Nikon D700 currently out of stock in all major US retailers

Nikon D700 is currently out of stock in all major US online retailers. It remains to be seen if this a regular shipment delay or Nikon is clearing its inventory for the upcoming replacement.

Abe's of Maine:




Cameta Camera:




Ritz Camera:

Even the official US Nikon store doesn't have any in stock.

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  • Bart B

    IT HAS BEGUN !!!

    • lolly

      D3x is ended … it’s very hard to find D3x but easier to find D700

      • lolly

        Btw, there are rumors of a Canon 32/36 mp camera … will Nikon meet that challenge from a competitor ? I know, I know megapixels isn’t the only thing that makes a great camera but don’t say that to the Hasselblad owners 😉

        • SiliconVoid

          Really… Some feeble attempt to validate megapixels based on that a physically larger sensor has more?? You may want to calculate the number of pixels per mm first…

          • PHB

            Actually Canon demonstrated a 120MP and a 200MP chip a while back, both FX I believe.

            Production volume believed to be *really* low. (like maybe they made ten). Optics for that would set you back seven or eight figures (they are called telescopes).

            We will almost certainly see Canon and Nikon both bringing out 48 MP camera bodies in 2012/2013. There are several reasons for this

            1) They can
            2) There is a demand for 50 MP photos (Vanity fair) it corresponds to medium format resolution.
            3) Its about the practical limit of F-mount lenses.

  • CB

    Nikon outlet just put up a bunch of refurb D700 and D3X. Selling off stock while they still fetch a higher price?

    • CB

      oh, and D3s + more. Looks like the usual update but with the D3s and D3x as well, something they almost never have.

    • Nathan

      Thanks for the heads up. If I didn’t know that a new camera was coming down the line I’d be all over the D3x for $6k. I think that’s where it should have been originally and not $8k, but Nikon probably was only able to produce just so many and they wanted to make sure that it kept its premium status.

  • Nathan

    The end of the line for photography only cameras. Now the camera has come onto gadget status where it must do more than one thing, so video will need to be thrown in for good measure. On one hand it’s a pity, but on the other hand, like a built in flash, it’ll come in handy every now and then.

    • I use video way more than I’ve EVER used a built in flash. And I agree with you that a built in flash ain’t bad. (I’m confident most purists hate me forever through the eons of eternity for that view)

      • SZRimaging

        I agree with your assessment. I use video a fair amount, but never use built in flash unless forced to.

        • Royster

          so you have used built in flash even though as you say you were forced to.
          Even if it is there only for emergencies it could still mean the difference of getting a shot or missing it

      • IanZ28

        Built in flash is awesome!

        for triggering strobes.

        • Jarek

          So, buy a wireless flash trigger mate, and don’t cry!

          • IanZ28

            who’s crying?

            I will be buying radio triggers for a studio setup.

            Not much need at the moment though since I can use either my SB900 or on camera flash to trigger and control my other flashes.

          • sade

            You broke your built in camera flash and don’t cry. what’s wrong with built in camera flashes that many little boys hate them? if you dont use them, dont use them. if you dont like them, broke them.

        • I agree with that—wireless triggering is a benefit of the popup flash, but does have its limits (best indoors in darker light as you really don’t want the popup to be powerful enough to present in the final image).

      • …after waiting several months for my D700 to be repaired, I can’t share your sentiments about build in flash. This is the last time I’ll buy something of this build level with built in flash. In fact, I usually tape my D700’s flash down since the mechanical release can pop it up even when it’s turned off.

        • Yeah, my most common issue with the pop up flash is like yours, having it deploy when not requested. Total pain. Almost never use it. I’d rather not have it on there… ‘Fraid any sort of D700 replacement will still have one. Almost reason enough to step up to D3s replacement, just to not have the darn thing…

          • Royster

            Learn how to use your camera and you wont get the flash to pop up when you don’t want it too

            • …your right, if you check my website is full of crap. I need to learn how to use a camera.

              Dear internet, thank you for your utter lack of tact.

            • …er “you’re” not “your”

            • Bob knows best

              I agree with you Micah your website is outdated and the work is average at best. With time you can get better, I would read up on off-camera flash.

            • …thanks, Bob. Maybe someday my work will be as good as yours.

        • BornOptimist

          Don’t tell me you don’t know when the flash is opening without you noticing it, and how much work is it to just close it again. It takes a fraction of a second. It is a constructed problem.

          • Benjo

            Agreed, a constructed problem. Don’t like it? Glue it down. It’s like it never existed…

        • @Micah

          While I understand how frustrating it is to have a feature or part (which you didn’t find valuable in the first place) break and wreak havoc on your workflow, I would dare say your experience is uncommon. I’d bet the vast majority of popup flashes work long after the camera is retired, as was the case with a Nikon N6006 I saw a few years back.

          I’ve never championed the popup flash, though I’ve not loathed it either. I have owned the pro bodies (d2x, D3s) and have not really missed the flash. I’ve also owned the prosumer bodies (D300s, D7000, D700) and I’ve found the flash convenient on a few occasions. I’m pretty impartial, though some people seem to loathe the idea of their camera including a flash. As someone mentioned (below?), you can always glue or gaffer it down.

          I’ve never had it pop up on me automatically. I am thinking there’s a setting which prohibits any auto behavior, but I can’t specifically recall it (and I’m too lazy to walk over to my camera bag to check). I do on VERY rare occasion (maybe once a year) hit the flash release button, causing the flash head to pop up. As was said in another post, it’s really so rare—and such a small deal—that I’m not bothered by it. I guess I just don’t care all that much.

          • Common experience or no, flash = high voltage component which can cause catastrophic failure. I enjoyed the lack of flash on my F100 and D2x, and was fearless in engaging the elements with them.

            Even dinky flashes can short if exposed to sweat and either a) zap you in the face (thankfully haven’t experienced that) or b) break the camera in ways that don’t happen in cameras lacking flash (which is what happened with my D700).

            And yes, I cover the prism housing in Gorilla tape and don’t experience issues for the most part.

            And no, there is no setting to disable it. It is a mechanical release. I actually asked my local repair shop if they could cut it and it’s charging cap out entirely, but they said the software flips out if you remove it entirely and the camera will brick.

            • BornOptimist

              Obviously you don’t know much about current.
              There are absolutely no chance the flash will short against your face, because the current will go between high potential and negative potential. In this case it is between the positive terminal on the charge capacitor (around 300 volt) and battery negative. Your face is isolated from that.

              There wouldn’t have helped to remove the charging capacitor. There is a transformer generating this high voltage, and without the capacitor the transformer would run at 100% all time, draining your battery in no time. It would have been better to remove the transformer (or remove the oscillator for the primary winding on the transformer).

            • I’ve noticed a strong correlation between opening with “obviously you don’t know much about…” and not knowing much about things.

              Transformers don’t store voltage.

              In any case, opening the flash circuit anywhere will cause the camera to fail it’s self test. End of story.

            • PHB

              It is not a concern anyone should really worry about unless they open a camera up. I have had a few nasty shocks of undischarged flash capacitors.

              This is not a worry that I would be too concerned about going forward as the strobe units will be replaced with high output LEDs.

              What I would like to see on a camera is a connector that I could plug just a flash head into. I really don’t like having to have separate batteries for the camera and the flash and I would like to have just a little bit more separation between the body and the flash.

              I can get a photojournalist style grip but those are pretty unwieldy and a bit of a kludge in my view. All I really need is a little bit more separation there.

          • So yeah, not automatically (that doesn’t/can’t happen on the D700 and I think the D300 was the same), but it’s pretty easy to bump. I guess the bumping issue was biggest when I was using two bodies on a dual rapid strap and forgot to tape them down.

        • Royster

          maybe it’s you that are doing something wrong as I have never had my flash pop up when I didn’t want it too

          • Of course I’m doing something wrong! I’m popping the flash up! The problem is, it’s not a conscious decision and it’s easy to do accidentally. It also could be that I’ve gotten in the habit of resting my curly left thumb on the prism housing where past cameras I’ve owned have not had buttons. I get confused enough coming from an F100 and D2x where the metering mode switch is on the side of the prism housing. Nikon has intentionally made the down market (yet I’m not sure how, since the hardware is so damn good) D700 a bitch to use for anybody who either a) chose it over a D3 or b) chose it as a backup camera to a single digit “pro” camera.

  • Daf

    Jessops (Arguably UK’s largest chain) is out of stock for home delivery i.e. none in the central warehouse.

  • Luis Brito

    In Europe, the D700 is still available in one of the largest online stores :

    • ericnl

      I hardly think that is “one of the largest online stores in Europe”.
      it isn’t even one of the largest online stores in the .nl region.

      but admittedly, the D700 is still widely available in most Dutch online stores at the moment; that part is true.

  • Mmmmmm. Yummy.

  • Floydianben

    Same thing in France… D700 out of stock in many main web sellers.

  • Yes! Bring it on! Because I do both things, Wedding Photography and Cinematography, I am thrilled for the D800 and waiting a lot for it´s video feature…. I bet my shorts that the video of this camera will come out amazing. The D7000 is not bad in video but I need full frame video to take advantage of my full frame lenses specially of the 14-24mm…

  • Marcus

    I purchased a D700 through AAFES about a month ago and was told it would ship from the manufacturer. Hasn’t shipped yet. Wondering if it will ever ship or will they refund my card.

  • Doh700

    the D700 has been out of stock at all major US retailers for the past two months. I know because I’ve been shopping for a new D700 during this time with no luck. I eventually pulled the trigger on a used D700 (50k shutter count) two weeks ago when all signs were pointing to a D4/D400 release. dOh!

    • No regrets…it’s a badass camera. They’ll pry mine from my cold dead hands. Wait, no…not even then.

  • oliver

    Even in Germany 16 of 40 retailers are out of stock…

  • VRphoto

    Wonder how much the used D700 price will fall after announcement of D800. I know lots of ppl want more than 12mpx FF and if it’s 24mpx D3x sensor in it, it will sell like crazy I think. I guess ppl might even switch from 5Dmk2 cause of massively better AF.

    • D700guy

      I wasnt able to get much more than $700 for my used D300 on ebay. That’s less than have its original price. I doubt one will be able to sell a used D700 for much more than $1000 come the revolution.

  • Nikonuser

    And the D300s is still in stock at B&H regularly.
    Kind of tells us something.

    • Rob

      That one is produced in Japan and the other in Thailand?

  • Art

    The question in my mind is what does this say about availability of the D800 if/when it is announced… For example, if it is announced August 24th like we think but there is no stock until October-November, that is a huge gap in sales figures since the D700’s have already been out of stock for awhile.

    On the other hand, perhaps it means that once announced we will see it on the store shelves fairly rapidly.

    Does anyone remember how availability was for say the D200 prior to the D300’s release? How long was it out of stock before the D300 was actually available?

    • Nikonuser

      Earthquake aftermath still impacts Japanese companies today. Don’t expect to be able to buy a D800 or D4 right away.

      In the past, it was traditional to wait 2 months for new DSLR Nikons after announcment.

      Not a big deal. Used and refurbished cameras will hold down the marketplace for a few months if needed.

      • Nikonuser

        FWIW, some good deals currently at the Nikon store:

        refurb D3s: $4,159.96
        refurb D3x: $6,399.96
        refurb D700: $2,159.96

        • Dexter0508

          +100 like

        • Anonymous

          D700 prices will drop to about $1500-1700 once the D800 is widely available.

          • Anonymous

            2nd hand I mean.

  • ericnl

    IT HAS ENDED!!!!

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      LOL don’t worry… I get it. 😉

  • CK Dexter Haven

    Abe’s of Maine? Aren’t they still a scam outfit out of Brooklyn? You do a disservice to your audience, as well as the other, respected dealers that are listed.

    • IanZ28

      You should have done your homework before posting.

      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        Could be fake ratings. If it’s a scam then that’s not impossible to expect.

        Heck for all we know you work for them.

    • IanZ28

      They have been open since 1979 and they are a respected business. On reseller ratings their score is 9/10 with 3000 reviews.

      You should do your homework before posting something negative about a business publicly.

      • Bob2

        I always lumped Abes of Maine with scam outfits, and certainly would never trust them with my money. Certainly in the 1980’s and 1990’s, they were notorious, located and operating out of Brooklyn, IIRC. You had to be careful–if they sensed that you were a newby, you were meat. Maybe they learned from B&H, the ONLY place that has always maintained respectable business practices (been buying from them since the 1980’s, when they were on 17th street).

    • I bought a 35 1.8 from them and previous orders of memory cards (sandisk) when they went on sale without a problem.

  • JP Dyno

    Can anyone tell me, compared with history of nikon FX body releases, will it be safe to assume a D700 replacement will be available body-only from the get go? or will we most likely only see it kitted with an FX lens of some sort first?

  • seckinjo

    At 24mp, and to maintain product differentiation for a year or more with respect to the D3x, it may be that the D800 will be little more than a Nikon-flavored 5DMkII.

    Not revolutionary, but not a bad thing at all. Not what I want (D700s), but could be very nice, with Nikon AF and other Nikon touches, and maybe some video tweaks.

    The 5DIII would thus be pushed into a higher niche price point at which buyers who could afford it could also probably afford the top model.

    Thus, perhaps Nikon’s strategy in this round is simply to occupy or even undercut a particular price point (the 5DII’s), which Canon presumably will be further exceeding with the 5DIII.

    Canon could respond by continuing the 5DII alongside the 5DIII, but that outcome would be a Nikon victory in inflicting costs on its competitor. Nikon could also continue the D700, but in doing so Nikon would maintain a product differentiation (fullframe pj/wedding/sports/etc v. landscape; 12mp v. 24mp) between it and the D800 that the 5DII and 5DIII would lack. Then finally a “true” D700 successor (in the sense of an analogue to the top pro FX model, at the rumored 18-20mp) a year or more after the D4.

    I’d prefer a D700s with a D3s sensor but probably couldn’t afford one anyway. If the D800 pans out as above, particularly if it’s near the current 5DII pricepoint, I would think the used or even new D700 (perceived as “old” technology and “only” 12mp, compared to new Nikon 24mp at a similar price point) would have to come down in price. Moving the FX price point down, but not to the mythical $1500 we want. Still, maybe I could finally get a D700. Win!

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      IMHO the D800 (or whatever) will be what the 5Dii should have been.

      High MP FF camera with great high iso, great video AND a AF system that rocks.

      The 5Diii might be similar to the D800 if Canon don’t fluff up the AF system again.

      IF Canon are dumb enough to keep the old AF system in the 5Diii, so many people will switch to Nikon it’s not funny. I personally know of at least 3 people who will switch if this happens.

  • Certainly glad to see rumors of D3s/D700 replacements due soon!

  • Joe

    d700 is out of stock in Canada at Vistek, The Camera Store, Aden, & Henry’s.

  • Bob2

    I guess this ends the “should I wait or buy the D700” debate.

    • Anonymous

      But it may start another soon:

      Should I buy a D800 for $3000 or a used D700 for $1500 😉

  • Dexter0508

    if somethings up, i bet Adoramaphoto knows it already! if im not mistaken, McNally’s wife works at the Adorama superstore(in charge of the professional gear area/rental)in NY and McNally has been good friends with the owner of Adorama. Is anyone here been to the store lately? 🙂 someone should snoop around Adorama hehehe

    • I thought McNally’s wife works for Nikon USA, I could be wrong.

      • Nikonuser

        As far as I know she did/does.

      • Dexter0508

        she used to work with nikon USA but now she works for Adorama, if im not mistaken 🙂

      • Dexter0508

        McNally blogged about it last June. here is the link

        • Dexter0508

          anyone from the NY here who can check-out the store and snoop around a little bit? hahaha!

          • that’s actually the main reason I am publishing those posts, there are a lot of [NR] readers in NYC

  • Good news coming!

    • Dexter0508

      cant wait!

      • Monkey Nigh Mow


  • Daf

    Valid points above about Japan – remembered that D700 has been in and out of stock on regular basis after the quake with some retailers.

    There may be limited stocks if Nikon Corp are utilising limited factory output to generate something else e.g. 400 – of course 300s will still be in stock as lots of people will be buying the 7000 instead.

  • 20 days, and we all find out. Just hope it’s not a mirrorless micro sensored camera aimed at someone other than us D700 replacement hungry snappers. You can keep the pop-up flash too! What’s the point? as soon as you shoot with a decent lens and hood in place all you get is a lovely arch of darkness! Pretty pointless on a camera with such fabulous low light capabilities.
    D4/800/400, whatever! Just launch them NOW!

    • The popup flash can make a nice commander for off-camera CLS units.

      • Dexter0508

        +1 nikon’s CLS is actually neat even though with some limitation during harsh daylight and limited distance(but what the heck, my sb-800 will fire via CLS at hundred feet or more when i shoot my pop-up at full power) but other than that, CLS is very revolutionary and innovative. So im expecting the D700s/D800 to have one 🙂

      • …unless you want to pop off a couple shots in a row. It cancels motor drive and doesn’t recycle very fast. And can’t be very easily programmed or pointed in different directions. Yeah…I never use it.

  • Higher video frame rate would be cool. 60fps minimum, 120fps would be perfect! 240fps an absolute mind-blower. Not sure how it could be technically possible, but I can dream…

  • D40-owner

    I can think of a scenario where Nikon would surprise everyone. Assuming 2 FX bodies:
    a) D4 – As expected, with crazy new features that will obsolete all current pro bodies.
    b) D700s – The D700 with the D3s sensor. THIS I would buy in a heartbeat if priced as the original D700 was when new. It could do full manual 1080p for the video freaks, and enable the amazing FX sensor for those of us who prefer not to lug around a D3s. Add the D7k new buttons (AF, mode dial, C1/2 banks), and it will be a winner.

    The D3x could still be sold as the high resolution body for quite a while, waiting for the god-only-knows-how-many-Mp D4x.

  • Dexter0508

    Imagine.. an FX Nikon with 1080p vid, D3s sensor size, faster processor, and dual CF card slot but on a compact size of D700/D300s body.. imagine that… sigh

    • Dexter0508

      let me correct that, one CF and one SD card slots 🙂

  • Trakl

    I’m currently using a Canon 7D. Have decided to move to full frame and to Nikon at the same time. So I’m starting from scratch. My choice seems to be

    1) a refurb D700 today for 2159
    2) a (still hypothetical) D800 in two or three months for what, 3000?

    Any good reason not to get the refurb D700 today? I don’t care about video. I’d prefer to buy Nikon refurb as opposed to the used market. Will the price of D700 refurbs drop after the D800 comes out?

    • ericnl

      good reason to get the refurb D700:
      – you can get it now.

      good reason to wait:
      – the refurb D700 will be even cheaper when the D800 gets released
      – the D800 will be even better than the D700 (low light, auto focus, noise ratio, etc), even if you don’t count video.

      • Trakl

        Very sensible. But I wonder how long D700 refurbs will be available after the D800 announcement? And I wonder too how much that price will really drop. It seems possible that some people will be disappointed by D800 specs and rush to snap up D700s at $2K rather than shell out $3K for D800.

        Oh, it’s hopeless to keep speculating, I just have to stop dithering and get on with it. Thanks, off to take pictures!

    • ericnl

      also: if you wait you can probably/maybe get a new D700 for the same price as you would pay for a refurb now…
      it’s only 2-3 more months.

      • Trakl

        Uh, where? Like the post says, there aren’t any new D700s to be had in the USA.

  • Mike

    Ahhhh, welcome to the oldest rumor in Nikon history. This isnt happening right now…maybe next year, but not now.

  • feh

    Who cares. You guys are seriously gonna drop $3 grand or more? On a camera? WOw maybe the economic numbers aren’t as bad as they claim. Lucky you.

  • pasadena

    so i just tried to buy the refurb d700 on and it kept canceling my order.
    I tried two separate cards. i checked with the bank and nothing seemed to be held so i called them back, and the nikon customer service ppl said to try with someone elses card.
    so I had my husband open his own nikon account and buy the camera and that got canceled too, but they’re holding the money on his card too.
    so now here i am, with 3 canceled orders in our nikon profiles, 3 orders i tried that just got canceled right away and didn’t make it to the order history.
    and around 5000 dollars being held on our credit cards by nikon that they’re denying.
    the customer service for their online store seems to be awful. They refused to place my order on the phone. and the man keeps insisting that my card did not get authorized and that they are NOT holding my funds.
    I called my bank and they said that our accounts have pending purchases on them by nikon, and that they DID authorize the transaction and they can’t release the funds unless Nikon calls and releases the hold.
    so now what?

    has anyone else had this issue with them?

    and yes, I know i went a little crazy trying to buy the camera multiple times but I got all stressed out and worried that it would sell out because I’ve been trying to track one down for ages.

    • Jack Wallace

      Go to twitter and let the whole world know. If Nikon is smart, they will fix the problem immediately!

  • stéphane

    I bought my D700 one week ago in a supermarket at 1.390€ (in my little city in France).

    I was shocked by the price, i’d not planned to buy a D700, i was a happy D90 user who waiting the D800 for the 2012 summer lol.

    Now, i need money for the 14-24 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i already had a 50mm 1.4 full frame and the 70-200 VRII)

    • Dom

      Are you joking?!…….

      • stéphane

        No, new in box with warranty at 1.390€.

        It was in a little store that don’t normally sell professionnal camera or lenses, the price was 2.190€ two month ago, the first time i’ve seen ==> 1.590€ one month later and 1.390€ last week …. maybe 990€ this week if i did not buy lol

        They had just one piece, and don’t understand why, logistical problem lol

        • Anonymous

          Wow ! That’s even less than 2nd hand price today.

  • Dexter0508

    ever since this was posted, i’ve seen a lot of D700 up for grabs on craigslist 😉

  • Bill

    Adding fuel to the fire, the D700 seems to be out of stock at major UK retailers too

  • I can totally smell something in the line of d700.
    I hope my piggy bank has enough 🙂

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