner users in the dust. I now have to shell out 400€ – for software only – that will allow me to use my Nikon Coolscan 9000 on a Lion Os System. Thank you, really.

      • T140AV-Rider

        Why shell out $400 when you can download a Linux Live distro (that includes GIMP) for free.
        the Linux SANE package supports coolScan devices OOTB.

        give it a try.
        Thats How I connect my CS-4000. I have an old laptop with firwire 400 and use that. I upload the scans to my local fileshare (MacMini) and then edit them on my MBP.

      • Neil

        Try VueScan. Cheaper and works great.

        • binary_eye

          +1 on the VueScan recommendation. It works great with the 8000 ED. The interface takes some getting used to, though.

    • pabs

      I agree totally. Can someone please explain the relationship with Nik Softwared and Nikon. There are some great products along the Nik line; Silver Efex Pro, etc.

      I heard a story in the past the Knoll brothes approached Nikon with their software (which became Photoshop) but were turned away.

  • broxibear

    Don’t worry about it.
    Get yourelf down to this place in China and I’m sure they’ll get any software working on the new MAC OS lol ?

  • CD

    Here here, i am a nikon scan user and i don’t want to have to buy more software after i upgrade to Lion. On the other hand maybe its a blessing cause it is slow and clunky.

  • Jabs

    Actually this has nothing to do with Nikon, but it is/was an Apple decision to NOT include certain drivers within their own new Operating System – as that is how OS-X works, as it is based upon Linux or really a version of Linux, but locked down to prevent YOU from doing what you want – just use a VM (Virtual Machine), Linux Live CD/DVD or even this –

    • Neil

      No, OS X is not based on Linux. It’s based on BSD and XNU. Linux is just a riff off of the BSD kernel. And Apple didn’t decide not to include certain drivers. They removed Rosetta, the old Power PC compatibility later. Vendors have had 4 years to update their code. Nikon’s software development and support is horrible. At the very least they should have issued definitive statements of compatibility and not “we’ll look into it.”

      • Jabs

        BOTH BSD and Linux came from University Projects and Unix = Open Source variants to bypass Unix patents.

        Linux and BSD are like brothers from the same mother but different fathers.

        OS-X is based upon OPEN BSD.

        • a guy who knows

          Jabs, you are just plain wrong. Mac OS X isn’t “based on” OPEN BSD [sic] and it certainly is not “based on” Linux.

          You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I therefore recommend that you 1) do some googling and 2) be quiet until such time as you have completed and understood #1.

          • Jabs

            @a guy who DOES not know.

            Ever heard of the NeXT computer and its’ Operating System when Apple split up into different directions and Steve came back BEFORE your time?

            That is what OS-X is based upon and I don’t need to ‘google’ that as I was THERE when it happened plus saw it and you obviously were NOT.

            Google NeXT computer and learn, perhaps.

        • Sergio

          The Linux kernel and many GNU utility/applications have a GPL license that mandates distributed derivative work be made publicly available. No way, no how would Apple use that kernel and support utilities using that license. They derived their kernel from a *BSD kernel and ship support utilities from that system that have a BSD-like license. It is more open and a “free” license where you can keep changes to yourself if you want.

          The similarity between Linux and *BSD is that they are both UNIX-like. I run an OpenBSD system at home and hack on Linux at work. To me, they are very much a different system when your feet on on the ground. But increase your altitude looking at them from 30,000 feet and then they become very similar indeed.

      • Jabs


        Read up on it at this link and then do your own research, perhaps.

        BSD = proprietary
        Open BSD = Open Source

        Unix = proprietary
        Linux = Open source

        Open BSD and Linux are ‘cousins’ based upon parts of each other is perhaps a better way to put it. Apple created OS-X from Open Source stuff initially.

        • My issue was the idea that OS X is based on Linux. It isn’t. They are both based on similar BSD roots but OS X is not based on Linux.

          • Jabs

            @Neil – got you

  • ZoetMB

    So if Nikon Transfer isn’t going to work anymore with the new OS, how do I transfer files? I realize I can manually copy from the memory card, but Nikon Transfer is useful to rename the files as I copy.

    Are there any alternatives?

    • WoutK89

      Doesnt ViewNX2 do this nowadays?

    • Jabs

      Just manually copy until the software functionality comes to the new version of OS-X and if Apple decides to allow this, then Nikon releases an updated version to cheers.

      Nikon basically has to wait until Apple approves AFTER thoroughly testing their software as in NOT breaking the user experience of OS-X Lion.

      Exactly the same as the LT (long term) support Ubuntu or its’ variants in Linux or other such variants of Unix!

      You can also go to Terminal mode (if you are a geek) and copy from the source, but WHY bother and mess up the user experience or worse, crack your system and possibly lose data – lol

      The easy non-automatic way, perhaps:
      When the file, icon, drive shows up on your desktop – Open it and copy it to your destination folder – lol – as in Select ALL, then COPY to destination (your choice, as you make a NEW folder and name it or copy to an existing one already named).

      • That’s utterly ridiculous — Nikon does not have to wait for Apple on anything. Maybe if Nikon is going through the App Store would Apple be involved. And I sincerely doubt that Nikon is going to put their products in the App Store.

        • Jabs

          @Neil – since Apple is like Linux and has repositories, then EVERYTHING goes through there for approval even PRIOR to the App Store thingie (the new name) – lol
          Hence Mac Updates fix issues!

          You are hung up on consumer names, while I know HOW it works!

          • JMJ

            @Jabs: you are wrong! You can write an application for OS-X and publish on your website freely without Apple’s authorization. That’s how most of free-ware softwares works. Apple comes into the picture only if you send it to Apple Store.

            And you can do also same for Linux. There is no any particular reason why you should include your software to any of repositories, you can also publish it by yourself for example on your website on in Sourceforce. It is just easier to find and install by users if software is included into repositories of distributions.

            And I don’t know what you mean by University Projects (as capitalized)? Originally Linux (or strictly speaking the Linux kernel) is made by Linus Torvalds who was University of Helsinki student. Linux was the subject of his M.Sc. thesis so you could say that it is a school project.

            • Jabs

              Simple explanation, perhaps

              OS-X = has at least two things or parts.

              The Operating system which is FIXED like how Linux (up to version 3 almost now) is fixed by Linus = root

              The shell or Outer covering or GNU = the pretty stuff.

              The App stores are like pretty widgets and other such things and thus approval is needed if they mess with the Operating system or try to bypass ROOT restrictions.

              You can EDIT in Terminal mode using the same commands just like Linux = OS-X is similar if not the same.

              Apple locks down the OS or ROOT area and lets you play in the widget area or better, hence malware cannot get to ROOT or such = smart people as Win 7 is almost there at that level but not yet, maybe Win 8 will.

              Hope this explains???

            • JMJ

              Umm.. is little bit different . Maybe I misinterpreted you, but I thought you said that everything goes through Apple (or maybe), which is not true. Just App Store program does that.

              Yes it’s true that programs work with limited access by default, but programs can also ask user with Admin rights (not Apple) to give them elevated privileges to access system files.

        • Dweeb

          I’m afraid anything AAPL can’t get it’s hands on to distribute thru the AP store is going to be left unsupported. Already PS5 has been hit. I bet the PSE they’re now selling works though.

  • Dino

    Actually the comment in the article is not quite correct, as in their service order they stated that they would now begin testing compatibility of the software with Lion OS, so right now, its not compatible, but will be ….someday when Nikon have issued a patch….yawn !

    • Jabs


      Exactly, as that is how OS-X works – you test and THEN Apple approves or adds the functionality to THEIR Operating System – if it was not already in there at launch.

      1. OS-X = build an Operating System with proven and stable but a LIMITED amount of drivers included to make everything work together cohesively from the start – as in a better USER experience.

      2. Windows 7 – Build an Operating System with many drivers, some even generic (as in NOT having all the functions right away) and then everything seems to work until you go to use it or it is an ‘odd’ item not included in the driver DATABASE that ships with Windows, so you Update the drivers to the real ones by the Manufacturer and receive additional or real support of all the functions.

      3. Different thrusts and ways of doing the same exact thing, but one has a better initial user experience and the other looks better. NOW which is which to you?

      • Nicola

        Better user experience?Have you ever tried to backup your mail on a usb key with OSX Tiger?
        Find how with google,you need to copy many hidden files from the command prompt.

        • Jabs

          @Nicola – depends on HOW you define ‘user experience’ – consumer, geek, Business user, IT Pro, artist, uninformed, pretentious or such.

          Me, I use them all at times and don’t care about debates, as each computer eco-system has its’ strength and weaknesses.

          I focus on getting the job done with whatever tool that allows this quickly for me!

  • Nicola

    Oh great,another shinyiee-look-at-thy-animated-glassy-icons mac-os-(uni)-x release.

    Now wall street,nasa,web servers,google servers,panasonic,amazon,ebay,toyota,cisco,hitachi,dreamworks can upgrade to the latest goodness.

    Oh no,wait!,they’re all using Linux!!(including apple’s web site and app store) ;o)
    Those cheap silly people surely are not professional and don’t care about reliability then ;o)

    • Jabs

      @Nicola – you forgot the sarcasm or the reality – lol

      User Interface = whatever you want of eye candy or methodology
      Functionality is another matter

      Practicality is another matter
      The LIMITS of Linux is another matter, as in making you NOT mess up the OS, so sometimes it is dumbed down to protect you and other times, it is because you do NOT know what you are dong, so there is an insular layer like that in OS-X.

      OS-X protects the ROOT user from YOU the current user with Administrative privileges from terminating the computer – lol

      Look here – a ‘perfect example’ perhaps

  • fiatlux

    For what it’s worth, Capture NX (v1.3.1, which I got with my D300) seems to work fine on my Mac under Lion. Same with Capture One Pro 5 by the way. I’m sure there may be issues, I haven’t seen any yet.

    I upgraded from 10.6.7, did not re-install from scratch.

  • disiderio

    Given up on NX2, dead software. There are still people that use it, but I’d say that with a bit of research, the number of people who use capture nx2 would be very similar to the same number of people who derive satusfaction out of placing needles in their eyes. In fact, I wouldn;t be suprised if people who like sticking needles in their eyes would be the same people who derive satisfaction from using capture nx2.

    I’ve wanted to start a petition for a while, asking Nikon to word in collaboration with adobe. Would anyone sign it?

    • Bill

      OMG, that would be my biggest nightmare!!! When I read posts like this I can only assume that there must be a technical issue. Capture NX2 is rock solid for me and the raw converter is so much better that acr. I love the Nikon (Nik) software, acr and dng are faster (a little) but I prefer quality. I shoot architecture and the auto removal of chromatic aberation saves me countless hours and works flawlessly. View NX2 is great too, and very fast. BTW, the program that crashes on me constantly is Lightroom 3. Thanks to everyone above for all of the great tech. info as well.

  • Roland Penttila

    Watch out if you have a Coolscan V ED scanner with Nikon Scan 4 software. IT WILL NOT WORK with the new release of Mac OSX 10.7 LION operating system! Your hardware is now a piece of useless junk! A boat anchor!

  • bob

    That comment from Nikon does not say those apps WILL be compatible, just that they will be tested. How did you get that wrong?

    • Malcolm Hoar

      Bingo. At least someone gets it.

      Now, that Lion is shipping, Nikon have deigned to announce that they’ll take a look at it and consider supporting some of their software products on that new platform.

      That means… exactly nothing. Heck, Nikon said they were going to take a look at the 64-bit platforms that most of us have been using for more than a year and we’re still waiting…


  • Interesting problem with Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 and OS X Lion – CCP2 seems to run just fine on Lion, but when I try and install my license key (an upgrade key from CCP1) it fails. I get a dialog box that tells me that my CCP1 key is invalid. Has anybody been able to use an upgrade license key with Lion?

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