Nikon D800 and D4 rumors

The Nikon D800 book triggered a series of new tips and leads. Those are the most reliable rumors I received so far (please note that because a potential announcement is months away, some of the specs and/or release dates may change):

  • The Nikon D700 replacement will be called D800, it will come with a new 24 MP sensor, new AF system, full HD, same noise (ISO) performance like the D700. The announcement should be in Summer of 2011 (which is later then what the D800 book suggested). This camera is aimed to be a direct competitor of the Canon 5D MarkII.
  • The successor of the D3s will be called D4 and it will have 16 MP, 11 fps, full HD, new AF system and the same noise (ISO) performance like the D3s. The Nikon D4 should be announced in Spring of 2011. The D4x will follow with a 34MP sensor.

If true, this line up will indicate that Nikon will move away from the D3/mini D3 (D700) DSLR lines and create two more distinguished camera products. The D700 probably did cannibalize some of the D3 sales which (I guess) triggered that decision (otherwise they could continue to use the D3s/4 sensor in a D700 body).

No word on a D300s replacement yet.

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  • No mention of dynamic range? shame as that would be the biggest selling point for me! Bring on a fuji s5pro rivaling level of DR and strap it with the ISO and low Noise ability of the d700 and you have a winner!

    oh and shove in 60fps video

  • Matt

    Nikon has lost me as a customer. I have jumped ship and am now the proud owner of a very nice Canon. My Nikon glass will go up for sale on ebay.

    • canotroll


    • DaWolf

      What are you selling? I am interested.

      • Mal Reinhard

        Me too!!!

    • Ian Lee

      have fun with your oof images :-p

  • zeissdarling

    i’m almost about to go Sony alpha – zeiss or zeiss-designed glass WITH AF and basically the same sensor that is in the £5K D3X. It is weather-sealed etc. OK the verticle grip isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing thing.. but WTF Nikon was orignally a second-best to Leica for photojournalists over the glass… it was good enough for what they do. But thankfully between these two cameras its not the glass but a handful of features. The arrogant interview with the Nikon UK guy didn’t help. For 5K can get an A900 or the next model, lenses, software AND an A2 printer so there!

    • canotroll

      if you can do without any serious long end tele lenses AND accept the lousy noise performance from ISO 800 onwards– then by all means you’re right. 🙂

    • Roger

      Not Zeiss lenses, but Sony lenses with Zeiss name on it.

      • zeissdarling

        my photo is unbranded but definately distagon

    • Jabs

      If you can’t see the OBVIOUS differences between a D3X and say an A900/A850, then perhaps you need neither.
      Beauty clearly is in the EYE of the beholder – lol!
      So the man believed about his UGLY wife – lol!
      Sorry, but could not resist that one.

      Basically, you get what you pay for in a Nikon, but if your needs are less critical, then buy WHATEVER you wish.
      Your problem then, when you buy less and expect the best or similar results.
      Buying by NAME or perceived reputation versus deserved and observable results = your loss or your naivety.

      • zeissdarling

        Zeiss rules over most of nikons lenses, tho i concede that the latest nikon zooms are very sharp compared with say the old C/Y zooms. I have used zeiss fro years and am convinced … you have to really use them and see yourself mate instead of slagging them off. I was hoping to buy the D3X and 2 or 3 ZF lenses and also of course the 85mm1.4 nikkor,a macro and one of the zooms for commercial work. But if you think about it .. the D3X is notoriously NOT a proper hand-holdable camera .. which surely negates at least one stop of the ISO advantage.
        Zeiss autofocus with pretty much the same sensor ast the D3x??? yes please!!!!

        • Jabs

          I have looked at many files from Zeiss lenses and they remind me of Leica – ALL contrast and not much RESOLUTION.
          I use polarizers and that addition raises all my Nikons above the Zeiss lenses that I have seen images from.
          Of course, I have not bought one, so you might or might not be right BUT I am looking for Nikon’s COLOR consistency and ONLY Nikon has that.
          Do YOU know who currently makes Zeiss lenses and in WHAT country they are made? I don’t go by BRAND names but by observable RESULTS and nothing else, as I stick to Pro glass and NOT consumer glass. I probably have bought ONE consumer Nikon lens in all my years and it shocked me with its’ clarity and quality that I bought another one – that was the old Nikon Series E – 75-150 Zoom and it held its’ own with the 85 F1.4, 105 F1.8, 135 F2.0 and many others but since it was an F3.5 zoom, then it lost on bokeh results. I then stopped doubting zooms and relegated that to an ‘old wives tale’. Have you ever used an 80-200 ED-IF zoom or a 35-70 F2.8ED zoom? They both will shut you up, if you know what to shoot with them. I even got spectacular results with an old 28-50 F3.5 zoom despite a less than stellar reputation, as I know how to shoot and then use filters ALL the time, hence Pro shooter and not amateur talker.

          About your Pentax comment, yeah – great camera along with the Mamiya RB and RZ series. My favorite Medium format cameras was the Fuji GS680 because they had a built-in Tilt and Shift mechanism and razor sharp lenses. I probably will be looking for one soon just to add a digital back to it (if possible) or even shoot Velvia 50D and some 64T in a few caves – lol. A really excellent camera.

        • Jabs

          Perhaps you will love this TEST – plus they used some of your favorite Zeiss lenses and then you might learn WHY the Nikon D3X and D3S are worth every penny of their price.

      • zeissdarling

        as for studio work requirement… many TOP TOP photographers used the Pentax 67/6×7 sytem for years instead of the others .. despite the drawbacks and quirks – the lenses and durability were great.. the low flash synch made up for by a couple of leaf shutter lenses. This is not a direct comparison to the A900 – D3x argument but perhaps you can see my point,.

        • Jabs

          Yeah, I responded to this in my comments above.
          Yeah, I even had a Yashicamat TLR and got spectacular results on 120 and 220 Velvia 50D but had to guess exposure – lol!
          Pointed an F3 at the scene and then used the F3’s meter (80/20 split) and then set the Yashica to that – lol! – (the F4 would vary the reading while the F3 was dead on, so used that).

          I got your point, as camera user too.

          My perspective:
          WHEN I ‘grow’ up – I wanna be a D3X -lol-, -even- if it is $8,000 dollars, as I don’t care – I buy what I like plus need and I work hard and so does my equipment – good and varied equipment is its’ OWN reward as you smile to the bank and get PAID for your hard work and efforts, hence rewarding career and LIFE!

          • zeissdarling

            yes yashicamat i had one too! but the results were definately dependent on aperture. as for leica lenses – the are specially calculated to deal with light in a particular way .. sharpness not everything.. tho zeiss are of course meant to be the sharpest in the world. Thats why the queen of england had a G2 rangefinder. The Pentax 67 lenses can be amazing. yes the Fuji GS680 would be real nice. What do you think of the sharpness and ‘look’ ? like olympus?
            I must take issue with your polarizer – putting more glass in the form of filters is going to degrade sharpness unless you’re really struggling with lens fair. I do use polarizers tho, but if i get up to speed with PS techniques i may not use one if i can so avoid. Try Zeiss, or the unbranded ones like the BARGAIN 35mm yashica ML which is better than the Zeiss version shock horror. Forget brandings…who builds who’z lens. If it does the job, makes the image or is the same design get it! Zeiss colour rules, seen to be believed.

            • Jabs

              I have never used an Olympus, but if I remember right, the Olympus OM4T (Titanium) was a fantastic camera. I also never used Olympus glass but heard that they are great.
              I got great results from my Yashicamat, because I stopped it down and used it only on a tripod plus I used twin hoods and filters made for that camera. I only shot it with Fuji Velvia Pro 50D and 64T in 120 and 220 sizes, as I was comparing it to my F3 and F4 then on the same scenes. It handily beat both F3 and F4 but it was a pain to load, compared to an F3 or F4, as they ‘autoloaded’ when you put the film in the camera and stretched the leader across the film rails and close the back plus I had the F3 back that left the leader out since I shot Polaroid SLIDE FILM in 35mm – they even had a B+W and a blue and white slide film and I used them for Presentations and they were very effective. I shot cars and a lot of stainless steel equipment plus shot in the mountains in America and abroad, so always needed Polarizers, Nikon A2 warming filters and on my expensive lenses, I used at least a UV filter, as I saw the difference especially at altitudes. I knew about the less filter is better rule, but the filters outweighed the loss of resolution, as they brought about better contrast and clarity to my work, so I always used them, especially on long lens – had a 50-300 F4.5ED zoom and it had 95mm filters, so it was an expensive habit (lol). I used mainly Nikon and B+W (the company and not the film or color) and Hoya plus TIffen filters, so had to buy what was needed.
              I shot fast and with multiple bodies some with black and white film and others with slide film or even Kodak Ektar 25 ISO film – a razor sharp film that changed my snobbishness about using print film, though I had to shoot almost wide open to get any results or shoot with a tripod/monopod. With stainless steel, you must use a polarizer even with digital and many forget that fact. I would rotate the polarizer to get the minimum anti-reflection effect that I needed as I shot with Nikon TTL flashes also plus a few manual flashes (Beta4 and Beta 6 – forgot brands, that had manual ratio settings and multiple colored heads that snapped on to them). I shot whatever was required and all of it had to be good plus I also videotaped everything all by myself. Used SuperBETA with Beta1 speed and 8MM Sony video cameras and camcorders plus Editors/Monitors and edited on Amiga 2000, 2500 and 3000, but started on A1000, then A500 and before that Vic20, C64, C128 and others from Commodore. Thus user of both computers, cameras and lots of video gear and owner of all my equipment (still have lots of it too).
              I looked at Zeiss files and they are great but not better than Nikons’ to me, but I have not used one, so who knows. I like the feel of the focusing ring on Nikons from the manual days and did not like other cameras that I tried, hence spoiled. I owned one rare Leica and used it briefly with the rare Canon lens plus a 50mm Leica lens and shot it along with a few Nikons and even an N2000 and N2002 beat it, so sold it to my brother the collector and bought an FA-MD15 @47th Street Photo in Manhattan and loved that camera.
              I am a long time buyer and user of all types of gear, so maybe I am more Blessed than I realize and hence happy plus I work hard.
              Nice conversing with you. Enjoy your Zeiss as I am after lenses such as 200 F2, a new 300 F4 ED-IF AF-G (owned the original 300 F4 ED-IF) and it was a great lens. Also love all the new F1.4 lenses released this year by Nikon and thus got to make a lot of money to buy them by year end or early next year.
              Have good one!

  • The invisible man

    D800 24mp (with same sensitivity as D700)
    D4 only 16mp ?
    Does not make much sense to me, but I have been wrong many times in the past !

  • canotroll

    OK, let’s assume that whenenver it comes out, the D800 WILL have 24MP resolution…

    I wonder if all droolers are aware that they will have huge secondary investments — if they don’t already own the few lenses that can keep up with the D3x’s sensor. Apart from the 14-24, the 105 micro, the 70-200/f2.8 II and a few tele primes from Nikon, the glass just isn’t up to scratch.

    Nope, none of the wide and normal primes cut it and neither does the good old 24-70: Boders sometimes and corners never keep up. The Zeiss 50mm/f2 and 100mm Makro-Planars will be enough, but no other 3rd party that I know of.

    So if you don’t REALLY need that 50% extra printing area, the D700 has more than enough resolution AND makes many lenses look good that render rubbish results on the D3x (like the 16-35/f4 toy). I do speak from experience– forget the MP race and start investing in lenses that might keep up once 24MP becomes mainstream…

    BTW: Canon has NOTHING on the wide end that could keep up with 24MP. Makes their MP race look even more stupid. And I’ve switched FROM Canon TO Nikon for the D3x and D700, thank god. 🙂

    Open for hate-mails now… 😉

    • Dormant

      That’s ruined my excuse to move from DX (D200) to FX (D800).

      I have 20, 35 and 50/1.4 primes from my film days.

      • canotroll

        well, sorry about that. 🙂 but honestly: 12MP is streching the limit for those…

    • Joe

      What about the new AF-S 1.4 primes (24, 35, 85)? The PC-E lenses? 200/2, 300/2.8? I think there is enough decent stuff out there for 24mp.

      • canotroll

        I did say there are decent tele primes. You mentioned two of them. The wide ones will not hold up, neither will the 85 except for the center. Bokeh will of course be great, but you won’t use it for corner sharpness…

    • strange your judgament about optics quality. You know 12MP dx has highr pixel density than 24MP FX. So all optics that shows excellent results on 12dx should be pretty fine on 24FX

    • Roger

      You havent used the Canon tilt shifts ? 17 and 24 are razor sharp on 21mp Canons.

  • tsnake

    I’m getting all 3, plus, as already planned; an F6.

    • Roger

      I’d like to buy an F6 too, I’m nostalgic, fond memories of shooting 35mm and medium format film. But used prices are killing me, they are so high to the point of absurd. Maybe buying the F5 again is the solution …..

  • Chris

    D4 is just in time for when I graduate I can have a brand new pro camera with video and plenty of goodies to last me for awhile! Come on Nikon! Make us proud!

    Those specs are perfect. 16 MP, New AF, HD vid, D3s noise, pro body. I am drooling.

  • Joe

    Okay, D800 shipping in summer, and reasonable prices for it by the end of 2011.

    I think I was absolutely right to buy a D700 a few weeks ago…

  • DaveyJ

    As a D700 owner I am not interested in 24 MP unless they come with the same ISO prowess and a really functional HD video with the D800. All that said I interpret that NR photographers want the D700 replacement more than any other camera. I believe that it would have very good sales but better not be much over the D700 current price. I think the D7000 price is what is pushing it to be such a massive seller. A manufacturer I would think would gain some economy of scale by making more at a more reasonable price. The more hand assembly etc. required just pushes the price up too far.

  • Hog Toman

    What do you think: will we see a D3x to ‘s’ update or not? Will D3x lifecycle be shortened in favor of a quicker time to market for a D4x? Why?

    If there will not be a D3x update, where does the supposed 24mpx sensor for a D800 come from? A revamped version handed down to the D800 or a complete new one?

    If there is an update of the D3x before the D4x arrives? will the D3x and D800 share the same sensor? and why not?

    Will D4 sensor be Sony with Nikon Sauce or a “from scratch” nikon designs? If still rooted in a Sony design….sony does not seems to be rushing on the A850/A900 successor…….or will they stick with 24mpx and just improve and nikon (nikon sauce applied or not) will stick that into a D800 to create scale of ecomic to keep pricing at an agressive level like with the D700….

    Maybe a D800 is a souped-up Sony A900/A850?

  • James_r

    Guys, do you think the d700 battery grip will work on the D4? If that D4 is less than $3000 I would really like to upgrade.

    • Jabs

      The D4 will probably be like the current D3 and have a built-in motor drive and not be like the D700 which has a separate motor drive, as it is a two-piece camera while the D3 is a one-piece camera.
      Hope this answers your question.

      Answer – probably NOT unless you are referring to the so-called D800 as the replacement for the D700 and then both are two-piece cameras (body and separate motor drive). Maybe then the current motor drive of the D700 fits that new camera but I doubt the D4 will need a separate motor drive like the D700 does and it probably will be like the one-piece built-in motor drive camera that the D3 is.
      Got it???

  • Anonymous

    No question in my mind that the D4 will be at least 24MP. Look, Sigma was able to reach pixel density of 40+Mp and most likely that will outperform the D3x.

    • D(l)eight

      They stacked three layers of pixels in the silicon. Pixelssize/pitch/density of each layer is not very much different as to a 16mpx DX sensor.

      • Anonymous

        but outresolves in all aspect the a 30mp sensor

        • D(l)eight

          Let’s wait and see until that Sigma materializes……

          • Anonymous

            Sure, we shall see but the whole point I was trying to make is that maybe sensor development is far more advanced than we previously thought.

            I think, Nikon and Sony already have a 24MP that outperforms the D3s sensor. This is what we will see in the D4.

            My gutt feeling tells me that we may see a 28-30MP sensor in the D4. That is because with that you can create 12MP with similar characteristics of the D3s.

    • Roger

      I’ve been saying that for more than a year. D4 should be at least 24mp and better noise than the D3s. D4 will have to compete with some serious new Canon cameras coming soon, it will have to be really good ……

  • Ahughjass

    I know the number 300 was unlucky for the persians. I wonder how well the D300(s) sold in that market…

    • Julian


    • Kenny Son


  • really? The D700 replacement in Summer?? Aw, I’m tired of waiting!

  • There’s super price-drop in the D700 in Japan. It’s down to about $2000. Do you think this is one of the sign? That there would be a replacement sooner?

  • kevin

    Honestly I can’t see the D800 having more resolution than the D4. They’d be making the same retarded mistake canon made. Who will buy the D4 if it only has 1 to 2 stops of improvement over a D800 that has 50% more resolution and is several thousand dollars cheaper.

    Sorry it makes no sense.

    And FYI who the hell was dissing the 85mm 1.4G. That lens is nothing short of amazing.

    • canontroll

      FYI: It was me who said the 85mm couldn’t keep up w/ 24MP resolution-wise. That lens surely is amazing in the CENTER, but you have to stop it down to f8 to get good borders and corners, and that’s the limit– certainly not even close to the resolution the sensor is capable of. It’s great portrait lens, but it’s made for its creamy bokeh and shallow DOF, not for resolution!!!

      • kevin

        I’d argue the lens is freaking great. We don’t all need nor want a 24mp sensor. It’s basically why I’m hoping we only see a 16 or 18mp D4. There will not be any 24mp camera coming from Nikon. It just makes no sense. Sure lets give everybody a D800 with 24mp so they don’t buy our flagship D4 with 16mp. Right….

        The brilliant part of that 85mm 1.4 is the fact it has such great bokeh and it can focus on moving people. It’s something the previous lens couldn’t. The lens is intentionally designed not to give you razor sharpness in the corners, that’s why they call it a portrait lens.

        • canontroll

          Dude, read befor you write. “We don’t all need nor want a 24mp sensor. ” That was exactly my point. Why buy 24MP if few lenses can keep up.

          “The lens is intentionally designed not to give you razor sharpness in the corners, that’s why they call it a portrait lens.” Again: READ! That is exactly what I wrote in my previous comment, last sentence. Duh.

          • Roger

            Keep in mind that we will all use 24+ mp cameras soon. In a few years, you wont have a choice cause there wont be anything less than 24mp.

        • IndyGeoff

          If you need 11fps over say 6, then you will buy the lower MP camera and be happy.

  • Most interesting rumour for these few days! 😀

  • Massimo Masone

    Will be announced next summer? NEXT SUMMER?!? we expected it for THIS AUTUMN! We can’t wait anymore and we do not need 24MP! Give us D3S sensor in a smaller body with less fps!

    They can’t hope to sell all those 24-120 and 28-300 if they do not have the successor of the d700 ready on the shelves by now!

    • IndyGeoff

      I’d like the higher MP sensor, so the “we” doesn’t include “me”

  • nuno

    Since many years ago every important camera has had a “s” version. NR admin, do you think there will be a D700s before the D800?

  • this is obviously fake for so many obvious reasons.

    Just think… same ISO performance as the current D700 and higher MP and new AF? That sounds 100x more like what Canon would do than Nikon. Look at their track records in the past years if they want to compete with Canon they always pace their releases better and out duel Canon except the video department which Canon is well known for with their camcorders, and they never over-do the MP counts. Yes they’re obviously upping the MP counts suggested by the recent release of the D7000, but no 24 is useless for most and it’s extremely unlike Nikon to do something like that.

    No they would not make the D700 successor a direct competitor of 5D-mk2; instead they’ll make the D800 a camera that makes the current 5D-mk2 owners drool over and want to switch, and it would be a camera that is targeted up against the 5D-mk3 when it comes out. Mind you the 5D-mk2 was released Q2 2008!

    Then apparently the rumors don’t quite match up very well with each other, and again Nikon has never been doing it the Canon-way cheaping you out on their features. Canon puts good AF on one body, video superiority on another, high fps on then another, etc. The Nikon flagship pro body series never had anything inferior to their smaller siblings, and that’s what makes Nikon Nikon.

    It sure sounds like #1 these 2 rumors were from different source; or #2 these 2 rumors originated from the Canon camp who doesn’t understand why we love Nikon.

  • hah

    I don’t think canibalization had anything to do with the decision to keep the D4 at 16MP. buyers of a D700 simply weren’t on the market for a 5K investement to begin with.

    The real reason: canon 5D mk II and the upcoming III will have 20+MP sensors. The D700 runs circles around the slow 5DII and even more circles when you factor in the old fashioned AF system on the canon. However the canon’s one saving grace in the still image realm was always the higher MP count for pixel-peepers as well as the few remaining people who do very large prints. Nikon is clearly positioning the D800 to surpass the canon 5DII/III in every techincal respect including resolution.

    The D3s already blows the cropped 1D4 out of the water so the D4 should further that advantage (thanks to it’s FF sensor). The 16MP density puts it on par with the 1D4 and will off course have much better image quality and better AF.

    Sounds like a reapeat of 2007 when nikon came out and blew the competition away. The question is what will the D400 bring? With the 7D not being updated anytime soon nikon could easily leapfrog canon for a couple years if they release the next gen proDX body early next year.

    D3 was released alongside the D300 so maybe the D4 will be closely followed by the D400.

    oh boy, it’s nikon’s turn now 🙂

    • D(l)eight

      Yup, right on the money concerning the canibalization of D3 sales.

  • Ajit

    Strange… the D800 has a 24MP sensor whereas the D4 only a 16MP… it’s a rumor but shouldn’t it be the reverse?

    • Michael Scott Vincen

      I assume that nikon would be targeting the PJ market, Photojournalists are the most visible pro’s that the public see. Hence all those advertsements over the last decade of sporting events, watched by millions of people and the army of white lenses photographing. The D4 would be faster (11fps) and more light sensitive than a camera with a higher pixel count. I’m guesing that a 24mp sensor will comeout at 6fps.

  • John

    Higher MP (just a tad)
    Bump in ISO
    2 card slots
    1080p video
    100% viewfinder

    yes, please.

  • S

    Personally, I think these rumour details are absolute trash. I know a D700 replacement is coming in early 2011, but I feel we won’t have a D4+D400 announcement until late summer 2011..and most likely we won’t be even able to buy them until Christmas 2011. The D800 will follow around 10 months after that ..that’s 2000 and bloody 12. (2012).
    A 16mp D4 is will never happen..and Nikon’s style always improve their flagship cameras in every way. I really believe with the will make the D3S mp & iso look incredibly dated.


  • cirtap

    I am a bit confuzed!!!

    The D4 is only having 16MP…but the D800…which is suppose to replace the D700 is going to have 24MP?????

    What Am I missing here?

    • nobody

      You’re missing that the D4, just like the D3, will be a specialized, fast high ISO camera, therefore with not so many pixels (well, actually still quite a lot).

      The D4x will be the specialized high resolution camera, just like the D3x, with more than 30MP, but not quite so good high ISO capabilities.

      The D800, OTOH, may be not such a specialized camera, but may be the best compromise. Very good resolution, but not the highest one. Very good, but not the highest high ISO capabilities. All that in a smaller, lighter, and less costly body.

      That would seem very attractive to me!

    • IndyGeoff

      sports shooters usually want more speed than MP is why there is the difference.

  • canotroll

    How about true mirror lock-up? As in permanent, will stay up until I tell the camera to release it again? Anybody on board for that? 🙂

  • nuno

    this rumor is rated 40% . Just remember.

  • Broxibear

    Lets asume for a minute that the D800 is coming out next year, what price do you see it having considering the D7000 is £1100 and the D700 was initially £1900 ?
    It’s not going to be cheaper than the D700 or higher than a D3s, so that means between £2000 and £3500…lets say £2500, almost $4000 US ?
    If it’s to be a direct competitor of the Canon 5D MarkII then it’s already lost on price as the 5D MarkII is £1675…Nikon have a got a pricing problem ?

  • NK

    Nikon offers so much more than Canon.
    the controls itself are something that can’t make me switch to canon ( I switched to canon about 2 years ago )

    the d700 replacement with surely be a step above in specs than compared to canon or the d700 itself

    the d7000 is currently the most dominant dx camera in nikon
    I’d expect the same thing with d700
    and maybe the d3 replacement will raise the bar much higher again.

  • brave new world

    50:50 for camera and lens – this is why the 24g and 85g are working very well with the current line-up. For those who are in doubt: the ZF 85mm MF is practically not superior to the 85g Nikkor. Theoretical figures might differ …

    If sensors are capable to resove 24 MP and beyond, then the set of optimal lens or apertures to operate them optimally might be reduced i.e. it may also require new lens for specific purposes, that are not yet covered.

    For several months I follow the discussion – many people want more than 12 MP – so how much is everyone willing to invest to FULLY utilize 24 MP or 30+MP – that’s to me the question. And soon you are in the price range of the S2 and HD4 …

  • sgts

    I’m trying to read the comments about the rumor but find people posting images a bit of a derail tbh. I don’t mind samples but I read this for the rumors and theres a danger it might turn into some sort of photo crit area or people subtly trying to market their stuff here – if so please take out an advert instead so admin gets some cash for running this great RUMORS site.

  • Roger

    I’m calling FAKE on these rumors. Will gladly give you a “told you so” when they prove fake, too. 😀

  • Catastrophile

    bookmark the permalink, this rumor will turn out to be fake. sounds like made up by a D700 user wanting a hi res upgrade and knowing that the D700 replacement can’t –for different reasons– have the same sensor as that of D5s nor that of D5x (no D4s or D4x most probably), he/she come up with this theory of 3 different sensors. 16 MP in D5S doesn’t make sense in a megapixel-mad world.

  • Russ

    34 mp…
    Awesome shots for sure. (save me some photomerging) 😀

    But I’d have to make the whole workflow transition to multi-terabyte drives and either a Drobo FS or NAS.

  • studio460

    Kudos, NR Admin!

    Exciting news! To me, the reported FX-body rumors make perfect sense, which lead me to believe that they’re probably not to far off the mark:

    1. The D7000’s better-than-expected spec sheet eliminates the “necessity” for a “D400.”
    2. The report that Nikon intends to release “D4” prior to “D800” to deter any cannibalization makes perfect sense. That’s what I would do if I were the Nikon product manager.
    3. Nikon specs the D4’s MP count conservatively to maintain the benefits of lower-density pixel-arrays (e.g. increased sensitivity), knowing that potential D4 customers (e.g., working professionals) are educated enough not to evaluate a camera on mega-pixel counts alone.
    4. Nikon specs the D800’s pixel count higher than D4’s both to counter mega-pixel parity arguments with competing Canon bodies (to less-informed buyers), and to offer an entry-level, D3x-ish kind of product for the large-print size market segment.
    5. Spec’ing the D4 and D800, the way reported, makes you want to own both. It makes me want to own both. And that’s the whole point of good product-line management strategy.

    If these reports are true (or near-true), then this is evidence of a marketing and product management team who understands their customers and the market, because, in my view, they have “optimally” (optimally for them, not necessarily for “us”) segregated the feature sets across their product line (D7000/D800/D4) in such a way that it will both maximize unit sales in each category, and increase revenues overall. (I know this because I want all three.)

    • studio460

      Dang–wish you could edit these things . . .

      “To me, the reported FX-body rumors make perfect sense, which lead me to believe that they’re probably not [too] far off the mark:”

      “4. Nikon specs the D800′s pixel count higher than D4′s both to counter mega-pixel parity arguments with competing Canon bodies (to less-informed buyers), and to offer an entry-level, D3x-ish kind of product for the large-print size market segment.”
      The D4’s modest pixel-count also leaves “room” for a “D4x,” to be developed at a later date. Also, the current FX-body pixel counts are large enough for most magazine work (and, a lot of gallery-sized photography is still shot on larger-format backs and cameras).

      • MR

        Well said mate. Understood without a need for the updates. I will not be getting rid of a D700 for the D800 though before testing it.
        Marketing, marketing, marketing. Lets make everyone drool for a new product, give me more, more, more!
        There would have to be the same QUALITY as the D700 to make me want one + a 100% viewfinder and dual CF slots for instant backup. I am a photographer not a videographer so they can leave there video for the consumer models and the D4 for those who will use it, I’m too busy to learn a craft I don’t really enjoy, I would be shocked to see video on a D4x.
        As canontroll has mentioned, why would we want cameras if we don’t have the lenses to keep up with them, just to satisfy the uninformed. Blah blah blah I love the rumoured or unrumoured improvements and since the D4 series is created for pros not for the consumer market, one would hope that Nikon has thought of all this. If everyone is shooting above the capabilities of their D700’s and D3s and x’s then sell them cheap to me and buy a blad or the like and be done with it.

  • studio460

    (and, a lot of gallery-sized photography is still shot on larger-format backs and cameras [anyway]).

  • IndyGeoff

    Keep that D800 at or under 3K$ and I am in for one.

    • Barbie Rokwel

      Rumored spec’s look that a D800 will be more of a camera that is positioned right in the middle of the D4, D4x and D400 triangle were the D700 more shifted towards the D3 corner in the D3s, D3x and D300s triangle.

      So it will likely move up in price compared to D700, probably in such way that Nikon will not promote it as the D700 successor but as a new camera in its own right. D700 may be kept around for some time just as they do with D7000&D90.

      • Catastrophile

        4 cameras to be replaced: D300S, D700, D3S, D3X. Will they all be eventually replaced?! maybe, but not too quickly one after the other. The D300S and D3S might be delayed or even completely canceled. the soonest to be replaced is likely the D700, it’ll get the 24MP + 1080 it may also get a 100% OVF and if so, that might spell the end of the D3S line (low mp for the sake of great hi ISO & DR is an old myth).

        • Barbie Rokwel

          (low mp for the sake of great hi ISO & DR is an old myth)

          That would be the end for D3 and D3x as seperate models too

          D4 as flagship, stays at 24mpx but much improved iso as there is no lens that does justice to a +30mps sensor. >$6000.

          D40 (not D800) with same sensor but smaller body and some crippling in software/electronics. +/-$3500

          D400 DX 16/18 mpx. $2000 or just above

          D7000 $1200
          D2000 or something evil…..

        • Jabs

          Do YOU have any idea WHAT dynamic range in photography IS?
          If you did, you would see the ignorance of your post.
          Dynamic range is the raison d’etre of photography and if you don’t know why then GO rent a D3s or even an older D3 or upgrade your own perceptions.
          Stay away from the D3X, as it might educate you to the point of you lusting after it and selling your wife, children, house, the dog and the cat all for this one camera like a NUT or junkie strung out on crack (all tongue in cheek) – LOL!

          Get REAL.

  • Jabs

    A couple of sobering STATISTICS for you here when discussing Nikon vs Canon or anyone else.

    1. ONLY Nikon has an RGB (Red, Blue, Green) meter as in the camera sees the scene and meters in COLOR, as everyone else uses a BLACK+WHITE or monochrome metering system and this metering system has been around from the FILM days and now has been upgraded in the new D7000 to approximately twice the number of RGB ‘sensors’. I believe that the Matrix metering system started in the Nikon FA and that the RGB metering system started in either the F4 or F5 film cameras.
    2. Nikon has a greater variety of lenses over the years than anyone else and that includes older unusual lenses that will mount of most of their Pro bodies.
    3. Nikon generally has more accessories than anyone else for their Pro cameras and that has been a fact for ages.
    4. Nikon’s Pro bodies shoot faster and generally have lower shutter lag plus start up times than almost everyone else plus they are easier to hold and more durable.

    Control layout, menus and camera feel is a personal choice, so I don’t get into that or even try to tell anyone what to do or choose BUT I prefer Nikon’s layout as it is more logical to ME than anyone else’s as I have been using Nikon’s for years PLUS tried other layouts and saw some advantages, but they all reminded me of clueless people designing things by logics or committee and NEVER ever consulting real photographers or even them NOT being photographers, themselves.
    Reminds me of computer programmers designing things for THEIR use and not the intended audience of us photographers or THE USERS of the equipment. This is what sets Nikon clearly apart from others, though I love the majority of photographic equipment out there and am not some loony (LOL) equipment freak or some dazed ‘nikophile’ (lol).

    Oh well.

    • Catastrophile

      thank god, this is not dpreview, otherwise a post like yours would not go without counter arguments from the Canonites, and then the only thing to end the discussion is the 150-post limit.

      • Jabs

        Yeah, the ‘eggheads’ at dpreview, one of my favorite web sites – LOL!
        People seem to be polarized into camps there and then childish banter, so I hope this place does not suffer from that mess or decline to that.
        This is a rumor site but things have to be based upon some semblance of reality and not the mad ravings or rantings of clueless guessers or people who know little or nothing about cameras and photography.
        I’ve had these discussions with both of my brothers who are also photographers over the years and thus always aware of these rabid divisions.
        1. Brother 1 likes Leica and Canon plus eschews technology, especially Nikon – Museum shooter.
        2. Brother 2 likes Nikon but hates electronic cameras – a Nikon FM2 and FM2n user with their meters and such – fashion photographer of old.
        3. Me, I am progressive and embrace technology BUT I decide for myself and use what I prefer or works best for me and what I am shooting then – sort of an independent thinker and technological person who blazes trails and seldom follows the herd – LOL!
        I also used most of both of my brother’s gear and then I run back to Nikon pro bodies, as backwardness is NOT a virtue to me – lol.
        Right now, I like the Nikon D3S best and plan on buying one soon. Advances in technology that have tangible and demonstrated benefits are what I like and respect no matter what others say or preach about. I love the new D7000, but don’t care for DX, as not about to re-think in terms of crop-factors or such mess. Film slide shooter and thus spoiled by that.
        I also love the color quality and metering systems of Nikon’s better than either Leica or Canon, though I respect Leica in B+W for its’ increased contrast at the expense of resolution (in my opinion and from observation) with loupes.

        One thing that I forgot was to ADD that Nikon has the only workable and repeatable FLASH system out there wherein you can mix and match units plus do multiple-flash shots without a dedicated meter and a degree in ‘FLASHTOLOGY’ (lol). Other manufacturer’s are basically clueless on FLASH and the results on even older Nikon bodies are demonstrable better.

  • P

    I think the D300s successor will have full frame. Is natural progression. But I think it will only be one semipro. D7000 will be the small alternative. D4/D800/D7000/D5000/D3100. What is the sales figure for them? Is it a factor of 5 for each step?

  • What cannibalized D3s sales was the $5200 price tag. In this economy, who has 5K to drop on one new camera body. With that said, 8K for a D3x?!? Gimme a break. Never gonna see one at my shop.

    • Jabs

      Maybe you are too poor to afford a D3S, but since it has been back-ordered for months since its’ introduction plus was next to impossible to get, then someone is actively BUYING it and putting up deposits to purchase a revolutionary camera.
      You GET JOBS and then use this camera to do what no other camera on the market can do – hence PERHAPS not aimed at you.
      Same for D3X – expensive but can be paid for in ONE job, if you have the SKILLS.

  • Peter

    D3s has dropped to 70% from its release price. So there are signs of D4 coming. At 3800e here in Europe it is tempting as last D3 models are going for 3000 euros. D700 is at 1800e (+400 batterypack) and I have told myself the D3s is not twice as good as it.

    Outside the pro folks we amateurs exist who just upgrade our stuff less frequently.

  • IndyGeoff

    If the D800 specs are as listed AND the price hits/drops to 3k$, I will have one faster than you can read this sentence. I’d call it perfect for me for quite some time.

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