Two weeks till the official Nikon announcement and we are still clueless

The official Nikon announcement will be in two weeks (August 24th) and there is still no convincing information (specs, pictures, model name) of what exactly will be presented. The consensus from several different sources points to a Nikon D3s and D700 replacement, but I am really starting to question this scenario. Maybe there are no leaks because there will be no new DSLRs on August 24th. The only reliable info on new products so far has been the leaked Nikon mirrorless mount, the upcoming Coolpix P7100 and  P1200pj models, plus a new rugged compact camera with built-in GPS capabilities and maybe we will see just that: new Coolpixes plus the mirrorless solution.

It will be interesting to see if Nikon will announce the new Coolpix cameras next week (around August 17th). That will guarantee a major new product introduction on August 24th, since point and shoot cameras are never announced together with pro level equipment. If there are no new Coolpix cameras next week, don't hold your breath for August 24th, unless Nikon makes another announcement in early September.

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  • peter

    Someone always manages to poison the soup. I am patiently waiting with baited breath for the 24th, then someone tosses out “no cool stuff”. Way to go party pooper, I hope your sensors pick up some extra gamma rays from the super flares coming off the Sun.

    NIKON – listen up. study this site and see how organized buzz like this increases your bottom line! Throw us a bone would ya? We’re mostly good little geeks who appreciate the Tao of Nikon. In 2000 years Bart and Lisa’s descendants will be fighting wars over minutiae like why the D4L never made it to market!

  • The results of Nikon international photo contest are delayed to august. Grand price is the D3s with some lenses. The contest holds the right to change the praises at will. MAYBE the results are delayed to let the grand prices consists of the D3s replacement …

  • Aldo

    Xanax anyone?

  • I will absolutely lose my mind if we don’t see something on the 24th. That is just what’s up.

  • Friends, cool down 🙂

    Usually, Nikon ramps up production of the old models in spring time. To have enough from the old models on stock to get revenue-wise without a significant dent through the remodelling phase of the factory for the new models announced in August time frame.

    This year was a unique year, hitting Nikon’s production and introduction plan on the wrong foot in a big way. Not only had they to move the production of the Sendai plant to Malaysia. They have to ramp up production of the OLD models first to avoid months of stalemate revenues. It just doesn’t make sense for the company tho refactor the new production facility in a new location with brand new untested stuff. Reducing business risks mean, get production in Malaysia up to the old levels before the earthquake hit in march , get current products on stock, and THEN refurbish the factory floor for the new generation.

    So much for the production. For the sales side. It makes no sense to announce a product, knowing that they won’t be able to ship it within 6-8 weeks. It would be a crazy sales tactic.

    Give them time, they are working overtime to get back to normal conditions. If August is too early, it is too early. Maybe September or October is a better date for them to announce the products affected by the Sendai plant.

    The mirrorless camera is a new system anyway, with potential less dependency of the earthquake factories.

    Nikon will announce what is technically and production ready plus makes business sense. Announcing stuff which you can’t ship for months doesn’t make sense. Manufacturers will not always do what people on rumor sites expects. 🙂

    Sit back and relax. New exciting DSLR stuff will come, even if not on August 24th.


    • Nikon has claimed multiple times that there will be no delay in product announcements due to problems in Japan. Of course this is a very easy claim since none of us know what they were originally planning.

      • The Art of PR:
        Walking the fine line of not lying and not telling the full story 🙂

  • m@bvisionphotogr@phy

    as i said already, the only new dslr that will be announced on august is the d800.the rest will be for sure the mirrorless system.i have no serious info about coolpix camera & i dont bother with that.

    • Oopps

      As mentioned here before I agree with your suggestions, though even the D800 is questionalle

  • What sensors would they use? As was stated about replacing the D300s, have to wait for Sony announces cameras so Nikon doesn’t blow the beans on what sensors Sony is coming out with. This logic should hold true for the replacements for the D700 and the D3s. What sensor would Nikon use? are the really going to put the 4yr old 24mp sensor in one of their highend

    • El Aura

      You mean the D3 and D3s announcement had to wait until Sony had announced these sensors?

      Or do you mean, having introduced one DX sensor of their own, Nikon will go Sony-exclusive in the FX line?

  • I will be damn sad if no D700 replacement is announced 🙁

    • Daf

      700 or 300s replacement for me …. as I’m desperate now – D200 is falling apart 😉

    • RR

      Me too

  • ericnl

    and why are those four comments below here from Bart B, camerageek and woof stuck as the most recent posts for the last three hours?

    • Jeremy

      They were replies to a deleted post. They became orphans that got stuck at the bottom.

      • boyd

        True !

      • Yes, I guess I have to delete also all related comments. One comment was deleted because of inappropriate language.

  • Here is why I think the D4/D800 combo makes sense. The 18Mp D4 will feature a non-Bayer sensor capturing full color at every photosite – basically what Foveon has been trying to achieve. What you will see is the most significant jump in image quality in recent memory – to a point where it competes with the current state of medium format (sound ridiculous? Just wait!) but with the added benefit of D3s-level low-light capability and dynamic range. Medium format will face its biggest threat to date. The D800 will be more of a conventional camera in terms of sensor/image quality. At 24Mp expect it to rival/exceed the D3X. The DSLR market will be turned on its head once again, even more so than when the D3/D300 combo landed in 2007. The downside is that the demand these two will generate will be crazy! Expect shortages into 2013. I for one want the D4.

    • RR

      wow I hope you are right, if what you say becomes true… Tequila is on me bro!
      And I am goimg to camp on the sidewalk outside B&H in order to get my D4 😉

  • hey, at least I got the release date and the Coolpix info 🙂

  • Worminator

    Price cuts and limited availability on the D700 indicate that it will be replaced very soon, i.e. not continue like the D90 did after the D7000 was announced.

    So a new dSLR that is a direct replacement of the D700 seems, at this point, the most likely.

    • Zeroanalogue

      The Best Buy near my house STILL has D90 bodies on display and for sale, but no D7000, D300s or D700. Their Canon display has all updated models of course 😀

  • 120-300 F2:8 OS

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZip lib ha ha. funny admin fingers cross for the rest

  • Many people will cry if there’s no dslr announcement on the 24th 😮

  • One More Thought

    My speculation is this: there will indeed be 2 FF dslr’s announced on the Aug 24. We’ve had a few sources state that. Sure there is a lack of info on specs, but that could be due to the fact that Nikon has gotten better at keeping secrets…it could be due to the disaster in Japan disrupting the usual sources of rumors, and it could be due to the fact that in past years it was Nikon intentionally leaking data for PR purposes, and this year they have decided ultra-secrecy to be a better marketing tactic.

    Also, I could be wrong, but with past models I don’t remember the specs leaking so early…I remember specs leaking a few days at best before the announcement. Look at the D7000…I recall the specs leaked only a day or two before the announcement…again, I could be wrong.

  • Walter Chen

    If there is no DSLR replacement, I think I have likely 80% to switch to other brands…

  • One More Thought

    After doing some research, and I could be wrong, it seems that the specs of the D7000 were leaked on Sept 14, 2010 and the camera announced on Sept 15, 2010. The model number was known much earlier, but the real leaks about the specs didn’t occur until right before launch. So I don’t see the lack of info at this point to be much to worry about. Again, I could be wrong…

  • Richard

    Warehouse Express (a big UK stockist) have D700 and D3s bodies on back-order

    D3x and other bodies are all available.

  • peter

    If they trot out two new FF cameras that have not been leaked by anyone I will be even more impressed with Nikon than I have been in the past. Maybe the US Congress could take notes on how they’ve done it. They won’t even protect the names of the Seal Team 6 members who perished so that their families can grieve in peace.

    We could all take a lesson from Nikon. If you want to keep a secret tell no one. If you have to tell somebody tell ONE person. Then you can measure the leaks and track them back to their source.

    Go NIKON, I’ve had my Invega for the night and I can rest…

  • Phil

    I wouldn’t consider it clueless. Look at your own posting in the last several days. The D700 at Best Buy strikes me as the most obvious clue.

    • there are many clues, but nothing more

      • I’d disagree. I’ve been sitting on a few pieces of information, including a photo, that seem likely to real. However, without a second source there’s no way to absolutely verify these things, so I’ll just wait the extra couple of weeks.

        In other words, I do believe that there are a few real leaks that have started to appear, but they are small details for the most part (a photo of the front/top of a new Nikon camera doesn’t exactly tell you much, for example), and there certainly isn’t the flood we saw with Sony or Olympus recently.

        • Thom, can you share what camera is on the picture you have?

  • DCR

    My sources are pretty confident we’ll see Nikon mirrorless soon.

    • Agreed. September 21 seems to be a date that gets mentioned a lot.

      • this is what Nikon did last year – one announcement in August and another one in September

      • rhlpetrus

        Nice, D4+D?00 in August and ML in September. I doubt the D800 rumors, but I’m hoping I’m wrong ;).

  • iamnomad

    If it ain’t full-frame, it ain’t news.

    • R R


  • torkel mctorkelsohn

    oh, the rollercoaster of emotions that is late-cycle rumors.

    blanket bomb months in advance with every possible upcoming scenario.
    whittle it down a month or so in advance to a decent guess.
    a week or two before release, get fairly close to what’s coming.
    a couple of days before release, get really good info on what’s coming.
    the night before, get full specs.
    the day of release becomes anticlimactic because we already had the entire night to ponder over what an incremental upgrade the new camera is.
    begin blanket bombing with rumors of the next generation.

  • Nikon Fan

    I’m still praying that the replacement to the D300s will be announced!

  • Dr Motmot

    This is great fun! How many other Nikonians are checking out Nikon Rumours instead of getting on with work?

    Only 13 1/2 days to go!

    • Rusty1

      Nikon just released the 40mm macro lens without any announcement, why not cameras also?

  • simpleguy

    i have one certain prediction , if nikon will not anounce any new dslr
    they should find shelters , coz people are just gonna become nuts and run after them 🙂

  • RR

    Here in Mexico there is something funny happening in one of the most important camera stores over here, they are offering discount (15 to 20%) in lots of Nikon gear, and when I go to the store the camera thats sitting there with the discount is the D700 and lots of 50mm f1.4D lenses among other things… Does this qualify as a clue? Dont know, but I though I should share it.

  • Jimmy

    I’ll just sit back and relax with a coconut on the beach on August 24th on my holidays. No pressure here; still satisfied with my D700.

    But I guess Nikon has to come up with something that’s par with the EOS 5DMII, preventing Nikonians to join the dark side. My guess is a D700x (more Mp and video) in August, a D4 later this year and a D800 (with a D4 chip) early next year.

  • Vladi

    This is from todays edition of

    ”The D3 and D3s are both equipped with a 12.1 megapixel sensor, which by today’s standards seems quite low, so expect this to be increased in the new model, perhaps even past the 24-million pixel sensor currently found in the D3x.

    A recent report by Sony Alpha Rumors suggests that the D4 will use a “tweaked” Sony sensor, which is likely to be 36 megapixels.”

    D4 with 36 megapixels? They might have mixed it up, its the 1D mark V which is supposed to have 36mpx 🙂

    • So August 24 means 0x24mpix (24 hex = 36 decimal)

  • I’m afraid you’re right and there is no leak because there is nothing to leak. I’ve been told that compact cameras are often released in the fall and not DSLRs. But hey, we can only hope, that keep the wait bearable. Maybe Jan 2012.

  • Sam Rantwell

    Well since the D700 is everywhere out of stock and the since the brochures are offline, I think it is time only Nikon kept it very secretive lately. And all those pro Photographers shooting secret new gear. I doubt they will let Chase Jarvis go around with a mirrorless camera since outside photography enthusiast and pro’s he’s unknown to the rest of the world.

    This happened to Sony too, it WAS time to replace the fat PS3 for the new (slim) one, and usually Sony isn’t very keen on keeping stuff secret, although this time it leaked just a few days before the announcement. And big leaks just hours prior. So this might be the case with Nikon this time. Also, it has some huge price drops here in The Netherlands. From 2800 to 2000 euro’s…

  • Chuck

    Nothign is coming, Nikon cameras are so good that there is nothing to improve.

  • Funduro

    Can’t afford the upcoming DSLR’s. My new SportWagen TDI’s payments says so. To all who do get them, have fun and take some pictures for me 🙁 I’m going to be so jealous of all the new features and electronics upgrades. May the Kodachrome Karma bring many great images to your sensor.

  • Jay
  • Just hope they get the “Nikon P7100” right this time, the P7000 is a flop, focusing problems, you name it! 🙁 geez!

    Any leaks on the P7100 announcement date guys?

    Thanks! 🙂

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