Nikon D800 delayed till October 2011, D4 in early 2012?

According to Quesabesde the Nikon D700 replacement is postponed till October 2011 and the Nikon D4 is expected to be announced in early 2012. This delay was caused by the earthquake in Japan.

In the past few weeks I have been receiving conflicting reports on a potential delay for the D800 and I am not convinced that this is the case. I still believe there will be a major Nikon announcement in late August. The Nikon mirrorless solution is probably delayed based on previous statements from Nikon representatives indicating a potential March/April announcement.

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  • iamnomad

    Larger dynamic range.

  • Del-Uks

    More wait… Damn!!!

    • Bert

      The wait will be worth it. They want to wait after the release of the 5DmkIII only to kick them in the but with a 4K video option on the D800.

      • Del-Uks


      • baked bananas

        Ummm….. this rumor is bass ackkwards. The d700 replacement comes after the flagship full frame d4. You know this admin. Thom Hogan knows this. Hell even that prick ken rockwell knows this. Maybe they’re talking bout the d300s replacement. The d4 would be too rich for my blood, ill wait for the 5dmkiii and the d800 for nearly the same price. No matter how long it takes. In the meantime I will be shooting with my d7000.

        • Global

          Don’t be an idiot and a follower. Anyone who just blindly quotes Ken Rockwell and Pseudo-“in-the-know” Thom is just a blind man being led by the blind.

          Listen to the rumor. Just because ONE camera comes out after the D3 — ONE time — does not create a pattern. You can see patterns in clouds if you want to — but you need at least 2 or 3 (preferably a lot more) instances to create a pattern of behaviour. Since the D700 was the first of its kind, camera clowns can’t possibly know. However, if a rumor is an honest piece of information (and no guarantee that it is), then you might see a non-pattern release. Its not “breaking” the pattern — there is NO pattern.

          Furthermore, the D3s and D3x were already released and these are, de facto, kinds of D4es, if you will — don’t let your creative brain be diminished by mere nomenclature, they could have called the D3x the D4, and they could have called the D3s the D5, if they wanted to! Don’t let your brain explode.

          It stands to reason that a D700 upgrade is in the works and nearly due. I wonder if you would reacte like this if it was called a D700s or a D700x or a D700h. Somehow the “8” makes your brain explode into “nuh-uhs”??

          Also, it may be more strategic to release a lower model sometimes prior to a higher model — if only to promote upgrading. While almost no mid-level buyers will go for a D4, almost all professionals might at least consider a D800. Therefore, some pros may buy a D800 and you haven’t affected your mid-level market at all — you simply give more time for purchase on a higher volume item which will be very profitable.

          If the D4 is released a half-year later, then many pros with a D800 may additionally buy a D4 (for business reasons) and the D800 becomes the second body, displacing the D3s/x/700/3 previous second body.

          And consider that Nikon releases the D3100 before the D5100! And consider they release the D7000 before the D400! So exactly what will make peoples heads explode about a D800 being released before a D4!?!?

          Who knows… But the know-it-all nuh-uuuh reaction to the idea is nonsense! 😉

          • You can talk about conjecture or opinion all you want, but the bottom line is that if the D800 and D4 have the same sensor, there is absolutely no way Nikon will release the cheaper model first. I’ll buy you one, if they do.

            The only way the D800 can come first is if they’re different sensors. Say, for example, that the D800 has an updated D3X sensor at 24 megapixels, and the D4 maintains high-speed sports shooting at 16-18 megapixels.

            Still, it’s highly unlikely that Nikon will release a newer generation camera with more megapixels for $3000 or less, and then wait a few months to release a lower megapixel camera for $5000. The D4 sensor would have to do a LOT more than just minimally improve on the D3s’s low light performance, that’s for sure.

            Either way, I don’t care which comes out, just as long as we see SOMETHING this Aug / Oct…

      • IAmWhoIAm

        Yeah man! And all the Hollywood will stop using Red One Video Camera and use the Nikon D800!!!!

      • pooparty

        Canon rumors just announced delays too.. late 2011 to mid 2012 for 5dmk3

      • Karlosak

        Keep dreaming… We will be lucky if we get 720/60p in addition to the 1080/30p. It would be nice to have 1080/60p, but I won’t hold my breath…

        • Bert

          At least make the 1080p 1:2.35! So 1080×2560 pixels, like on the new super wide Philips TV’s.

  • I’m still using my D200 and I’m reluctant to upgrade at the moment to a D300s when new cameras are so imminent and I’ve waited this long – when can we expect the D400?

    • Magnus

      Also having a D200 and waiting for the D800 (or possibly D400 – depending on how much better than the D7000 it will be).

      • I’ve lost all hope in a FX pro body camera. Using a tired D200 and my trusty D300.

        • f-stop Fitzgerald

          The D700 is head and shoulders above the D2oo in everyway. You have been waiting for what, exactly? At this point, waiting for the D800 may make sense. But you’ve spent a few years without the camera you claim to be waiting for ?????

          • Where’s my…

            Me too, D700 arrived at wrong point in upgrade cycle right after I had converted my savings into a D300. Digital stuff loses value fast, cameras included. Now D7000 would have been the first interesting upgrade since D700 but I can survive with D300 until Nikon makes D800/D900.

    • julian

      just keep holding out; you can do it. d400/ d800/d4 are just around the corner.

      • Rendfield

        just around the corner !!!
        Very big corner, isn’t it ? Takes years to get around.

        Always the same bla-bla.

    • gho57_78

      Same here, still using my D200 and been investing for FX lens nowdays. Hoping to get the D800 and hoping it will offer much2 more features than the D7k

      • d90000

        a d700 and d3 was the reason to move ahead and not waiting for a d800. …. sorry but you missed the boat on that one.

  • Visualiza

    To hell with camera bodies, what about lenses? Nikon has been steadily releasing around 8 lenses per year for a while now, and I was looking forward to an announcement of a 135 f/2G, and hopefully widen their range of DX primes. The new 50 seems great, but I fear this will be the only lens released all year.

    • 3rrolsk13

      +1 affordable primes for DX

      • Luncheon Ticket

        I think that affordable FX AFS primes would be just as good… 😉

        • Visualiza

          Agreed, however it would be nice to have something along the lines of a 16mm 2.8G for DX. I suppose such a lens could be made for FX, then it would offer the best of both worlds(24 eq. for DX, UWA prime for FX), but it should also be considered how that may affect the cost. I’m all for killing two birds with one stone, so whatever the case I want wider and faster for DX.

          I think Sigma has the right idea with the 8-16 UWA, seems a really killer lens and has been getting rave reviews, but I’d love a compact, fast prime for nightlife and indoors.

          • NisseHult


          • Giovanni-bg


            I have the 8-16 UWA by sigma and is a killer lens, also comparing with best nikons
            Nothing comparable exist for DX world

            Tap sharp at any aperture, really wide (more than proababily you can immagine) and despite the max aperture not so large is very usaable also in low laight handheld.

            For achitecture and close panorma now is my preferred choice.

            I take some time to learn how to use a so large perspective.

            Only donwside is the impossibility to mount a filter.

            • The main reasons I chose the Tokina 11-16 over the Sigma was filters. Still, in the DX world, it is my opinion those are the two best UWA you can find. The Tokina’s downside is LoCA and not being as wide. The Upside is filters and 2.8 constant. I remember being torn when I took the plunge last year.

          • Luncheon Ticket

            You are dead-on about a fast (affordable would also be good) ultra wide for DX, I’m holding back my purchase of the 10-24 to see if they launch something interesting between 10 and 14mm. However, I’d rather see the whole FX AFS f/1.4 line be also available in f/1.8 for a reasonable price:

            24 f/1.8 AFS (f/2 should do as well, or maybe a f/2.8 to replace the AF-D?)
            35 f/1.8 AFS (the 35 f/2 AF-D replacement, plus it will be more future proof than the current DX 35)
            50 f/1.8 AFS <- they already made this one yay!
            85 f/1.8 AFS

            • Eric Pepin

              I bet it will be AFS with same apertures as current lenses,
              24 2.8 afs
              35 2.0 afs
              135 2.0 afs

              the 28 has always been crummy when compared to the 24 so not much need unless they revamp it but still most would take a 24 over it. 105 is nice but theres already a nice macro in that range that can work as a portrait lens nicely and the 85 of course is killer.

    • Ben Frockwell

      I would like a 10-30 f/2 DX zoom. It would be fantastic for photojournalism (along with a tele zoom on a second camera).

      • Kuv

        And how many f/2 zooms are already there?

  • julian

    i’m still using my D200 as well…

  • Considering how messed up things are in Japan, if Nikon can get the D800 out by October, they are doing well. Before the earthquake, I would have been looking at July 1 of this year.

  • We all know that japanese production is now in trouble, but why this should affect the announcement? Let`s hope for announcements in August-September, and in October-November the sales will begin.

  • SF_Strider

    Waiting D400 Whatever~ If no D400 in x’mas, I will buy D7000. FX is no need for me – I like to shoot film instead.

    Actually it is good enough for me to shoot indoor sport if I use D300s, but as expecting new model coming I will not like to buy D300s. I will keep using my S5 pro & wait for D400 until x’mas

  • spyler

    They just pulled it out so they could revise it. Im sure if ever they will push d700 replacement without putting back on drawing board, im sure the 5d mk iii will eat the d700 replacement. They just used the tsunami issue, but the truth is it will go back to drawing board. They have to fix the
    1. live view exposure simulation
    2. more adjustable sound recording level
    3. adjustable iso, aperture, speed while recording.
    4. iso button should be easy to change. (it’s so hard on D700 while using long lenses).

  • Zim

    Still using both the D200 and the D300s. I would like to move up. The D7000 is really up from both of those in a lot of ways, but the size hurts. Just alittle small for my hands. Sure would like to see a D400 soon

    • NanDub

      I think you could improve the holding experience easily by adding the grip – it’s a nice piece of metal artwork!

  • kaze kaze

    This is like another cross-one-hundred sage… we know it’s coming, but now you need to wait for it. “coming soon” was the word

    My D700 is showing its wear and age too… rubber is starting to peel off here n there and I’m very tempted to glue it back on. Guess I will go for a D4x or D4s when it comes out or get another D700 when the stocks are returning, in the mean time I will be watching out for a 16-43 f2.8 N to replace my trusty 17-35 2.8D.

    Nikon, you have made it this far, B+ n keep up the good work.

    • kaze kaze

      argh typo, typo… *saga not sage

      I’m wondering if the rumour about nikon developing the carbon wavon being used for the next FX body are true, will be good news, more temperature stable (not to mention the weight shaved/ saved) and wont catch on fire easily as I’ve heard about some poor guy finding it out the hard way (and hot/ sparkling way too)

    • ja

      its a killer waiting like this but we all have some great nikon kit , so waiting is all we can do. if this is all true then maybe when nikon do release the D4 they may have been given the time to develope the tech spec and the D4 that comes out will be of the level of a D4s as there is no reason why they cannot do that as they will have had the extra time to work on it as with the other models D800 , D400 maybe
      but lets hope so , and as they say all good things are worth waiting for but fantastic things you wait longer for .

  • Jimmy

    I’m glad I took the decision to buy a D700 last January. True, the D800 would probably have a better dynamic range and a video function. Maybe a few more MP’s without loss of fps… since I’m not missing the video function, am happy with 12 MP and can make pictures in wich iso 6400 is very acceptable, I do not see why the D700 needs replacement in my situation.

    If you need an affordable FF, then just buy the D700. Sadly, prices have been going up after the quake. If you’re fine with DX, why not the D7000 or D300s?

    All the speculations about the release of the D800… I’m following the discussions with a slight grin (and a bottle of soda and a bucket of pop-corn).

    • Totally agree. Granted Nikon’s history concerning announcement and availability, even if a D800 / d4 is announced later this year, it could be another 8 months before most people will be able to get their hands on such cameras. Also, I don’t know where and how the quake affected Nikon’s capabilities to manufacture cameras, but if push comes to shove and they have to decide between manufacturing DX vs FX cameras, I’m sure they’ll concentrate on what generates revenue, and that is DX. I wouldn’t be surprised a simple minute if they pushed FX cameras further down the road.

      Any news on what sensor they’d be using on a D800? IIRC Sony might be releasing a FF camera but that isn’t until quite a while (After the A77, not until 2012). Surely Sony won’t let Nikon trump them and release a camera with their own sensors first.

  • Anonymous

    I think sony is the key here and not Nikon. There were some rumors on the sony rumor site about late 2011 or early 2012 FX relases way before the disaster

  • Just bought my second D700. Great camera. No way I’ll upgrade son after release given the price difference for gains I really can get by without.

    Was different story going from D80 to D700..

  • AnoNemo

    I think sony is the key here. There were some rumors that sony will come out with the new FX cameras at the end of 2011 or early 2012. This seems to fit into the picture

  • Darkness

    That Spanish site has been banging on since last year, and were convinced it was May this year. Now they realised they where wrong they licked their finger, stuck it in the air and thought October.
    BTW I heard from a dealer that the 5D MKIII will be in July in time for perpignan?

  • Darkness

    I am a Pro and have to spend money before December, anytime in 2011 is fine. No rush.

    • Joel

      Youre a pro and *have* to spend money before December? This makes no sense 🙂

      • Bob

        taxes and depreciation.

        • Geoff

          Yeppers, that is what my tax man told me also. Apparently I have taken all the depreciation on my equipment that I can.

  • Tanduà

    I wish to see D800 for christmas at least…

  • I couldn’t wait any longer and ordered a D7000 although I still have received yet due to the holiday weekend….(d200 user)

    • Jodjac

      I got a D7000 and love it. It is a very capable camera. It’s amazing the amount of technology they have packed into such a small, lightweight and durable package. I got splashed hard in a small boat, a D200 would have been toast, this D7000- no problem. Seals rock! Excellent high ISO’s. I bought it body only along with a 20 2.8 D. Great lens, but now I wish for a good mid range zoom. Any suggestions?

      • Tamron 28-75 if you can find a non BIM version, Tamron 17-50 Non-VC, Nikkor 24-70 if you’ve got the cash. Or do as I did and skip the midrange zoom with two good primes (35dx and Sigma 50 1.4).


        • Rahul

          +1 for 35mm f/1.8DX. I have 18-105 also but I use 35mm prime for 90% of my shots.

  • FDO

    I am using my D200 and can wait but going for FF tele lens this year but would be nice some where period of time for a new FF and D400.

  • Strange that D800 comes before than D4. Usually, should be the contrary….

  • Nicole

    Well, I won’t complain about the D4 delay. It means that my D3s is the best DSLR camera in the world for another year. 🙂

    • D700guy

      It’s a double edged sword for me.
      On one hand, my D700 is is well into its usage life and needs either some attention or replacement. And, on the other; paying for a new D4 right now would bust my bank.
      Another 8 months to prepare for that dent in my credit is appreciated. This will bode well for wedding season next year.

      • Sahaja

        So why so you have to upgrade as soon as a new camera comes out?

        Even if a D4 or D800 comes out comes out tomorrow, you can still wait another 8 months if that is easier for you.

        • D700guy

          At this point I would have to wait anyway.
          I recently purchased a Nikkor 300mm 2.8
          That baby needs to be paid for in full before I can afford a new body.

    • That’s fortunate for you. I think the D3s is a perfect camera. I’m hoping they come available soon so I can get one. If not, then I may have to settle for a D800 or D4 when they come out. Price worries me.

      • Nicole

        I too think the D3s is a perfect camera. I had to wait over 3 months for mine early last year, but it was well worth the wait. As I stated above, I’m quite happy for the D4 to be delayed, as I am 100% happy with my D3s and I certainly won’t be rushing to replace it. I hope that you are able obtain one soon. 🙂

  • Abhinav

    I’m pretty sad and now I’m more than pretty !!

    get well soon Japan 🙂

  • Kuhni

    from photorumors: PMA/CliQ 2011 photo show moved to January 2012

    I think this proves D4 in 2012. D800 before a D4? Means a D800 is a small D3s? Means we´ll get higher resolution and more ISO? That´s all?

    • broxibear

      Thanks for that info Kuhni.
      Adorama are saying…
      “the Consumer Electronics Association and PMA International have agreed to “colocate” PMA to make it, effectively, a part of the massive Consumer Eletronics Show, which will take place January 10-13, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
      One of the reasons for the multi-year agreement to run the shows together was due to production uncertainties due to the aftermath of the Japan earthquake and tsunami in March.
      Called PMA@CES, the show will offer “industry-specific content and display products representing all aspects of digital imaging. PMA will also offer its well-known educational seminars, complementing and enhancing CES programming,” according to a statement by PMA.”
      Wonder if Canon and Nikon told them there would be no new launches in September ?

  • andy

    More time to play with D700. 😀

  • Brian

    Any chance that Nikon will use this opportunity to research lighter weight materials for their big zooms ala the new (and super expensive) titanium/magnesium alloy canon primes?

  • Morg

    my D 200 is soooooo long in the tooth.maybe I will get the D7000 and a good lens instead?

  • Cash

    I wish Apple would design cameras too! Nikon can not do it!!

    Look at the Sony alpha design and features. Nikon is expensive turd and I would not be surprised that they will announce financial problems.

    • Nek Wellrock

      I think your off your rocker,…

      But,you being an avid Apple and Sony fan,…just proves how trollish you really are.

  • x.

    THEY WILL DELIVER!!! not past 2011…its a matter of faith.

  • mj

    It’s simply frustrating to wait so long. I still shoot with D200 and already last Autumn I hopped to move to FX. I eventually postponed my decision after talking to one of Nikon official photographers at Photokina who had mentioned upcoming release of d700 successor (Christmas 2010 / beginning od 2011 at the latest). Now, if Canon releases MD5 mk III, I go for it. If it does not happen before August, I can even go from mk II. Sorry Nikon, I’m afraid I wont be the first one leaving the club.

    • Bob

      Bye! Enjoy your Canon.

      • mj

        Easy to say, harder to do,

        • Nek Wellrock

          Pros buy cameras when they break,…not for some arbitrary technical reasons.

          • Geoff

            Not always. Then 2 wedding photog’s sit down with a bride and both show nice albums and price is equal, which do you think a bride will choose .. the 12MP guy or the 20ish MP guy ?

            I would bet you that most brides will go with the bigger is better theory. /shrugs

            • Funny how none of my past, present or future brides don’t actually care about megapixels… They seem to care more about hours, price, insurance and backup and mostly how fast they can get their proofs after the event and in this case post-processing 12MP files takes about a third of the time 20+MP do…
              Just my 2 cents…

    • pethunia

      Because of a long travelling period from late September onwards, I might feel compelled in a similar direction.. Which I would regret and would feel very awkward after 23 years of Nikon.

    • broxibear

      Hi mj,
      If you do a bit of research into the Canon 5D mark III you’ll see it too has been delayed because of problems in Japan… canonrumours are reporting a 2012 release for it too.
      You need to find the camera that best suits you and your budget…wether it’s a Nikon, Canon or Leica is irrelevant.
      Waiting for particular models and upgrades based on rumours is always going to be a gamble.

      • mj

        Hi broxibear,

        It would probably feel strange if I had to switch to Canon after over 10 years of my relation with Nikon but currently the only two cameras I’m considering for a long photo-journalistic project starting this Autumn are D700 and 5D MkII with a set of primes. Same set with M9 is way to expensive but much more discrete and portable. For the latter reason I would also not be taking D3 or 1D for a really long travel in difficult conditions. As you see however, the list of cameras is not so long. On the other hand selling some DX lenses is also a good moment for changing the system.

        • broxibear

          Hi mj,
          My suggestion would be buy a D7000, use your current DX lenses for the project and if the D800 is still something you want when it’s released in 2012 you could sell your D7000 and not loose too much money as it’s such a new body ?

    • D700guy

      You’ll hate the MKII. Its autofocus never works correctly, and the resolution (while 21 mp) doesnt equal the D700’s. But, go for it and then you too can send it back to Canon 1,2,3 or more times until the original waranty expires. The D800 should be out by then.

  • Arthur

    D800 with killer Dynamic Range, high ISO performance, and wider spread of the AF points + a new 135/2.0 and I’m happy for the following 3 years! 🙂

    • Geoff

      As long as it is 18MP plus I am likely in for one. ;- >

  • Kyung

    The D800 in October (hopefully in the shelves for the x-mas business) and the D4 in spring 2012 means to me:
    -we won’t see a D400 before the Photokina 2012
    -the D800 won’t be a boiled down D4 (like the D700 was of the D3)
    -the D800 probably comes first, not to loose more business to the 5DmkII, but caution the 5DmkIII is on its way too and is supposed to come with a 28 MP sensor; since Canon was more successful with its video functionality compared to the D700 they will not let go but improve that area. Thus a D800 should come out really loaded, nothing below the D3x in terms of resolution and image-quality and some actual features added.
    -since the D4 will probably come with a 30 to 32 MP sensor, it is not unlikely that Nikon will give themselves some more time to come up with a set of (revised) pro lenses that can cope with this resolution
    Whenever they will be really available, I’m already exited…

    My hope really is, that Nikon finally decides to come up with a pro viewfinder camera like Leica or the Fuji X100. I agree with the statement in another comment that huge cameras and lenses are not necessarily well received anymore. For this matter a body being a wolf disguised as a sheep would be very welcome. Coming along with an antique looking point and shoot (like the Fuji X100) people would rather wonder what you are still doing with grandpa’s camera while you will get shots which are not shy of a DSLR.

    • Zim

      D400 summer of 2011

  • broxibear

    The Australian retailer ECS (mentioned a few times before by Peter/admin) have just posted an interesting news item…
    “Word is there will be no stock of D700’s until late June…NO replacement coming anytime soon just production problems apparently…”

    • Yes, Australia is completely out of D700 cameras and they don’t expect any new shipments any time soon. I received several emails on that, it must be true 🙂

  • Dominik

    With all this talk of megapixels, is anyone shooting landscapes concerned about diffraction?

    The 24mp D3x and 21mp 5Dmk2 are already diffraction limited to f/11 with the 12mp D3 and D700 at f/16.

    If manufacturers continue cramming more pixels onto a 35mm sensor, we’ll soon be diffraction limited to f/8 or f/5.6, like the Canon 7D. Good luck trying to get everything in focus at wider apertures with anything other than an ultra-wide zoom or an expensive tilt-shift lens. Any resolution advantage you thought you had for larger prints will be nullified by diffraction.

    Landscape photographers shooting on film wouldn’t hesitate to use f/22 or even f/32 yet here we are already limited to f/11-f/16 with the current full frame cameras.

  • Mark


    I expect Nikon to slowly return to business. I would not expect the D800 or the D4 this year. They may announce them, but they most likely will not be produced.

    I can wait for Nikon to recover from this awful mess. They are a great company.


  • Maybe the one to be announced in Aug is D400? 😮

  • Som

    If I were the Nikon CEO, I would aim for the volumes and margins by making the FX format more affordable in terms of bodies and lenses. Nikon lags behind Canon by 80% in terms of volumes. Make the Fx bodies more compact, stop investing in dx series thereby focussing your R&D in an around FX, reduce inventories, and make features like 3D, HD video, mirrorless etc facility on your camera as a differentiator. An affordable highlevel FX with a posse of lenses can easily move a lot of those Canon guys over to the nikon side. And offcourse some fast lenses with great noise reductions at USD 1-3 k ranges required.

  • Leslie Overs

    Which one to buy D800 or D400?

    Problem is the cost, size and weight of lens to bring out the best performance from the D800 compared to a D400. Given say 7 lenses, 3 zoom and 4 prime, for DX cost just under 3K and simular level of 7 lens for FX cost 9K is it worth the move to FX? The difference in camera cost is very small compaired to the glass.

  • Trevor

    Are there any reliable guesses as to when it will be released? I AM PRAYING that the D4 or D800 are announced in August and at least one of them are released before 2012. Anyone going to boost my hopes up? Please?

  • TS

    On the Yodobashi Camera website (it’s in Japanese) they have changed their note from “out of stock” to stating that orders for the D700 will be delivered after August.

  • JJ

    You all need to get off this blog and take whatever camera you have in your possession now and go out and get some photos. Quit all the nonsensical speculation about what some Japanese board sitting in a small room in Japan may or may NOT do and just enjoy why it is we even buy these cameras.

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