August 24th: Nikon D700 and D3s successors

Today I received some information confirming Thom Hogan's latest post (probably from the same source?): Nikon will announce D700 and D3s successors on August 24th, 2011. The D700 replacement will be available in Fall 2011 and the D3s replacement will be available at the beginning of 2012. Both will be produced in Malaysia. The D700 successor will have 24 MP, the D3s successor will have 18MP. Both cameras will have new AF-system and many new "astonishing" feature.

Just a reminder that similar information was previously reported by a Nikon repQuesabesde and by Bryan Peterson (see also this post from October 2010).

I do not feel comfortable with this D3s/D700 replacement rumor, since I still believe the announced combo will be D4/D400 but this is the most reliable info I got so far. We don't even know the exact model name of the D700 replacement. The lower MP count on the D4 compared to the D800 (or whatever the name will be) is also questionable. This will be the first time a company will announce two different full frame models at the same time. It is possible that someone is spreading false information in order to misinform the public and increase the hype on announcement day. Nikon has definitely changed the way they handle new product announcements and at that point everything is possible.

The worst case scenario for August 24th is the announcement of Nikon's mirrorless camera only. This is quite possible, since we have already seen a reliable leak of the new mount.

[NR] probability rating: 80%

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  • Anoua

    Last info from Bryan FB >

    • Jack Wallace

      Who cares about Thom Hogan, what does the Hulkster have to say about the new Nikon?!?!!?

  • Lots of speculation. Goes right a long with my prediction, though. D800/900 @24mp amd D4 @18mp. I’m ready for my D4 delivery. 🙂

  • I don’t know about you, but I’ll be wanting 1080p@60 fps in my D4.

    • KnightPhoto

      “I don’t know about you, but I’ll be wanting 1080p@60 fps in my D4.”

      I agree, I would like best to date video offering in the D4. And I would also like that technology, e.g. like Panasonic does with GH series, where they can read off the sensor at 120 (hertz?) and that enables higher speed AF in the contrast detect autofocus system. Maybe giving pretty good video AF-C this time around or is that too much to expect for this release cycle?

    • +1

  • This is cool, waiting for a worthy competitor to 5dmk2 in video.

    @bogdan : 1080@60fps would need much more beefy processor and cooler sensor, but you never know, nikon has always come up with something to impress.

    out of a surprise they might release a wvga @ 120fps which looks totally possible for the current sensors

    needless to say they might bring into all the d3 goodness into the d700 just like the d7000 got a lot of upgrades

    lets wait and watch

    • I agree, but if it will be able to process ~11fps of 14bit RAW, 18mpx images, it should be able to do the same with video. I won’t do the math now, but 1080p@6-fps sure seems plausible.

      And who knows, maybe 3-4 years from now we’ll have 500fps slow-motion video in DSLRs.

      The only dissapointment for me now is that the D4 will actually be available for normal users in March, or close to that date. From what I understood is that Nikon Pros have priority.

  • Anonymous

    What can be the new “astonishing” features?

    • bjrichus

      Um… It makes your morning coffee too?


      • sirin

        i can handle my coffee, have it do the laundry.

    • Roger

      There wont be any. Just a great, solid camera that does what it’s meant for.

    • 3D.

  • I have a lot of hope, this couple replacement camera feel very good combination.

    Hope I have money enough to have all. 🙂

  • Al Dente

    Given the success of the D7000, putting off the D300s replacement makes sense. The D7000 fills that gap pretty well, at least short-term. The lower pixel count of the D4 also makes sense, as Nikon would not want to take a huge step backwards in terms of high ISO performance. I expect the D4 to be at least in the same neighborhood of the D3s in this regard. The D700 replacement should slot in between the high ISO-capable D4, and eventual the high resolution D3x replacement.

    • Pixie

      The D7000 is nowhere near D300s, because of the body. The D7000 is an advanced consumer camera, the d300s is a pro camera.

      • tifkat

        Al Dente never claimed the D7000 was a replacement for the D300s, just that the success of the D7000 gave Nikon a bit more time before needing to release the D300s replacement (should there be one).

        I guess many people who might have never thought twice of getting a D90 over a D300s, are more than willing to grab a D7000 over a D300s. Heck, I’ve read pro blogs / articles / books where they drop the D700 and D300s as a second bodies and carry only a D7000 as a fallback.

        Of course there are the purists who see a prosumer class camera and instantly dismiss it for professional use. There are also those who realise its potential and put it to use. Neither one is wrong, it’s a personal choice.

        Should a D300s replacement come out, I’m sure the choice between the D7000 and the new DX professional body will be a no brainer.

  • kyoshinikon

    I really Doubt the 18mpx as Nikon has seldom (If ever) matched canons mpx on a body.

    • Sh

      ¿Do you mean quantity or quality?

    • lolly

      good point !

    • Roger

      Nikon matched Canon in mp every time they could. 24mp D3x anyone?

  • malaysia?? better than china i guess.

    • Pete

      I just hope those cameras gets cheaper since it is made in Malaysia.

      • 1130ismyname

        Keeping my D700 even if I buy the replacement, could be the last made-in-japan camera for a while.

  • MikeD

    Quite frankly, it rather pisses me off that they will not be replacing the D300s. In fact, the D300s is 4 years old because all that was added to the D300 was some lousy video. (I have a D300, fyi). I’ve been Nikon faithful but this is marginalizing a whole segment of shooters that take photography seriously but do not want (nor need) to change their whole kit to go full frame.


    • Geoffx

      What is wrong with the D7000?

      • jacob

        This whining by D300s users is pretty annoying. The D7000 is your answer, it already beats the D300s enough for you to upgrade. Don’t be such snobs and put your money where your photography is…lol

        • Art

          I agree. I have a D300 and quite frankly, I’ve been on pins and needles for over a year waiting for the D700 replacement. What did I do with that year? I put my money towards some really awesome fast lenses (including the 105 DC which I really love). I figure that once the D700 replacement comes out, I’ll have a really incredible set of fast lenses ready to go on it. Meanwhile, I can enjoy them on my d300…..

        • the_raze

          Compared to the D300s, the D7000 has a lousy RAW buffer size.. It’s really small.. even smaller than the D5100’s…

          • bARNEYfIFE

            That’s what she said

          • JorPet

            The D7000 can shoot 9 frames at 14-bit loss-less compressed + Large/Fine jpeg. How big do you need your buffer to be?

            • the_raze

              At 6 frames per second, that is a burst of less than 2 seconds before the buffer is full… That’s not… a lot… really..

            • DG

              Slow Down!!!! Unless you are taking sports photography or a photojournalist, how many fps and buffer do you really need. I was a photojournalist back in the days of good old film, and even with my motor drives, I still waited for the right moment. Take a hike, fly a kite. Honestly, I think we have gone overboard here. Yes, I like the idea of quick shooting, and I do it, but only when needed and only after careful consideration. But then again I grew up on film and still on the weaning stage of digital….

            • Richard

              The D400 (or whatever) will probably still feature the dual CF & SD card format. Although the SD cards have made strides in write speed, the CF card is still the faster option and so it matters when clearing the buffer.

            • the_raze

              Anyways, the buffer is way bigger on the D300s.. that’s what I want to point out. And yes when shooting action I do feel the buffer is too small on my D7000.
              Also the D300s has better button lay out.

        • jake

          exactly spot-on, I have both D300s and D7000 , the D7000 is a much better and more responsive camera.

          the D7000 has 2 stops better DR at ISO100 and it can AF in video mode.

          but I am waiting a FF version of the D7000,which replaced my D700 last fall.

        • MikeD

          Well since I shared a sentiment and was summarily dismissed as whining and being a snob, let me reply why I want a d300s replacement and not the d7000. Really only a couple of reasons for sure. The better weather sealing seeing that I shoot in nasty locations putting my money where my photography is, as jacob put it with so much wit. And the slam dunk for me is that I bracket a lot and my d300 can bracket 9 images in a burst, the d7000 only 3… and that’s a huge deal. Please don’t be offended you d7000 users… it’s a great camera, but am I allowed to want something with more features w/o going full frame?

          • jacob

            MikeD, I did not mean to offend you and if I have done so please accept my apology.
            What lens do you shoot with? I have shot in a sand storm in a desert and the only problem I got was with dust in the lens, none reached the body of the D7000, which to me seems pretty well sealed from sand and dust. I also fell face forward with my D7000 in hands coming down from a rock cliff and the D7000 did not get any damage at all (it landed on a corner, so the worst it could land). Maybe I have just been lucky, but if you think the D7000 is not robust you are not giving it the credit it deserves.

      • Roger

        D7000 has a good sensor, but it doesnt have the body of the D300s. D300s users are looking for a pro-caliber DX body with a improved sensor, D7000 just isnt it.

        • Geoffx

          what do you need in the D300s replacement that the D7000 doesn’t have (which the D300s does have)?

          • Roger

            I dont need it, I’m just saying.

            I use something a biiiit better than the D300s or D7000…. 😀

            • The Man from Mandrem

              I would agree the world needs something less wimpy than the D7000. I dropped my D7000 from 5.5 feet onto concrete. Granted, the camera works fine, but a REAL pro camera would have put a dent in the pavement.

          • ghyz

            In terms of ergonomy, D7000 looks alike a lot to D90.

            I switched from D90 to d300, and do not regret it. To all of those who are keen on D7000, just have a try to change you WB on a D90-D7000 in a studio with continuous lighting (i.e. permanently changing light), and have fun. Of course you can change it under lightroom afterwards… and spend quite a long time under LR as well rather than taking pictures.

            ISO, WB and the RAW/Jpeg buttons right under a finger are just paramount for serious photography.

            • jacob

              ISO and WB have their button in the D7000, same place where my D80 had them actually. It’s superfast to change ISO and WB on the D7000.
              And really?….”switching with the push of a button from RAW to JPEG is just paramount for serious photography”???….really? OMG!!!! Hahahhahaha.

            • ghyz

              “ISO and WB have their button in the D7000, same place where my D80 had them actually.”
              … and same place on D90. Wicked, they found the worst place !

              It’s superfast to change ISO and WB on the D7000.” –

              ..and even faster on a D300 without removing your eyes from the finder, which is quite important when you want to take pictures. But keep on spending time on screen and in lousy nikon menus.

              Choosing Raw or Jpg without going into dull menus, is a rich idea. But you might first have to realize that RAW is not necessary for any type of photos.

            • jacob

              You are something Sir.
              You don’t have to go into any menu to change “quality” setting on a D7000, it’s just (AGAIN!) the push of a button…and the location of these switches is so conveniently located that you can reach them with the thumb of your left hand…and no I don’t think it’s a “paramount” necessity to be able to switch from Raw to Jpg every other photo I take because “it’s just the professional thing to do”…oh please!
              You must be the only one on the planet to complains about Nikon ergonomics. Read the manual!!!!

          • Tony

            Buffer size

          • the D7000 is missing some direct controls/buttons which the D300s (and any other “pro” camera) has

            • ghyz

              Precisely !!!

    • Exactly.

  • Nigel C

    I think a D4 / D400 combo that covers FX / DX is more likely, hopefully with pro level video specs. Nikon has lost considerable ground to Canon as regards video. I run a production company and none of the large number of cameramen we work with shoot video on Nikon. Not one. Canon is starting to ‘own’ the language associated with DSLR Video e.g. the camermen and even clients call it a ‘5D Shoot’ not a ‘DSLR Shoot’ using a 5D. If Nikon don’t deliver a decent D4 / D400 combo, Canon will become the Hoover of vacuum cleaners, the Biro of ball point pens and literally own the language that describes the sector. The lack of decent framerate is a big issue. I’d even settle for 720p 50 / 60fps but maybe there will be a 720p 120fps option? Not everyone needs to shoot to feature film specs so hurry up Nikon and start competing re: video. We pro people need something better than the albeit fantastic but consumer D7000… and the wait is killing me!

    • I agree that D4/D400 is the more likely combo to be introduced, with a D800 by Spring 2012.

  • snowPic74

    Nice rumor.
    But think a moment, what if the two cams are not the D4 and D800?
    Maybe nikon is not ready for the big step..

    maybe the D3s replacement is a D3sx, with some better ISO and more MP
    and the D700x with same ISO than D700 but better IQ and DR
    and so the D300sx with the Chip from the D7000 butter better ISO and IQ an pro-like boddy

    and the D4 and D400 and D800 will come in 2 years when Nikon is ready with the ultimate new stuff…

    just thoughts… we will see on the 24th

  • Alec

    I don’t believe that, if Nikon wants to satisfy the prosumers using Dx they should release a D400 right now. Regarding full frame I would be very disappointed with a 24mpix D800 … why not a D800 with D3s sensor & a D800x with 24mpix sensor, and everyone will be happy !

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry, there’s no need left for that due to the advances in technology. The D800 will make images possibly as good as D3s, especially if downsampled to 12mp.

      • jake

        @Anonymous , even the Alpha 900 can be as good as the D700 at high ISO if you downsample it at 14mp or thereabout.

        the D3X downsampled at 12mp must be as good or a bit better han the D3s (at least in terms of pure detail and resolution).

        12mp is totally dated and no one will make a FF camera with such low pixel count any more.

  • ericnl

    based on what MikeD and Nigel C said right above me (but also on a lot of things I read on this site), I find it strange that people here want to hold on so hard to the mythical “Nikon Release Schedule”. this Schedule would really only make sense when Nikon would be the only camera supplier. but it’s not. it is in fact in competition, and even though they still make the better camera (IMHO), they are losing the battle.

    if you look at the main competitor, Canon, most cameras are up to par, except for one: 5DmkII vs D700. the 5DmkII came out three years ago, making the D700 the camera which is most in need of an upgrade. yes: the D7000 doesn’t have video as good as the 7D, but at least it’s competing. and the 3D series from Nikon blows anything that Canon has to offer out of the field.

    so stop whining about a D300 replacement. it is still the best camera in it’s sort and as such is in no hurry for a replacement. yes, it has been a long time since the last upgrade, but it still blows the competition away.

    • ericnl

      I am not a tech guy, I don’t know all the release dates by heart, I am simply somebody who buys the best camera for the purpose it serves me.
      I used to own a D90. amongst other things I shoot a lot of live music and it was great for that. but then I got involved with shooting videos for bands, and got clobbered with a guy with a 5DmkII. also my photography was getting to a point that I needed to upgrade to full frame, so 3 years ago I started to look around for a replacement, and because Nikon was not offering what I needed, I sold all my gear to switch to *shudder* Canon.

      I already regretted that step since the first week, I didn’t like the camera on so many fronts. not how it handles, not the menus, not the auto-focus in low light, and not even the high iso grain compared to the D90.
      so I waited for 1.5 years for a replacement on Nikon’s side, which didn’t come. but I couldn’t live with the 5DmkII any more, and holding true to my believes of having the best camera for the job, I sold the 5DmkII while it still had monetary value and bought a D7000 to keep me occupied until the release of the D700 successor / 5DmkII competitor.
      note that I didn’t say “5DmkII killer”, it just has to be on par with it, but then just better in all the ways that Nikon is better at making cameras than Canon is.

      • Johan Irvall


        I’m using my D300 on my third year by now – it hasn’t failed (majorily) in any way and it does the job extremely well. So, I’m not whining, I’m just saying it would be _nice_ if Nikon is mentioning it sometimes soon =)

        • ericnl

          Thom Hogan’s original post says:
          “D300s replacement: February announce, delivery shortly thereafter.”

          is that ‘sometime soon’ enough for you?

      • Richard

        I have to disagree with you in part. The 5D MK II is several years old and the MK III is on the verge of release. The D800 (or whatever) needs to be competitive with the MK III.

  • Mo

    Malaysia ?

    We’re doomed.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      Nope. We’ve clearly been nuked.

    • Nikonff&dxuser

      I want made in Japan pro camera too! Well maybe the lower price and better features help me can change my mind. I own D300s and it’s the only equipment in my arsenal that is not made in Japan. Quality is just better if made in Japan.

      • My D80 and D300 were manufactured in Malaysia and in comparison with my current D700 I do not see any difference in quality nor in the incidence of treatment failures (never). Conversely, some time I used 5DMII, 24-70/2.8L and 100/2.8L macro, all Made in Japan, and the quality, especially with lenses, that I picked out from several pieces, was very volatile. The Nikon are small differences of course, but very minimal. So I do not mind production in Malaysia, also do not think this information is true, pro DSLRs, lenses and flashes still will be produced in Japan.

    • Lokalboy

      Makes me wonder why the new pro cams will be made in malaysia when one of the directors said that Nikon facilities were up to the pre-quake level. Does this mean that they had been contemplating on moving production to Malaysia prior to the earthquake?

      Like some of the rest here, I want my stuff made in Japan.

      • Roger

        And where do you think cameras were made before the facilities were back to the pre-quake level?

        I couldnt care less where they make them.

        • Lokalboy

          My D700 was made in Japan.

          • my D700 was made in Japan and after half a year the on-off button failed, I had to have it serviced, it came back with the description: “replaced top plate”. also, I remember nikon saying that they relocated everything, including the workers. I don’t think malaysia will be so bad, as long as it is not china or vietnam.

      • Ravit

        Not all of the factories are back to normal, they had to move to Malaysia. Alot of Nikon’s products are from Thailand and they work fine. I own the D300 and it’s been tremendous to me. I think Malaysia makes better things than Thailand. Yeah it’s not FROM Japan but they still have Japanese workers in those factories

        • jake

          well, if you know how Thai people work in general here , you won’t get a pro camera made in Thailand.

          I hope it will be made in China , Chinese people tend to take their work more seriously than SE Asian people , I dont want to stereotype any type of people but I can’t help doing it here.

          I ‘ve been SE Asia for too long , I am really afraid of made in Malaysia (quality wise), probably their quality control level will be deteriorated.

          Look , all successful people in SE Asia are either Chinese or Indian people.

  • Anonymous

    200th comment so far, only in a couple of hours.

    We’ll see Nikon Rumor’s record on the 24th of August 😉 Going for 1000+

  • KT

    If this is really true, you have to wonder where is that 24 MP sensor for the D700 replacement coming from? Is this the same as the one in D3X now being moved to the D700 or is it a new 24 MP developed and made by Nikon and if that’s the case hard to imagine Nikon selling 2 pro FX bodies with the same MP number and one is presumably better than the other. Why would anyone still buy the D3X even at a reduced price? I just don’t think that 24 MPD700 replacement in August make any sense???? Maybe it’s the same as the one in the D3X finally being moved to a 2nd body then what happen to the D3s sensor, is it heading to the next D700s?

    • Landscape Photo

      D3x will finally be obsoleted by D800 like D2x was by D300. D3x had enough of 3 untouchable years. The only feature to miss will be its better iso 100 compared to the base iso 200 of D800 I suspect (as seen with D2x vs D300).

      • jake

        seriously, how did you know the D800 would have ISO200 as its base ISO?

        I hope the D800 has as clean ISO 100 as my D7000 or even better the D3X like ISO100 IQ.

    • Davo

      You raise a good point about where the 24mp FX is coming from. Although many would love the D3x sensor, I just don’t think it’ll happen. Not because of any cannibalism of sales of D3x but because there’s no video.
      As much as many photographers not caring about video, I just can’t see a 2011 FX camera from Nikon not having video. The bar has moved and D3x will become superseded by a lower model in probably almost every way except for maybe build quality and a few pro features.
      AF almost certainly will be the next gen ala D4.
      So does a D800 or whatever it’s called with 24mp make sense compared to a D4 with 18mp. I think it does.
      Just guessing but I think the D4 sensor will be the highest overall performance to date extending the D3s’ high iso advantage. It gives a buffer against a simultaneously announced D800. I know the D3 and D700 shared the same sensor but a D700 came a year later. I can’t imagine Nikon debuting their flagship sensor in both cameras but yet let the D800 crowd get their hands on it b4 the pros who are first in line for the D4, if the shipping dates are to be believed.
      So the question remains, who’s making these sensors?
      We know Sony has 2 24mp sensors, a new DX and an old FX. Neither seem plausible. Perhaps Nikon’s in-house designed sensor (like the D3/D3s sensors) continues for the D4. No idea who’ll make the D800 sensor.

      • Roger

        D3x sensor is dead, used only for D3x and that’s that. New sensors coming

      • Richard

        Though I am not into video, to release the D700 replacement without this capability would cede this market to Canon. The rumors of the Canon 5D MK III must be the subject of Nikon execs nightmares anyway. It has been a monster success and has captured any number of sales that would have at least considered Nikon otherwise.

    • Ravit

      I think the 24 mp comes from the new Sony sensor and the D3 successor is probably using Nikon’s own sensor. I believe the D3 sensor was Nikon but correct me if I’m wrong though. So if Nikon made D3 sensor, the successor would not have to worry about the D700 successor beating it in performance

      • Davo

        Its speculated Nikon designed the sensors for the D3/D700 and D3s and is made by Renesas. But we don’t really know cos this information’s not made public.

        As for the Sony sensor, its very likely Sony would be the supplier but there don’t seem to be much info leaked about it. One would think that it should be very awesome going by the previous generation 24MP FX as well as recent offerings from Sony in the D7000/A55/K5 and the much hyped 24mp APS-C sensor going into the A77.

    • D700guy

      My guess is; the D800 will also have video where the D3x did not.

  • photonut

    D700 with 24 MP? That’s fine with me, as long as it matches or better beats the D3s in the noise department….

    • Roger


  • OOPS

    A Nikon rep here in Italy last week was absolutely adamant no Pro camera’s in August but something else, from his responses to my mirrorless questions that appeared to be the thing coming. I hope that he was just a good liar or uninformed

    • this is a possibility since the mirrorless camera and the new Coolpix models are the only leaked models so far

      • Twoomy

        If that’s really true, Nikon will hear every one of their users *sigh* and hang their heads in disgust.

        • Ben

          Not necessarily everyone, but certainly a large amount yes 🙂

  • elliot

    Today I received some information confirming Thom Hogan’s latest post

    Um… looks to me like Thom just copied Bryan Peterson’s Facebook page post (whose information he apparently got from a French source), which you reported about on July 8th.

  • per

    Granted that there will be a 24 MP sensor. The question, however, remains: will it be a D800 (big, expensive) or a D9000 (smaller, cheaper)? Looking at sales statistics from Swedish retailers these are the most popular cameras sold (according to

    1. Canon EOS 550D + 18-55/3,5-5,6 IS
    2. Nikon D3100 + 18-55/3,5-5,6 VR
    3. Nikon D3100
    4. Nikon D7000
    5. Canon EOS 550D
    6. Nikon D90 + 18-105/3,5-5,6 VR
    7. Canon EOS 7D
    8. Canon EOS 600D + 18-55/3,5-5,6 IS
    9. Nikon D90
    10. Nikon D5100 + 18-105/3,5-5,6 VR
    11. Canon EOS 5D Mark II
    12. Nikon D7000 + 18-105/3,5-5,6 VR
    13. Canon EOS 60D
    14. Sony NEX-5 + 18-55/3,5-5,6
    15. Canon EOS 600D
    16. Nikon D3100 + 18-105/3,5-5,6 VR
    17. Canon EOS 550D + 18-135/3,5-5,6 IS
    18. Nikon D5100 + 18-55/3,5-5,6 VR
    19. Canon EOS 60D + 18-135/3,5-5,6 IS
    20. Canon EOS 1000D + 18-55/3,5-5,6 IS
    29. Nikon D700

    As we see, Nikon pretty much leads the consumer dslr market, with six of the top ten sellers being Nikons. D7000 is selling very well and takes a fourth spot. It is interesting however, that the 5D grabs a good 11th place. This is compared to a lowly 29th place for the D700. It would seem that if Nikon plans to take on the 5D, it needs to launch a camera that is more consumer grade (lighter an cheaper) than the D700. What do y’all think?

    • Davo

      Could it be that a D700’s basically MIA over the past few months since the earthquake disasters. D700 has always sold well, I think the numbers reflect lack of supply rather than demand.

  • Nathan

    Glad I waited. I wanted 24mp pretty badly and I almost sold a ton of photo and other equipment just to buy a D3x. Now a D700 replacement with 24MP? Sweet and a LOT cheaper than a D3x.

  • DavidB

    Nikon needs to leapfrog the 5D, not simply meet it’s current specs, which are now three years old. I think Nikon would be smart to at least match it’s specs and beat it’s price if it wants to be competitive. Weight reduction would be AWESOME as the 700 is a pig, a smaller pig than the D3, but a pig nonetheless. Where oh where is the FE-DSLR? Full frame, light weight, minimum of extraneous features? But I digress….

    • Roger

      Nikon has leapfrogged Canons in everything, except video. I’d hate if Nikon regressed and made a 5D like body (300$ camera, minus the sensor).

      Lack of features doesnt make the body cheaper, just so you know.
      Buy an M9, it has no features, outdated full frame sensor, kinda of light weight (not really), kind of small (still requires a large bag to carry it in), it’s just what you want.

      • DavidB

        I have a ’56 M3 but can’t justify the expense of the digital version. I don’t agree that Nikon has leapfrogged Canon. I think they’ve staked out different ground. That the 5D is still considered the go-to body for landscape photography is a good example. Nikon split the baby by staking out the fps and high ISO territory whereas Canon generally has been in the forefront of resolution.

        I don’t think it’s necessary to cannibalize the D700 replacement. I just wish they’d mirror their old film lineup where they had the F, FA and the FE, which in modern terms would fall into a D3, D700, and the camera they’ve never offered that I described in my original post.

        • fred

          Even the FA was tiny compared to DSLR monsters. A FA-sized D800 could be a huge success, but the trend rather looks like always bigger cameras and lenses. Digital SUVs… 🙂

  • no

    HOW MUCH?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Looking for thoughts on why 24mp makes sense for the D800? I get it for D3X class cameras. Hell I can see taking that one north of 30mp to compete for some of the medium format market.

    But in a “Prosumer / Expert category why such a big jump? Are they trying to gain a larger share of markets like Pro Portrait and/or Fine Art photography?

    I suppose it could be to better compete with Canon stats, but Nikon has already proven they can produce as good or better images with lower pixel counts. Or, perhaps it is a Sony sensor and by utilizing the same base sensor in both Nikon and Sony cameras the volumes will be large enough to make sense. Much like the same base sensor was used in the D3 / D700. Also the D300 and D90 shared a sensor did they not?

    Curious to see what the forum thinks here, but my logic test keeps screaming that if they go with a 24 mp sensor the quality must be there, but also, it must somehow make good sense on the cost side of the equation. EG… Cost per unit on 2 million sensors should be lower than on 200K.

    • Roger

      More megapixels is a features for all class of cameras. You’ve been mislead into false belief that only D3x users want more resolution.


      • Sky

        “ALL USERS COULD USE MORE RESOLUTION.” – So… Canon has succeed I see. In making people believe that they need infinite amount of megapixels on the head of a needle.

        Would people could use is higher image quality, not more resolution. These two aren’t the same, nor even always go in pair.

        • Roger

          Are you seriously gonna try to argue that resolution has nothing to do with image quality? Really? LOL

          • Bob2

            Resolution is only one factor of several in image quality, such as dynamic range, noise, etc. Some need more, some don’t. Many feel that 12 MP is sufficient (heck, 6 was good enough in 2003 and 12 was too much in 2006), but for some Pixel Peepers, it’ll never be enough. I’ve never heard of a Pulitzer not awarded for insufficient MPs.

            • Roger

              I havent heard of it either, but I have seen very large prints from most respected photographer that desperately lacked in resolution. Good photography, not enough megapixels.

              But they would look pretty bad, wouldnt they, they were big prints and were made with Canon 1Ds and 1Ds2. But, most of us have been there…

              Our film was great in 1991, our 6mp digital cameras were awesome in 2004, 12mp in 2007, I say hello 24mp in 2011.

  • 1. D300s replacement will be FX
    2. D4 will have interchangeable sensors
    3. D700 replacement will be 16bit A/D
    4. Probably there will be a new DX flagship later, but that will be a video emphasis camera. Nikon could end up having 2 cameras at the same price, an FX entry for photographers, a DX for video. Note that the “” project you’ve published, has nothing to do with a possible D800 as it suggests, it clearly is a DX camera! Can be recognized from last picture that shows the mirror and has 17-55 on it!

    • Roger


      Theodoros spamming here too, dpreview wasnt enough. Keep dreaming buddy, you’ve guessed almost everything incorrectly.

      • Dan

        Agreed, back to the main point, I want a D400 with:
        minimun 8fps
        really good ISO performance
        good body with weather sealing
        fast AF
        not asking for much so please just deliver nikon

        • Richard

          I am not saying that Nikon would not sell any with your specifications, but it would be a major disappointment if it did not have at least 21-24 MP.

          And yes, weatherproofing and stout construction are important too.

    • El Aura

      So, please tell me again what the difference between a FX replacement of the D300 and the replacement of the D700 is?
      Let’s see, both will share the D4 AF system (as D300 and D700 do with the D3 AF system), both will have a tweaked version of the current D700 body. Both will have an FX sensor.

      Ah, wait, I get it. The FX D300 replacement will be identical to the D700 replacement except that it will cost only as much as the D300 whereas the D700 replacement will cost as much as the D700.

      • Whatever the difference between a D3100 and a D7000 is! Are you a fool or just pretending to be one?

  • Dan

    1) NO
    2) you smoking again
    3) dont care about d700 replacement
    4) what the hell you talking about

    Less talking crap, more releasing my D400

  • madera

    I would like the following on the D800 or however it is called:

    1) a LITTLE smaller and lighter than the D700, pro weather sealed body
    2) 100% viewfinder coverage (unlikely, this is expensive)
    3) a well implemented crop mode for use with long lenses or achieve more reach. I would like to see a viewfinder that shades all but the crop region.
    4) small-raw mode (lower res setting)
    5) ideally about 20 mp, which gives around 9 mp crop. For me, crop mode is the only reason to have more than 18 mp. High iso should be at least on par with D700, but preferably on D3s level
    6) price matching the canon 5d
    7) 16 bit color depth
    8) raw video
    9) virtual horizon in viewfinder
    10) better auto iso implementation, with meaningful operation in manual and shutter priority modes (this is a point where I think Nikon and all others have been only LAZY!!)
    11) quiet shutter
    12) better distribution of AF sensors

    • IanZ28

      sounds like you want a d4

      • madera

        definitely not! I wish it to be SMALLER than the D700 and with a price matching a 5D… not really what I would call a D4. As far as the other points, I don’t see why they should be exclusive for a d4, except for the 100% viewfinder (perhaps).

  • Steffen Hokland

    This sucks donkey balls! I was really hoping for a 300s replacement, but I can se some logic in not messing with the D7000 success. The question is if I keep waiting and see what D400 (or whatever it’s name will be) has to offer or jump on the D7000 bandwagon.

  • Ken

    I shoot D300 and I love it. Only thing is I wish it had better ISO performance. Personally I want the D700 replacement so I can upgrade next year or so. Generally speaking, I’m just hoping Nikon brings out a great camera no matter what it is.

  • David Duncan

    The D300s successor will be called the D9000, making the Dx000 series for DX.
    It will be announced in February to allow Sony to be the “first” with the 24mp APS-C sensor via the A77. But will be announced with the D3x successor as flagship FX+ flagship DX highMP bodies.

    The Dx00 series will now belong to FX. Sensor will be the old 24mp Sony FX sensor updated akin to D3 to D3s improvement, focus will be on DR over ISO to combat 5D w/c has been successful to landscape photographers.

    • Sky

      I wouldn’t be so sure of that. Sony might make an announcement in the same day Nikon does, OR Sony will just give it away to Nikon this time (bribes! 😛 😉 ) .

    • I think you all correct but the point. You are right about the naming, Nikon has done a big mistake there and they are about to correct it! So, only Dxxxx will be DX and all Dxxx will be FX! That’s why D300S replacement will be FX! There will PROBABLY be a new DX FLAGSHIP (D9000?) but emphasis on that will be on video! It won’t be any better than D7K in photography. This is because DX is perfect for video, since it matches 35mm film in width (on cinema 35mm is shot vertically) and DOF exactly! FX is useless for cinema due to the too shallow DOF! Cheers Theodoros

  • Redbaron007

    “ASTONISHING” Features…. : ) interesting to know. Hope it will not disappointing us

  • pmac

    i know everyone is a nikon fan boy here,but come on with some of these wants.
    i shoot a d700 and my friend a 5dmk2,the d700 is better at high iso but not by that much of a jump.(not d700-d3s)
    So why are there so many people saying that a 24mp d800 with the same iso as a d700 will be good enough,thats not going to be much better than the 5dmk2.
    Cannon will then release the mk3 which most likely will have better iso,that i bet will match the d3s leaving the d800 behind and nikon loosing more users to cannon.

    for those that dont know this are kidding them self,even the d3s is 3 year old tech.
    i have no dout cannon will trump it so nikon better do even better.
    nikon lost so many sales due to rubbish video and i sadly dont see them beating cannon in this stake this timearound either they havehad a 3 year head start,with even there low end modles having better video than any nikon model.
    I hope nikon can pull the rabbit out the hat across the board,i know people interested properly in photography know Mp isnt as important as they make out but the high Mp and video have already drawn alot of people fromnikon to cannon.

    • Dr Motmot

      Aardman studios who make the Wallace and Gromit films switched from Nikon DSLRs to Canon because the Nikon sensor overheats after a while when shooting video. However they still use the Nikon 24-70mm lenses on an adapter for Canon bodies which are set up to be focused with separate rig.

      • They did the right thing! Nikons policy on video is not mature yet, they are late and they are trying to catch up. Their cameras were aimed (up to now) to photographers first. Now they are trying to catch up and they will! Please have a look at, it will be very informative! Mind you that the camera on “projects”, is not FX but DX (you will have to press a button at the end of what will appear, to see all picts) in the last photo, you’ll be able to judge the size of the sensor, from the size of the mirror!

  • Zim

    I want the D400. The D7000 is just to small for my hands. I’ll think about the D700 replacement but it kind of depends on the cost.

  • IanZ28

    D4 at 18 mp….. Makes sense. Will be phenomenal at $5000.

    D800 at 24 mp:
    A perfect way to increase the price of the existing “low level FF” camera. I imagine the price bump will be painful – approaching the $3500 mark.

    D700 build / quality with a D3x sensor.

    Hopefully I’m mistaken otherwise I’ll be chasing used D3s’s or lightly used D700’s on ebay!

    Exciting month ahead for Nikon fans for sure!


    • Roger

      D3x sensor will not be used.

      • IanZ28

        I don’t care if it’s a D3x sensor or some other 24mp beast.

        Will still end up costing too damn much.

    • DavidB

      $3500 will be a deal breaker for that camera. The 5D is $2500 from Adorama. Nikon needs to come very close to that.

  • Matthias

    Why are all people thinking that the two new models can only be successors/replacements of D3, D700, or D300 and nothing else? From a strategic point of view, the thing which Nikon needs most is an entry-level FX camera, to strengthen their FX market. They are strong there, especially in comparison to Canon, but FX is a small pro segment getting even smaller. They need to give the amateur some good reason to buy their (good, but expensive) FX lenses and perhaps upgrade to professional FX camera bodies later. If DX and smaller sensors (mirrorless!) are sufficient for more and more applications, the FX world must be attached to the consumer market, otherwise it will die out sooner or later. Therefore, introducing an affordable FX camera seem logical for me.

    I can imagine a D7000 variant with FX sensor and up-to-date video. Let’s call it D9000. Then D7000/D9000 and D300/D700 would form two DX/FX pairs at different quality levels. There is no good reason for a purely vertical distinction between entry level = DX and pro level = FX.

    • DavidB


    • Look at my quote earlier on Matthias, you’ve got it ALL RIGHT!

  • sp8ced21

    i cant see nikon trying to out do canon imho, everything ive read and heard from nikon tells me there focusing on image quality and to be the best at it i cant see there bothered that canon has X more mp in there camera IQ is king, i certainly would rather have better IQ over a massive amount of MP.

    and those that say D800 can have 18mp because D7000 is at 16mp needs to remember that when it was D90, D700 and D3s all had the same MP count, but all were far different camera’s so there is no reason wht a D700 replacemnt wont be 16-18mp.

    • Roger

      I’ll give you a reason, Canon already has a 21mp and many Nikon users demanded higher resolution.

      If you suggested to Nikon board they should make a 16mp camera, you’d be laughed out of the room.

      • No! YOU will be laughed out of the room. IGNORANT!

  • Definitely waiting for a D700 replacement, on a few conditions:
    1) Keep at least the current continuous high frame rate, and the ability to get at least 8fps with the battery grip

    2) Everything else in terms of image quality, focus, noise handling, ISO handling, etc, has to equal of not surpass the D700.

    • a slight correction:

      2) Everything else in terms of image quality, focus, noise handling, ISO handling, etc. has to at least equal if not surpass the D700.

  • SNRatio

    I don’t think we should expect much high ISO improvements in the D4 over the D3s – Nikon reps have talked about kind of “balance” in high ISO vs MPs, where the D3s sensor is one extreme. It would actually be rather sensational if they can keep the performance at all, natively at 50% higher pixel count, so I wouldn’t be amazed if there is a 9MP binning high ISO mode which beats the D3s, and which may become very popular with press photographers.

    As for all the speculations about 24MP being impossible with the D800 for so many reasons, seems like bullshit to me. Using D7000 sensor technology with 16/11 larger pixels, we may get something clearly beating the D3X at full resolution, and beating the D700 with pixel binning. I wouldn’t be too amazed if they went all the way to 36MP, using D7000 pixel density.

    Competition D800/D4 is a moot point, either you need the speed, or the res. I don’t think Nikon wants to sell D4’s to shooters who would be better served by a D800-type body. But they may be very interested in having D4 user buy D800 as a second body, which is likely to happen a lot, with the right kind of differenttation.

    I’m really curious to see Canon’s move resolution-wise. They may feel pressed to go beyond 28MP, but in that case, they could easily shoot themselves in the foot.

    D400? Getting a 24MP DX sensor to work well is no small job. I guess people will appreciate that Nikon took their time to optimize everything in that model, and I don’t consider the D300s as completely outdated – for a better sensor, get the D7000. Some margins get very small at 18+ MP DX, witness the troubles with the 7D sensor, which would be close to 20MP on DX.

    • madera

      I hope nikon does not go the path of the MP race. The D700 should have showed them how much people want good high ISO performance. Now, if the technology is there to increase mp AND increase high ISO behaviour, the extra resolution will be welcomed. But not too much, remember file size, burst speed, and diffraction limits. Dynamic range and tonality are also part of the picture.

      I think Nikon should consider a true pro crop body like the eos1d. It makes a lot of sense to have a crop model for PJ and sports: reach, speed, etc.

      On the other hand, while canon has 1 FF, nikon has 3. And given production difficulties, it could be wise to drop a model.

      • Richard

        IMO the key to FX is having a fab that can produce the sensor in a single pass rather than the multiple pass “stitching” techniques currently employed by Sony. That will both reduce the time on the machine and the number of masks required to produce the sensor which should increase the yields even without an improvement in process. An improvement in process to increase yields would also be a major step forward. Nikon have always been constrained by FX sensor supply and the costs. It has been estimated by a variety of people that a DX sensor costs about $50 and an FX sensor about $500. That price needs to come down appreciably in order for FX sensors to become commonplace. Nikon plays their cards very close to the vest with regard to parts suppliers and the sensors in particular. Sadly, this means that the buying public is the one primarily left uninformed as I am certain that their competitors have information which precisely identifies the supplier of a particular part.

        Canon have stated in the past that their APS-H (1.3x crop) was specifically created as the largest size sensor they could produce without stitching. Now their position is that they will be moving their top-of-the-line bodies to FX size sensors which makes one wonder if they have changed their production equipment to be able to produce an FX sensor without stitching.

        Let’s say Nikon were able to bring an FX sensor in at $250 it could substantially change the pricing equation of FX equipment. Were Nikon to do so, it would not be unreasonable to expect that they demand for FX capable lenses would increase markedly which would do nothing but benefit the company and its bottom line.

  • broxibear

    I’ve just spent 15mins having a proper read through all the comments posted here, and it’s really interesting to hear views from different types of photographers, from different parts of the world.
    I fear some of the expectations aired for the D4, D400 and D800 are too high. Yes they’ll be good cameras but I don’t see them being as revolutionary as some people think they’ll be.
    The problem is that the D3 is such a good camera that improving on it has become very difficult. The D3s added around 1 stop high iso and video…If Nikon had added 5D Mark II video capability to the D3s they could have stuck a D4 badge on it.
    It’s the lower end bodies where you’ll see a marked change as they’ve more room to improve, the D7000 being a good example.
    Find the right camera for you and the way you take images, that doesn’t mean it has to be the newest or most expensive…marketing departments are there to convince you otherwise.

  • madera

    About 60% of votes in the NR poll are for the D700 replacement. Hope nikon is hearing this. Now there soundl be a 2nd poll: what would you like to be better on the D700. I would venture to say they would average to:

    1) even better high iso pref (as D3s)
    2) good video
    3) bump in resolution, up to 18mp

    • Sh

      Could you please add 4) Higer dynamic range. Thanks.

    • Roger

      Problem with that poll is you’re making people choose between aspects of performance, when you can have it all….

    • Anonymous

      There is an 18mp yet no 24mp option in your poll.

      Let me remind 18mp over 12mp is not a big bump but a mere linear resolution increase of 1.22x

      All your 3 aspect can come together in a new model plus higher DR, even being 24mp. Look at 16mp D7000 vs 12mp D300s.

      • madera

        I think of the poll as a way to discover what D700 users feel should be improved on the replacing model, i.e. where they feel the d700 is weak. The problem with such a poll is so many people (if not most on these forums) would vote on things they have NOT EXPERIENCED as a true limitation. They think of them as a need because they are driven by the “need” of having better SPECS. It is almost the rule that the more someone gives specs importance, the less accomplished photographer he is. There are of course a lot of exceptions, but Internet forums are full of examples of what I mean.

        On the other hand, what I said before does not mean that the technical properties of a camera are completely insignificant.

        I’ll be buying the D800 or the D700 because my camera got stolen. I am not interested on the announcement just to upgrade my camera. At this point of time I think it’s worthwhile to wait for the new generation, but mainly because buying a D800 is a better investment than buying a model that will son disappear. But, if the D800 changes radically the D700’s paradigm of good low light performance, I would go and buy a D700 because I already know it is a tool which won’t limit me at all in my type of photograpy.

        Do you really think a new 24 mp sensor can deliver the high iso preformance of the D3s?

        If you extrapolate your example, you would get a 16.3mp D800. D7000 is only 1/2 stop better than the D300s (check Dxo labs), and you only have 33% more pixels. What you are saying is that you double the pixel number and achieve the 2/3 stop advantage of the D3s (@ 6400 which is where things should get better, 1/2 stop on 3200) over the D700.

        I hope you are right, but I am afraid you are not.

        • Anonymous

          People are often predetermined. Only a year ago, most photographers would imagine noisy useless images if someone said there would be a 16mp DX. But it happened & changed how we perceive things.

          Maybe the only new model that betters D3s high iso performance will be 18mp D4.

          A 24mp D800 may be something on par with D700, or 1/2 stop short, if not as good as D3s though. This is way acceptable for most applications. Imo, a dream hopefully coming true thanks to the new technology.

          This will differentiate the 2 upcoming FX too. Anyway, we’ll see…

          • madera

            Well, that me, but I would much rather have a 18 mp sensor with decent iso 6400 behaviour, as a 24 mp sensor with 1/2 stop less than the D700.

            If nikon gives us a D3s sensor on a D700 body… I would gladly have those 12mp, but that’s just me again.

            Cameras are getting better, no question about it. My point is, how much do you need. And specifically, how much MP you need when other things seem to more important at this point of time?

            Remember color sensitivity, tonal range and high iso dynamic range fall with higher MP count.

            The promising point of new sensors is very high dynamic range at low ISO, at a point that makes really worthwhile having 14 or 16 bit depths. it is still to see how they can optimeze the SN ratio at iso 1600 to flatten out the curve.

            How big must you be printing to want 24MP? The only real benefit i see of 24 MP is to be able to crop your images.

            Also remeber that at 25mp on FF the diffraction limit is set at f/11. So again, not always more MP the better.

  • Charles

    I’m wondering if it’s a good sign that B&H Photo has shown the D700, D3s and D3x as “Temporarily Unavailable” for the past week or more while the D300s is still in stock. I’ve never really paid attention to their in-stock listings around major rumor times. But maybe it lends credence to the D800/D4 story.

    • Richard

      It is hard to tell because Nikon’s supply of product has been erratic and inconsistent.

  • Geoff

    24Mp sounds like a reuse of the D3X sensor. IF the ISO of it is not up to the old D700, then I am afraid I am not interested.

  • Ernesto

    So, When will they be available in stores????????????
    Do you know how long does it takes from the announcement till be on shops or

  • I have an offer for someone selling their D700 for $1500 with only 945 shutter count. Should i go with it? or wait for the new nikon?

  • Kingyo

    August 24th announcement = new mirrorless cam & 5 new coolpix models.. one of them will feature a revised built-in projector that shows pics against any surface.. IN 3-D!!! 😀

  • Headache

    Holy god I have a headache after reading that. I have a D300 and primarily shoot Fine Art. I love the body +grip, features, functionality, and superior build quality. The only real update I would like is more MP with a native ISO 100, and a higher dynamic range or HDR in camera via bracketing or multiple-sampling.

    After reviewing the Hasselblad 30mp files I was blown away. The clarity, and ability to zoom in at ungodly levels is truly amazing. Hopefully Nikon gives us something to compete with (excluding the over priced under quality D3X). My 3 cents-

  • Bernard

    ok everyone stop being retards and go take pics. You all have cam’s that are nice enough for what you NEED. I just sold some pics to the CCA using a d-80.

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