Nikon Q1 2012: Net sales are up 12%, operating income is up 94%

Today Nikon announced their financial results for Q1 of 2012. Net sales are up 12% and operating income is up 94%. The company sold sold more imaging products in all three categories compared to Q1 of 2011: 310,000 more  single-lens reflex cameras, 440,000 more interchangeable lenses and 490,000 more compact cameras. Nikon also raised its forecast for the 2012 financial year (ending March 31, 2012).

Nikon Imaging Company financial results for Q1 of the year ending March 31,2012:

  • Owing to stable production, SLR-DSC and interchangeable lenses satisfied robust demands. C-DSC sales volume increased 14% in spite of negative market growth.
  • Adverse impact by strong yen was absorbed, resulting in 12% sales and 94% income growth.


Nikon Imaging Company estimation for the year ending March 31, 2012:

  • Brisk 1Q performance favorably revises the 1st half sales and operating income: however, there are concerns over economic uncertainty in Europe / US and growing sales competitions in and after the 2Q.


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  • Kosmo

    Ummmm……… you mean Q2, 2011? We haven’t gone through the first quarter of 2012 yet.

    • jmanj78

      Fiscal years and calendar years do not necessarily coincide. As the article says, Nikon’s fiscal 2012 ends on only March 31, 2012.

  • Dweeb

    So lenses account for 1.5 times DSLR sales? Interesting. Wonder what “accessories” pull in?

  • Phil S.

    you don’t end a fiscal year before it happens

  • This sounds like very good news.

  • zoetmb

    Haven’t done a full analysis yet, but this looks amazingly good, especially considering the Japan disaster. But nets are probably also up because there was no investment in much new hardware. They probably book the R&D costs when the new hardware first ships.

  • FM2 fan

    well done under the difficult circumstances – it shows clearly: strategy and market position are just right. All of us waiting to support the Q2 … they will let us wait to want it first (at high price…)

  • Jabs


    Good news from Nikon – now for the impact of the economy on sales and product roll-outs plus all this pent up demand to be filled with the upcoming new releases might mean shortages galore – oh well, what’s new???


    Do you think that we need one of these monitor calibration checks like at this link – HERE – for people to check out the posted photographs?

    • I can see all colors on the test chart.

  • David R

    This is quiete interesting, the economy is going down the toilet, most manufacturers are having losses and Nikon is doing better than ever… well let’s hope they use this to benefit us users.

  • Very good first quarter result. At this rate with the D800 hopefully released in 2 weeks and its anticipation driving sales faster than they can produce them, second and third quarters should be very good too.

  • Digitalux

    2012 ?

    Did I sleep that long…

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