Weekly Nikon news flash #108

Nikon Brasil website is already up and running (official announcement was few days ago). The initial investment for the creation of Nikon Brasil was $10 million. Currently Nikon has a market share of 1% on compact cameras, and 14% on DSLR in Brasil. The goal is to reach 14% and 40%, respectively in two or three years. Nikon's representative said that products with global launch will be done simultaneously in Brazil. They'll have products in stock and are also considering e-commerce and even the possibility to manufacture some products in Brasil. A new service center is now opened in Sao Paulo, at Avenida Paulista, 37. A toll free phone number is also available: 0800-88-NIKON (0800-886-4556). Read more here. Thanks Felipe!

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  • texajoe

    Ha ha. Nikon grafiti. The first one is kinda cool.

    • the first one is in malaysia,, Kukubesi is the person on the right,mb this picture taken on one of his photography workshop…,

  • Jabs

    Nice old expensive stuff – care to donate it to me!

  • If I had the chance to get an early 1965 version of that 1000mm f11 mirror, should I go for it? Are they really worth that much?

  • For $375, that is…

    • Anonymus Maximus

      If you can use it, go for it.

      The condition of old lenses plays a major part in the price.
      Mint condition is for a premium.
      Also the prices in Auction houses like Christies or Westlicht are most of time far below what e-bay sellers ask.


    nik and adobe and apple looks ashamed how its done when real pros start developing.

  • Curtis McCarson

    That MB-D11 grip looks a little sketchy? Is that a legit buy?

    • Paul

      I 2nd that.. anyone know or have one of these and knows if it works good?

    • Ronan

      It’s a chines clone.

      • Curtis McCarson

        It would still work fine correct?

        • Twaddler Belafonte

          I had an identical-looking one for my d300 and it worked pretty good. The only problem: it had intermittent issues with the connection coming loose. Other than that, it was fine (for $200 less than the Nikon one).

    • Donatello

      I like the fact that in the bottom of page they wish us good luck with it 🙂

    • I’m sure the odds of my D7000 catching on fire from this knock off would be reasonably low. I think I should go for it….

      • Geoff

        I use a knock off for my D90 and have never had a problem. I’d go for it if I owned a D7000 to save the $ for important things like lenses and beer. ;- >

    • jim

      Under Product Description:

      6. the biggest role D7000 is provide the user of stronger power guarantee, and is more convenient of shooting, use rise very convenient, and NIKON D7000 specially for a weight control, in a very proper scope, let users get super heavy SLR enjoyment.

      “Let users get super heavy SLR enjoyment.” For those of you who wanted the super heavy SLR experience!

    • Lightwriter

      it seems to lack the dial below shutter release. I’d steer clear of this iteration. Maybe someone else will get one closer…..

  • Simon

    I’m guessing this battery recall is not affecting my EN-EL3a.

    Just checked both batteries and they are not on the list. Nice, or not. I wouldn’t mind having new batteries but I don’t want to wait forever as I’m going to Turkey next month.

    • Simon

      Of course now I realized that the recall was awhile ago.

      • WoutK89

        And is aimed at the EN-EL3, no additional a or e

  • Any idea on when a Nikon Store will open in São Paulo? Now they are in Brazil they really need to open a Nikon Store at Av. Paulista. Leica did open a “store” in São Paulo in a Mall that only have luxury brands, far away from downtown and it’s really small, so small that I can’t say it is a store it’s more like a kiosk. it measures around 5×10 foot.

  • ThomasBPunkt

    Did someone notice there are pictures of 2 different batterygrips on that auction. Some seem to be from an original MB-D11, others seem to show the clone. I’m happy with my original MB-D11 and would consider such a product only for a body where Nikon doesn’t offer a batterygrip (e.g. D5000)

    • Ronan

      Nikon battery grips are excellent, end of conversation.


      • Geoff

        and overpriced – end of conversation. ;- )

        • Ronan

          $300 for a reinforced fully functional battery grip that is comfortable and looks good, oh and has never failed me.

          It’s a bargain.

          Unlike Chinese clones that have a tendency to unscrew themself, or outright break… yeah…

          When you see your little DSLR with a 70-200 2.8 or heck a 400mm on it that falls to the ground because your cheap $95 grip broke… you will cry and then feel stupid.

          • Rob

            I seriously hope you aren’t mounting your lens+grip+400mm lens to the tripod by means of the grip. Unless of course you were trying to tear your lens mount from your body.

          • kaze kaze

            +1 to above, why would you mount the whole outfit to the tripod is beyound me, at one point I was using my D700 (w/ batt) + grip (8 x AA) + 70-200 VR + SB900 + disfusor dome with single handed, while my other hand is occupid by on the conversation from my editor (they do like to call at random times) otherwise waving others to get in line or dont get being bumped.

  • great looking older lenses

  • Phil

    “There are rumors that Notion VTEC could be for sell.”

    Sale? 😛

    It’s ok, you’re doing pretty well for a 3 year old lol

  • Stephen S.

    Graffiti #2 is actually a Minolta.

  • jack

    I’d buy the Nikon S1 tomorrow.

    • WoutK89

      you sure? Looks to me like its very big, with 2 control wheels at the same height in the body it is twice the size of current P&S

  • Finally a cheap grip for the D7000! Next on my buying list after a couple lenses I’ve been saving for! I found several more people selling it on eBay for as cheap as $73.50 (looks like the same one and being sold under the brand “Meike”)

  • The invisible man

    They got Bin Laden before we get our D800, not fair.

    • Anonymus Maximus

      My, my

      finding him took 10 years.

      I am sure we get a D800 sooner than that

  • sean sebastian

    I hope this is true. NX 2 is the worst RAW image editor as far as workflow goes. I have been stuck using Aperture 3 or lightroom which strips my NEF files of the added data that only Capture NX can retain because NX is so hard to use and slow. It has no good way to organize or edit with good plugins. A complete rewrite will be needed to get any of my money.

  • aaron

    Admin, Have you heard anything on the release of body-only models of d5100s?

  • radioactive cars being shipped i hope no cameras and lenses get shipped that way

  • broxibear

    Thom Hogan’s got an interesting article on his site called “Next Generation Pricing” about possible prices for the D800 and D4 series cameras… you didn’t really think they were going to be cheap did you ?

  • ElPadre

    hey, isn’t the third one in budapest, hungary, near the margaret bridge? seems very familiar.

  • ElPadre

    also, re: d7k portrait grip… aherrm, i’m waiting for one that is marketed by people who can actually speak english. i’m guessing the phottix version is the one to be waiting for.

  • You want to talk about rare and expensive here is a Rare Noct 58mm in South Florida Craigslist http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/pho/2356771383.html Only $2395. I don’t know if he will ship it. You guys could buy it for me let me use it for a month and then I could send it on to you. 🙂 I’d love to see what it could do for club photography. Really I would.

  • broxibear

    Behind the scenes at Nikon UK’s temporary service depot for the royal wedding…
    “many photographers were also using Eye-Fi memory cards to transfer their shots.
    Press photographers also took advantage of Wi-Fi facilities provided by Nikon and Canon.
    Speaking beforehand, a spokesman for Getty Images, which had around 30 photographers in central London for the event, told Canon: ‘We have wireless setups, but we’re anticipating that they won’t work because of all the interference that we’ll get on the day.'”

  • broxibear

    quesabesde have posted an article claiming a source has told them there will be no D800 announcement until after October 2011 (personally I still think CliQ September 6-11) and a D4 announcement in the first quarter 2012.
    google translate it.

  • The invisible man

    The 14-24mm f/2.8 is back in stock at Adorama ($2000)

  • Nick

    The second Nikon Graffiti seems to be a Minolta to me…

  • The invisible man

    I found where the AF-S 50mm f/1.8 “low light” picture sample was taken:


  • The invisible man
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