What camera are you waiting for?

I am just curious what new Nikon camera the majority of [NR] readers are waiting for? Here is a quick poll:

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  • I’m grabbing a cheap D3s or D700 when these come out. I really want high-end HD video, but willing to wait on that, I need full frame.

  • SGN

    None. I am waiting for an ‘affordable’ way to get to 400+ mm at f/5.6 with VR.

    • jo1

      none too.

      I am as happy was can be with my 5D II

      If Nikon would do a D800 at 24 MPixel it would simply be on par with the 5D II – surely for a higher price πŸ˜‰

      It was adequate to do the cut and leave the Nikon eco system three years ago – three years of fun with my camera without compromises and most likely another three of four years before I get a successor.

      • Saruman

        You fail dude. You run at the end like the others πŸ˜‰

      • Dragos

        I’m curious as to the timing of your choice. I am a Canon user (for the moment), still with an original 5D. Did not consider the 5D2 as a worthy upgrade because of one “feature” – the same old autofocus as on mine. Three years ago Nikon came out with what is a bettercamera in many respects (D700). Unless you jumped before the announcement, I can really see no reason for doing so – the more so if you already had some Nikon mount lenses. Lenses are what stop me from moving to Nikon, though lately the new line of F4 zooms from Nikon are attractive.

        If this Fall Nikon announce a D800 with even better AF (as roumored) and better noise control, plus a reasonably priced 70-200 F4, there will be many people like me who will finally switch. Or Canon will finally put a 1D level AF on 5D cameras, which would be nice.

      • Canon User

        You must be insane to claim that the rumored D800 is simply on par with 5DmkII.

        Try to use the D700 and be enlightened that 5DMkII focus system is miles behind Nikon.

        I’ll dispose mine as soon as D700 replacement is available.

  • EnPassant

    I hope Nikon will release a FX-version of D7000. We need a “small” FX-body. For many not only D3 but D700 as well are too big and heavy to walk around with. 16-18 MP with superb high ISO, everything else being the same except for some smaller upgrades in firmware would be fine with me.

    • Martin

      FX zoom are quite large to justify such camera but I would personaly use it with smaller prime: 24/28, 50 and 85

    • Georg

      I would definitely buy a small FX body with high light sensitivity. I prefer the D700 to the D3. I wanted a D700s – to let a D3s at home – all the time. Never got it. I really like big sensors (for light sensivity and depth-of-field) but I don’t understand why a camera must be big.

      • another anonymous

        As i can understand it, there are conflicting requirements to have the body smaller and smaller vs. to have bright high quality 100% viewfinder cause of big pentaprism optics that can deliver this. But I didn’t see any FF camera with small dark viewfinder… another solution is for example leica m9 without any pentaprism, with simple hole viewfinder which does not see through the lens. Do you want this? Me not, I better get D700-like body with 100% VF in high quality.

        • Georg

          Nikon already made a professional FX camera with 100%viewfinder years ago.. it was called F3. Much smaller than a D700, with two BIG holes of air to store the film. Big enough to put a battery and an AF motor in it.
          Don’t tell me it is not possible to make a FX camera small like that. It is.. they just don’t want to do that.
          I question why? Maybe only some “real” outdoor photographers want such a camera. The main customers seem to be male, 40+ amateurs who got a big car, a big motorcycle and want a big camera, too. ;o)

          • The main customers seem to be male, 40+ amateurs who got a big car, a big motorcycle and want a big camera, too. ;o)

            You forgot to mention the receding hairlines πŸ˜‰

          • Rodgeir

            +1 πŸ™‚

    • IanZ28

      Perfect qualification for the request of a FM2 / FE type FF digital camera.

      Amazing build quality. Compact size. No focus motor. 100% viewfinder with a FF sensor (even the 12 mp sensor of the D3/D700?).

      Dream machine for many. I’ve been asking for this for a couple of years now…..(though my needs have changed slightly now – I’d still love this camera!)

    • As it has been proven over and over again — the more sensels the better the ISO performance. A sensor that delivers 24 to 32 MP has less noise than one with only 12. Take a picture with a D3s and a D3x at ISO 1600. Then downsample the D3x to 12 MP and you’ll see that the D3x does the better job.

      • Mike

        That’s a rediculously expensive way to get 12 mp. So, what’s the point?How does the D3x do at ISO 6400? If you need low noise/hight ISO 12mp, then the D700 (7 hundred)/D3s is the way to go. Less money upfront, less time with that extra step of downsampling. My D3s is still leagues better than my D7000 (7 thousand) at high ISO. At ISO 1600, I have zero hesitation using the D3s to get a quality, saleable image. With the D7000 I must be a little more careful.

        • That’s a rediculously expensive way to get 12 mp.

          But it does give better 12MP images in terms of resolution and perhaps noise. The problem is in the Bayer CFA not giving the resolution it claims. If it does, Foveon wouldn’t exist.

          Noise is a difficult thing to measure/talk about because it goes hand in hand with actual resolution. But people ignore actual resolution and only talk about noise. Nikon cooks the RAW files to reduce noise (D3/D700/D3s has same sensor but D3s is suddenly less noisy, etc.) and at the same time, some high frequency detail is also compromised.

          Most people don’t realise the compromise in actual resolution. All they care about is how DXO or Dpreview ranks their camera next to others.

  • nrb

    Still waiting for the D90 replacement.

    • rogger

      D90 replacement is called D7000…

    • Yup… D7000 replaced D90

  • fordstr

    Needs to be a “none of the above” option or a “too busy taking photos to care” option.

    • BartyL

      Good call.

    • Rob

      If that were true, you wouldn’t be on this board, and you certainly wouldn’t be posting. You are in fact a liar.

    • Visualiza

      That’s why you took the time out to even bother posting a comment, right? Spoken just like a snobbish elitist…I swear there’s one in every crowd.

      • Geoffx

        Ironic? πŸ˜‰

  • I’m waiting for a cheap used D3;

    There will be a zillion of them once the d3s replacement starts into circulation. Especially once from someone who had one to keep up with the jones’s, but put very few shutter actuation on it.

    • I dont think it will be a good idea to buy used D3 at this time. Most photographers who own D3 are heavy professionals so it will be really used.
      I had D3 in news agency for 3 years and I wouldnt buy it for more then 700euro. It had more than 180 000 shutters count, it was 3 times in service.
      You need to count the service needed, which can be costly.
      I would prefer d700 from some amateur who use it over weekends.
      just my 2cents

      • Dexter0508


        check-out craigslist lol πŸ˜›

      • Rob

        You’re not a very keen businessman if you would only pay 700 for it since you could immediately sell it for twice that.

  • I have a D700 and I wish it felt more like my D200….I can’t stand how tight it feels, hope the replacement has more room. If they go smaller with the new FX I will cry and boys don’t cry.

  • None .. pretty happy with the D7000 for another couple or 3 of years at least!

  • F64Photo

    D7000 with full-frame 24 mp sensor for landscapes!

  • I moved from the D2X series cameras to the D3 series when they were released and use them for most of my shooting. What I liked about the old D2X and D2Xs of course, was the 1.5 magnification factor and still use them during the day when there’s no problem with the light. I’ve been thinking therefore of getting the D400 when it’s released (along with the D4, no way around it) as an upgrade to the D2X for the better specs – higher ISO’s are always nice. I still like both systems and use both. I know other photographers who are in the same situation, but I’m not sure how widespread this interest might be held.

    • TaoTeJared

      I’m with you on the DX. I love that my 70-200vr is actually an 105-300vr on DX. Cheapest 300 2.8 on the market!

      • another anonymous

        +1 and with TC1,7 maybe the cheapest 510 f4,8 on the market πŸ˜‰ or not?

      • I use the same combination. I like the D3 and D3s with the 70-200 for my kind of shooting, but then I look back at the D2X with the 70-200 and remember how much closer (and usually better) it was in the right light. Not to mention the lighter weight (and cost) over say the 300mm f 2.8. I hope Nikon continues with the DX series, keeps it at a professional level. I’m not sure their original idea that the DX format wasn’t the way to go won’t turn out to be right when the electronics catch up. I don’t mind the weight of the large cameras, but boy-howdy would I be happy with a lighter kit.

  • vinman

    I checked D700, but fortunately (or unfortunately) I’m not actually “waiting” since I hope to keep my D700 once it’s successor shows up. The “waiting” part is wondering what Nikon will decide to price the body at. If it’s a substantial bump over the D700 (over 3k), it’ll be a while before I can put one over my shoulder.

  • ryan

    This is my write in vote for D90 form factor with FX sensor and metering for AIS lenses please.

  • Jabs

    OFF topic, but look here for important information on a WordPress bug!


    • thanks Jabs, I do not use this utility

  • NiknWontRepairMyGray

    I’m waiting for a new generation film developing minilab that produce high quality negatives/slides but also compact and affordable. Some add-on for a film scanner, enlarger and printer would be nice too. I’d rather have this than any latest FF digital body. Unfortunately, dreams don’t always come true πŸ™

    • Apooo

      What? dreams don’t always come true? I was waiting for your pants to catch on fire. lol

    • Joaquim Prado

      Totally agree with you!

    • TaoTeJared

      I think that boat left the harbor 10 years ago. πŸ˜‰

      I doubt to see any new film stuff or maybe one last hurrah and that will be it.

      • Joaquim Prado

        Maybe the boat can comeback. I think film will still available for quite some time yet but in a further future I’ll see the my dreams sinking down the drain. I beleive Epson or even Nikon (after company get all the mess fixed up) with some better scanner with higher resolution and better sensors and lights. The world actually need a scanner with a better sensor! Silverfast is releasing a new Scan software this month so I beleive it still a demand for such a thing.

        I always says that nikon should have a FX semi-professional retro style camera housed in a FM3Alike body which is a legendary camera nikon made and lots of people would go nuts with such a product. Leica did and it was happy with it and Zeiss Ikon is considering releasing a Digital Rangefinder in sometime. Fuji released similar product and sells are going well.

        My point is that for comercial photography there is no sense for use analog unless is something specific or asked by a client but for art proposes, personal work, documentary and many other aplications film still something reliable and desirable. I also prefer to store my work in film instead of HD. It’s two different ways to photographe and mostly I wouldn’t link them as one substitute the other both share about the same space but in two different language.

  • NoFunBen

    i am useing a d3 and a d700. i dont have the money right now to replace the d3 so the d700 will be next.

    but i will be buying new lenses first i want to replace the 80-200 2.8 ed mostly to add VR
    maybe replace the 17-35 2.8 with a 14-24 too before buying a new camera.

    the d700 and d3 are amazing cameras they dont need to be replaced for what i use them for, but they have over 200k and 300k on the shutter so they will need to be replaced some time.

  • Bigus Dickus

    D700 replacement but though it will never replace my D700.

  • The reasonable one..

    I voted for a D700 replacement but I don’t expect to buy it soon (within 12month), my d300 still serves me fine. D300 was the first (mature?) DSLR I felt comfortable with to buy and gave me the assurance that it would serve me longer then 2 years.

    From a specification point of view the d300 is actually still fine, a new body with betters spec’s would only take the last few doubts/wishes I have away.

    The body I buy probably will be the ‘last’ body I buy for a very long time.

    • TaoTeJared

      I’m with you on the D300 (same boat here). I really need a 2-3 stop of ISO improvement or a 16bit color to move to new body.

      The only thing is if usable iso (print 20-24inch without seeing a difference) reaches 3200 or two full stops. Basically a D3s. The D7000 really is only at maybe 2000 or just a little below the D700.

      • The reasonable one..

        Yup some more stops to allow for faster shutter at hand held shooting would be welcome and a few more pixels for a bit more headroom in cropping after the fact as the 2:3 ratio never suits me really. And maybe an even better auto exposure.

        For me personally I only see 2 reasons to choose for FX over DX: bigger finder image, easier to obtain shallower DOF. (That’s what I liked about my film days shooting on 6×6 and 4×5).

        • Geoffx

          That’s like saying the only reason to go MF digital is for the better VF and shallower DOF.

  • Hopeful!

    What I am looking for is for a DX camera with the ISO capability of the D3s. Do not mind 12MP.

    This would be a great camera to shoot wildlife with the crop factor allowing further range without loosing f stop to converters and/or higher shutter speed for early morning and late afternoon shoot, when light is less contrasty & animals more active.

    In the FX area, I feel that Nikon should integrate Wifi to allow for easy wireless tethering (studio work) as well as radio control for flash triggering (in addition current CLS system). This would also allow them to sell a new version of the SB900 with integrated radio receiver and add on for existing flash units… It may very well be that Joe McNally is testing such system right now!

    • Jason

      I’d like one of those too! The only thing I’d improve about the D300 would be the low-light capability, even though it does exceptionally well at 1600 ISO. I just want more!

  • AK


    ISO 200-25600 ,extended up to 200k
    DR better than D7000, good in-camera HDR mode
    1080p video, framerate not that important to me..
    Dual CF
    New ultra fast AF system

    Available in the end of 2011

  • how stupid is people?
    we already got the D300s replacement. It is called D7000.

    Now give us a god damn D4 and D4x!

    • Anonymous

      D300s replacement will be D400, D7000 is an interim model.

      There will be a D800 announced along with D4, and D4x may follow a 1-2 years later.

  • I voted ‘D3s replacement’ but what I’m really waiting for is a D3x replacement. A camera geared to studio and commercial fashion shooters, with a 3:4 ratio sensor and better dynamic range to close the huge gap between 35mm and medium format. I know it won’t happen, but a man can dream…

  • Hannes

    Not waiting for cameras, but for lenses:

    MICRO Nikkor zoom (70-200 f4)
    Sharp, affordable 400mm f5.6 as zoom or fixed focal length.
    Fast, small 24mm DX.

  • VJ

    I recently held a D7000, and do prefer the feel of my D100 (I really want to replace it now). For me, FX or DX does not matter (just an amateur shooter), but as I have some nice DX lenses, I would like the successor to be DX as well. So D300s is my vote.

  • Henrik

    Let me dream; full-frame, same lens compatibility as D700, lighter body (than D700) and around EUR1000, 12-16Mpix would be enough.

  • Daf

    Primarily D700 replacement (and have been for over a year) – BUT would certainly consider 300s replacement if that comes 1st.
    (currently on a D200 – 300 didn’t seem enough of an “upgrade”)

  • teki

    Hi, where is the FM2d with d3 sensor choice ?
    Even without lcd screen and 3k$+ i’ll buy one right now.
    Leica did it, why nikon don’t ??
    for me it’ll be a film killer (using triX…)

  • Mike

    I would love a Nikon X100 with the D700 sensor and of course F-mount. Ultimate travel/walkaround camera.

  • DX2FX

    Wow! 12,240 units of D700 replacement already sold even before the camera is launched !

    • lolly

      Apparently, Nikon does not get it … people want an affordable fullframe with features superior to the D700/D3s. I’m not that picky … a Sony A77 will be fine until Nikon has one to compete.

    • The reasonable one..

      The poll is biased as most likely there will be a high(er) degree of correlation between who visits this website and the interest in particular camera models of those visitors.

      But yes, the writing is on the wall concerning about many wanting a compact FX (relatively) affordable camera. (Just like “everybody” wants a small (relatively) affordable derivate of a porsche or ferrari sportscar πŸ™‚ )

  • voted for Nikon mirrorless camera
    come on Nikon.. give us something great like your DSLRs

  • Hoping for D700s replacement with the following:
    1) At least 8fps continuous shooting rate without the battery grip if possible, or if not then the ability to get at least 8fps with the battery grip.
    2) At least the same image quality, high ISO and noise handling, focus speed, etc. if not better than the D700
    3) Included FHD 1080p video mode using h.264 with 24p, 25p, 30p, 50p/60p, manual audio gain, external mic port, etc. like the Canon 5DII and 7D
    4) at least 18mp sensor

  • Totally waiting for D700 replacement…..huhuhu πŸ™‚

  • TR_T-Rex

    Although the poll is about which camera body we expect, I am hoping for a particular lens: AF-S 55mm f/1.2G.


    1) Canon has been manufacturing AF f/1.2 lenses (even bigger f/1.0 which is no more produced) for so long. It is time for Nikon to offer f/1.2 lenses. This will end the discussion about whether F mounts cannot accomodate AF f/1.2 lenses.

    2) 55mm instead of 50mm may sound weird at the first glance but IMO it will be more suitable than 50mm because, from DX users perspective, 55mm will offer 83.6mm due to the 1.52 crop factor whereas 50mm will offer 76mm. Since 83.6 is closer to the classic 85mm portrait focal length, DX users may splurge their money on this lens to use as a perfect portrait lens, and then, if and when they upgrade to FX, they may use it as a standard prime.

  • Martink

    I recently got to using my F100 (yes, the F for film….) and immediately fell in love with it again. Bright viewfinder, intuitive handling, a nice sound and overall a reassuring feel.

    It provided something indescribable I have not found in the d-SLRs I used since. Like my two F100’s both have a different personality, like two friends. Never noticed it back when I got my first d-SLR as I was too much involved with the new workflow and such, but never got a relationship with one as I have with my F100’s, FM2 or Canonet QL17-III.

    I am waiting for a camera which feels a bit like ‘magic’ again in stead of just ‘more of the same’. One that makes me think ‘today is a nice day for the Dxxx, I’ll take him instead of the Dyyy’. With my digital camera’s I only consider weight / size, not emotion.

  • d400 or d800, which ever one ends up cheaper but still shooting hd at 60fps and continuous at >8fps!

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