Which lens is that?

The new August 2011 issue of Men's Journal magazine has a Revo sunglasses ad, featuring photographer Jimmy Chin holding a Nikon DSLR camera with an unusual/unknown lens attached. The lens looks like a short version of the existing 70-200 f/2.8 VR II. Could this be the new 80-400mm lens? Or maybe this is an existing lens from Sigma, Tamron or Tokina? What do you guys think? A list of all current Nikon lenses can be found here.

Here is the full ad:

Update (thanks broxibear) - Jimmy Chin was kind enough to contact me about this and here's a direct quote:
"It's the old 80 - 400 Nikkor. I don't actually use it much, just happened to be the prop they wanted for that shoot."

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  • Rilakkuma

    It could be AF-S 105mm f/2 DC-VR

  • I’d guess the old 80-400 as well. But, what if what we think is an AF/MF switch is actually a new way to incorporate Nikon’s VR? This way you never have to jostle your hand back and forth on the lens to turn it on. I think that would be kind of interesting. But, I’m sure that’s not it and it’s probably just the old 80-400. I wish it was a new reiteration of the 70-300. The combos here have been very interesting! The price of a 70-300/4 AF-S VRII would be astronomical, but a worthy replacement to the 80-200/2.8D!


    • It could also be the recently rumored AF-S 800mm/4.0G VR Micro NIKKOR.

      • LGO

        70-200mm f/4

        • cpm5280

          Looks too big to me to be an f4 version of the 70-200?

  • Lulz

    Since I just bought a 24-70 it has to be the 24-70 vr-II

    • Ronan

      LOL! Not even close.

    • Dweeb

      I bought a 300 ƒ4 tele 5 years ago thinking the same thing. Still no VR. Same old crazy Nikon.

  • RR

    Perhaps it is the old 80-200 f2.8 AFS without lens hood and collar? Remember that lens? The first 80-200 f2.8 to include a silent wave motor.

    • The old 80-200 doesn’t taper toward the back of the lens.

  • Its not the 80-200/2.8AFS. That lens is shaped like a barrel and the rings are thicker than they are on this one. I also believe it doesnt have the AF/MF ring, but has a switch.


    • It has a ring, but it’s not textured like this. It’s flat.


  • Robert Stoffer photo

    Looks to short to be the rumored 80-400. I would say a 24-70 type or possibly a new 16-35 2.8

    • Looks too long and slender, slender being the operative part, to be a fast wide zoom, especially to 16mm.


  • I recall reading in an interview with Jimmy in Photography Monthly that Jimmy likes using do it all lens most of the time, like the 18-200. The environment that he normally shoots in makes it difficult to carry extra weight or change lenses.

    • That is NOT an 18-200. There’s no extending parts, and it’s too long to have them. Maybe a 18-3/400. But thats HIGHLY unlikely. That makes it all the more likely he’s using an 80-400 since he’s in a wildlife environment in the ad.


      • Colby

        take a look at the front element in relation to the “pro” gold ring…. there is an unusual gap. it is an extending or telescoping lens. which is unusual for pro lenses to have…. but it is not a fixed length…

        • chris

          because it is the 80-400 which extends considerably when zoomed

  • This is the old 80-400, at 80mm. I used this lens for a long time.

    • It does look like the 80-400. I can’t see any photos of that lens without the tripod collar, and I’ve never handled that lens. This lens doesn’t really look like it has a place for the collar, but otherwise looks pretty much identical.

      • Nikonuser

        Tripod collar is there…just hidden due to the angle.

    • Nikonuser

      Definitely the existing 80-400mm lens.

      • Ronan

        Agreed. Google gives the answer in 0.3 seconds.

        Useless posts from a lazy admin 😛

  • AlexV

    The position of the golden ring the ring control exclude Tamron and Sigma, leaving us Tokina or Nikon.

  • Charlie Martin

    For starters, that is a varifocal lens just from looking at the front element. Secondly, if it is the 80-400, where is the tri-pod collar?

  • The bezel looks like its from a pro lens, so i’m thinking maybe new 24-70 if not current

  • its definitely an 80-400 with collar removed.

  • Analyst

    It’s the current 80-400 with the tripod collar removed.

    One or two pictures of the lens found on google can easily confirm this. Why is this even news/rumor worthy? Should every blurry picture of a photographer with an existing Nikon lens now be submitted to NR for verification?

  • EAJ

    Notice the fall foliage.

  • Chris

    I always thought Jimmy was a Canon shooter…seems like every pic I’ve seen from him gave Canon specs.

  • Its definatly the old 80-400. I have one and its a dead copy.

  • no

    it is not the 70-200 2.8 II for sure. the barrel looks like it extends. my guess is that it is a 70-300 f/4-5.6 nano coated, OR the more likely one to seal the f/4 line: 70-200 f/4

    • chris


  • ChuckCVG

    One more vote for a new 70-200 f/4 🙂

    • chris

      not in 8 million years.

      • Can Wishingwell

        +another million

  • Bernard

    It’s a mug !!! 🙂

  • chris

    you must be new here if you expect common sense from the majority of folks who frequent this site.

    • Robin Edgar

      Amen. . .

  • broxibear

    Hi Peter/admin,
    Here’s the video for that magazine advert http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHtLOIQEkhw&feature=related
    Around 1:38 you get a look at the body and lens…body looks like a D700.

    • monty11

      If you compare the rings of the lenses, you’ll see that they are different.

  • Maaglo

    It’s strange, NR does not see the arrival of the new 50 f1.8 AF-S and AF-S DX 40 macro, and they does not see an old 80-400 anymore.

    • fxed

      Can you say that without mumbling.

  • STRB

    Current 80-400 with the tripod collar removed.

  • Ronan

    Nikon 80-200 VR… Seriously google…

    Useless post thats filling up with idiots… woah…

  • sgmcenroe

    It is the 80-400. I own one – unfortunately. It is not sharp at all and been a $1500 disappointment. The one in the ad doesn’t have the collar or lens hood, but it matches mine.

  • dk

    From the first shot, it shot looks like it was taken in early fall (yellow aspens in yosemite). that is almost 10months ago…

    I doubt that Nikon had a spanking new ‘trial’ lens that was handed off to him to test as early as that, and we wouldn’t know about it.

    • nobody

      “From the first shot, it shot looks like it was taken in early fall”

      That could have been just yesterday, in Germany that is.

      Sorry, just a bad weather rant!

  • Jabs

    I might be late but I think this is this lens turned to the side to hide the markings and the tripod collar put under his clothes plus his finger looks like it is touching an upside down collar and not a camera.

    From Nikon USA


    • benS

      +1 good observation ! looks like it !

  • Jabs

    I also think that the shooter is actually HIDING the camera body and pretending to be shooting while his finger is on a upside down tripod mount.

  • poizen22

    imo looks like a sigma lens

  • Madetech

    I really doubt that any photographer would use a prototype lens in an image that can be seen around the world. I do not know if he is sponsored by Nikon or Canon (to lazy to look it up) but they usually try to hide or photoshop what they use if they are not (digital equivalent of black tape, or removing a tripod mount…).

  • Johnny Trio

    Who cares

  • Artur Kozłowski

    …so far 131 comments about some mysterious lens from an ad – that says something about the degree of restless expectation from Nikon fans… You could turn coal into diamonds in this kinda pressure.

    • +1
      Comment of the week! 😀

  • Keen Rockwheel

    Three comments about the photo:

    (1) It appears to be Photoshopped to get rid of any lens markings that the ad agency felt would be distracting.

    (2) Who gives a damn what lens it is?! After all, it’s just a prop in an advertisement. It’s possible that it’s not even a lens that Jimmy Chin owns.

    (3) I realize that Jimmy Chin is just posing for an advertisement, but if he wears sunglasses in real life while shooting scenic photos, he is an idiot.

  • marcelo fernandez

    80- 400 without tripod mount

  • Looks to me like the current 80-400VR. For sure.

    I have one and am very happy with the image quality handheld for wildlife (VR off) but when the lions start chasing prey then the focus just can’t keep up… alternatives are too large/heavy/expensive… if there is a new version of this lens, faster focusing, AFS, I will buy it!!

  • Nikonos

    Does anyone else find it odd that it has three different rubberized rings, what’s that about??

  • Could be the new 80-400 as newer designs of the same lens tend to look like their predecessor 😮

  • chris

    Just looks like the current 80-400mm F/4.5-5.6D AF VR.

  • …yeah, this is just the 80-400 without the collar. NBD. Nothing to see here.

  • tigrebleu74

    I just hope it’s a 50-135mm F/2.8 VRII (FX) lens. Lighter and less expensive than a 70-200mm F/2.8 VRII, and the perfect complement to a 16-35mm F/4 VRII lens! For all who don’t need the reach of the 200mm.

    • tigrebleu74

      Of course, as many people already posted, this looks like the 80-400 w/o hood. But I wish it was a 50-135 F/2.8 FX!

  • Laqnbcit68

    It’s the Canon 24 mm prime lens mounted on a Leica M9 camera. I am so so sure about this, and I was also so sure that the D400 would have been her by now!!

  • Tom C

    I know the article stated its a Nikon but… That looks like a Canon (Non-L) USM lens. They have a segmented gold band that say ultrasonic…

  • Nikon Fan

    It’s the new FX 10-500mm f/0.9 lens.

  • Worminator

    Nikon AF VR ED 80-400mm F4.5-5.6 D

  • broxibear

    Jimmy Chin was kind enough to contact me about this and here’s a direct quote…
    “It’s the old 80 – 400 Nikkor. I don’t actually use it much, just happened to be the prop they wanted for that shoot.”
    That clears it up, thanks Jimmy.

  • Brian Davis
    • MB

      Without tripod mount, good find …

  • QPO

    Well 80-400 to me and iff nikon not coming soon with a new good priceble 80-400 or 100 400 well then sorry going to buy the new Siggi1 120-300 os lens realy sharp and please all of you say something good about it i stay with nikon for the body s all of my resting live and admin thanks for the next round off rumours and date anouncement 24 august

  • Rodi

    Looks alike 80-400mm 100% without Colar tripod.
    Focus, zoom and focus selector are in same position.

  • haritographer

    um… i’d recognize one of my work lenses anywhere!!
    that’s the current 80-400VR.. minus the tripod mount. study it VERY carefully

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