Another “photographer of interest”

After Chase Jarvis and Joe McNally here is another suspicious tweet from professional wildlife photographer Andy Rouse:

There is a lot of smoke, but still no fire...

Update: Andy Rouse posted a comment to this post that his meeting with Nikon were about a training he is doing with them.

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  • Aaron

    I’m shaking

    • Can Wishingwell

      A- Rouse – d

  • The invisible man

    20 days !

  • AnoNemo

    2 scenarios:

    1) No DSLRs in August but the mirrorless beauty (with Ashton and the Half Men)

    2) DSLRs in August = D4 + D400

    There is no way Nikon would release an FX 24MP when sony has the 24MP DX sensor (and not the new FX) ready

    • kyoshinikon

      Unless nikon is developing their own fx sensors now…

    • There are only two ways this new Sony sensor is worth anything at 24mp:

      1) Sony attended hogwarts and learnt themselves some maguk
      2) The sensor is actually full frame.

      100-16,000 ISO in a DX sensor? Pshhht.

      aaaaaaaaaaand that’s what’s going into the about-to-be-announced D800. 1080/60p? Bring it.

      • Bert

        remember even when nikon/sony/pentax all used the identical sony dx sensor, sony’s IQ was always the worst by a stop of more

        • Yeah, I mean—BSI maybe improves a little, especially with such small sensor sites. But 16,000 ISO at the top of the range? On APS-C? I don’t think so UNLESS that 16,000 is really hi-2, as was mentioned by someone (I think) on the D400 sensor post.

          But even then 16,000ISO doesn’t make sense—it’s not a full stop ISO, and therefore wouldn’t really be hi-2 either.

          Maybe this is a true RGB sensor, sans bayer pattern? It’s got to be something fantastical, otherwise the specs are wrong. Either that, or the sensor will simply suck.

  • Rockadell

    I hope it’s the D400 😀

    • The invisible man

      Give up on that D400 !

  • james

    Having to spoken to Andy, I’m pretty dam sure that it is actually about Nikon sponsored training programs, that have been run by Andy in the past.

    • Al Dente

      You’re correct. He confirmed this in a comment to his original status update on facebook.

  • D800, waiting for it 🙂

  • Pat

    Smoke is better than nothing… we have 20 days and anything to hold onto is more than welcome !!

    • Hold onto the smoke!!!!

  • I kid you not I had a dream last night where I saw the Nikon D4. It had no mirror, it was thinner then expected, had an attachable thunderbolt port+body shape to fit a small USB-sized storage (I’m not even a fan of TB). It had a strong feel and an amazing aura.

    I was going to take some secret photos and leak it to NR…

    • Christino

      Do ya remember any pocketable mirrorless D4?

    • DFive

      Hahahaha……… don’t tell your wife or GF about your dreams… she might not like it 😉

  • 120-300 F2:8 OS

    Ha ha more rumours D400 D4

  • 20 days and still no leaked photos.

    • Yup and that’s what worries me.

      • Roger

        Normal situation. You’ll get leaked specs and pictures day or two before the official announcement.

    • Geoff

      crazy that there are no leaks on precise stats either. people get MORE excited when you slip information out a little early than if you make us wait until THE DAY.

  • ladiesman217

    Oh please please be the D800

    @The invisible man – please keep up that count down!
    And yea… give up on the D400. Its coming next year

  • Christino

    He was called to help them to decide wich one should be launched: D4, D800, D400, mirrorless, 1/2.3…

    Maybe he will give us a direction after the meeting. 😉

  • jacob

    D800 is finally coming 🙂

    • Christino

      As fast as a turtle.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        Yeah, I hope it’ll be a ninja turtle.

  • They are totally missing the boat at Nikon by not asking me to test their new bodies.

    • Can Wishingwell

      Nikon is waiting on the digital reincarnation of the Nikonos, then they will ask you… 🙂

      • I have seen many Nikonos cameras in the field. They are sort of primitive, but a talented underwater photographer can do amazing things with one. The fisheye lens produced impressive results.

  • Alberto Nikoni

    No D300s replacement. D7000 replaces both D90 and D300s. D300s will be the last of that series. The only thing missing in the D7000 is the zoom button for fine tuning. On D300s you only have to press it once to go 100% zoom.

    • Alberto Nikoni

      That feature will come on D7500. You know how it is with Nikon. Half ass the camera to make more $$$

      • Geoff

        as IF pressing more than once to get 100% would kill someone.

        • Anonymous

          YeS, if you take dozens of frames in a short while ! Nikon must have disabled it on purpose reserving for D400.

  • broxibear

    “There is a lot of smoke, but still no fire…”
    Must be all those cigars you’ve been puffing on Peter lol ?

  • Lulz


  • I’m a little concerned. It’s 20 days away and there is not a single reliable leak. Either Nikon has put a serious lid on leaks or this announcement is just the EVIL system with no DSLR updates. I don’t mind an EVIL camera, but I also want to see some industry shattering D700 and D3s replacements. It seems Nikon is holding their cards very closely to their chest on this one.

    Does anyone recall major leaks before the announcement of the D3 and D700? I wasn’t around back then.

    • Aaron

      At the same time, we’ve got a lot more right now than their last two (50 1.8G and 40 2.8) releases.

  • Luis Brito

    By the way, what are the odds of being announced new lenses?

    • SGN

      Many minds, with but one question!

      Some lenses are surely coming, question is which ones!

  • NikonD80Still

    lately Nikon is promoting too much making video on facebook. Is there something more to this tutorials/articles??

    A mirrorless Video Camera???

    • Hash eel

      All video cameras are mirrorless.

  • ericnl

    so even the admin, although still voicing his doubts in the other posts, has finally rejected the option of a D4/D400 release in favour of a D4/D800 release now?

    (This entry was posted in Nikon D4, Nikon D800. not in Nikon D400)

  • Carl

    I bet Nikon has all 3 bodies ready: D4, D800 and D400. The reason why nothing leaks is because of the strategic poker: What can Sony (as the sensor maker) can come up with, what has Canon in the pipeline and especially how is their ability to deliver. Given the 5DmkII couldn’t be delivered, then it would take the pressure from Nikon to come with their FX with good video features.
    Maybe to conquer new markets like with the mirrorless has priority compared to serving the DSLR customers – perhaps with the exception of the pro line D4. If the marketing guys have the say, nothing is sure – not even extrapolating the known procedures. They’ll probably wait to the last minute about what they give into the market.

    Maybe the rugged, waterproof Coolpix could be something for me to look at, but the interest on the mirrorless died already with the message of the small sensor.
    However, at least some expectations will have to wait much longer…

  • vinman

    Remember, too – if they’ve shifted high end production to a new facility in Malaysia, they’re probably able to keep everything more tightly wrapped up. The Malaysia announcement was relatively recent and all the “insiders” are turned upside down for the moment. As that facility matures, it’ll likely develop leaks just like everywhere else.

    We ALL know there is a D700 replacement coming sooner than later – just a matter of patience (I say as I know I won’t be able to seriously consider one until after the first of the year – unless I sell my 700 which is not likely)…

  • Joaquim Prado

    Nikon should check this blog quite often to see what their costumers want! Please D800!

  • People, time for the truth to be known. My meeting with Nikon was totally about training that I am doing with them. Product was never discussed between us. I would never ask as it would insult our relationship. I have no knowledge of any successor to the D3s, you probably all know more than me. I love my D3s as it does everything I need right now. So please don’t start rumours from my comments as they simply aren’t true.

    • One More Thought

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Andy! That’s pretty cool of you!

    • broxibear

      Hi Andy,
      No harm was intended, it’s just speculation on a rumour site that’s all…. sometimes 2 + 2 adds up to 5 ?

    • Thanks for the comment Andy, I will update the post.

  • 120-300 F2:8 OS

    Andy rouse is the mouse Hms secret service Nikon boy this makes only more rumours i think but funny the clock is ticking 21 days uops 20 days and by the time you all read this 19 quick the time goes.

  • Tom Rockwell

    who cares, release the 18-200 DX update already!

  • goose

    ill be laughing insanely if its the F7 ahohohoho

  • silky mcgillicutty

    an ‘interesting conversation’? whatev. just like the mcnally tweet, and the jarvis tweet before it – we know cameras are coming, and pretty much when as well. at this point, talk specifics or you’re just grandstanding. (though to be fair, being shameless showmen is integral to perpetuating their personal brands.)

  • Bill

    I am very clear…Nikon listen here…no D700 upgrade…not going to earn anything from me…GET IT!!!
    I’m tired of waiting….hurr….!

  • Alfonso

    From Joe McNally blog:

    “It’s been a hectic week, with preparations for the show, late night shoots at firehouses in the Bronx, and trip prep…”

    I read somewhere that samples made by McNally with the D3 were about fireman.

    Just feeding the rumors!

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