It has begun: Nikon announcement on August 24th

Nikon has scheduled several press events in different countries on August 24th, 2011. This is now 100% confirmed from several different sources. Nikon did not have any scheduled press event for the last 50 f/1.8 and 40mm f/2.8 lenses, which makes the next announcement more important than the previous two. The new Coolpix cameras may be announced a week earlier (probably on August 17th) because Nikon likes to separate the introduction of pro and consumer products.

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  • Joe

    Oddly enough… No “leaked” photos of rumored cameras yet other than the mirrorless one.

    Perhaps the announcement won’t be as sweet as we all hope – unless of course more “leaks” come out soon…

    • Probably yet another DX body and no D700 replacement.

      • R R

        man if that happens, we should take the streets!

        #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon!

  • vinman

    I can’t hold my breath as I currently have NO money for new gear – BUT – there’s a lot of stuff flying around the ether right now: mirrorless, D400, D4, D800, new lenses, etc. I’ll be glad when this stuff gets announced so I can figure out how deep in the hole I am financially!

    • another anonymous

      +1, but I already have something in my piggybank and will surely get there enough in some time…. even if this is the situation, i’m very curious about where nikon dslr world is running for next 3 years. It’s simply what we will live in for quite long time. Many could say that it’s shooting what we live in but that’s the same for me, I’m not interesting in specs, but real use and great pictures. Next decisions will be hard but also pure fun. Enjoy that guys 😉

    • Ronan

      I know what you mean, i sold off part of my Nikon gear and switched to Leica + glass.

      I still have enough Nikon gear to warrant a new DSLR though…

  • Jimmy

    For those of you who are still asleep: the D800 won’t be part of the announcement next month. The D4 and D400 will be. Why release two FX models at the same time and compromise D4 sales? The D800, more likely than not, will be released next year.

    I’m interested to see the design of the D400 sensor; possibly Binned?

    • ja

      D4 – D4x

    • One More Thought

      You may be right, but the recent rumors, including one from a source for NR, and one from a respected photographer suggest that Nikon may shakes things up a bit.

      There could be 2 FF models…and it would make sense if the lines are properly differentiated. Remember, the D700 is the first of its kind for Nikon…they can do whatever they want with that product line.

      • Anonymous

        Next Month:
        Pro D800, form factor of D700, upgraded sensor, AF & VF from D3x – $3000
        Expert D8000, form factor of D7000, sensor from D3s – $2000

        Next Year:
        High-end Pro D4, form factor of D3, revolutionary sensor (32mp/16mp binned), $6000
        Pro D400, form factor of D300, new 20mp sensor, $2000

        • Anonymous

          PS: D400 to be DX for sure, but something much better than D7000, both in IQ & ergonomics.

          • Jorge

            D4 doesn’t D4 mean something like death in Japan, so might they just skip D4 and go to D5?

            • broxibear

              Hi Jorge,
              Yes the number 4 is considered bad luck in Japan in the same way as the number 13 is in the West, but I don’t think Nikon have any issues with it since they had a F4 and S4 models before.

            • Just A Thought

              “D4 doesn’t D4 mean something like death in Japan, so might they just skip D4 and go to D5?”

              Post devastating Tsunami and Earthquake, you may be right…

      • Ronan

        Nikon D4 + Nikon EVIL.

        Those will be your 2 FX camera’s, both hugely overpriced and amazing in their own senses.

        It Has Begun.


        • cpm5280

          We have already seen the EVIL sensor & mount, and it is not FF.

      • ja

        i gree the D700 replacement should be a different camera from the D4 ,different sensor spec and cover different or certain aspects , but it should be in a pro body style a bit like the D2x , the D4 should and will be the flagship camera so will cover every aspect for the photographer. me myself i have a D3 and im still very happy with what it produces ,but im looking at getting a DX camera as the crop in the D3 aint up to scratch so im waiting for the D400 , now id love to have the D4 but i may opt for the D800 as i who imagine that the price of the D4 will be that of the D400&D800 so 2 for 1 sounds better

    • Zim

      Yes the D400. Since they are made in Thailand, Nikon doesn’t have the earthquake issues there. Plus it is just time to replace the D300s. Then some kind of FX

      • Just A Thought


    • Sly Larive

      If Nikon can only justify the D4 by ripping off a few over-hyped hobbyist photographers, I guess they shouldn’t make one at all. I’m certain that were Nikon to release both a D800 and a D4 at the same time, it would differentiate them well enough to have market for both. This should be especially true knowing how long it took for pro bodies to actually hit the market and become available. They’d be fools not to release whatever technology they have right now and sit idly on technology simply to rip off people.

      Now, I’m not saying the D800 will or not be released. What I’m saying is that a D800 *delay* would most likely be due to the Nikon not having a D800 yet (still in development or transferring to production). It is logical for companies to release new technology on their high end models first, then learn from manufacturing and feedback to produce lower level, high quantity products.

    • What if it is D300s replacement and it is FX?

  • Jeff

    I would love to see all of you folks in one room having this conversation. I wonder if you all would be so chippy and rude to one another if you were actually in person, face to face.

    Sorry, back to your debate on what might come out….I’m going back to taking pictures.

    • Can Wishingwell

      Aside form taking pictures, you obviously took some time off to read all the 175 posts in here? 🙂

      Now back to the battle of the sixsenses………….

      • feh

        Yeah, time. Boy, phewieeee.

        There’s 6 seconds of my life I’ll never get back. I coulda rewound, unwrapped, and loaded a fresh roll of HP5 into my F5 in that time.

        • hi

          Do you use 8AA alkalines or NiMh or lithium? do you have one hand free to unwraph the new roll?

  • the visible man

    I bet the d700 replacement will be like gran turismo 5. Years in the making, and a total bust.

    • NikonTheAvenger

      Got Nikon? It has begun indeed!

  • cameramm

    i was told no d4 next month … maybe only the d800 … unfortunately!

    • Who told you this? More details are always appreciated.

      • Jan

        The anonymous 5 posts up.
        Geez, are you all fools?

        • Wtf are you talking about, troll? Why would “cameramm” state he was “told”, if he just read it on NR, like everybody else? Also, do you trust every anonymous post on here?


      • cameramm

        i was told earlier that a new d4 would be in the shop in Jan. – he repeated now that no d4 in Aug. … the source works at nikon … sorry for all who can’t wait for the pro model like me …

  • Can Wishingwell

    Any talks about new LENSES?

    • another anonymous

      nop 🙁 we have to wait one month

    • Landscape Photo

      Nikon may introduce a real compact walkabout FX lens, smaller than any of the 24-120mm VR or the new 28-300mm VR, like the size of 28-200mm G

      Something starting with 28 to 85mm or 135, variable aperture, VR & good image quality if stopped down (though not good as a f/2.8 wide open). Something to stay regularly on the camera that doesn’t make bulk, until something else is in need from the bag.

  • Jackie

    I am personally not interested in buying a new camera just yet. What I really want are some updated lenses! Does anyone think a new 80-400mm AF-S VRII will be out by the end of the year?

    • Anonymous

      Can somebody please explain the obsession for a new 80-400mm. I see this everywhere. What’s wrong with the current one? Why can’t you do with some other alternatives? (e.g. 70-300mm or a prime + TC) What’s so special with this range?

      • another anonymous

        I’m going with 70-200VRII+TC1,4 and 1,5 x crop with my d300, but I feel it’s not all that good for my birding even if most of failures comes from me.. As i’m not shooting only birds, i was sometimes whining about this range when it came to remove TC and missed the shot, but this is really not solution when it comes to IQ and durability of the lens. Much more I need bigger focal length so 80-400 is not for me, but not all of us can afford 200-400 side by side with 70-200. Me definitely not this time ;(

        • another anonymous

          oops, I overtyped that TC, my TC is 1,7 😉 never mind that’s not that important

      • Can Wishingwell

        Judging from the popularity of the Canon 100-400 IS, there is a huge demand for an upgraded 80-400, the old one is all well except for the lack of AF-S. If you know about bird-in-flight shots, you will know the importance of this range. Firstly, it is a poor-man’s bird lens. Secondly, even for the rcih man, s/he just can’t lug a 500/4 and then a 200-400/4 on the shoulder for the quick shots… 🙂 Go to a nature reserve, and see for yourself how many 100-400s are out there.

        Peace Man.

      • Jackie

        I really want the 80-400 and would buy the current one, but I also don’t want to shell out $1600 just to have Nikon release a new one within a few months. My obession is really in just knowing IF there will be an update soon. I think the obession you are seeing too is that a lot of people feel it is due for an update (with AF-S). The AF on the current model is ridiculously slow. That’s not cool if you are tracking a moving subject. I’m just a hobbyist so shelling out the cash for a 400mm or the 200-400 is out of the question. I’ve had okay results with a TC. There is definitely softness in the subject I’m not too thrilled with.

      • Chris P

        The reasons I want a new 80-400 are quite simple.

        For one of my hobbies the large continuous zoom range is a must; changing lenses as I have to do at present with a Sigma 120-400/nikon 80-200 combo means I miss shots.

        I need better optical/build quality than the Sigma, although given the standard of that in the 24-120 f4 I am not too hopeful on that score.

        Having one lens instead of two means less weight to carry.

    • twoomy

      YES! But I have been thinking that for the past seven years and it still hasn’t happened yet.

    • nobody

      You may want to do some research regarding the new Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 OS. Maybe you will not be that much interested any more in an 80-400 f4-5.6.

      • Can Wishingwell

        120-300/2.8 OS is no comparison to the 80-400. 120-300 is huge, heavy, costly and it is a Stigma glas, not niokn glass. L-)

        Bottom line, Nikon need to get an answer to the Canon 100-400 IS.

        • nobody

          It’s huge and heavy, yes, 300mm f2.8 lenses don’t come small and light. You will need to use a monopod, that is some limitation, as compared to an 80-400 f4-f5.6.

          OTOH, this new 120-300 f2.8 OS seems to have excellent optics (even with a 1.4 TC), fast and reliable AF, and it isn’t that much costlier than a new 80-400 will be.

          • Can Wishingwell

            US$3200 (in NA) for a 120-300/2.8 OS plus a Stigma TC for $200.
            New Nikon 80-400/5.6 for $3400?? Really??

            • nobody

              I’m going by European prices. A 70-200 VRII is about 2000 Euro. A new 80-400 will be about the same price.

              The Sigma 120-300 f2.8 OS is 2400 Euro. Not that much of a difference.

              And you better don’t talk about prices for a 300mm f2.8 Nikon lens!

  • Jorge

    There will not be a D4 — if anything it will be a D5 as I doubt they want any negativity in japan about death especially after what happened there.

  • ericnl

    the more I’m thinking about it, the more I’m seeing a possibility that it will not be the D4.
    from the options that we are guessing (D4, D400, D800) the D3s and 3Ds are the camera’s least in need of an upgrade.

    so what about this crazy idea: in August they will announce a D400 and a D800.
    both basically the same camera, basically the same body, basically the same functions.
    the only real difference being that the D400 will be DX and the D800 FX.

    kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?

    • ericnl

      “3Ds” was supposed to say: D3x.


  • Alex

    I still think that it’ll be a D4 and D400, The D1, D2, D3 have all been on four year cycles with minor refreshes inbetween, just like the D3s when it came out 2 years ago. I believe the D700 replacement won’t be out till next year (perhaps on a 4 year cycle as well?) But I’m still looking to pick up a used D3s unless there is a D700s with the D3s sensor. I kind of like the option of a smaller body but would like the D3s sensor.

    • Jeremy

      Amen brotha. A D3s sensor in a D700 body. If I think about this combo for more than 4 hours, I’ll need medical attention!

      • EAJ


      • marco

        why would they put a 12Mpx sensor in a camera in 2011? to get everybody else who wants big prints to buy canon cameras?

        • Alex

          maybe a D700s and D700x?

  • ShaoLynx

    OK, as some suggested, let’s speculate a little on what the generation after will be (D5 and the likes).
    Well, I speculate that it will whield a Lytro light field sensor.
    So it would be easy to determine the DOF, even after the ‘picture’ is taken.
    In this topic some asked for this functionality.
    Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

    If that technology really takes off, it would really be stupid not to incorporate it in a next-gen camera.

    • Joshua

      Yeah sure – Lytro. And get a 0.5 mp picture? LMAO.

      Now go and eat your banana!

  • Bring it. I do hope the D4 is included in this announcement, this is the body I’m moat interested in. I’m at a total loss as to what else will be announced. There is just too much conflicting info out there right now.

    As for specs, I stick to my previous predictions. D4 in the 16-18mp range, with a D800/900 possibly reusing an improved D3x sensor and including video. I still want to see the excellent D3s sensor re-used too.

  • Anonymous

    What is the most anticipated sort of camera?

    People mainly focus on these types:
    1- 20-24mp & D700-like high-iso FX (D800, D700x)
    2- High-iso & 16-20mp FX (D800)
    3- Full HD video + anything FX (D800, D700s)
    4- Affordable D7000-like FX with D3s sensor (Dsomething)
    5- A DX better than D7000 in IQ & ergonomics (D400)

    A 20mp FX D800 in the factor form of D700, that have applied the improvements seen on D7000 would make most people happy; few would be left to complain. Groups 1, 2, 3 will be pleased at the same time. Even groups 4 & 5 may opt to buy a D800 if priced reasonably, and many among D200, D300, D700 owners would like to get one.

    What would the D4 offer in this scenery? Will it appeal to the owners of either D3s or D3x? Not much… Unless if it outcomes with a revolutionary technology like 2X pixel binning (optional 32mp hi-res or 16mp h-iso), something irresistible to any high-volume professional !

    • rhlpetrus

      You forget, re D4, that Nikon fought very hard to recover the Pro loyalty they had lost in the first half of the past decade, they won’t do it again. 4 years is a good period for a body update, AF will likely be a relevant point, and video is also relevant now, the D3s is a great camera but the market moves.

      My other guess is a D400 now, D300s sector is also very important, see how many 7Ds Canon sold, Nikon had a clear lead there, has to send a signal the APS-C crowd can count on a pro-like APS-C line.

      2010-1sem/2011 were used to revamp the whole entry-level line, my guess is that starting in August until late next year the pro line will get renewed as well. My guess, contrary to most, is that N will be conservative, and start with D4 and D400 next month.

  • Terry

    Hole in pocket getting bigger , but how long after the announcement will the thing be available ? Too long !!

  • Sam Rantwell

    IT HAS BEGUN! (for the 14th time since late 2009… although, this time it seems to be the very much very real thing! And I mean the seriously real thing!)

  • dr J.

    We were all raving about how amazing our D3 and D700 are… Suddenly they are not good enough anymore??? Do we really NEED a D4 or D800 or is it just an amazing wannahave???

    cheers dr. J.
    extremely happy D3 and D700 user 🙂

    • Joshua

      Just because you can’t afford the new cameras doesn’t mean others shouldn’t buy it. You be happy with your old technology from Jurassic Park. The rest of us will get the new cameras.

      Now go and eat your peanuts.

  • Dan

    Everyone seems to forget that Nikon is an extremely predictable company when it comes to announcements and their patterns. The cameras announced next month will be the D4 and D400, or whatever the replacement D3 and D300 will be called. All this talk about FX sensors in a D400, the D800 being announced at the same time as the D4, etc. is nonsense. There’s almost no chance Nikon deviates from their predictability.

  • R R

    I know people are expecting the D4 and D400 no D800… but mmm come think of it, making a D800 with the current sensor of the D3x will provide us Nikon fans with a big bad ass camera, and the D400 will come up with the current D7000 sensor, to me that makes sense since Nikon is going trough tough times in Japan cause of the Tsunami/Earthquake .. so this may come to improve the line up without overkill to the factories in Japan, since they already have everything they need, (both sensors mainly) and maybe the only camera that will be held up for the future is a NEW sensor D4 with something like 34 MP or something.

    Thats my wild guess..

    • Alex

      Even if nikon decides to use the D3x sensor again, I think that they would have tweaked it or changed it in someway since the launch of the D3x, kind of like how they changed the D3s sensor from the D3.

  • Paul

    I think it’s the d800 and d4 it wouldn’t make sense for the d400 as the d7000 in my opinion was the d300s replacement, I heard already a couple of times where d300s cameras were replaced with the d7000, but I could be wrong. What do you guys think?

    • Joshua

      D7000 is the D300s replacement? Umm, sure. And I am the queen of May.

      Now go and sniff some more of what you were sniffin’!

  • SNRatio

    Well, the “official” rumors tell about two FX bodies now – which makes very good sense, as Nikon can now differentiate quite well with shooting capabilities on equal or similar sensors. D4/D800 may be quite different from D3/D700, even if the basic pattern is quite similar. Nikon might choose to do a pixel binning trick with a new 20+ MP FX sensor too, to deliver high-res and close to D3s-performance in one body.

    As for the D400, I think the perspective is “semi-pro” DX: D200 – D300 – D400, and basically a 3-year cycle, where it was D300 coming “too early”, for several technical reasons. Targets moving faster in this segment, 4-year pro release cycle may be too long, as I think D300/D7000 may exemplify. Clearly, it is harder to use pixel binning to do a dual hi/low res model in DX than FX, and D7000 has relieved Nikon of much of the DX release pressure, being in so many ways a D300 successor functionally. I would expect something in late fall. Think of the D300/D700 type combo, but this time with FX released first.

  • Anonymous

    Chances to be announced next month is like below, imo:

    * D4 + D800 (FX), %40
    * D4 + D400 (DX), 30%
    * D800 + D400 (DX), 20%
    * Any different DSLR combination, 10%

    • Just A Thought

      You missed the one which everyone is waiting for and the one which Nikon is sure to deliver:

      New Coolpix – 100%

      • Landscape Photo

        🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Ian

    Hope they have improved the ISO performance of the D3x sensor if it will be re-used. Whatever people might say about D7000 it is superior to D300s in every way except build quality, buffer and burst speed. Not that “pro” look anymore, but maybe it doesn´t have to be pro camera as all the latest pro lenses have been for FX cameras. I don´t think many pro shooters really need better DX-body.

    I had D300s and D7000 simultaneously before I sold the D300s. The difference is that D7000 preserves significantly more detail at high ISOs, the AF-system is more sensitive and the DR is best I have seen in any DSLR yet, especially with D-lighting set to “HI+” position. If you compare the DR of D700/D3/D3s and D7000, the D7000 is clear winner. No way the next FX camera will be worse than D7000, right?

  • Rumors`O`Rumors

    The “normal” product cycle will surely be (if you “compare” with
    11/2007: Nikon brought the revolutionary professional D3 to the market (compared to D2x)
    8 moths later: the D700, semi-pro “light”-Version of D3 came out
    12/2009: updated “facelift” D3s came out to bring (professional) customers back to buy D3(s) instead of the newer D700
    8/2011: D4
    8 months later: he D800 (?!), semi-pro “light”-Version of D4 will come out…

  • rhlpetrus

    Many will be disappointed, D4 and D400 are them, just a guess ;-).

  • Landscape Photo

    24mp D800 = “Affordable & Compact Hi-res Landscape Camera”

    My waiting for 5 years will hopefully come to an end next month.

    I own(ed)
    D200 – ok for the standard of year 2006
    D300 – somewhat better than its predecessor
    D700 – better than D300 counterpart in DR, acuity & hi-iso but low-res & has a annoying crippled 95% viewfinder

    Not thought:
    D3x – too expensive & bulky

    Almost moved to:
    5D II – didn’t like its color rendition & poor ergonomics, gave a chance for D800
    A850 – unpopular system, noisy images after ISO 400, gave a chance for D800

    Come on Nikon, my patience (along with many others’) is not endless.

  • Just A Thought

    +1 nice call

  • Wolf Larson

    I am not in the market for a new camera… it will be at least another year or two before I turn in the D90. But the upcoming release date for the D4 / D800 has somehow pushed me into visiting this site every four to six hours to check for ghost specs of a camera that exceeds my current skill level. I sure hope there is something tangible soon so I can return to normalcy!

  • broxibear

    Do you remember this concept that was shown earlier in the year…I wonder if this is it ?

    • I hope not, that doesn’t look very durable. Do you have any details on what this concept was?

      • broxibear

        Hi CaryTheLabelGuy,
        It was a concept that turned up at a store opening or something similar along with white mirrorless type body.
        I do expect the D4 to be a little more curvacious than the D3 series, carbon fibre was mentioned but I haven’t heard anything recently about that.
        If Giorgetto Giugiaro’s involved then maybe he’ll look back at some of the D3 designs they never used like this one
        Not long to wait…then we’ll see this blog fill up with complaints lol ?

    • hi

      when was it showed? rumor page or something more serious? thanks

  • Manu26

    D3 ———- D4
    D300s —– D400

  • D9000

    I’ve heard from several forums that next month along with 24mp D4, there will be an entry-level FX called D9000, in the form & functionality of D7000. It will share the sensor of D3s. Quite a disappointment for many.

    D800 & D400 will follow next year Q1. D800 will share the D4 sensor. D400 will have a new 24mp DX sensor, and it will be the last pro-built DX of Nikon. Being an intermediary model, D7000 will only be updated once, sometime later to D8000.

    • Anonymous

      Fair enough, but Nikon must introduce an affordable & compact kit lens with the D9000, like a 24-85mm f/3.5-5.6 VR.

  • broxibear

    I’ve noticed on a few forums around the web that some retailers (stores, not online) have un-official waiting lists for the D4.
    Be prepared for the madness if it is the D4 and D400 because they will be difficult to find, think back to the D7000 announcement and how those who got their body quickly did it.

  • Mourie

    announcement in the end of august
    in the shops by december-jan 2012

    6 months of bugs (first half of 2012)

    it’s good news for the ‘news’ but for the real awaiting and the wallet there will be to cry

    • broxibear

      Hi Mourie,
      I think you’re right…Peter/admin might be better adding a seperate section called “D4 and D400 complaints” so it doesn’t bog down the rest of the site lol.

  • just sold my d3x and d700 this week because the prices are still high 😉
    only kept my d3 wich will be my back up with the d4 🙂

    • R R

      wow.. that move had guts, selling your stuff over a rumor… if you dont mind me asking, how much did you ask for the D3x?

  • D800 and D4 and d8000 , as well as 24mm F1,4 for no more than $249. I had a beer last night and somebody sitting on a table next to me, spoke about this new releases that will be out in august. I wrote on 129 pages all of their conversation and I will post it here some day this year. 🙂

  • Ke

    I doubt the D300s replacement will be full frame – it’d be cool if it had that same sized sensor as that Canon 1.3x crop. But I know it’s unlikely.

  • osmondstudio

    time to get into debt for the first time in life! ;P

    getting an amex card next week! ha ha ha

  • AlexV

    Latest rumor from Thom Hogan website is that no D300s replacement in August, delaying in Feb 2012 and that August will be for a D3s/D700 replacement only.

  • Victor

    My sources tell me that there will be a new digital model that uses 35mm film and can shoot pictures underwater while bouncing the digital results to a new Nikon satellite which automatically posts photos to the website of your choice in sequence of photo quality. Of course my source is a West Virginia tree pig so what do I really know?

    I’m hoping for an FX version of the D7000 without too high of a price tag. We shall see. My D70 is yelling at me very loudly to upgrade!

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