Next rumored Nikon announcement date: August 22nd-23rd

A retail chain, which name I will not mention online, has scheduled a meeting for all buyers on August 22nd, 2011. This usually happens when there is a major announcement and new products are presented to the purchasing department.

Previous rumors indicated that certain Nikon offices have already blocked employees from taking vacation in the last two weeks of August 2011.

I am still receiving conflicting information on what exactly will be announced next month.

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  • hi

    New Nikon Coolpix!

    • Mario

      DOOOH, just what we need , the millionth point and shoot … give us the D800 finaly!

      • Just A Thought

        “DOOOH, just what we need , the millionth point and shoot ”

        How about one with interchangeable lenses???? But then it would not be called a Point and Shoot …I guess?

        • Just think — with a point & shoot with interchangeable lenses, you wouldn’t need a LowePro backpack, you could store your entire lens collection in your pants front pocket!

          • Just A Thought

            “you wouldn’t need a LowePro backpack, you could store your entire lens collection in your pants front pocket!”

            Would add new meaning to the old Mae West line “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

            Hey, that would be a great marketing idea……

      • SGN

        You can ‘point and shoot’ with a DSLR and take award winning photos with a compact.

      • Astrophotographer

        For a minute, I thought you were predicting the D000H! What would it’s features be?

  • gavros

    First like hew…

    • Rob

      Nothing more pathetic than bragging about being first, not adding anything of value to the thread, and not even ending up first.

      • jimmy bottoms

        or nothing more pathetic than calling someone else pathetic while *still* not contributing anything to the thread.

        someone keep this going, because now i’m pathetic too.

        • Monkey Nigh Mow

          Nothing more pathetic than pointing out someone else is pathetic while also not contributing to the thread and then asking someone else (who’s probably more pathetic) to continue a pathetic joke.

          • Ren Kockwell

            So very, very pathetic.

            Not really new news now. More like old news.

            • another anonymous

              hopefully the announcement won’t be pathetic, there is quite low amount of rumors, all went out through the years of waiting and whining instead of shooting 🙁 for some there can be maybe found new features even on old bodies hehe 😉

      • Gavros

        You calling me pathetic Robert? Easy to be a bold keyboard warier init like hew… I’ll allow you your opportunity to be mr big shot in cyber space – you enjoy it now little boy.

  • Zim

    I hope it is a D400 but probably be a new 27-38 VR lenses

  • R R

    D800 !!! or D4 PLEASE!!!!!

    #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon!

    • jimmy bottoms


      • I wonder if anyone has ever attempted an 140 character hash tag on twitter?

      • R R


  • Jp

    A nikon d5100 with af motor in body… A nikon 6100? The d5100 would have been perfectif it can af my older nikon af lenses!

    • EvanK

      In your dreams…

    • SZRimaging

      They already have that, it’s called the D7000.

      • scurvy hesh

        Thats not a D5100. I want a D5100 with a screw drive as well.

        • Jan

          Stuff you and your D5100. I want a coolpix with a screw drive and FX sensor, the one used in D3 will be fine. Of course, it must weigh under 200g and cost under $500. That would be perfect and is what every pro in the world wants. And it’ll also bring world peace.

          If Nikon can’t do that I’m switching to Canon! *whinge* *whinge* *whinge*

          • I hear canon already has screw drives in all off their P&Ss.

  • Joe Jarro

    Finally, the long awaited new analog Nikon!

    • I’m still waiting for the film/digi combo I used to always tell folks I was using when they inquired about my gear:

      “Hey, is that one of them fancy digital cameras or ya shootin’ film?”

      “Oh, no—this camera does both. It uses film AND creates a digital image too—best of both worlds, really.”

      “Oooooooh, that’s amazing!”

      • my camera takes digital, film and even polaroid…
        ok it is not 35mm format but anyway :-9

  • looking forward for the d800 press release -_-

  • ericnl

    “I am still receiving conflicting information on what exactly will be announced next month.”

    ADMIN: does that mean that, even though you stuck to theD4/D400 August release in the June 27 rumour, and even in last week’s rumour, that there is still a chance for a D800 (the 2x FX rumour)???

    • Just A Thought

      “that there is still a chance for a D800 (the 2x FX rumour)???”

      You waited this long, what you can’t wait til 2012???

    • First, I don’t think will announce more than 2 DSLR cameras at the same time. Even two is too much given their recent announcement schedule. So far all pro bodies are on a 4 years replacement lifecycle and I don’t think the D700 is an exception. If Nikon follows previous patterns, we should see a D4/D400 in the next 1-2 months and D700 replacement next year.

  • Mark

    It’s NOT going to be the D800. To follow nikons suit, it should be the D400 and D4. Once these have been out for a while, they will make the D800. There is no sense to be made about releasing the D800 before the D4 unless they were going to have it take it’s place, and I HIGHLY doubt that will happen, ever. So, if it is a new DSLR, which it probably is, it will be a D300s and D3 line replacement, as is projected.


    • kyoshinikon

      Unless the D400 replaces the D300s and D700 simultaneously like the D7000 kinda did with the D300s and D90 by sitting in the middle. It makes sense…

      • Mark

        I don’t feel that the D7000 replaced them both. There’s always been two distinct lines, and I think there still is.


        It makes sense that it would also go


        If you go with your logic, the D700 replaced the D300s and D3 line in one swipe by going in the middle. They’re all part of distinct lines, and I think they will all be replaced seperately.


        • @kyoshinikon: Uggg. Please stop with this nonsense. There is ZERO evidence to support the notion that the D7k replaced the D300s. None. Now, if you’d like to come back here and correct us in 4 years when the D400 (or anything of the sort) is missing from Nikon’s lineup, then feel free to bring pie.

          Mark is correct: the immense likelihood is that the D300s will be replaced as per Nikon’s usual schedule sometime between this fall and next spring.

      • nobody

        How can one camera replace a DX camera and an FX camera simultaneously? No, that doesn’t make any sense, IMO. (The D7000 did not replace the D300s, btw.)

        However, if it’s really a 2 FX cameras release, it could be along with the D4 the D9000, an entry level FX camera, essentially an FX sensor in a D7000 body.

        With a DX D400 + FX D800 release later on. That would make some sense, IMO. But that’s really a wild guess, isn’t it?

        • Mark

          That would definately throw a wrench in the system if that were the case! An entry level FX camera would sell like hotcakes, but would probably put an end to their DX line, so they won’t do that. It’s about time for the D400 and D4. It’s what makes most sense.


          • TBO

            If the camera was priced at about $2k on release, it would not end their DX lineup by any means. Not everyone is willing to spend $2k on a body. It would make sense with their reluctance to release pro-grade DX lenses, though. Plus, the economies of scale could let the price of FX sensors go even lower, which would help the profitability of the higher models.

            An FX in D7000 body would be pretty sweet… I would probably buy one eventually.

            • Mark

              Nikon will not produce pro DX lenses for their entry level cameras. Whatever comes after the D5/3100, etc, will not have PRO DX lenses made for that line. That just wouldn’t make any sense. So, they would be forced to make a mediocre DX line for the rest of eternity. They’ll concentrate on FX lenses then be sue their main market will be FX cameras since they would then have a high end consumer line with the FX D9000, a prosumer like with the D800, and a pro line with the D4. It would take all the attention from their DX line, and it wouldn’t get much attention or a big part of the budget. So, that won’t happen.

            • kyoshinikon

              Im not saying it fully replaced the the D300s, which is why I said “by sitting in the middle”. The D7000 only replaced the D300s merely in the fact that it has a feature set that is in better enough to make up for the pro features it lacks.

              There was a time when the 5D was pitted against it’s nearest competitor the D200… With the D7000 going up half a notch it makes sense for the D300s “class” to do likewise. While the D700 has a edge for obvious reasons, take the fullframe sensor (obviously the prism too) out of the picture and you get a slightly oversized D700 with a few features cut back (like a crop viewfinder)

              Seeing as the D3s has a Dx crop mode it would make sense to intergrate that in a D700/D300s hybrid taking out the dx vs fx argument and only having weight and price as the main issues

            • kyoshinikon

              I meant oversized D300s with a few features cut back (like a crop viewfinder)

            • Mark

              Having a DX crop mode would make sense, but only if the sensor was 24+MP. Not so much with the 18MP as it’s projected to be. I dont think Nikon would have it be a crop for less than it’s next entry level camera will have in terms of MP. The next entry is bound to have 14+ MP. It’s only right to assume so.

            • PhotoCat

              The DX will not be killed by a “D7000” body with an FX sensor (D9000?). Price alone will keep DX strong for years.

              I think the DX survives even FX become the overall standard. DX will always cost at least a little less and can be at least a bit more compact and let us remember, a DX camera can use FX lenses!

              I have no idea what will happen but a lower cost FX makes sense and it is due, the question is when.

              Photocat (the other other Mark)

            • A full frame sensor in any kind of a small body will be a D700 replacement. I don’t think Nikon will go with a FX body smaller than the D700.

          • PHB

            The D300s still sells faster than the FX bodies put together. So news of DX demise is greatly over-rated.

            A DX sensor costs in the region of $50, an FX sensor is still in the $500 range. The DX range is not going to be ended until it is possible to make a 24MP FX sensor for about $100. That is still a couple of years out.

            A 12MP FX camera is not that much use with DX lenses. I have seen a few pros with a D3x and a DX lens (OK the same DX lens). The rationale seems to be that they learned how the lens performs and how to use it for certain shots in the D2 era and don’t see a reason to change.

            So to make use of an FX camera means I have to buy FX lenses. and that is still a big expense.

            Bottom line is that it is not going to make sense to discontinue the D300/D400 until the D800 is outsetting it two to one at the very least.

            My bet is that the next release we will see is for the D9000 being the consumer version of the D700. I strongly suspect that the second body mentioned is a minor revision of the D700 to keep it going for another 12 months until the D800 comes out.

            If so we can expect four new bodies this year, Three pro and one consumer, Three FX and one DX:

            D4 FX (The only sure fire bet)
            D400 Professional DX (Almost certainly 24MP)
            D700s or D700x – A warmed over D700 with video and a better sensor
            D9000 Consumer level FX

            I think it rather likely that the D700s will be the professional body for people who think they really need ultra-high ISO performance when the D4 launches just like the D300 was the professional body for pros who did not want to go FX.

            • Mark

              That sounds extremely accurate to me. I’d like to see it play out like that.


            • kyoshinikon

              The main reason I think it could be possible is because Im sure the price to make a fx sensor has gone down since the cost was last released(2+ years ago) . The cost of the cameras wouldn’t go down due to market value reasons… Im sure the D3000s sells more merely for cost and availability reasons. I would guess that a fx D400 could have a market value at around $2100 USD without a loss to nikon based on the fact that both sony and canon produce double mpx sensors at a similar price as the D700’s 12mpx (sony?) sensor. The hardware isn’t different enough either that the cost of build and components would go up.

              I do agree that a 12MP FX camera is not that useful with DX lenses although 6mpx is still more than enough for most. Also the fx lenses while pretty pricey there are many cheaper and less pro fx lenses people overlook like the 70-300mm and 16-35mm…

              I really don’t know what they are going to do but based on what they’ve released this year and the way the market is going I assume that the old standard will be bent at the least.

            • Terd

              kyoshinikon “Im sure the price to make a fx sensor has gone down since the cost was last released”

              Why? Are you an engineer working on sensors?
              Do you even KNOW why FX costs that much more when it’s only nominally 2x the area?
              Shut up if you have no idea what you’re talking about.

              Next you’ll be demanding a 70-200 f1.0 because you’re SURE it can be done now since the last f2.8 release.


            • Richard

              I have my doubts about the D700s simply because of the timing, although it could be done easily enough as a running production change simply replacing the sensor with the one presently used in the D3s. In some ways that makes sense because it offers something to keep sales strong and keeps the fab, which should have a mature process by now, running and frees up the old fab capacity for other things. I have not read anything about which fab (other than “Sony” presumably) will be producing the new sensor for either the D4 or D400.

              If would be interesting if Sony and Nikon have worked out the equipment changes to produce the FX sensor without “stitching”.

              Canon are rumored to be going all FX for their 1D series with the next product release. Somehow I think there may be resistance to dropping the 1.3x crop sensors by their wildlife customers as the crop factor turns a 500mm or 600mm lens into a real monster, especially with their 1.4x extender. To get that kind of reach on an FX body would require some much larger and more expensive lenses. I still see a 1.3x crop sensor in Canon’s future for the wildlife crowd, and to a lesser extent the sports/action crowd.

              The D400 will have to fulfill that role for Nikon to some extent.

            • “My bet is that the next release we will see is for the D9000 being the consumer version of the D700.”

              “If so we can expect four new bodies this year, Three pro and one consumer, Three FX and one DX:”

              So… are you saying that a D9000 will be a consumer DSLR or a pro DSLR?

        • D-7

          Makes sense with the right pricing (read: lots of $$$$), and I wish it was true.
          But what would be the sensor in them? 16/18 MP in the D4 and the D3 or D3S sensor in the D9000? They mustn’t use the same same sensor as that would kill the D4 right at the start, but they have to keep the sensor line cost effective – it’s not worth producing 4 different sensors for 4 different currently produced FX cameras.

        • ja

          D4 – D4x , 2 different camera for different photographic needs but lets hope there priced much closer this time around nikon

        • Richard

          I thought the argument about what the D7k replaced had been settled some time ago. Plainly the D7k does not “replace” the D300s even though the sensor is, in some ways, “newer, better, etc”. The body itself does not have the build quality of the D300s and several different things in the body are clearly “not pro” in terms of controls, the buffer, weather sealing and so on. That is not to run down the D7k, I have one and am pleased with it, but it is not the top of the line DX body.

          If Nikon follow their established naming convention, the D400 should be the replacement for the D300s.

      • Mim

        A person who thinks D7000 replaced D300s is an amateur tog who probably doesn’t use manual mode yet.
        Don’t bother educating them.

        • Worminator

          For every Nikon user who hates the D7000 there are two more that love it. A lot of people bought the D7000 over the D300s with no regrets.

          I think the real clue about the D7000 positioning is the presence of the Ai coupling ring. Nothing says “D300s replacement” more clearly than that feature.

          Why do that? Because the D7000 is going to be the top-of-the-line DX body in the lineup, that’s why. At the $2000-2500 mark will be the D300 replacement, and it will be FX.

          • I am one of those that gladly chose the D7000(I own 2!) over the D300s. The few things the D300s has over the D7K don’t out-weight the many things the D7K has over the D300s. The D7000 is a wonderful DX body that’s capable of things you could only dream about about in a APS-C body before it’s release.

            We shall see what Nikon does soon.

      • Worminator

        I tend to agree with kyoshinikon. The camera that will be released with the D4 next month will be FX, not DX. It will not be the “mini-D4” (D800) however – that will come next year. We will instead be most likely looking at smaller, more affordable D700.

        If you need a visualization aid, think full frame D300. It will be considerably stripped down in features compared to the D4, to make sure there is plenty of room for the D800 to fit in above it later.

  • New SLR – F7

    • paf

      I wish!

    • kyoshinikon

      Heck I would go for that!

  • The invisible man.

    August 22th is the first day of school in USA.

    • Mark H

      That’s generalizing a bit.

    • Mark

      The first school day around me is the 31st. That’s not exactly a flawless idea either..

    • Here (Oregon), school starts the Tuesday or Wednesday after Labor Day, depending on the district.

    • In Orange County, California, it’s early September.

  • Wish to see D4 = mixture of D3s high iso performance + D3x resolution
    And also F1.4 primes with VR and 24-70 F2.8 VR lenses too.
    Just dreaming…

    • Tommy Botello

      Um..I don’t think 1.4 primes need VR, but that’s just me. I suppose a new 24-70 would be nice!

      • JP Dyno

        A new 24-70 will probably happen just because I purchased one last week.

    • There won’t be any f/1.4 primes with VR for a very very long time. If ever.

  • MRPhotoau

    Lots of guessing. Lets just say that this is going to be…

    …something else for everyone to whinge about!

    • ja

      ha ha how true you are , it makes you wonder why some of the ppl on here actually buy nikon when all they do is moan about what nikon does , myself i love nikon products have done since 1988, iv never had any problems with any of the multiple kit i have or had so really looking forward to see whats up next from the ppl in japan and without a dout it will be great and all the moaners on here will be buying what it is that nikon will release.

  • Lets see…

    16mm f/2.8G DX
    23mm f/2.8G DX
    58mm f/1.8G DX

    • Mark

      Why would they ever make a 58/1.8? They JUST came out with the 50/1.8G, which could easily be used on DX bodies. Besides that, a 57mm would make 85mm equivalent if thats what you were going for.


      • Because It’s DX. Why make the 35 f/1.8 when you could just get the 35 f/2 FX lens? Don’t say because it’s afs. Nikon could have made a 35mm f/2G af-s FX. I said 58 because Voigtlander makes a 58mm f/1.4

        • Tarball

          Actually is IS because AFS. You have no idea do you? Go and ask Nikon why they made it.

          WTF would anyone want a 2.8 prime? We’re not living in the 70s when they couldn’t do good 2.8 zooms.

          • Worminator

            You miss the point. He was thinking about Nikon progressing with DX lenses for the FOV of 24mm, 35mm, and 90mm, just as the 35 DX is a FOV of 50mm ie a standard prime.

            The new 40mm micro DX is in line with this logic, it’s a DX replacement for the 60mm FOV micro lenses.

            Right now DX users have to rely on the fact that lenses were made on a 1.5x focal length factor, so the “n-1” lens becomes the “n” lens on DX (ie using 35mm for obtaining 50mm FOV.) This approach has flaws: there are few convenient ways to obtain 90mm FOV on DX (CV 58mm about the only example) and most of the wide angles are large/expensive/poor performing on DX.

          • pat

            Primes tend to be sharper (all things being equal). That would be why somebody may want a prime 2.8. Honestly, I prefer my old 28mm 2.8 (from the 70’s) to my 18-200 dx hunk o’ crap when it comes to the sharpness. That 18-200 is great for walking around but is just fuzzy.

  • Lulz

    Maybe it will be their tiny weeny evil?

    • Steve

      Nikon Weevil. Nice nickname for a bug-sized camera no-one wants.

      • MK

        i want it – need something smaller than m43. gonna have to be competitively priced. keep drinking that haterade; welcome to reality where there are other people in the world who spend money on cameras besides pro pixel peepers

  • broxibear

    I think it is Tuesday the 23rd, I’m pretty sure I posted that date last week ?. Anyway, the date has meaning for Nikon…the D300 and D3 were announced on that date in 2007.
    Nikon love their symmetry.

  • Jallabert

    We had a little chat about this earlier… You assumed 2012 for the D4… Do you now believe 23rd of August for this camera?

    • broxibear

      Hi Jallabert,
      My information was announcement Sept…available to buy 2012 ?
      Peter/admin may well have more updated information than I have, he’s got more contacts.
      The 23rd is a meaningful date for Nikon…logic alone says D4 and D400, but did logic say move all the Sendai employees to Malaysia ?
      Are you holding out for one of these bodies ?

  • Brock Kentwell

    The announcement will introduce a new mirrorless Ashton Kutcher complete with a 4/3 interchangeable sunglass lens system.

  • Alex

    Who says Nikon is definitely keeping a semi-pro DX camera? Nikon used to have a pro DX camera, but not after the D2x. Perhaps the D300s could be the end of the semi-pro DX camera? Canon’s top of the line APS camera is the 7D, which Nikon competes by using the D7000. If Canon ditches APS-H for FF as rumored, it will have 3 FF cameras. Hopefully Nikon shifts more toward FF across the range.

    • I was thinking that too. D3 series went to FX, why not Dxxx series?

    • Anonymous

      D300s is not a semi-pro, but a PRO camera according to Nikon.



  • I hope they launch something good not useless lenses like 40mm micro 😐

  • Leandro

    The successor to the D300s will be FX. I think.

    • human tripod

      If there IS a D400, it will be entry-level full frame.

    • JED

      Why do people persist with this?
      Nikon is not going to abandon the D300 DX line. The D7000 is not its replacement. If they do not replace the D300 then they are abandoning an entire market segment – a segment that made Nikon quite a bit of money with the D300…

      • rogger

        Size is important… body size, is important!

      • Alex

        All the decent lenses are full frame, why not just have FF bodies at that end of the market? Plus some cheaper full frame bodies would be good.

      • PhotoCat

        I do not think Nikon is going to abandon the DX line but I do think there will be a shift to the line up. FX will move to the under $2000 price and become more and more the norm.

        DX will remain with a basic line up. Lower end cost effective (popular with students and amateurs), mid range, and a higher end (like a D300 except lower price point!).

        The D7000 may not be the D300s replacement but look at the features set/quality range at the present price point and it could be said to be a sign of a big change coming to the DX line of Nikon. I see the glass half full. There will be better DX cameras for less money.

        My 2 cents.

        Photocat (one of the Marks)

  • peter

    Anything good is worth waiting for. NUTS! I always got that from my parents and frankly, at age 51, I WANT MY MTV!

  • Ole

    I can feel it

    • ja

      do you need the toilet

      • Ole

        Haha. It is the D800 I can feel!

  • D700guy

    One month before disaster hits my credit card balance.

  • Too bad nikon wont go the Medium format route ale back and make a small, interchangeable back 35mm style camera. Id love to be able to swap out my sensor for film!

  • DX2FX

    Admin, can you set up a poll for us to guess which two DSLR will be announced next month ? something like:
    – D4, D400
    – D4, D800
    – D800, D400,
    – D4, D8000
    – D4, D700x

    • PhotoCat

      – D4, D400
      – D4, D400(FX)
      – D4, D800
      – D800, D400,
      – D4, D8000
      – D4, D8000(FX)
      – D4, D700x

      Just thought given the debate of a new lower cost FX DSLR could happen that a few more voting options were needed? Why not add to the confusion?

    • I may do a poll on what readers are mainly waiting for.

  • Frank

    Not that what I want matters at all, but here goes anyway. I want the D7000 with the following changes:

    Improved exposure bracketing to at least 5 steps and preferably 7 or 9
    On-board GPS
    An articulated LCD screen
    30Hz 1080p video recording

    Exposure bracketing is a software fix, so no additional cost and very little effort there. Nikon’s clumsy GPS adapter for the D7000 costs about as much as some point-and-shoots with included GPS; that’s frankly insulting to buyers and needs to be fixed. The articulated LCD screen is a feature of the D5100; it’s silly not to have it on the D7000. And the 30Hz isn’t a huge thing for me, but competitively, Nikon can’t leave this out when so many others have it.

    If they made these changes — call the result the D7100 or the D9000 — I’d accelerate my next Nikon purchase and I’d be willing to pay more for it. Certainly $100-200 more would be reasonable.

    • John

      No, I don’t want on-baord GPS – I want on-board bluetooth so I can connect to the GPS of my choice and it doesn’t drain the camera batteries. The GPS in compacts is not high quality – you really want to use a dedicated GPS unit or logger.

      Other than that I’m with you on the D9000 or D7100, etc.

      • Frank

        I’d say that on-board Bluetooth would be a very reasonable alternative to GPS, as long as it uses the standard Bluetooth location interchange protocol and not some proprietary Nikon invention.

  • anas

    in France we are told by Nikon agents that the announcements will concern the D800 & the Nikon mirrorless camera!

  • I should take a break from work in the last 2 weeks to prepare for the announcement too! 😮

  • R R


    Anyone has a vague idea or just give it a shot, at how much will the new D4 be? or maybe a D800?

    these are my thoughts: I think the D4 will have to be pricier than the current D3s and even maybe the D3x (that is if it exceeds 24 MP and maybe even video) so Im guessing that if the D4 comes with 24 or more MP it will be definitely around 10k USD, but if the D4 is meant for high ISO performance it may have a 18-24 MP sensor with great high ISO performance and full HD video.. this camera will be at least 6k grand up to 8k USD, dont you think?

    and my thoughts about the D700 replacement pricing are as follows: The D700 currently costs 2,400 USD so if its successor comes with full HD Video (which is a must, in my opinion) and comes with 18 to 24 MP, this camera is also going to cost a lot more than 2,400 USD what do you guys think? I´m thinking Nikon will push the price (as they always do) up to 4,000 USD I think. but I hope it stays around 3,000 USD tops

    Been a D3x and D700 user I am eager for video, but also I need a back up to my D3x that is more than 12 MP , so … I´m going for either of them. If the D4 comes out first I´m going to sell the dog and the house but I will get a D4.. if the D800 comes out then .. I´ll use my savings and get one.

    I once saw a video interview with a Nikon representative in Europe that was asked why the D3x was so expensive, and hes answer was that the market it is intended for professional photographers that work probably in advertising, that is probably true , been a photographer in that line of work my self.. I´d like to remind that Nikon representative that a professional photographer doesnt only need ONE D3x .. a Pro needs a main camera and a BACKUP camera than can deliver, and a D700 is NO backup for my D3x in my opinion. So I think Nikon should deliver a at lest 18 MP full frame camera to back up the beautiful and great performer the D3x is.

    thats just my opinion.

    • JED

      You seem to be indicating a belief that increasing the number of pixels increases the price..? The cost is in the total size of the sensor – not the number of pixels.
      The D3X costs more than the D3 purely because it was what the market would tolerate.
      A 24MP D4 would launch at a comparable price to the D3 when it launched (some upward adjustment for inflation, dollar value changes etc..).

      • R R

        I hope your right Jed, your thoughts seem to be reasonable

    • Recent Convert

      Your price points make sense. There will be protest from our American friends, but these price points still mean a lower price in most currencies then was charged when the D3 or the D700 were introduced. If anything, you may still be light with your guess.

    • PhotoCat

      R R,

      Regarding your ending remark (see below), I say amen brother! There are 2 markets that the D700 needs to fulfill, people like you who need a back-up.extra body and me who need quality but can not or will not spend the D3x money.

      So a D800 (or whatever it is called) really needs to be at least 18MP. Personally I do not care about the video, but I know it is almost certain to be there so I can just choose not to use it if I do not care about it.

      R R quote:
      “I once saw a video interview with a Nikon representative in Europe that was asked why the D3x was so expensive, and hes answer was that the market it is intended for professional photographers that work probably in advertising, that is probably true , been a photographer in that line of work my self.. I´d like to remind that Nikon representative that a professional photographer doesnt only need ONE D3x .. a Pro needs a main camera and a BACKUP camera than can deliver, and a D700 is NO backup for my D3x in my opinion. So I think Nikon should deliver a at lest 18 MP full frame camera to back up the beautiful and great performer the D3x is.

      thats just my opinion.”

  • One More Thought

    At this point there’s one major source of potential disruption price wise, and perhaps even with the release: the foolishness of the Tea Party Republicans in the USA in bringing the USA to the brink of a default. The consequences of this cannot be overestimated. Remember when Lehmann defaulted? This will make that look like a hiccup.

    This is no small thing…and when you have a group of far right extremists obstructing compromise in the world’s largest economy you have the recipe for disaster.

    • me

      yea, becouse the status quo is working soooooooo well.

      • One More Thought

        Everyone will clamor for this “status quo” if and when the US goes into financial default…it’s so easy to complain about what you have and then just react to that out of some form of anger, but it’s also so easy to make things infinitely worse…

        I’ll say it again, if the US defaults next week, we will all long for these relative “good ol’ days…”

        And yes, this will impact everything, including the imaging industry…

        • me

          We’ll have to pass this to see what’s in it.

          Unemployment will not go above 8%

          How’s that hopey changy thing working out?

    • Frank

      Can we keep this site free of politics, please? There are countless other places to go if one wants to initiate or participate in a political argument, if that’s one’s sort of thing.

  • SF_Strider

    I am waiting for D400 so long~ Wondering how D4 will be but no interest to buy+use it.

    To meet the London Olympic, I believe D4 must be announced. Nikon has to give/sell to the Professional sport photographers at the end of 2011. They need few months to figure out how to use D4 effectively. If there are problems on D4, there will be enough time to find & fix.

    But, if there is D4, is it wise to push another FX DSLR – I mean D800 – on the same period? Even Sony will not do it.

    I believe the another DSLR will be a DX DSLR. Most likely will be D400, as nikon’s last 3 newest DSLRs are all for entry-level(D3100, D5100) to mid-level(D7000). It makes sense to announce a semi-pro DX DSLR now. However, we have the rumors in 2009 about D4000 also. There is a chance we will have a more advanced entry level DSLR D4000 in this announcement. As we know, entry-level DSLR is the biggest key to fight for the market share.

    • Mark

      If this turns out to be a flop and is another entry level DSLR, I am going to be incredibly disappointed and unbelievably ticked off. I know it won’t matter to nikon, but I know I won’t be the only one. That would be miserably annoying if that were the case.


      • SF_Strider

        I’ll be disappointed also if no D400 come, as I need a DSLR will better focusing & High ISO performance to take indoor sport photos.

        No matter what. Most of us do not deny that it is the time to announce D4, but they still keep the unlikely hope that D800 will come with it.

  • jimmy bottoms

    D4 (& maybe the D400).

    the $3000+ D800 will follow 6 months later after the market has been allowed to blow its collective cash on D4s.

    • DFive

      YUP !!!

  • would that be b and h photo???

  • NikonAddict

    I think Nikon will release Two FX camera and another one in the mirror less camera come August.
    One will be the D4 and and another an FX F7 35mm camera to replace the F6.
    Yes film is not dead.
    The D700 and D300s replacement will be announced early next year. Don’t ask me why. I just know it.

    • R R

      Sounds possible… Interesting thoughts there Mr.

    • SF_Strider

      F7!? what will it cost?

      Yes Film is not dead, but who will buy an expensive film SLR body now? We know that film quality is not relevant to the body’s quality. We cannot change the CMOS/CCD in DSLR as we change the film in film SLR.

  • Todd

    Let’s make it a 400 theme.

    New 80-400

    That would nice for me. Money waiting to be spent.

  • It’s the new Pronea line of mirrorless, interchangeable, 4/3rd-ish camera.

  • Bob

    Nikon’s “Big” Announcement: Another Blues Traveler Concert.

  • matgay

    so anybody wanna predict prices and resale values of used or old model d3s, d700 when the replacements are announced?

    • R R

      I think the D700, the very few last ones in retail stores are going to be pretty much the same at most .. 200 or 300 usd less, the D3s is probably going to be the same story if right now it sells for 5,200 I think 5,000 maybe even 4,800 (not much)

      dont ask my why… that´s my wild guess 🙂

  • Daf


    TBH – I’d be happy with either 400 or 800.


    D400 def DX but Nikon put back the switch for locking CF card door again like the D200 looks much more pro and CF and CF if poss.

    • R R

      I agree! I miss that switch too..

  • and the countdown has begun, more money put in the piggybank

  • jimmy bottoms

    why would prices drop on new models? the dollar’s in the toilet, and japan recently had a natural disaster and near-nuclear catastrophe. top-end cameras are largely either luxury hobby items or tools that a pro has to have to do his/her job better than the next guy — nikon knows we will find the money to buy them.

    expect the D4 and D400 (end eventually D800 in 2012) to be a couple hundred more than their predecessors were at release.

    • PhotoCat

      jimmy make good points about price. Usually better price really happens when the specs you wait make it to the model range you like.

      That is why I am waiting for an FX sensor with some extra MP (at least 16MP) in the D700 body/price range and/or the D300 body/price range.

    • Hhom Togan

      Since production is still limited in Japan, prices won´t go down as a matter of fact they will go up as you say.

      It is only logical.

  • Hhom Togan

    It is obvious what´s going to happen

    Nikon D4x with over 1,000,000 gigapixels, tilt screen, auto modes (missing in previous mode) P mode now sends greeting cards to the person being photographed to their Iphone, Android phone, it comes with “Chase Jarvis Coaching and Mcnally EzyLight” the camera will have video recordings of them so you can loose even more time chimping the screen.

    Then there´s D4xxx Nikon heard GWC´s of MM, OMP, etc. and now it has a pheromone spray hidden under the mic, to seduce “models”.

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