The publisher of the Nikon D800 book insists on a March 2011 release date

A French speaking reader contacted Dunod, the publishing company that listed the Nikon D800 book, and they insist that the book will be released in March of 2011 - here is their answer, for whatever it's worth:

Il s’agit d’un livre qui va normalement paraître en mars 2011. Voir le lien ci-après:"

which translates to something like:

This is a book that will normally be available in March 2011. See link below: link"

In an even more bizarre development, the Amazon UK listing is now also updated with a publishing date of March 9, 2011 (it was February 9th, 2011 yesterday):

Update: here is the follow-up email from the publisher (thanks Andre):

"I emailed them again saying that the book title says D800 but the information in that link is about D700. And they told me the information is about the D700 but the D800 is supposed to be the D700 replacement. Their answer: Effectivement, les informations concernent le D700. En tout cas, le Nikon D800 est censé être le remplaçant du D700."

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  • D(l)eight

    It leaves unanswered if D800 is a typo or for real and Why is the title D800 and the description of the book mentions a D700…

    Are we just looking at D7000 book??

    • Tso

      “And they told me the information is about the D700 but the D800 is supposed to be the D700 replacement.”

      ie: We wrote the book using the D700 info, but we will do a global replace to insert the D800 specs when they are out.

  • D(l)eight

    In an even more bizarre development, the Amazon UK listing is now also updated with a publishing date of March 9, 2011 (it was February 9th, 2011 yesterday)

    Publishers have most likely access to Amazon’s system to enter/maintain books, it’s just amazon pushing datamanagement back to the publishers (to keep amazon headcount down). So Dunod went in and updated the data about the book the plan to publish.

    If Dunod even would have a D800 or knowlegde about a D800 they would now be violating a NDA.

    The fun part is that Nikon probably does not respond if Dunod did a lucky guess, just to avoid fuuelling expectations.

    I say rumor busted: did such a thing happen before? that a book was announced before the camera and it turned out to be true?

    • With the Nikon D400 book last year, the publisher actually came out and said that this was a mistake, that’s not the case this time.

      • D(l)eight

        What does the Publisher say: that a book will be available or that it is a D800 book? Appreciate the difference in wording.

      • andre guerra

        I emailed them again saying that the book title says D800 but the informations in that link is about D700. And they told me the informations are about the D700 but the D800 is supposed to be the D700 replacement.

        Here their answer: Effectivement, les informations concernent le D700. En tout cas, le Nikon D800 est censé être le remplaçant du D700.


        • D(l)eight


          And why do they know that the book will be relevant in March?

          • lolcatmaster FTW

            Super powers!! they lived near Chernobyl and gained AWESOME powers!

        • Joe

          Okay, so this means: It is a book containing general information about a “D700-type camera” that was written for the D700, but its contents might also apply to a possible D800 if it ever will come out.

          I guess the author doesn’t know more than we do… 😉

    • Cantwell

      I have a hard time believing that this inside is information. We’ve seen all sorts of cameras that never appeared (and never will) from product descriptions on amazon (D900 compatible camera cases and battery grips anyone).

      And as we’ve seen time and time again, people with inside information may release it anonymously once in a while, but they DON’T publish it on anything that can be linked back to them, and they usually don’t give it up 5 months ahead of time.

  • If the D800 will be released in March 2011, the first serious rumours will be in December/January. That’s what I think.

    There are a lot of fake books on Amazon. Check this:

    We all know there won’t be a D95, but there will be a D7000.

    • D(l)eight

      probably a lack of cleansing from Amazon’s side: publisher putting stuff in and Amazon not cleaning out the rubbish of books that never arrived in their warehouses. One of the negative side effects of giving publishers access to the system.

  • Conan

    that’s weird~~I’m confused now~is the rumor real ? it’s impossible that nikon gonna put d800 in the position competing with 5d mark ii which is 3 yrs old~but the book is real

    • I am also confused, if this was a mistake, I see no reason why the publisher is insisting on the release date. On the other site, I doubt Nikon would tell a publishing company about an upcoming camera – maybe they have their own sources and they created this book entry based on an insider info.

      • Joe D

        Does Dunod have a D700 book at all?

      • D(l)eight

        Why would a publisher list a book, with contradicting information D800/D700 so many months in advance? What has he to gain by doing so? obviously nobody will pre-order such book as it is unclear what it is about D800, D700 or something else. Most likely not about a D700 because they have a book about that camera….

        • Dormant

          Could happen easily.

          Someone edits pages, plays around, maybe anticipating, maybe just for training, then forgets it’s on the live system.

          Nikonistas berate PR person, who has no idea what is going on, sees the web page, thinks it’s real and bluffs.

      • andre guerra

        I asked them now if they have any information about the release of the D800.

        Lets wait…

        • ask them if they are certain about this new camera and how do they know about it, you never know 🙂

          • andre guerra

            That was exactly what I asked. “Do you have any reliable information on the replacement for the Nikon D700? I want to know if you received some information regarding the release of the Nikon D800.”

            Lets see if they give us now a clear answer.

            • andre guerra

              I trully think they are just guessing. I ckecked the release of the “Obtenez le meilleur du Nikon D700” and it was in january 2009. I dont think this time they would have any info before the release…

            • D(l)eight


              I doubt nikon will ever include publishers into the small circle of people knowing….there is no point in doing so.

              Case closed, in worst case this is not much more that the publisher trying to create some brand awareness for themselves.

          • andre guerra

            They didnt answer me. I believe they were just guessing…

    • D(l)eight

      image a D5m2 with only only 3 things improved:

      – improved AF
      – sensor tweak to improve on noise/iso/dr
      – a few more frames/second with new Digic chipset

      …wouldn’t that still be a formidable camera.

  • Nikgun

    Smokin’ good rumor. Maybe a little fire going on.

  • D Datta

    There is really a lot of smoke. The Nikon dealer in Saudi Arabia has slashed $600 US from the original list price of the D700.

    May be he is trying to clear stocks fast. Compared to the D700, the D300s prices have been slashed by only $125.

    • D(l)eight

      Either supply is low or the D700 still sells very well: a local and big retailer is having the D700 (and kits) almost now for more then a year marked as either ‘ limited supply’ or ‘out of stock’, Streetprice has been moving between 1750 and 1850 euro’s (incl. VAT) for more then a year,

    • Fredbare

      Now you got me interested! What’s the D700 price currently in KSA?
      I’m there at month end.

      • D Datta

        The body is listed at SAR 8999.

        • Fredbare

          Thanks! Assume that’s Abdulwahed or such.
          Hmm that’s about 676 KD.
          Not far off the local D300 price here.
          Worth a look!

          • D Datta

            Yes.. on the dot. Its at Abdulwahed.

            D300s is SAR 6499 and D700 is at SAR 8999 incl. a case, a cleaning kit and a 8 GB CF Card.

    • Dan

      Hmmm….can we expect the current kit rebates (ie $700 off D700 w/70-200 VRII) to go down as well? I almost bought one the other day but now I’m thinking it’ll go down even more after Oct.31.

  • Kyre

    ‘normally’ is actually more like ‘hopefully’ – not exactly the same meaning.

  • Artem

    Yeah. How about, they can not sell D700 because people are waiting for update and it’s not coming any time soon?!!! A worst case scenario….

  • Digitalux

    ISBN registrations are done quite in advance and require a title. The title may change or the registration may never get used.
    All what we can tell from this is that a new book is planned for release about a new (?) Nikon model. Title may change until release is anounced.
    So, IMHO, it doesn’t tell us anything about the new camera…

    BTW, I never encountered such secrecy from Nikon. Usually, we hear that a photograph may have a test camera (usually without any details, of course) or spot masked bodies (on motorsports tracks in my case). Here… nothing at all. New bodies must be revolutionary !

    • Daf

      Masking a brand name on a camera is fairly common practice amongst pros – especially at sports event since Nikon/Canon usually sponsor the big ones and don’t want the other name appearing.

      • Digitalux

        I use gaffer on mine too. I was talking of cameras being tested.
        I spotted one in a press room once. Didn’t get any info (I didnt ask, just had coffee with the guy) but the name and the – then supposed- anouncement date. Both proved to be correct and, no, it was not Nikon gear :-/
        It was a US PJ on a European motorsport event.

  • chEEtah

    It just occurred to me that it could be a new business model of these publishers. They follow the rumours and try to come up with a title that matches expectations of many people. This attracts a lot of attention and potential buyers. Some impatient people might even preoder it.

    Then they wait for the actual camera to be announced and quickly cook up a book — it is not difficult, just a verbose rendering of the camera manual will do. With the modern publishing technologies it is a matter of days. If they happen to be wrong with their predictions then they just remove the book from all the listings and tell everyone that it was just a mistake 🙂

    What do you think?

    • I find this plausible. Given the nature of the web, it is easy to generate interest in vapor ware/cameras/books just by putting some thing up, and letting viral marketing take over.

      I question their methodology: “we will just do a find and replace for D800 specs.” While there will surely be overlapping elements, the D800 could be a rather different beast from its predecessor–a difference requiring a lot more than just a search/replace run. Does anyone have any information on the QUALITY of this publisher? If is a first rate publishing company, then it will include first rate information, not regurgitated cud.

      • Gonads

        Similar to what I was thinking – although I was thinking more about search engine promotion. If you can link ‘d800’ with your book nice and early, then the search engines will know about it long before the camera is actually released. If it is released, you’ve got a head start on the other book sellers. Seems devious, but plausible.

        I hope there’s some truth behind it though, I want a d800 🙂

  • The invisible man

    There is already people selling special accessories for the D800 on Ebay.

  • nuno

    I think this is a false rumor started by Nikon itself to make people who can’t wait six month buy now a D700. That means that the actual replacement, probably the D700s is about to be released soon, may be around Christmas.

  • jk

    Has there ever been a case where a book has accurately “predicted” the release of a new camera?

    The only reason I ask is because I would assume that many Nikon employees would not even be trusted with info about the release of a new camera…

    it just seems rather unlikely that a publisher would have this information so “early” etc… whether they has a non disclosure agreement or not… it just seems far too risky.

    If the book is real, then that even further reinforces my point and contradicts it at the same time. lol

    I don’t know anymore…. 😀

    • Daf

      I don’t think so (a book title rumour becoming true in the timescale expected)

  • jk

    I should release a Nikon D4 book…. I’d probably get rich.

    • PAG

      Does that mean I can release a D5 book and get richer?

      • deBaemm


      • lolcatmaster FTW

        no because I will do D7X book and eat both of you alive! HA!

    • Enesunkie

      You guys are gonna have some competion. Look a few posts down!

  • Stefan

    it’s probably just some french guy with sick humour who wants to sell a book about rumours about the nikon d800. Could be typical french provocateur style… 😉

  • deBaemm

    The article’s description says: “Commercialisé en août 2008 au prix de 2800 euros, le Nikon D700 (appareil haut de gamme) a connu un grand succès. Il sera remplacé en fin d’année 2009 par le Nikon D800. Parmi les améliorations de l’appareil : le doublement des capacités du capteur, qui passe de 12 à 24 mégapixels. Le D800 sera vraisemblablement vendu entre 2000 et 2500 euros. Cet ouvrage est un guide complet de découverte, de prise en main et de perfectionnement du Nikon D800.”

    Google Translation: Sold in August 2008 at a price of 2,800 euros, the Nikon D700 (top of the line) was a great success. He will be replaced in late 2009 by the Nikon D800. Among the improvements of the device: the doubling of the sensor, which increases from 12 to 24 megapixels. The D800 is likely to be sold between 2000 and 2500 euros. This book is a comprehensive guide to discovery, empowerment and development of the Nikon D800.

    So it seems as this rumors appears to be busted, since there was no D800 that came out in the “LATE 2009”!

    • Stan

      well it only takes 10s to replace that with ‘early 2011’ and to insist to foolish customers the book is solid.

  • Daf

    Book publishers normally plan a book – WAY in advance – I doubt very much that Nikon would supply such info to anybody outside of the inner circle that early.

    Some of the guys at work (Image library) deal with Book publishers and they can be a flakey lot – doing lots of speculative stuff i.e. ordering lots of images, 6 months in advance and eventually only using 1 or 2 if at all any.

    From what I remember (which could be wrong) – I don’t remember any 3rd party book coming out anywhere close to the release of a new camera – even by some of the big names.

    • Daf

      E.g. Nikon D700 was Announced July 08.
      Most D700 book were published ~ Jan-May 09 (going by Amazon UK)

  • ja

    does nikon takeny notice of this site?
    i do i love it its great

  • ISBN numbers are assigned in blocks, and publishers are responsible for applying them to individual books, and for posting information on Amazon. They can post anything they want, any time they want, and Amazon will do nothing about it. If you see a book listed on Amazon for a camera that hasn’t been introduced yet, that’s almost a guarantee they just pulled it out of their rear.

    Here’s a link for a book you can order on Amazon today. It’s listed as Used – Very Good. I know it’s pricey, but don’t worry about the seller delivering that bogus copy they are offering. That book was cancelled before I started writing it. It’s one of 20 books on Amazon attributed to me that were, for one reason or another canceled.

    • LGO

      Thanks for this – it definitely rules out this rumor.

  • The invisible man

    Is there a $100 instant rebate D800+book ?

  • UFO

    this is like talking about the UFO sighting in china that shut down the airport today

  • Leaking Starfish

    OK, so this camera must be done and ready to sell, but instead of selling it Nikon gives one to a french dude to write a book………….WTF?

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    I have a D850 because I lived in the future… the D800 had a problem that created ripples and rifts in time and space which was replaced by the D850… I got the D800 and that´s why I´m here! ♪♪♪♪♪DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN ♪♪♪♪♪

  • venancio

    i miss photokina… nah, the days before it… as for these books, i’ll wait for thom’s or busch’s write up, i can’t read french… anyway, the new D8oo is Sigma’s SD1, only because Sigma gobbled up the nikon rumormongers’ take that they want the D700 replacement without video, just more pixels… and for the luv o’ god, somebody squeeze out that D400 rumor out… the situation now is getting worse than that Q nightmare… who let the Q out?

  • Dan

    “…normally…” is the kicker! It leaves the door wide open.

  • Rick

    “we’ll do a global replace of D700 and replace it with D800 specs on release.”

    Wow. Sounds just like a book I would not want to buy in any way shape or form. How can you cover features that don’t exist in the previous camera. Doubt I’d trust this book to guide me on the D800, much less trust them to know anything about Nikon’s specs in a new camera they know nothing about, or a delivery date for same. Highly suspect, and, well, undeniable (at best).

    • Rick

      * unreliable, I mean (iPhone replace typo).

      • alvin

        Auto-incorrect in action.

  • i think its called “marketing”…tsk tsk!!

  • Roland

    This is nothing more than a PR-trick from the publisher.

    I think that we should stop this rumor now and don’t give the publisher any more attention and free publicity.
    If I where the owner of this blog, I would make sure to remove any direct links to the publisher’s website or to the Amazon book page so that they won’t get any google ranking benefits from this cheap stunt.

    • Roland, I cannot base my reports on that – I have linked to many sites in the past that will probably hurt my Google ranking, I am just reporting rumors independent of their source.

      • Joe D

        For the questionable outbound links can’t you add a No Follow tag (or whatever you call it. attribute) on it? Tells Google not to follow the link. They don’t recommend using this a lot, but I would for the really shady/questionable sites.

      • Roland

        Admin, I didn’t mean that the links from this site would hurt YOUR pagerank.
        I simply mean that it feels unnecessary to give _some_ other sites that has questionable content, unearned publicity.
        Giving to much attention to these sites and rumors would (IMHO) just encourage “false” and “made up” rumors, if you know what I mean…

        • I see, maybe I will start adding “no follow” to the links like somebody suggested.

  • Big Eater

    I also would suggest the book has been put up there specifically for the Google spiders. One of the first things we learned in search engine optimization class is that it pays to get your content up on the web before your competitors do. It almost always raises the position of your product or site, and now that everyone has linked to it, the book will get even higher in search results. As a writer myself, I’m always happy to help a fellow member of the dead-tree industry, so link away!

  • Kingyo

    We’d have a better chance of running into a drunken Nikon engineer at a bar accidentally leaving behind a D800 test camera disguised as a D300s than getting reliable info about this rumor from that French dude 😀

  • Kev Isabeth

    Love the white background

  • Mike Noble

    Am I the only person who actually believes that this is simply a typo in the header? the rest of the narrative (and the picture of the book he’s trying to sell on his website) is clearly all about the D700!

  • Ive seen the competition, looking good

    Caribbean Photography Vacations

  • FrankWest76

    Just a word on this, went to the Store I usually get my gear (I live in France), the vendor told me he would receive the D800 in february 😉

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