Nikon P7100 will be the third Coolpix camera announced next month

In addition to the P1200pj and the new Coolpix rugged camera, Nikon will announce also a new and improved P7100 which will replace the current P7000. This will be the new top of the line point and shoot camera from Nikon. Improvements include a tiltable LCD screen (like the one on the P100), additional controls, new HDR and easy panorama functions.

This is how the tiltable screen of the Nikon Coolpix P100 looks like:

This is the back of the current Nikon Coolpix P7000 model:

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  • The invisible man.

    12MP ?
    just kidding

    • Maybe this is the end of megapixel race? Even household wifes are whining why modern cameras have such amount of MP.

      • Global

        Yeah right.

        You know, if Nikon made it an 8MP, I would be optimistically interested.

        • michael

          Megapixle doesn’t mean anything

  • James

    This why Nikon rumours is better than canon rumours. NR actually has decent tips and exclusive photos. I know NR admin your friends with CR admin but just saying great job and we really appreciate it.

    Now can we have some reliable info on the D400. Daddy needs a new cropped body for wildlife!

    • Canonrumors is boring. What I appreciate at NR is that Peter and all of us, readers, have nice sense of humour. I read NR even not for rumors and predictions but for large portion of good mood.

    • twoomy

      I think Canonrumors is boring simply because there’s not a lot going on in the world of Canon any time soon. That 5DmkIII is probably 2012 material just in time for the end of the world. 🙂

      • They must force theirselves with shipping one to deliver joy to those, who lusting for 5D mk III.

      • baked bananas

        It begins August 2011 with the d4. It continues in 2012 with the d800 and the 5d mk III. So……the Nikon vs Canon war is over. Therefore …….


        • HDZ

          But I’m not choose both and will shoot you. 🙂

    • Jimusan

      Say what you like, but the Pro Photographer Interviews and in depth reports from the Lens Rentals guy is simply brilliant. I would wish for that on this site too.

  • ericnl

    doesn’t look that pocketable any more…

    • Emanuele


    • Joe Jarro

      Depends how deep you pocket is 😉

    • Apooo

      Pun intended?

  • PB PM

    You realize that the photo on top is the P100, not a photo of the P7100 right?

    • ericnl

      still doesn’t look pocketable 😉

    • Vandyu

      Looks pretty clear to me. He says here is the P100 with tilt screen and here is the back of the P7000, so the P7100 will look different with this kind of tilting screen installed. I’m glad Nikon has listened to complaints about the P7000. Hopefully, the other issues are fixed.

  • what? i hope D400 still makes it, and not only 3 p&s :/

  • design of older version seems to be better for me…

    • Mark

      How can you really say that? None of the photos above are the actual camera.


  • I think that this might be the new mirrorless system or could be the ingredents to something great. Imagine a camera body the size of the p7000, same button layout and improved controls with an interchangable lens system. A Pro’s dream side companion. When u don’t want to carry around a d700 with battery grip to a vacation or family outting. You pick up this!!

  • This rumor makes me feel better that i did skip the P7000 because i almost got it few weeks ago since now cost only $375

    HDR and Panorama improved functions would be nice to have and probably 1080p recording at least 24 fps but I hope it will have that dedicated video recording button like the P100 with High Definition and Standard Definition switch to make it even faster and if maybe stereo mic input to use a hotshoe mic to do some crazy videos with better audio quality.

    If meets my expectations (or most of them) this will be my walk around camera because to be honest the dSLR weight too much and is not pocket friendly at all!

    Imagine the videos you could take attaching the camera to a handheld steadicam merlin to seriously get smooth fluid videos with great sound (if mic input available)

    • d200

      I can fit my d200 in my pocket just fine.

      • Troll anyone?

      • Vandyu

        You must be wearing one of the lab coats with the special iPad pocket.

    • NanDub

      In the same boat here – I almost pulled the trigger on P7000 and/or G12, but I really want something that have better operation than P7000 meanwhile can use my SB-400. If P7100 did not improve the ergonomics then I might just get a second-hand P7000 instead…

  • nobody

    Admin, do you have any info on the sensor? Is it the same as in the D7000 or a new one?

    • I wish.

    • Josh Douglass


      “Is it same as in the D7000”?


      • nobody

        Alright, you got me. Talk about wishful thinking…

    • Yeah and the cam is called the Nikon x7000 with rangefinder-like viewfinder and a 24mm f2 lens 😉 And wait until the x7100 comes out together with a set of 16, 24, 35 and 50mm pancake primes!

    • no info on sensor yet, but I do not expect any sensor size improvements from the P7000

  • Digital cameras are beginning to look more and more like dslrs… 😮

    • and thats a problem because…?

      When Off is as flat at most of the point and shoots you see today and its a bit bigger because you need some real state to put those manual controls you get when you buy an advanced P&S like this one

  • Pierre

    I just hope…the interval timer can be set to 10, 15, 2o seconds with a more then 999 pictures………….not the 30 seconds minimum limit !!!

    i am looking for timelapse camera ….but not a DSLR 🙂

    • rsdl17

      I like the interval as well and i wish it’ll have a shorter duration but the problem really is the processor of this small camera. when shooting a long exposure like 30 sec, it’ll also take 30 sec for the camera to process the image. I wish the camera can process at least a little bit faster.

      • Pierre

        ok…for a 15…30 sec exposure it’s the worst case….but for daily timelapse..

        i don’t understand the 30 sec minimum interval value !!!… least a 10 seconds value will be great in many case….

        And with a waterproof casing….on my kayak….for timelapse… 🙂

        i don’t want to use my D3S for that….

  • rsdl17

    hopefully the new P7000 replacement(P7100) will have a better focus control or even a manual focusing in video mode(the P7000 have a nice manual focusing on stills from closest to infinity but not on video mode).
    I have the P7000 and the focusing in video mode is rubbish. Once you focus on something you cant change focus while recording, so most of the time the subjects are not in focus while taking a video. The swivel LCD will be nice on video mode so im expecting that this camera will have a better video resolution than the P7000

    • Picworks

      Sorry, but thats not true. You have to change the modus of autofocus to permanent focus in the menu. 😉 Enjoy your new focusexperience in making movies !

  • Carlos R B

    Ok, now we will have a canon G9 killer….lol…

  • Jon

    There’s no hot shoe on it?
    Nikon system supported hot shoe was the only reason I would choose Coolpix P series…

    • Jon

      Oops, I forgot the first photo is P100…sorry

  • Fred

    Hey, windows explorer can now view raw thumbnails.

    • jdsl

      Thanks, Fred. This is great news

  • HDZ

    P1200pj, I need to claim-down myself…

    I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it~!!! 🙂

  • getanalogue

    hopefully, P7100 will shoot NEF now.

  • Not difficult to improve on the P7000. It’s singularly the worst camera i’ve ever used. Dreadful quality. A mess.

  • Give me the P7100 with a 24mm wide angle up to 200mm. I would buy in a blink!! Living with a D700+14-24/2.8, 28mm is not just wide enough 😀

  • AlexV

    Better flash support with flash commander?
    Faster fps which is too slow in the moment?
    More pocketable?
    Comming with a good EVF?
    Better IQ?

  • dc

    i had a p7000 and sold it, now shooting with a g11. the p7000 was very close to being the best p&s but nikon put it out there with some fatal flaws (at least for some users like myself). i just could not put up with the lousy performance, in particular focus performance, in my type of shooting. i take my p&s on mtn bike rides so we are shooting moving objects in often variable light conditions, and it became a real pain to have to relock and refocus many times..too many missed shots. i loved the feature set of the p7000, loved the iq and loved the lens reach, but it was not enough.

    my needs for a replacement to the p7000 are modest–just fix the performance issues in every scenario and i’ll dump my g11 like a hot potato…if they are able to do more, so much the better…but the camera had better perform or it will be another disaster in the market like the p7000 was.

  • I truly hope Nikon learned from their mistakes.
    The G12 really could use the competition.
    At first, they looked so similar, but then again…
    Actually, the P7100 will compete with the G14,
    so it also depends on what Canon choose to do.

  • JeffP

    I just bought the P7000 today. It already froze on me once and when I mounted my sb600 on the hot shoe it did not auto focus, but my sb900 works fine. The write time is dreadful even with the firmware upgrade and I was shooting jpeg. Auto focus is not consistent and that is unacceptable. Another issue is the right side of the p7000 gets hot. On a postive note I did get some keepers that actually looked like I ran them thru photoshop already. I will give it another week and may return it for the p7100

  • Tony

    To me Coolpix cameras seem as if they are made by different company not Nikon. 🙁

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