Nikon to re-introduce GPS in their Coolpix cameras

Built-in GPS in the old Nikon Coolpix P6000 camera (from 2008)

Nikon's P6000, that was announced back in 2008, had a built-in GPS but for some reason Nikon did not continue this trend in later models. If I am not mistaken, currently there are no Nikon cameras with built-in GPS capabilities. This is about to change next month, as Nikon is about to announce it's first rugged compact camera that will have GPS capabilities.

Information of upcoming p&s cameras is flowing, but still no reliable info on other products. It will be interesting to see if GPS will be added also in future Nkon DSLR cameras.

Nikon currently offers the GP-1 GPS unit as an accessory for DSLR cameras.

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  • manarianz5


    • Wasn’t there a GPS related Nikon patent a while ago? Something about using the camera body as an antenna or something …

  • If the D4 and D400 do not have integrated wifi, I would be very disappointed. If you can add it to every other digital device under the sun, surely a large DSLR has room for it.

    • Good point.

    • Eric

      How could the sell you an add on GPS module if it’s included? 😉

      But yes, you are obviously correct. If they can put GPS receivers in $400 P&S’s every camera from the D7000 up should have one as well.

  • Put it in all upcoming DLSR’s!

    • GaiaOverAll

      I hope so!
      Much more important than the wi-fi…

    • PAG

      +1. My wife has the GPS dongle but it’s a bit of a pain since it can catch branches and things when you’re birding.

  • Having GPS data inputted in your files is a good idea and useful in some areas. But, and I have this experience with cell phones, they are not very accurate and use a lot of battery power. It’s better to have an external battery powered GPS-unit. So personally I’m against in camera GPS. Having Wifi is another story and I think having an SD card from Eye-Fi is a better option. Don’t forget, all this build in extra’s make your camera more expensive and not everybody has use for it.

    • Cuius

      Have used a third party GPS unit with a D90 and have never had battery issues. Plus it is as accurate as my car’s sat-nav. Also use the GPS in the Samsung WB650where battery and accuracy are not issues

    • @ Stephan Pot,
      The GPS Specialized Integrated Circuit (SIC) modules being produced today have much better accuracy and less power drain than those produced previously. External units means other external accessories can’t be used simultaneously. WiFi is another technology which can easily be built in, no need for propriety SD cards from Eye-Fi that don’t work with many devices. Cost to add these two technologies is less than $10; and if the manufacturer charged me $20 for these features, I would gladly pay.

    • Kelly

      That and Wi-Fi!

  • David

    Hmmmm…a rugged point-and-shoot with GPS, a nice location scouting camera perhaps?

    • bjrichus

      I use my cell phone for that… 8MP camera, zoom, HDR and B&W effects, GPS all built in.

  • HDZ

    ARRRRR… Rugged + Monitor + GPS camera, It’s the dream came true~!!! 🙂

    • ewan

      It would need to be able to make phone calls too; then it would be a complete package.

  • ericnl

    oh no!
    please no GPS in DSLRs.
    it’s too much of a battery drain.

    just put bluetooth in so you can connect a GPS if you need to, not need to drive the price of a body up with consumer crap.
    that, or just only put them in the Dxxxx models.

    • Really? Do you not think Nikon will give you the ability to shut off the GPS? Also, you do realize the hardware for GPS only costs about $5-10?

      • +1
        Just like the iPhone, you can turn on or off the Wi-Fi and GPS radios as required. I would rather have the features built in, with the option to turn them on or off, charge me another $20 for the feature. Plus, if the feature is present, when you go to re-sell your used gear, it is another selling point. The only reason I would imagine that Nikon doesn’t add these two technologies is to maximize their sell of accessories (i.e. WT-4a, GPS-1).

      • If Nikon would add an ability to shut off those fancy bells and whistles, this would be awesome.

    • ewan

      It doesn’t have to use a lot of power if it’s used intelligently, it’s just a passive radio receiver after all. Integration into the camera would enable more power-saving measures based on what you were doing at any given moment, whereas an external device has to be running all the time because it never knows when the camera is going to ask for a current location.

    • Furthermore, Bluetooth would drain the battery much more anyway. Lol.

  • Giovanni-bg

    It works perfectly

    It catch raw singnal so it’s ready to use immediately (no delay for warm/ cold startup)

    It use his own internal battery that last fot weeks (because it use it only when you press the shoutter buttun of the camera)

    It keeps around 2000 points

    It’s compact

    It’s cheap.

  • Looks like they want some the Panasonic Lumix TS3 business. I gave up on Nikon a few weeks ago and bought one for the beach and water, etc. Takes nice images, has built-in GPS. Doesn’t seem to drain battery too bad as long as you don’t leave GPS on when camera is off. ( menu setting). Hope Nikon can best the Lumix, but not holding my breath. 

  • Jens

    Would prefer if they re-introduced some awesomeness in their DSLRs not just 15% more pixels/ISOs/stuff per generation!

  • broxibear

    Maybe you’ll see it in the mirrorless in a couple of weeks ?

  • D700guy

    For me, it’s not necessary to have GPS in my camera body.
    If I dont know where I am, I’ll get a map.
    I also strip all exif from my images so that would be just one more thing that would not show up. It’s like this damn phone I currently own. It does all this extra shit for which I have to pay a data package for when all I need it to do is text and perform calls.

    • In(or on) Camera GPS isnt meant to tell you where you are. It’s for geocaching photographs and can be very useful. Welcome to the 21st Century. If you don’t need an iPhone or Android smartphone, get a Jitterbug instead. But, don’t knock those of us that embrace new technology.

      • Sly Larive

        In fact, combine both worlds and embed an ARM processor with Android on board. 🙂 Allow people to develop apps for Nikon Cameras. Allow people to tweak internal parameters as they wish. This could also lessen then burden of Nikon to put all those features almost no serious photographer uses like in camera photo modifications and such. Let 3rd party devs do all that stuff and concentrate on providing good IQ and an open interface.

        Ok, I’m a bit out in left field here. Anyways, I think it would awesome for DSLR to have embedded GPS. If you don’t like it or the battery draw, it could obviously be turned off.

        Somewhere along when the 21st century came and Apple’ dominance took hold, it has now become preferable to have LESS options for consumers. Whaaaat?!? HDMI on a monitor? Blu Ray on my MAC? Flash on my device? USB charging? Since when has having less options become better than being forced to accept one configuration? I guess people are too stupid to turn things off…

        • photdog

          What? Android on a DSLR?
          Nooooooooo!!! Never ever! You’ll end up getting this fucking advertising even on the camera’s display. They’ll pursue you with their special offers into the most remote wilderness. Google & Co and all the data miner’s would decorate the CEO who does that with a purple heart….

          If you want all to know where you are at and what you’re doing take your damn smartphone. Just with the data plan you make At&T & Co. billionaires.

          A DSLR should remain being a DSLR. If someone would want an electronic Leatherman should know that this tool is good for an emergency case but no serious workshop would take it over an appropriate toolbox.

          GPS, as long as one can switch it off would be OK. WiFi would be nice if the transfer rate (on both ends!) is high enough to get a 32 GB card downloaded in a few minutes or to get the content of the cam’s display shown on an I-Pad in realtime. All, of course, if no “cloud-processing” is involved!!!
          What I’d like to see is the possibility to USB-download the card direct to a 2.5 inch mobile hard-drive including a safety-check if the data downloaded is really complete.
          New technology is fine. But in our days one really have to double-check who benefits most of it. If it is the user, who pays for the features, fine. If it is other companies pursuing quite different purposes or instances who just want to trace you and/or collect data it is a NoGo.

        • Art

          I agree. I’m a software developer by trade (and I run a chocolate company as well ….. Long story… check the linky if you wish.) Anyway, I would LOVE it if we could script our cameras. For example, you could write a script to shift focus incrementally so that the collage of photos could be stitched together all in focus. You could write a script so that if the light level dropped to a certain degree then you could trap-focus a subject.

          There is an insane number of real world applications that one could write for your camera. Many of which would probably be scriptable in just a few lines. They do not have to put Android on the camera. It could run under their current CPU with whatever embedded OS they use. Personally, I’d recommend embedding Python but even something akin to MSDOS’s batch language would be highly useful.

          Really, whoever comes out with a scriptable camera first will gain a huge amount of market share just off that alone IMHO. The fact of the matter is, if you say that you don’t need or want your camera to be scriptable, you haven’t given much thought to it. It wasn’t long ago that the president of IBM said that there was no purpose in people having a computer in their home.

          • Can Wishingwell

            The shot of a life time is here, but sorry, the cam is frozen & need to re-boot…………….. 🙂

            • Art

              That’s only the case if it ran Windows. Nikon is _way_ smarter than that. (Speaking as a Windows programmer.)

      • D700guy

        Not knocking anyone who embraces technology. I too enjoy many aspects of technology, but when it comes to my camera I want to own it to take pictures not do my taxes. So, what I would prefer to see is a camera that excels in producing great images and I could give a rip about all the peripherals and whether or not it can download itunes while I am composing photographs.

        • Eric

          Done properly a geotagging should run silently in the background without you even being aware of it. It won’t effect your photography one iota. However, when you upload your pics to Flickr/Picasa people can actually see where you took them. Very very nice to have for vacation pics

  • I’ve never really used the GPS in my P6000 as it simply takes too long to get a fix!

  • Looks like more and more news is flowing in. Things are heating up and getting interesting 😀

  • frank

    What the P&S need more than this is a MF function. The AF hunts too much in some situations and makes the P&S pretty useless. Besides a lot of other P&S problems.

  • Steve

    I dont know about this one. If it doesnt add ANY cost to the camera its a cool feature, just not one that you will use very often because face it, we are all here on nikonrumors, not because we just cant wait for that next P&S to come out but more along the lines of that next DSLR or new lens.

    Anyways, my wife’s Sony P&S (I believe its a DSC-HV55X) has GPS built in and i cannot think of a single time I have looked at the EXIF data or put it on a geotag reader to see where she was at when she took some quick shots of the baby or something. Its cool, but if your not a huge traveler its not really that big of a deal to me.

  • R R

    A new coolpix ? … 34 comments , that says it all.

  • R R

    I forgot to say.. #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon!

    Bring the D800!!

  • The invisible man.

    I want a new 200mm f/2.8 VRII AF-S for next month.

  • Kingyo

    this is ridiculous.. more P&S coolpix cams from Nikon this year?? Don’t we have enough already??

  • Starfires

    I’d like inbuilt GPS as it would help with tagging. I make efforts to keep up, but with 10’s of thousands of digital images, a more automatic tagging system on the EXIF would be good. Oh and while we’re at it, include the famous sites nearby and suggest more tags, ‘mountain’, waterfall’, etc.

  • timmy’s undies

    i’d love a new P&S with a FF sensor and EVF.

    until then, my iphone is more useful than the current tiny-sensored-yet-expensive-yet-not-internet-connected crapcams.

    • photdog


      Yes, connect your cam to the world of trojans and viruses as well. The Nortons & Karperskis would be more that happy.

      • portofino


        a) um, the most-used camera on flickr – the iphone – is ‘connected’ for sharing. in over two years of constant use, i still have yet to worry about (or experience) the danger you mention. not sure why cameras should be different.

        b) you can always turn connectivity off if you’re paranoid. turn it on if you want to be connected.

  • Camaman

    How do these GPS chips acquire position fast enough to embed the data?
    It takes dedicated GPS devices some seconds or longer to calculate where they are…

    • Cuius

      Not true, readings are downloaded once a second.

  • Agallon

    More than 100 years of photography with no need of GPS and all of a sudden a lot of people need this gimmick on their cameras. Can somebody explain?

  • marco

    for the price charged for the battery grip for the D7000 it should have gps and wifi built in. (how a battery grip can be 20% of the price of the camera itself i don’t know.).

    If such a grip existed i would buy it in a flash!

  • broxibear

    New patent released today showing a mirrorless body
    Here’s the drawing

    There was also a new top lcd design that looks like it might be part of the D4
    Drawing here

  • Oberhorst

    “for some reason Nikon did not continue this trend in later models” < Yes because it totally didn't work properly. It was really bothersome and only found a connection if you're connected to like at least a hundred satellites! ;P

    Hopefully, the new version will work better!

  • Tom Tom

    I loved the GPS feature in my Nikon P6000, this was in 2008 now in 2011 it could only get better. I hope they incorporate GPS in the upcoming FX camera, rather have GPS than wifi.

    • Camaman

      How long does it take for camera to get connected to the satellite?
      That was my question.

      How can this work if you turn off/sleep your camera… half of your shots would be without GPS data.
      What about battery life… iPhone dies when GPS works…

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