Another coincidence

Joe McNally

A week ago Joe McNally tweeted about a new cool campaign shot he did recently that will be launching this fall. There is some more interesting information on his blog: Mr. McNally will have a new exhibition at the Time Warner Center called "Faces Of Ground Zero: 10 Years Later" that will open on... August 24th, the same day Nikon will have its new product announcement. The exhibition is sponsored by Nikon USA (and others) according to his last blog post:

"Shot this, along with a video interview with Bill, just last week. The interview, and the portraits open at the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle, on Aug. 24th.

Exhibition made possible with the generous sponsorship of Nikon USA, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan, and friends of the collection."

It seems that video was an important part of this project. If there is a new Nikon D4 on August 24th, Joe McNally is probably the best person to make the promo campaign.

FYI: Joe McNally did the Nikon D3 promo:

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  • FX DX

    This wait is killing me.

    • ND

      Lets kidnap Joe McNally, tie him up in a small room and let him watch
      trash reality shows until he caves in and tell us!

  • Ren Kockwell

    I can’t believe how tight-lipped Nikon has been.

    • Charlie Martin

      All the more to suprise us with the news that Nikon has Purchased Ricoh and Sony imaging. hehehe

    • preston

      All the more so in contrast to Sony, where we have full specs and photos of all the products that are going to be released!

  • Jesse

    Spelling -> coincidence

  • You misspelled coincidence.

  • Nikonos

    Where was this picture taken? If i’m not mistaken that is Chase Jarvis’s right hand man Scott behind him. Coincidence?

    • PDN Expo in NY and yes, Chase was there too

      • Nikonos

        Thanks Admin, thought it might have been recent, ya know since Chase is in on the big secret too!

  • I guess we will get it when it’s ready.

  • Matias

    here in mexico nikon sending invitations to “Comfot.” The largest photographic expo in Mexico, during the presentation of its new cameras, but not specify which.
    The expo takes place the same day of the announcement nikon worldwide.
    the day of the presentation will be Aug. 25

  • EXIF on McNally’s photos sez D3X………

  • Mark

    Well it’s all falling into place, really. There’s going to be an announcement on august 24. We all know this. But it’s not going to be a coolpix announcement. And,I highly doubt it’s going to be just coolpix and mirrorless. When the mirrorless does come out, it’s going to be a big deal, sure. But not this big. Nikons building this up to be something huge. And I really hope it is. Huge and revolutionary. I think there’s two reasons as to why there has been no leaks. The first being that it’s going to be huge and they want it to be a huge surprise. The second being that the new DSLR being produced is using Sonys new sensor and they don’t want it leaked. Which will be produced? Honestly, I couldn’t guess. But i do believe it will be a new pair of DSLRs, not only coolpix or mirrorless. If you believe that, I really do think you’re being a little unrealistic given all of the non-specific info we have. Personally, I hope it’s a D400 and D4. But I know all of the D700 users out there will be miserable if that’s the case. Only time will tell, unless someone else does first, of course. It will be big, though, and I’m excited.

    • Anonymous

      It sounds too early for D400 with Sony DX 24mp sensor same time with their A77 (whatever). I’d rather expect a 20-24mp D800 hosting a new sensor tech-wise similar to that of D7000 but FX this time.

      D4 & D800 announcement on 24th of August, and D400 early next year imo.

  • Ryan

    D700 users are never miserable 🙂

    • Marlon Correa

      Wannabe D700 user are miserable because I’m ready to buy an item that basically doesn’t exist.

      • cmdtacos

        Yeah, I’m at the “shut up and take my money” stage of waiting for the D700 replacement. I already have a guy at my local store waiting to put my name on the list when it’s announced, and that better be the 24th.

        • no-nikon-no

          20% service charge for u 🙂

  • Alfonso

    McNally posted in his blog about a proyect with firehouses at NYC. Remember D3 was introduced with fireman pictures from McNally.

  • Davo

    All roads lead to D4 on 24th.

    • ja

      do you think there is something symbolic in the date the 24th as it may have something to do with the mp count of the mythe of the D? that we are all waiting for will it be 24MP with the iso performance of the D3s , now thats worth waiting for aint it

      • Yes. It also says that they will be releasing the D800.
        The date of the announcement:
        If you rearange the numbers you get
        800 24 11
        800 24 + 11
        which is
        800 35
        Now add some letter and voilà
        D800, 35mm

        • Robert

          So this is how conspiracy theorists do it!

          • It worked in the Da Vinci Code. Why not?

          • cirtap

            Don’t forget about the Grassy Knoll.

        • Walkthru

          …….and strangely, one otf the two’s disappeared…..could this mean there will be 2 cameras released?????? Give us a break!!!

  • One More Thought

    One more piece of the puzzle….and again, the lack of details re specs, etc…is not a big deal. In the past Nikon was probably the one to leak those specs anyway as part of a viral marketing campaign; this time they want to be more secretive as that will work better now.

    I agree with what others have written: all roads lead to dslr heaven on Aug 24.

  • One More Thought

    Let’s not forget the symmetry: Chase Jarvis did the D90 campaign, Chase Jarvis did the D7000 campaign. Joe McNally did the D3 campaign; Joe McNally does the D4 campaign.

    And what better way than this, an exhibition relating to 9-11 and Ground Zero? As for video, does anyone think Nikon let McNally film the video on a D7000 or D300s? Those are good cams, and the D7000 is actually pretty darn good for video, but I think Nikon would have McNally use something more top shelf for this prestigious and high profile exhibit.

    This is no coincidence…

    • Exactly!

    • Charlie Martin

      There is a lot of historical precedence surrounding Nikons silence. Always remember this, “Loose Lips Sink Ships”

      • Boomer

        So that’s why the Titanic sank….

        • Yes. The first mate blabbed to the iceberg regarding their route over a game of poker and the iceberg later intercepted the luxury liner sending it to its death.

    • AnoNemo

      And do you really believe that Nikon will introduce its top camera the same day when sony will introduce 4 cameras, 3 lenses, electronic viewfinder for the NX, NXVG 20 video camera, and some accessories?

      This is a marketing disaster …

      Max what we can see is the coolpix and mirrorless

      • preston

        correction – NEX viewfinder & NEXVG 20. I’m normally not nitpicky but this should be clear since NX is actually something different (Samsung mirrorless).

        • AnoNemo

          thanks preston, I knew something was not right 😉

      • Yes, I believe it. Actually, if I’m not mistaken, we’ll have three, maybe four companies making announcements in a two-day period. That’s not unusual in Japan.

        However, all those Sony leaks: they’re coming directly out of Sony. How much you want to bet that those leaks are an attempt to not get their wind kicked out of them in a simultaneous launch? Nikon looks pretty confident at the moment. They claimed 30% of the interchangeable lens camera market in the previous 12 months and believe they’ll capture 34% in the coming twelve months. Sony’s claim that they’ll knock Nikon out of the number two spot looks like hype still. So they’re resorting to the usual fallback position, which is to try to deflate another company’s announcements prior to the announcements. It appears to be a deliberate and coordinated effort on the part of Sony to me.

        The proof, as always, will be in the actual products. So ignore all the build-up hype (and Nikon’s “no leaks prior to announce” is another form of trying to build hype). Wait for the products, and evaluate them as they are, not as marketing departments claim them to be.

        • AnoNemo


          Let me ask you this; what do you think so far the “leaked” specs of the sony A77?

          • Sony’s specs have always looked good. What we haven’t seen is that Sony has matched what Nikon manages to do with the same sensor. In the end, that’s as important as all the buttons and bells and whistles and other items you list in your marketing checklist. There are two reasons why a company gets all leaky like Sony did: (1) overconfidence; and (2) low self-esteem. And, ironically, you can actually have both simultaneously.

            As I’ve written elsewhere, let’s wait to actually shoot with products before we pronounce them good, bad, or indifferent. ;~)

            • AnoNemo

              I kind of agree with your observation/view of sony. On the other hand, we gotta give sony credit for
              1) trying to come out fast with new and exciting products and
              2) for improving.
              I think sony in fact improved over the last couple of years and can become a serious challanger for Nikon and Canon in many categories.

              The other day I had a chance to try out one of the NEX cameras and I must tell you that I was pleasantly surprised by the image quality.

              To sum up I would not underestimate sony for the long run.

              One question for you; I still cannot believe that Nikon can keep the new dslr models secret less than 12 days from the announcement. The only way I can imagine this is that they will announce something and we can wait another 6 months to see the first units in stores. Then another 6-12 months waiting for the average Joe to get hold of one.

              Tell me, how confident you are with the two dslr announcements for Aug 23 (or 24)?

            • @anonemo

              Sony is indeed doing a lot of iteration. Almost too much. The problem is that they have to get something to stick to the wall rather than just constantly throwing new models at it. The A77 has a chance at that, I suppose. And I still think Sony’s real problem is lenses, not cameras. This is very easy to see with the NEX (despite the three new lenses at the end of the month), but I think true of Alpha, too.

              Ultimately, photographers look to the sensor and lens for performance, not all the bells and whistles that are getting added to cameras.

              No one’s underestimated Sony, but people are underestimating Nikon and Canon, who own the lion’s share of the interchangeable market and have for over 20 years. They’ve managed to zig and zag around a lot of challenger’s bullets.

              I’m very confident in the two DSLRs from Nikon at the end of the month, as well as the mirrorless in September. What I don’t have any confidence in is when the D300s replacement will be announced.

            • AnoNemo


              I wonder, does Zeiss help in addressing the lens shortcomings at the alpha and nex lines?

              What do you think how many years sony need to address the lens issues? I would say 4-5.

            • AnoNemo

              @ NR Admin,

              I saw that. Looks very solid piece of tool and if the rumors are correct then the price will be amazing.

              This makes me conclude that we can thank for sony! Yes, because it will push Nikon to make better cameras at a more competitive price.

  • gonzalo
  • gonzalo

    Maybe 24 of august is for 24 mpix 😉

  • DX2FX

    We are almost certain the D4 will be announced on the 24th. The excitment is around what the other body would be..

  • AlexV

    Where is Vincent Munier? He did the D3S promo for Nikon?

  • On the 24th, make sure you have your prom dress on.

    • Marlon Correa

      I got me a bow tie and everything!!!

    • Mock Kenwell

      No thanks. You might try to get an up-skirt of me if I wear it…

  • madera

    August 24 = 24 mp …

    I have a hard time believing its going to equal or surpass the high iso behavior of the D3s, but I do really hope I’m wrong

  • Monkey Nigh Mow

    Could it be the “big announcement” is actually just them opening the “Faces Of Ground Zero: 10 Years Later” exhibition?!

    I certainly hope not!

    • Simply put, no.


    • Kon_head

      Yup, that’s it, no new frames Buy Sony instead.

  • Last year, at a nikon party afther the launch of the 1.4 primes, the Nikon importer in my country said that we should be pacient, because next year (i.e. 2011) “the FF’s will come”. No the FF, but the FF’s. This would mean that unless the tsunami messed up Nikon’s plans, we will see multiple FF models being announced. Also, the Nikon rep in my area suggested that there will be no next D300, that the D7000 is it. I put my money on the D4/D800 announcement based on those suggestions.

  • neely fallon

    August 24 will mean
    2 new camera D4 & D400
    each with 24mp and iso 24000
    each with 24fps video
    one FX and one DX

    • Anonymous


  • Steve Starr

    Wonder if they would do something so bizarre as to go against the Leica S2 and it’s oversized FX sensor and push it 40MP? Sort a full frame 1.5x camera body to fit between a medium format and a full frame FX body?

    Now that would be something to see! Canon would spend weeks trying to counter that one.

    • Twoomy

      Do you really spend time wondering that? 🙂

    • And Nikon then, would use Hassy, Pentax, Fuji, Zeiss, or what lenses? Nikon cameras exist to sell lenses. I can’t imagine such a wonderful imagining, as fun as it sounds.

      • i think you should read his post again, especially the part with “canon will spend weeks trying to counter that one”.

    • Period

      If you dare to look some years ahead this may be a wise decision to go towards something like the S2!
      Many of us have voiced their doubts if the present lens line up can put up with a 24 MP APS-C. Now, if such a D400 would be presented in this cycle, what are they are going to do next generation?
      Maybe in the long run the lens system is going to expire. And one day Nikon has to come up with something new, if they don’t want to limit themselves. So maybe a new top of the top camera-system would herald a new generation of cameras and lenses. This would indeed be as revolutionary as the top execs have been talking about. And then Nikon had time and space to trickle it down to the lower models step by step. If I’m not mistaken, Canon has changed their mounts twice in the recent 2 decades and it apparently didn’t hurt them too much business wise.

    • Nathan

      I would say no to the fact that it’ll be an oversized sensor for 40MP like the Leica S2. Why? Because the actual image circle in a 35mm/FF lens is almost exactly the size of a frame. There doesn’t seem to be any leeway. Having a larger sensor will mean different lenses and a new camera mount, both of which are highly unlikely.

      • Period

        That’s what I’m talking about: looking into the future a larger lens diameter and thus a larger mount seems to be inevitable. Otherwise improvements will be limited. The pixel density will become as tight as they are on the button sensors right now.
        Alternatively one will have to make friends with a multi-layer sensor like the Foveon or pursue the multishot on moving sensor method like Hasselblad. While for the latter I can’t see much favor.
        I’m not an optical engineer, but wouldn’t lenses also need a larger diameter to come up with more resolution?
        However Sigma is already trying the market with the SD1 -unfortunately with a halfhearted attempt. For the price asked the SD1 comes with too less pro-features and not enough strongholds in the pro league.
        I’m exited if Nikon or Canon will be the next to try this avenue…

  • Tony

    Then there will be a slogan “The camera is so good that we shoot this campaign with it”….. Nikon -Coolpix P7100

  • torkel mctorkelsohn

    still don’t think nikon is going to introduce the D4 and ‘budget D4’ (D800) at the same time. D4 + D400.

    or a coolpix and couple of printers. that’s what i’ve come to expect from canon and nikon’s ‘exciting announcements’.

    • ja

      D4 – D4x

    • Dragos

      Unless the specs are quite different on the two, unlike the D3/D700.

      • broxibear

        Hi Dragos,
        I do remember talk of the D800 being more video biased and the D4 more stills biased. To me this makes sense, once film makers add all the gadgets to their DSLR for shooting it can be pretty bulky. Starting off with a smaller D700 sized body is better than a body with built in grip like the D3 series cameras.

  • fabrice

    I am disappointed: the French store FNAC(known as never making such big promotions), has just launched an offer of 200-euro reduction on D300S.
    Is it a bad piece of news for the announcement of the replacement of the D700 or the sign of the disappearance of the D300 / D300S line up?

    Offer valid from today to august 18th…

    • Mark

      See. D700 users are already miserable. I welcome the D400.


    • D700guy

      That sucks, you have the same avatar as I do

  • Anonymous

    Before the “cool campaign”, Joe McNally needs a bit of slim up. Hey, look at his belly.

    • Ric

      a little P90x

  • No Idea

    D400 not far away !!!… do you all really think that Nikon would release 2 full frames at the same time ????

    • binary_eye

      They would release two FX bodies if they were different enough.

      For example: Perhaps there will be no direct successor to the D700 and the D400 will be an FX D7000. It would be different enough to not steal sales from the D4.

    • Ric

      some P90x would help.

  • getanalogue

    Fact: Nikon had to re-establish the whole supply chain and assembly line for FX bodies after tsunami.
    Fact: They had their new FF bodies ready for announcement.
    Would you as a Nikon Senior decide to re-establish the old supply chains and assembly lines for old FF bodies? My guess: no. They decided to establish a completely new supply chain and assembly line for new FF bodies.
    Therefore: D 4 and D 800 will be presented on 24th august, and D 400 later this year or early next year, sopme months after Alpha 77 as usual.

    • Dragos

      Why doesn’t that affect DX bodies as well? Unless I missed some info. concerning damage only to FF production lines…

      • preston

        Only FX bodies were made in Japan.

  • NikonTheAvenger

    It’s good to know that Nikon is going to release a new dslr be it a Ff or aps, even a mirrorless camera. I for one is not going to join the herds and dole out my hard earned money to upgrade. Stocks took a big hit, my 401k also was crushed again. I just can’t justify upgrading my D700 and D300s this year when 99% of my photography needs are achieved using my current equipment. I hope Nikon will offer incentives or rebates come Thanksgiving or Christmas time. IMho, i just dont see a lot of photographer spending 3k for a full frame body (d700 replacement) even with added high def video capability and higher iso range say 12800 usable output. Maybe Nikon is going to release an entry level Ff body iso range to 12800 and priced around 1800 usd with 18mp and hd vid.
    Well see come 082411. Cheers!

  • Temple

    i think its about coolpix cameras and Printers, there will be no new DSLR on 24th August.

  • Kostas

    I would love an entry level FX camera “for consumers” with 12mp, plastic, no in bobby motor, 3-4 FPS, 720 video or no video at all, 11 focus points, SD card, 650-700g, Viewfinder Optical pentamirror , coverage 95 %, magnification 0.80× and price 1000-1200

    Simple and small (like what the D40 was back in 2006 for DX)

    Sorry for my bad English

    • Remedy

      Sorry but I don’t see Nikon making an utter piece of crap just to satisfy 1 (ONE!!!) potential client. Now You can get back to Your pentamirror, fingernail sized viewfinder of Your D3000, You don’t need FX judging by all the rubbish You wrote above.

      • Trevor

        It’s at least a market of 2 (TWO!!!), because I would be in for that. And I bet a lot of “utter piece of crap” D5100 users who have that “piece of junk” spec sheet would look at a $400 premium for FX as something they’re willing to do. Remedy, you can go back to your cave as you don’t need to post at all judging by all the rubbish You wrote above.

        • Remedy

          You still don’t get it, do You? There is already a camera described by Kostas – D5000. The only difference is the sensor size. Somehow I don’t see someone buying a FF for poverty and then buying very expensive AF-S lenses. Maybe You should get your shit straight first. Pentamirror viewfinder in a FF camera – ROFL of the month.

      • Ke

        Quite a few people on this site have asked for an entry level FX camera.

        Sure it’s a niche market, but it is out there.

        Also judging what someone needs by a single short post is idiotic.

        • ericnl

          the D3 series are the main cameras.
          the D700, or its successor, ís the entry level FX camera.
          if you want more entry level than that, you’ll get a DX camera.

          there is no sense in making an entry level camera to the entry level camera.

        • Remedy

          There’s a difference between entry level and utterly retarded camera.

      • Kostas

        Everything comes at a cost.
        Of course i would prefer better specifications than what i wrote above, but the price and heaviness will be a problem for me.
        I need FX mostly because I shoot allot with aperture F5,6 – F8 for bigger depth of field with speeds bigger than 120 to “freeze” people at the night with very very poor street light.

        If that camera existed I think would sell even to some pros as a light weight-discrete FX camera (with a fast prime lens). A digital Nikon FM2!

        Sorry again for my bad English

        • Remedy

          Sorry but I can’t find any relation between what You said You need and FX camera. To me it looks like You need good noise performance and that’s it. Tried D7000?

  • Want to know what Nikon is really going to do?…I keep telling my partner…Let’s invite Joe out to dinner and get him drunk….

    • Nathan

      Why ask Joe? He won’t break. I’d go for the assistants who don’t make as much money. They’d be easy to bribe or get drunk.

      • Tony

        Don’t forget to bring out some pretty women.

  • AnoNemo

    Coincidence? With this massive bruhaha I can only see coolpix cameras. Keep in mind that just logistically impossible to keep the DSLRs secret. I mean we see many presentations around the world between Aug 23 and 25 so logically they have to ship the bloody cameras there. Do not try to convince me that Nikon can manage perfectly every single people who is involved. It is just impossible. I mean Apple cannot do it so how can Nikon do it.

    As I said, coolpix and mirrorless in august and if we are lucky then in Oct/Nov some dslrs

    • Tony

      D4 made it Japan, Apple products made & design in China that’s why.

      And that’s why we saw the leak photo of the Nikon mirrorless mount because the prototype was made outside Japan.

      • YoWrong

        Apple products are designed in California yo

        • Tony

          You are right, I was wrong about where I was designed.

      • AnoNemo

        Just think about the logistics for a second! Nikon will have presentations around the world (as it appears) on the 24th (or between 23 and 25). What do they need?

        1) New products shipped to the locations
        2) Train some people who will do the “show”
        3) Brochures
        4) Boxes for the new products
        5) Manuals (in multiple languages)
        6) Promo shots
        7) Website updates
        8) Demo products shipped in advance to review magazines/online review sites (e.g. dpreview)
        9) Flyers etc.
        10) Almost all the above requires printing
        11) FCC filings etc.

        To produce all of these requires an awful lot of people’s involvement and we are less than 12 days away from the big date and literally we have no clue about anything. Except, coolpix and mirrorless. Nikon’s “secret machine” is not that perfect to ensure that everything is sealed without a minor leak. Remember all Nikon DSLR cameras had some sort of leaks in the past.

        • I was never able to get any Nikon related info from the FCC website. Maybe Nikon files under a different name/code. Does anyone have more experience searching the FCC site?

        • With the pro stuff coming out of Sendai, your list is actually a bit incorrect, historically.

          1. No products actually ship on announcement. At best, a prototype or two actually make it to subsidiaries. With the D3 and D300, that was two cameras in the US in September after the August announcement.
          2. Tends to be done at the last minute. In the case of the D3/D300 launch, it was done in Japan just prior to the announcement.
          3. Brochures are notoriously last minute on these announcements, and often in preliminary form in non Japanese languages on the day of the announcement.
          4. You don’t need a box for something you announce in August and will ship in December.
          5. You don’t need a manual for something you announce in August and will ship in December.
          6. Promo shots tend to be less than a month prior to announce on the big pro announcements.
          7. Web site updates Nikon has gotten better at keeping quiet, though they still make one once in awhile. But those with short memories probably don’t remember that the last time we saw an unannounced digital body Web site entry pop up it was obviously a work in progress with someone copying information over from the basic product sheet into a copy of an existing product page. Since Nikon took over subsidiaries in Australia, India, China, Russian, and a few others, we haven’t had the usual leaks we used to.
          8. Demo products haven’t been shipped to anyone that I know of. In my experience even those under NDA will often let loose in conversation that they’ve got something new from Company X, they just won’t say anything more. I haven’t had anyone I’ve conversed with lately say that.
          9. Flyers: see Boxes and Manuals. Not needed yet.
          10. The only printed documents I’d expect to be available at announce are PDF.
          11. Cameras don’t need to be registered with the FCC unless they have communication in them (so much for programmable, modular, communicating ;~).

          • Tony

            I was about to say it just an announcement not a product release date, but you explain it much better.

          • I should repeat my belief that the August announcement is for two cameras, the D3 and D700 replacements. The D700 replacement will be announced and ship in late September or October, the D3 replacement will ship in December or January.

            Thus brochures, boxes, manuals, etc., will start to come fast and furious soon for the D700 replacement, as it would also mean that the camera is already moved into production.

            Also, if the mirrorless is really a September 21 announcement, that would mean that it, too, is in production and we should start seeing leaks on it, too.

            • Zim

              what are they going to do with the video?

          • AnoNemo


            Although your explanation is sound, I still cannot believe that Nikon will announce 2 dslrs within 12 days. They will have presentations around the world and not everyone speaks Japanese or English so some things got to be translated, printed etc.

            As I said above, the only way I can imagine this is that they might show some mockup (or first product) and let the crowd wai another 6 months.

            And by the way, they do need an FCC Id to ship 1 demo product in the US. Hint: read through the sony specs and you will figure it why.

            • Are you sure about those presentations around the world?

              Even if there were, I’ve been through this sequence of events 20+ times now. Nikon seems to bring key people from the subsidiaries over to Japan prior to the announce for training, some of the subsidiaries get a prototype to play with, and there’s a huge frenzy of last minute back and forth on final web and marketing information. But again, the D4 is NOT going to ship any time soon. I doubt that it’s in production yet. The only camera that’s likely in production is the D700 replacement, and as far as I can tell that’s in Sendai, which is pretty leak free. The only leaks would come from whichever subsidiaries got prototypes and the especially the subsidiary that was chosen to handle the brochure shoot(s). In the past several years, marketing materials have been coming later and later in the cycle, sometimes with stuff passing back and forth between Japan and subsidiaries literally in the last 48 hours before announce.

              There are different levels of FCC clearance (at least there were the last time I was making devices). Some things are self-certified and you just file the paperwork prior to ship. But if you have a radio inside (receiver or transmitter), you have a different sequence and different testing you have to go through. It’s why we’re getting all the early notice through the FCC on tablets and phones: they are transmitter/receivers. As far as I can tell, Nikon hasn’t filed a WT-5 notice yet. It’s quite possible that they’ll stick with the WT-4. Given the lack of filing, I can pretty much guess that the next round of cameras won’t be communicating, modular, programmable ;~)

            • AnoNemo

              @ Thom,

              I just want to add this to your last sentence.

              I think all pro and semi-pro dslrs will have GPS in them with directional recording.

        • 120-300 F2:8 OS

          Good statement and funny too make so more rumours on the net i love this time silence by Nikon

  • Anonymous

    What about their comment the rep made some time ago ( as reported here) “the two FX cameras will be aimed at different customers who have different needs: one camera for “expert” photographers, the other for “pro” photographers.”
    I find that very interesting and wonder what exactly the differences could be. What is the difference between a pro and an expert? Those sound like fighting words to me:) . . .
    One camera makes more money than the other one?
    One comes with a college degree?
    One comes with a P setting, the other with an E setting?
    One uses a P(op) up flash, the other has only E(xternal) flash?
    I am Nikon. I am Nikon Pro. I am Nikon Expert.
    What set of features does an expert want that a pro does not?

    • a pro makes money with it so he needs rugged build, big OVF, built-in motor. an expert is just an advanced user wishing for something like a canon 5Dmk2.

    • vinman

      Technically, yes – one camera makes more money than the other. By definition, a professional get paid. “Expert” implies someone extremely competent, but not necessarily compensated. It’s really only a matter of semantics to make the “flagship” seem more cost worthy. All of us who have shot with the D200, 300, and 700 know they are essentially built to roughly the same standard as their big brothers, but Nikon down-rates the shutter and they’re physically smaller and makes you buy a grip with a vertical shutter release.

      Basically – pros make money while experts have more fun (Joe McNally being an apparent exception).

    • broxibear

      Hi Anonymous,
      It’s just marketing talk that’s all. Their job is to sell you cameras and if that means using words like pro and expert then that’s what they’ll do.

    • Period

      This must be something like “political correctness”. They seem to be afraid to downgrade someone by calling him amateur or enthusiast thinking “expert” would be more embracing to this clients…

  • d700 replacement isn’t coming this year. but it can be a d400. also a great mirrorles camera is coming.

  • I think an expert is somebody who professionals among others ask for advice. I also found some support from Wikipedia. In that sense it is clearly better to be considered and expert than just a pro. But on the other hand, I’m no expert 😉 World wide wait for the 24th!

    • I think this does not apply to camera. How would you explain amateur then ? Wait, there’s a better one, how about enthusiast ?

      • Well, you might be right. I’d just be more happy if we took the prestige away from the different terms and titles and just let the pictures speak for themselves.

        The word amateur is one of my favourite words. It means “lover of” and describes the passionate relationship a person has to photography in this case. If you want to get good pictures, employ a skilled amateur (pro or not). Enthusiast is a synonym, but in reality sounding in my ears more like someone who has a sweatband, a kit lens with a Canon Rebel something.

        I got this really ugly avatar next to my comment, hope it’s not a sign of my generally bad karma.

  • Zim

    I still think we will see a D400. They have a good plant in Thailand not effected by the earthquake and like someone else said why release to FX cameras at the same time?

  • broxibear

    Here’s your D4 people and here is the patent that was published a few hours ago

  • Adam

    Joe uses D3s and D3x for most of his work and with his close relationship with Nikon and the firemen from September 11. No doubt it’s gonna be something D4 related or an upgraded D3x

    • Cndlpwr

      Yes that’s it! Say hello to the Nikon D911!

  • JonMcG

    I don’t know everybody is sweating…. We’re going to get a good body announcement… Here are my projected guessesf..

    D4 & D4x type of announcement – 55%
    D4/D800 type of announcement – 30%
    D4/D400 type of announcement – 15%

    The D4 is coming… 🙂

    • Tony

      I believe this setup is too big to be just for pro gears, but rather something that impact general population too. I think one of them will be a mirrorless camera as Peter has said before.

  • Anonymous


  • Steve Starr

    Nikon and Canon have been going head to head for too long. Even same lenses with the same focal lengths, etc.

    Nikon, to be thinking they will bust ahead with a 26% increase in DSLR sales up to March 2012, has to be thinking something bigger than what Canon is doing. I’d expect their CEO to have the Leica S2 and their 36MP over-sized Kodak sensor in his sights if they want to make a huge jump. If their FX lenses have a close coverage, aside from vignetting, they could map that out in software. I don’t know what or if Leica changed all their lenses to fit the S2 body, but somehow I doubt they redesigned all their lenses to cover that sensor.

    Nikon has the chip lithography instrumentation to do it, even though they gave it over to Sony for production, but maybe they will do it themselves now and try and hit Leica and Kodak both? Canon could become very small potatoes in this one unless they want to play in the point-and-shoot category which I think Canon will still win among consumers and the big-box store buyers of those cameras. Too see both Canon and Nikon in their full-frame line compete for Best Buy’s buyers is sort of odd at the same time.

    If Nikon wants to claim PRO status and quality and perhaps better than Canon, then they should be willing to go there and hit the big MP guys (Leica & Kodak’s huge sensor). They pull it off and they get a freeby price-hike too.

  • bdeckert

    A lot of talk related to camera updates is centered ONLY on the hardware. But in some respects this seems a bit old school to me. Some cameras are hindered more by their firmware than their hardware (just ask all of the NEX-VG10 camcorder users that have sent petitions to Sony asking them to make a few simple firmware updates to no avail).
    What would happen if cameras used a more open platform in respect to the firmware/software running them like iOS or Android? That might sound amature, but how long are users going to just be content with menu options they don’t like, and firmware they don’t like, and function buttons they don’t like… before they demand to be able to control it all and buy apps to do things the manufacturer never thought of… I could be way off base. But to me that would be much more of a game changer in the long run. Maybe I should submit an entry for the D4 design contest that just has an iPhone stuck to the back of it:)

    • Tony

      That not the way they can make the most profit (at least for now). And actually when I think about potential security risk and the confusion, I don’t think it worth it.

    • Period

      Isn’t it enough what we have to bear, since the customer can update the firmware themselves? Like with windows we become more and more a banana republic: the products ripen at the customer. The companies can launch new cameras earlier and finish the development later. And when all bugs are fixed the next model is launched…
      Now you want even to accelerate this carousel? We should get busy with an imperfect OS and apps that will run or not. I hate that hussle on my touch screen phone and I DO NOT HAVE ANY INTENT to open up another construction site.
      For computer freaks this might be fine but I’m a photog and am not willing to study IT first to do my photos.
      Besides, Camera makers make their money on cameras and lenses. What do the software makers make their money with??? With selling data about their users? Come on even Apple is collecting data, Google does, Facebook does…

  • Anand

    I think Nikon is going to come out with a D700″s” version. They are known to do this. D700 does not have that. They still would like to milk that cow!

    • I don’t think Nikon will announce a D700s. They have to completely redesign the D700 in order to stay competitive. D700s made a lot of sense in 2010, but not in 2011. I could be wrong of course.

  • You´re right Peter, Nikon must fill the demand for fullframe bodys, in the range of $2.600,00 ~ $3.000,00 that Canon “eat” with 5Dmark II, and the lenses sold for that system. Nikon have all the Universe conspiring in favor of the D800. With good video options, better AF and the set of crystal AF-S glass, Nikon can take a good advantage in that market. Depends on their vision.


  • Erik Unger

    I worked with Joe a few weeks ago, and he mentioned this project he was unable to talk about. While I am a Canon shooter, I am anxious to see what Nikon puts out there. If Canon can’t beat it with there newest tech, then hopefully it will push Canon the next time.

    BTW, Joe is a pretty awesome person to work with.

    • this pretty much confirms it, since he could not talk about it

    • shamalam adingdong

      “he mentioned this project that he was unable to talk about.”

      this sounds like a contradiction. in other words, he mentioned an unmentionable project? i can imagine how that conversation went:

      ‘hey, i just did this new project.’
      ‘yeah, i can’t talk about it.’
      ‘ok… … so, you’re a cat guy, right?’

  • Landscape Photo

    My wishful expectations for D800:

    * 24mp, at least 20mp FX
    * 100% vf, at least 98% with pop-up flash
    * Same form factor of D700/D300
    * Not heavier than D700, better weighing as D300
    * Iso response as good as D700, but improved dynamic range
    * T-mode for long exposures

  • Landscape Photo

    One more comment:

    Imo, 2 CF slot is a waste of volume that can be used to improve the viewfinder. Instead 1 SD slot is enough. SD card storage & speed is good today, they became reliable, and their prices have plummeted recently. What’s wrong with that one, e.g:

    • Tony

      The second one is for backup.

      But I wonder why I don’t see anyone here talk about having an ability to send uncompressed video signal to be record outside as an optional. If D800 will shoot video this option is a must. I suspect that a Canon 5DmarkIII might offer this option too.

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