Nikon D700 brochure no longer available on Nikon Europe website

The Nikon D700 brochure is currently not listed on the official Nikon UK website:

Maybe it's an error. Does anyone remember downloading the D700 brochure from this page?

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  • Anand

    1st! Maybe they have a new version coming! 😛

  • Anand

    A D700s!!!!!

  • broxibear

    Hi Peter,
    The D700 brochure has been missing from the UK for several months.

    • broxibear

      Here in the UK D3x stock has also pretty much gone like the D700, there still seems to be D3s stock available.

  • Tony

    Probably Nikon realize that they don’t sell enough D3s, so they kill D700 before its time.

  • Richard

    The brochure is still on Nikon’s main site

  • Ric

    It has begun

  • One More Thought

    Someone on another thread posted that the cameras released on Aug 24 would be the D4 and the D400…but that the D400 would be a smaller, more affordable FF, better than the D700, that would also have a crop mode better than the D300s. A true replacement to the D700, perhaps a mini-D4, would come in 2012.

    That to me sounds right. Thom Hogan I know has always said that there would be a Nikon surprise that no one was really speculating about…and this would be it.

    Also, such a D400 would be a nice mirror to what Nikon did with the D7000…they released a D90 successor far better in every way, and one that was even better than the D300s. So if they surprise with a new FF that is more affordable and better than the D700 that will make a nice symmetry.

    • I like this idea. And, it explains why the D700 is becoming rare, even though it won’t have a D800 type replacement (yet). It would not be needed in the Nikon lineup.

      Nikon could take their time making a D700 replacement that would truly be between the D400 and the D3x-s replacements, and see how the FF/DX, dual format camera is received. Maybe they could also nail the video AF in the next 9 months. I know, that’s a lot to ask for, but hey, it’s Nikon, it could happen.

  • Ric

    Dang, NX2 is still on there.

  • specs please

    yes, yes. for the next couple of weeks, we’re going to see all sorts of teasers (and lots of things simply interpreted to be teasers), and in the last few days we’ll get pretty close to the real specs and pricing. maybe a day or so in advance we’ll have pretty much everything there is to know about the new cameras, including conveniently-leaked pictures.

    at this point, the only thing that’s going to get me excited is the official announcement. not grandstanding from industry pundits. not buzz from sites that run off of generating buzz and ad serving.

    ultimately (as a happy D700 owner), if there’s a D800 in there and it’s not simply been outfitted with more MPs and video, i’ll get excited — that is, excited enough to still wait and buy mid-cycle when it’s cheaper, been thoroughly reviewed, and has a couple of firmware updates under its belt to iron out the initial kinks.

    see you again on the 24th.

  • Mr D

    They still have the brochure for the D90 which they stopped producing some time ago, so even if they stopped producing the D700, I doubt they would have removed the brochure so soon unless it was an accident or it never actually existed.

  • Michael

    Well, we can all speculate as to what Nikon are doing, however, I must state an obvious fact:

    “There is no D5100 brochure either-available for download”

    So what does that mean? Nikon forgot! Nikon to launch D5100s!

    It don’t really matter, mistakes are made all the time on website, I should know, my colleague is Chinese and writes in English, not perfect, though we are all human.

  • Jojo

    Brochures are frequently out from site in UK, No lens brochure either – significance to that?

  • It’s all very exciting, but I’ve been waiting in anticipation for ages! I hope it is a FF with video and one with a Canon bursting Video spec to fully own the DSLR Pro/Semi Pro market. DSLR Video wasn’t something I using until I won a D7000 I’m a real convert now. An ideal extra to my stills work. Faster frame rate though please Nikon, for slow mo fun!

    Not long now!

  • Farshad Fesharaki

    so no brochure means new camera? let’s not be too optimistic about this. if it comes it comes if not then don’t waste too much time!

  • Alex Kells

    I downloaded the Nikon D700 brochure from Nikon UK on July 9 last!

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