What is Joe McNally shooting?

Is Joe McNally shooting a campaign for Nikon? His recent tweet:

It makes sense for Nikon to choose Joe McNally for its Nikon D4 introductory campaign.

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  • jahko-420

    I sure hope it is – have been saving up for almost a year for the D4

    Oh, and by the way – first!

    • kyoshinikon

      Hey I got bumped For saying First on a post!

      I hope the D4 is in the same price range as the D3 was though as I am saving up too

    • looks legit.
      shut up pixelpeepers ppl with 24Mpix to compete in canon megapixel wars
      and keep DSINGLEDIGIT for pros who need top ISO and carry medium format for anything above 135 film resolution

      • twoomy

        Next time, please state your rant in the form of a complete and intelligible sentence. 🙂

        • no way, i am artist. without alcohol i would start fall into depression

          • preston

            +1 lol

    • LGO

      A D4 with a built-in CLS/AWL master controller even if the D4 still does not have a built-in flash?

  • The invisible man

    He is not shooting my wife, that all I can say !

    • Ric

      I might know some people that can take care of that for you.

      • Bigus Dickus

        you haven’t seen his wife…

    • gt

      joe mcnally could have his way with my wife. its joe mcnally afterall!

      • Mooboy

        Hell, Joe McNally could have his way with me…

  • Dweeb

    I’m more interested in the camera than the latest in celebrity hype from Nikon. Ashton where are you?

  • Looking forward to the August announcements now.

  • im still sad about no D400 -_-

    • gt

      disregard camera bodies. acquire lenses. awww yeeaaa

      • The invisible man

        200mm Af-s f/2.0 G VRII
        Since the day I read Peter’s review I want that lens SO BAD !


        • +1 Invisible Man – I have been lusting after that lens since it was just a VR version.

          Oh, what we will do in the name of Bokeh!

          • The invisible man

            Yes Bokeh is important, specialy for me, it have to be perfectly clear !

      • Manuel

        Oh, I’ve got some pretty nice lenses in my bag. The only lens that I would like to replace at the moment is my 1986 AF 70-210/4.0. But I could get along with it for some more time – as my AF-S 70-200/2.8 is at hand for action shoots.

  • disco

    OMG! when exactly is fall? srsly, wut day? O_O

    • Mark V

      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equinox if you want an exact answer although I think you were trying to be smart…

    • Anonymus Maximus

      The eternal law of Nikon decrees that fall is always two full circles of the moon later than you think!

  • Landscape Photo

    Has it begun? 😉

  • jerl

    Not a big surprise since he also shot some of the sample D3 images (the fireman comes to mind), so it should be interesting to see what he’s come up with this time.

    • broxibear

      Hi jerl,
      What would be really interesting is if he shot the exact same images using a D3, and D4 so we could see any differences if any…but they won’t do that lol.

      • Alfonso

        From Joe McNally blog:

        “It’s been a hectic week, with preparations for the show, late night shoots at firehouses in the Bronx, and trip prep..”

  • Since it is Joe shooting the campaign, and not Chase Jarvis, I guess this means a camera that is big on photography, and either light on video, or no video. Just guessing.

    Wouldn’t you all love Nikon to do an ad campaign like the Ashton Kutcher ones, but with a real pro Nikon shooter? Allow people to not only appreciate the Nkon camera, but what a professional can do with said camera. It would sell cameras, and promote professional photography to the general public.

    Can I get an “amen”? Who would you like to see?
    David Black?
    Ami Vitale? (Danika Patrick of professional Photography)
    Marcus Bell?

    • Nikonuser

      Yes, he shot for the D3 as well. It is likely the D4.

    • Steve

      Well, it is obvious that Nikon is coming out with multiple cameras. Maybe Chase is shooting the other camera, or more likely, based on the popularity of the short film he made (the graffiti artist one) he is shooting video demos for the product. I don’t think McNally has ever done much with video.

    • If you think the D4 will come without video, I’ve got some prime real-estate on Capitol Hill to sell you. Diiiiiiiiiiirt cheap.

    • SGN

      I’d love to see an ad done with Vincent Muniere…. the guy who shot the D3S campaigne, wildlife part… it was seriously awesome 🙂

    • I want to see if Cliff Mautner is testing the cameras too!

    • There’s a reason video cameras are designed the way they are isn’t there? Or do you think we’ll see all the video manufacturers selling the photography merits of their cameras?

      I love the iso madness that is the D3s of course I want more. 4 stops more. A medium format sensor. And a camera body the same as an F4. NO I don’t want gps, Vr or in-camera panorama/sepia tinting/3D technology. IR capability would be interesting as would raw black & white preview an insanely fast shutter speed and a kelvin scale from 1800 to 12000 too.

      Greedy or what?

      Whatever the D4 is I want it to be pure “Nikon”. Singlemindely an amazing tool to help everyone capture what they see in their mind’s eye even more easily, in even greater quality.

      I can wait. The D3s is still a better camera than I am a photographer.

  • Steve

    Seems like this and the Chase Jarvis tweets, maybe even the facebook post about the underwater camera, play into Nikon’s new marketing strategy. Taking more advantage of social media. And honestly, I think it works. These guys generate a lot of buzz. McNally has more than 73,000 followers on twitter. Nikon just told 73,000 people to look for new stuff in the fall.

    • Geoffx

      Not just 73000 people, but 73000 photography enthusiasts/pros.

  • C_QQ_C

    mm smthing in the outback… , gone walkabout with some aboriginals i think..

  • Davo

    In addition, what’s Chase Jarvis, Cliff Mautner, Dave Black etc. shooting atm too…

    • Tommy

      I was about Mautner as well since they sent him the D3 at it’s release.

  • John

    Campaign shot? How do you know he’s talking about cameras? My guess is he’s shooting campaign photos for a Republican candidate for president who hasn’t announced yet. Rick Perry, maybe? I just read a story in the Des Moines Register about how money has been slow to accumulate for existing candidates as donors wait for a better prospect.

    • David Schloss

      Totally agree. If he’s shooting a Nikon campaign he’s under heavy NDA and even saying he’s shooting *a* campaign would be a breach of that.

  • You do know that this how rumors get started, right? 😉

  • portence flatulencia

    whatev. we know cameras are coming in august. unless mcnally’s got some specs to toss out, this isn’t making me know more or care more.

  • B

    It’s a coolpix. Hence “it’s a cool shot”. McNalley was hired to shoot marketing campaign photos for Nikon’s upcoming mirrorless camera, to be branded under the CoolPix line. He’s doing the work because the camera will do iTTL and it’s onboard flash has the same advanced wireless lighting capabilities as the D7000…he’s producing some fascinating wireless iTTL shots which will showcase the camera’s high speed flash sync of 1/1000 second.

    • J-Man

      That was my first thought at reading the tweet.

    • Harryson

      I agree. A “cool shot” is a “cool picture” –> “Coolpix”

    • no way that Mr. McNally will shoot a Coolpix campaign

  • R R

    Maybe the question that we should ask ourselves is (for D4 buyers):

    are you gong to get a D4, even though you know there is going to be a D4s and a D4x in the near future and your D4 is probably going to be (not obsolete) but lose some of its resale value after the new cameras appear?

    x- YES

    I am marking my self YES.. even though I don’t like it. 🙁

  • ZinhaEq

    Wasn’t he the one who had something with the D3 campaign? I remember the video, where he was presenting the D3, so it wouldn’t be wrong speculating he will be doing the same for the D4.

  • Dexter0508

    My guess is he’ll be the one testing the new D700 successor/replacement. For the past few photography workshops that he’s been doing, he uses his d700 instead of a bigger pro body like a d3, d3s, or a d3x. And he always recommend this camera due to it’s smaller built and lightness. If Im to choose what camera he’ll be taking out for a rest run, it’ll be the d700 replacement(d700s/d800)

    • Dexter0508

      And he is the king of cls so a pop-up flash should be appropriate 😉

  • I bet Joe will shoot a scene with 38 flashes setup. 🙂

    • Dexter0508

      +1 and he’ll say “why use a light meter, when you have in your camera a histogram?!”

      • elliot

        Only interesting to me if Nikon makes a RAW-based histogram instead of the comparatively inaccurate jpeg-based histograms seen in all dslrs,

        • Andrew

          You don’t know what RAW is then.

  • Andre

    Who is Joe McNally?

    Never heard of him.

    • He’s that guy… you know… who shot that thing… with that camera… and he used one of those lighting thingamabobs… ok he used a lot a of those lighting thingamabobs.

      Does that help!

    • Dexter0508

      he shot the campaign for nikon D3

  • SNRatio

    I tend to believe it will be the D800. The D4 is too obvious, and shouldn’t need Joe McNally to promote it. To demonstrate real, demanding pro use of the D800, is something else..

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