Nikon executives: We have almost completed the development of a new generation of digital cameras

In two different interviews Nikon executives mentioned that they have "almost" completed a new generation of digital cameras which will offer customers new ways to enjoy their images. "Creating markets by launching new generation products and products of new domain" is also on of the four challenges listed on the business strategy section for Nikon's Imaging division.

Next are some quotes from the interview.

Nikon's website has a new business section which contains some interesting quotes on the Imaging Company page from an interview with Yasuyuki Okamoto:

"Create new markets by launching new generation products and products of new domain"

"Another issue we are addressing is the shortening of product development lead times. To successfully compete against our peers, the realization of shorter lead times is absolutely imperative."

"Further, Nikon has almost completed development of new generation digital cameras that it began working on several years ago as products that would pioneer a new market sphere. Nikon is currently monitoring world market trends as it considers the appropriate timing for the launch of these new products."


Similar wording came out in another interview with Mkoto Kimura (Representative Director, President, Member of the board):

"We have almost completed development of a new generation digital camera that we began working on several years ago, which will offer customers new ways to enjoy images. We are currently monitoring world market trends as we consider the appropriate timing for the launch of these new products."

And some updates on the post-earthquake recovery:

"In the fiscal year ended March 2011, the earthquake had a negative impact on net sales amounting to ¥8,000 million and a negative impact on operating income of ¥3,000 million. Furthermore, one plant and seven manufacturing companies in the Group sustained damage from the disaster and had to suspend operations. However, by the end of March all facilities had steadily begun to resume operations, and by the end of April 2011 we were able to restore our production capacity to the pre-quake level."

"although the Great East Japan Earthquake caused damage to component supply chains, the situation is improving more rapidly than we originally anticipated."

Oh, and there will be more of Ashton Kutcher:

"... the rollout of aggressive television advertising campaigns to raise brand awareness (in the US)"

Q1 financial results for the year ending March 2012 will be announced on August 10th at 3:00 pm Japanese time.

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  • The invisible man.

    Cela à commencé !

    • The invisible man.

      (no accent on the a)

      • Global

        Hey, this is America! Speako el Englisho, amigo. 😀

        kidding.. 😉

        • Translation:

          “Cállate la boca, ése.”

          In English:

          “Enough with the Fransh.”


          • Anonyme

            La ferme !!!

        • Hey, this is the Internet! Speako el Englisho, amigo.


          • Global

            How did I ever miss that?? 😀

    • R R

      Putain! j´espere que je aurra de l´argeant sufficent pour achete mon D4!

      (not bad coming from a Mexican?)

      • The invisible man.

        ( j’éspère que j’aurrai de l’argent )
        Mexican are better for the Corona Extra.

        • R R


        • Humanonymous

          Err… sorry to burst your bubble but it’s “J’espère que j’aurai l’argent nécessaire pour acheter ma D4 !”


          • The invisible man.

            “mon” D4

            • Jabs

              So ‘camera’ is masculine in French – never knew that !

            • Vouz etes maboul, mes amis. 🙂

            • Mighty Charlou

              Caméra est féminin mais je dis toujours “mon D7000”. Par contre.. objectif est masculin mais je dit “ma 70-200mm” 🙂

            • The invisible man.

              “camera” is female but it’s suposed to be used only for movies and videos.
              In french, a pictures camera is “appareil photo” and it’s male.
              A lens is “objectif” and it’s male, “mon” ou “un” objectif.

            • Ronan

              ma* caméra.

            • JDL

              I’d add that D4 is rather a specific model, so if he’s refering directly to the model, then it’s masculine.

              Un boitier D4 (masc.)
              Une caméra Nikon D4 (fem.)


            • texajoe

              I love it. It’s like I was back in high school. McCollum high in San Antonio, TX USA. “Go Cowboys!”

            • Mikycoud

              I for one like to call my D3 ‘mon gros boitier’ and my lenses ‘mes cailloux’.
              The (surprinsingly many) francophiles here will certainly not fail to understand why it helps boost my ego 🙂
              Anyway a camera here is definitely masculine, whether you choose to call it an ‘appareil photo’ ou un ‘reflex’.
              Now a video camera on the other hand is feminine but may also be masculine (in which case it’s called ‘un camescope’)
              However, if Nikon decises to make matter a little more complicated and hopefully comes up with a D700 sized slr with pro video capabilities under 3000€, I’ll call it whatever they’d like and give it whatever gender they’d ask me to.
              Go on Nikon: release the ‘Ladyboy’ camera already!!! (no disrespect to our Thai friends here)

            • alp

              un appareil photo, une camera (movie camera)

  • Roo

    When will Nikon realize that Ashton Kutcher and the ads he is in is just making a mockery of the Nikon brand

    • Who is Ashton Kutcher???

      • Jabs

        He is a Nikon CoolPix spokesperson in America (Nikon USA) and husband of actress Demi Moore plus that guy from ‘That 70’s Show’ a while back in America.

        • z

          He’s just a prick

          • Jabs

            Actually, most of generation Z grew up with Ashton and Fez on That 70’s Show in America, so they are brilliant in doing that.
            Maybe you don’t live in America or are not of that generation but Ashton has the beautiful and almost timeless Demi(like Nikon perhaps) also, so they span two or more generations.

            Like Demi = F3 or Pro film camera
            Ashton = D3 or Pro digital camera

            Quite brilliant though obnoxious at times – lol.
            GOT you talking – right?
            Works then!

            • The invisible man.

              @ Jabs
              Try this, you may like it better than the Test Chart (I’ll exchange it for your 200mm f/2 AF-S)

            • enesunkie

              We’re up to Generation Z?
              What happened to X and Y? Man does time fly by these days.

            • Steve

              Gen x was post WWII, Gen Y is said to be the millenium generation, and Gen Z …. well obviously that’s the last gen to populate …. because the world is going to end before the D5 gets released…. but that’s just a rumor…

            • Jabs

              Sorry meant ‘Y’, but generation ‘Z’ is a joke as in generation ZERO – lol

            • Jabs

              @The invisible man

              So you will exchange this ‘gift’ for MY 200 F2.0 – yeah right. How decent and wonderful of you Senor Loco ena la cabaysa (spanglish or what it sounds like to me, when they say sick in the head, mad or crazy – lol)

              When I get a Nikon 200 F2.0 ED-IF AF VR3 (lol), then I’ll swap you your E-Bay store and your wives for it.

              Back at you!

              Thanks but still looking for the F3TC and lenses and maybe stuff like MF-6B and MK-1, MD-4 and MN-2 plus maybe an AS-7 – now, go figure out what that all refers to in F3 accessories !!!

            • Jabs

              @The invisible man.
              The Test CHART for the 200 F2.0 or the actual lens is being exchanged?

              You non English speakers drive ’em nuts and so do we English speakers when we try to speak your language – oh well, so goes the whole wonderful world of different people.

              SOME are Nikon’s and others are Canon’s or worse – LOOOOL!

          • PHB

            To be precise he is a prick who tried to pressure advertisers into boycotting the Village Voice after they demonstrated Kutcher is peddling sensationalist nonsense in his anti-prostitution campaign.

            In particular, Kutcher claimed that 400,000 children are working as underage prostitutes in the US. This seems rather hard to reconcile with the prosecution rate of less than 2000 cases per year. It would mean that one in ten US teenagers was working as a prostitute.

            The figure in question comes from a jerk who makes money bilking senile fools out of money to support his ‘child protection’ campaign which goes into more fliers to ask for money… Meanwhile the organizers take a cut of the revenues for ‘management fees’. The 400,000 claim is for children ‘at risk’ and one of his criteria is living near the Mexico border. The idea being that the proximity causes US teens to head down to Mexico to work in brothels.

            His wife is also a nasty piece of work. She tried to sue Boing Boing after they wrote an article about what was an obviously and badly photoshopped picture. The photoshopper had left out a great big chunck of flesh on her side. But she tried to intimidate them by sicking lawyers on them. And the lawyers tried to claim that their communication is confidential (it is not)

            • so are you for child prostitution

            • Jabs

              Sorry, but as a former New Yorker (Brooklynite, too), the Village Voice has gotten into so many scraps over the years, that I really don’t get into the politics of the matter.

              Photographer here and what people do with their private lives, even horrible, is to me – their business, their sins and all that I can speak about is the impact they have in advertisement and NOT what they are infamous for. Yeah, I remember the Demi Moore mess with the ‘photoshopped’ madness and they have a new controversy in England about a ‘wrinkle reduced star’ (LOL) that was declared NOT flawless in real life and thus deceptive advertisement that was ordered to be pulled.

              Yeah – I stick to equipment and not Politics, lest I will become an angry dude all over some idiot’s doings and NOT mine. I hear ya, but leave it all alone.

              Humans are fickle, so expect all types of claims and counter claims by ambulance chasers and fame chasers. I stick to my Nikon’s and prefer to smile all the way to the bank.

              NOT a jimoke or a schmuck, but a human being who overlooks the folly of humanity while loving them and wary of us too = maturity or even don’t care at times.

      • NikonTheAvenger

        Aston is the name of the guy that stole my camera and girlfriend.

        • mr internets

          wait, what, your girlfriend was your camera? :O

  • el PAN

    I hope it’s not just a silly 3D feature -.-

    • +1

      • ….. quattuordecillion.

        • (that’s +1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, for those of you who wondered) 🙂

          • Global

            Oh, for a minute there, I thought we were speaking Fransch again.

  • Michael

    Looks like I should sell my D700 soon if I want to get some money from it ;D

    • NikonTheAvenger

      Yeah, sell it to me for $1400.

      • Jeremy

        Don’t listen to that thief. Instead send me a PayPal request for $1500 and we’ll close the deal.

  • AnoNemo

    Oh dear. These execs are quoting the same every year. You can go back and see it in the last 4 Annual Reports.

    The way how see it is that they are behind … and I am afraid not Canon … we have to see Sony as new rising star. But let’s see what August brings.

    • Jabs

      Have you seen the latest Sony financials?

      Have you heard about Canon’s sales?
      Better check!

      • z

        Latest financials is biased by the extend of what latest earthquake did to each company. I prefer to read the market share. Which sony is on the rise.

      • AnoNemo

        If I were Nikon I would more worry about sony than canon. For many reasons and they are not the current financials.

        1) Nikon does not have the capabilities and r&d money to develop the sensors sony produce. Even canon cannot match that. Canon makes 2 million sensors every year sony produces over 100 million. See the volume difference? This can be translated to r&d money.
        2) sony knows how to make professional video cameras
        3) sony knows how to make TVs
        4) sony knows how to make game consols
        5) sony knows how to make laptops and tablets and phones
        6) sony has content (owns studios)

        It is just a matter of time that sony will start combining those together while Nikon clearly lacks some of the above. That is why I think that in the LONG RUN sony is the biggest competitor especially since we do not know 5 years from today what level will be the convergence of the above.

        • Also, it should be brought up that Sony is ready and willing to make some really gutsy moves. A good example of this is when they installed blue-ray players in all the PlayStations. Because of this decision, Sony lost over $200 for every Playstation sold and almost went bankrupt. However, this killed Toshiba’s rival disk / standard and gave Sony the lock on high density disks for the forseeable future and at the moment, Sony is making really nice money on the Playstations and BlueRay players as well as disks. (Though there are a couple new disks on the horizon including one boasting around 100GB which I _think_ may be based in part on Sony’s BlueRay technology.)

          • Can Wishingwell

            I also remember Sony’s Betamax and VHS battle, quite pitiful

            • Global

              Don’t worry, even iPhone buys their parts from Samsung.

              This logic is circular — if a main chunk of Sony’s business is sensors, then they aren’t exactly going to stop selling them, just to push their cameras.

              Samsung never stopped selling parts to iPhone, even as iPhone is suing them!

            • Jabs

              @Can Wishingwell.
              That was about quality (Betamax) versus popularity (VHS) and the worse format won and eventually got ran over by Hi-8 and then digital. SuperBeta was awesome and then SuperVHS ran over it and then ED-Beta did it in ON and ON, until all tape was killled.

            • Sky

              Global – sensors are actually minor part of Sony business. Their photo division alone generates more profits and is bigger than sensors division. (though semiconductors had rise over 30% during last year, so it’ll catch up very soon)

          • PHB

            Sony lost more money on the Blu Ray fight than they can ever recover. It was a complete waste of time and resources.

            • Tony

              I wouldn’t say that since the fight benefits me as customer the most.

            • Steve

              Blu-ray was developed and is backed by a group – Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Thomson, LG , Hitachi, Sharp, and Samsung = the vast majority of the big electronics firms.

              While Minidisc and Betamax didn’t survive, we have Philips and Sony to thank for one of the most successful formats – CD.

              I could see myself switching to Sony one day….

        • Jabs

          Though I strictly use ONLY Sony monitors or Sony tubed units plus Sony video gear for some of my work, this is a different century and market place. What used to be hardware ONLY is now software = Amiga Toaster to Win/Mac Toaster to now Software based NLE’s.
          See Newtek’s web site, as been doing this for a while.

          Sony knows how to make stuff BUT look what happened to them when the Walkman took a beating from Apple, who makes inferior things that outsold THEM, as in iPod = worse than the Sony DIGITAL Walkman’s.
          Sony Broadcast and Pro stuff is genius, but their consumer stuff is not as good ANYMORE, as better ideas in SOFTWARE has replaced their hardware dominance.

          Nikon has BETTER R&D than almost anyone out there INCLUDING Sony and Canon, as NIKON has made or updated ITSELF, the D3s sensor as WELL as the D3X sensors and no one has matched either so far = excellent performance and not bragging rights.

          Sony TALKS a lot, but Nikon delivers though slower than almost everyone (lol).

          Sony will take a bite out of Canon, as they are both Market driven, while Nikon is Engineering driven and often way behind in Marketing, as they are a bunch of GEEKS, as in – know how to make the best performing GEAR, but not how to sell it – two different disciplines and skills.
          So far – NOTHING from Sony including their D9000 has even equaled a ‘lowly’ D5100, so that is RESULTS bub.

          24 megapixels of MUSH and an exceptional CONSUMER campaign is what I expect from Sony’s new stuff (unless Nikon helps them – lol), that I want to be wrong about that as great stuff drives the market competitively.

          Nikon has been doing things EXCEPTIONAL for how many years and consistently too?

          Sony – how many years in Photography as in producing gear – I saw the original Sony Mavica and still have photos from it then to look at TODAY, as in right now.

          Minolta – how many years and WAS any of their gear great?

          EVER shot a Nikon along with any LEICA side by side?
          Specs are for consumers WHILE performance matters most to Pros, hence why the D3/D3s cleaned Canon’s clock and Sony is not even in the picture in the Pro ranks.
          Sony does well in the consumer realm – lousily in the Pro ranks, as we KNOW what great equipment is and don’t have to read about it. We look at the results AFTER we look through the viewfinder, then the lightbox, computer screen and or printer and display.

          My perspectives!

          • Sky

            Oh, man, Nikon should hire you to create their own propaganda BS.

            • Jabs


              WHY thank you bub or is that bubette (lol)!

              At least there is a method to the madness, eh?

              GET REAL.

              If you use Nikon’s, then you get me, if not – you’re on your own, as everyone usually has an opinion and I respect that even when I disagree with them.

              Called maturity!

        • > 1) Nikon does not have the capabilities and r&d money to develop the sensors sony produce.

          As I’ve written before, Nikon has been in sensors since at least 1988, and several of Nikon’s sensor IP has driven Sony Semiconductor in the larger sensor sizes. Nikon remains the largest customer for Sony Semiconductor in >compact sensors and has been integral in helping Sony improve them.

          > Even canon cannot match that. Canon makes 2 million sensors every year sony produces over 100 million. See the volume difference? This can be translated to r&d money.

          And where is that volume at? APS sensors? No. It’s mostly in compact sensors. If you look at the worldwide sensor market share you discover something very interesting: Sony is actually a small player ;~). It’s only been recently that they got the smaller than compact sensor religion, and they are playing catch up. So, the question is this: if you’re the head of Sony Semiconductor and you’re making 100 million sensors for compact/APS/FX systems a year but you’re getting trounced in smaller sensors, where are you going to put the bulk of your profit? In the not growing compact market? No. In the slow growth APS/FX market? Not really. In camera phone sensors, video sensors, and surveillance sensors, where the markets are red hot? Bingo.

          Before you reply with the “yeah but gains in one size equate to gains in another size” argument, let me cut that off before it starts: not exactly. The reason why BSI makes such a difference in small sensors but not big ones has to do with the relative difference between photo diode size and signal paths. On small sensors that aren’t BSI, signal paths crowd out light collection. On big sensors like APS/FX, that’s not really true: the efficiency gains would be small.

          This is not to say Sony Semi is not investing in compact/APS/FX sensors. They are. But they need to gain traction in smaller sensors and that’s where they’re putting their R&D money.

          > 2) sony knows how to make professional video cameras

          Yes, they do. Not sure why this is worrisome to Nikon.

          > 3) sony knows how to make TVs


          > 4) sony knows how to make game consols

          Ditto, unless you’re suggesting that cameras become games in the future.

          > 5) sony knows how to make laptops and tablets and phones

          First two are mostly irrelevant (and Sony isn’t a leader in either). The last is relevant, but so far the external Sony Erickson hasn’t exactly knocked it out of the park there, either.

          > 6) sony has content (owns studios)

          Not relevant to Nikon, unless you’re suggesting that we’re going to watch videos on our cameras.

          > Sony is ready and willing to make some really gutsy moves. A good example of this is when they installed blue-ray players in all the PlayStations.

          Yes to the first part, no to the second. In cameras, which I think is what we’re talking about ;~), the NEX was a gamble and it paid off. The stationary mirrors on the DSLRs is another gamble, but it’s yet unclear if it will pay off (so far, no). But some of this is spaghetti throwing. Sony is willing to throw anything at the wall and see if it sticks. Most of the time it does not. The Blu-Ray situation (as well as the 3D one) is an example of it slowly sliding to the floor and making everything (financial statements included) ugly.

          More to the point, I don’t see a clarity of vision in Sony’s many forays into trying to push new technology or ideas. They seem to not understand what business they’re in any more.

          • Jabs

            @Thom Hogan.

            Exactly – Intel is facing a similar dilemma as in producing all the top performing microprocessors and running over everyone, BUT the market has shifted from computers and laptops to Tablets as in iPad, so ARM the underdog is now making them irrelevant.
            Same thing has happened to Sony -vs- Apple years ago.

            Cellular phones have ‘commoditized’ sensors but Nikon makes high end ones and can buy from others including Contract Manufacturers.

            The high end stays, while the low end goes to China or Taiwan due to economy of scale of Production and does NOT reflect on your ability to make a better sensor or camera anymore.
            Sony probably will stay in the consumer end and leave the high end to someone else or be a Contract sensor maker, if they can MATCH Nikon’s prowess at it.

            Reminds me of AMD and Global Foundries their spin-off and a brilliant strategy – ONE designs and the other makes via Contract manufacturing for itself.

            • GeoffC

              Maybe there will come a time when only one or two companies will produce sensors and all the camera manufacturers would buy their sensors from them? Sort of like the good old days of film when people bought a camera based on it’s features and not the film inside the camera.

            • Jabs

              That already has occurred in microprocessors and it is what making a thing a commodity gets you. IBM made DOS and Microsoft ‘used Lawyers’ to get certain things away from IBM, as they (IBM) were Engineers and refused or forgot to Patent, Register or protect their ideas then.
              Bill ran with it and now, someone is about to run over Microsoft, as they too become a commodity player with Windows. Things go in cycles, so Companies must evolve and then stay lean or them getting fat kills them in the long run. When you go to the top of the mountain, there is no place to go BUT down as in you buying up everyone makes you eventually redundant or you can’t manage a Company above a certain size and you fail to innovate.

              A few years ago people counted out Apple, then Apple decided to go basically like ‘fabless’ or become a Design House and pay others who know how to better produce things, real money to make their gear. Now, look at the results as Apple now is worth much more than even Microsoft. How things change!

              X-86 processors were once exclusive and then they became a commodity via mainly AMD, Cyrix, VIA and others. Intel is at the top of the heap now, but the ship has already sailed and people are moving away from X-86 processors and thus you win the war and lose the market which moved past you especially when you try and tightly control things for your own gain.

              Flexibility is what we need now from Specialized companies and not behemoths trying to force their ways down your throat, as people are much more aware and connected today. Sort of like you sneeze in Jersey and people hear you in Russia – lol.

              We already buy our computer processors from two Companies (Intel and AMD), but what they make is close to becoming irrelevant, thus change is coming from both of them and ARM who makes smaller processors, seems to be on a roll. The same thing might occur in camera sensors, but since cameras are more than mere microprocessors or sensors, then specialists usually survive, as they are like car tuners making outrageous things for the few that appreciate this kind of dedication to quality and pushing the boundaries of technology.

              If I has a wish, it would be for Nikon to buy RED and not any other Company to do this, as I see them sharing a philosophy and some say, even some development work (don’t know for sure though) and lenses. Nikon might have to split into Two Divisions with one concentrating on consumers ONLY and the other making outrageous cameras – VSLR’s (Video capable SLR’s – I could have said VDSLR’s, but ouch – VD – lol) that blur the line between Cinematography and Photography and that is where I see Nikon heading and also where their strength and expertise lies to benefit us.

            • no

              not really. people don’t stop buying servers laptops and desktops just because they have an ARM powered phone. There is a difference between creating a new market and displacing a current dominant player. ARM isn’t displacing intel ever, they just created their own market. ARM isn’t really efficient for high end performance when battery life isn’t an issue, therefore it will never threaten intel or amd.

              on the other hand, intel as well as nvidia and amd remain commited to go after ARM with all they got. it is only a matter of time before ARM, which is just sitting static, loses their early head start to the real kings of the hill.

            • Jabs

              Perhaps I know what you don’t.
              Right now, Intel is being hammered in all directions by competitors though they are still King of the Hill.

              There are now way more cellphones, tablets and things using ARM based processors than anyone else in computing devices. ARM licenses its’ designs to many companies who also make them and YES, there are ARM servers like there are Intel Atom based servers as a new trend. AMD has its Llano with on die DX11 graphics and the upcoming Bulldozer chips without on die graphics that is about to lay a ‘smackdown’ on Intel and Intel cannot do good graphics for any purpose so far. Intel is desperately trying to be relevant BUT they have no processors to match what the market is NOW going to, so hence they won the speed and power race but lost the relevance as we already have enough power for most applications and now we need efficiency and power savings plus BETTER 64bit plus graphics performance.

              Look at the TOP 500 Computers (or systems) in the world and see who is powering most of the top 10 or so. People want more flexibility and Intel with its’ monolithic designs have become increasing out of sync. Itanium = madness or irrelevant today.

              On the desktop and in laptops, Intel still is KING, but about to lose that crown and in the low end, the AMD Brazos has cleaned Atom’s clock. The market is basically going in a different direction as Intel has NO DX-11 graphics processors built into their CPU’s, so they can’t render that in both Vista and Win7, hence behind the curve by a few years (generations) UNLESS you use an external graphic card.

              That is what happens to you when you rule the roost during a ‘street race’ as in being ahead of them and others got off the highway at an exit BEHIND you and when you reach your destination, there is no one coming to congratulate YOU, as they took the off ramp and let you be – lol

              Same thing in Sony and Microsoft, as now Microsoft is seeing the newer directions in computers/tablets and it has NO Operating system for that like Android or such, so it got ‘caught with its’ pants down’ like Intel and is now scrambling to be relevant in a changed market place. Have you seen the Previews of Window8 ? OUCH!

              Perhaps this is what Nikon is stating about ITS’ new directions as almost everyone has learned the lessons of Apple and AMD plus ARM. Will Canon and Sony learn too in their quest for ultimate SPECS and not excellent PERFORMANCE as in visual excellence versus ego gratification? Nikon apparently gets it, do YOU?

              My take.

          • AnoNemo

            What I was trying to point out that if the future brings us convergence, then sony may have more in-house knowledge than Nikon does. I did not mean they know how to use that knowledge but what I meant that it is there and they own tons of patents/research around it.

            There must be a reason why sony heavily invest in sensor manufacturing capabilities. Bingo … everything will have a sensor…. this can bring in money to do more research that I have doubts Nikon can reproduce.

            • Jabs


              It is called being Patent HEAVY and unable to execute on it, so you become or sink to being a patent Troll who now makes most of your money by suing everyone because of the vastness of your Patent portfolio.

              Innovation is what is missing and it happens to many after they have LEAD the Industry for a long time and then become irrelevant. Same thing happened to Microsoft and thus Sony needs to reinvent themselves and GET rid of so many Divisions and become lighter and more flexible like AMD did when it diversified into two separate and autonomous Divisions that feed each other yet do work for other Companies.

              Perhaps one day Nikon will buy Sony Semi-Conductor (camera sensor Division) and then supply a leaner Sony, as Sony has their hands in too many things and that equals weakness in today’s world of Contract Manufacturers who are able to respond almost instantly to those who DESIGN and outsource their Production (like Apple) to more efficient and capable Companies who have a larger and more flexible Production facility and do ONE thing and only one thing, well.

            • Not Surprised

              “As I’ve written before,”

              Typical Thom Hogan: I i i, me me me.

          • Tony

            Maybe Sony are trying to work their magic once more time just like what they did to Nintendo (they provided a sound chip to them and then after they’d learned what is what they leased a Playstation).

            Well, Trojan horse strategy works for Greek against Troy, Sony against Nintendo, Apple against others, and this time Nikon could be a victim if they’re not careful. LOL

            • Jabs

              Only problem seems to be – by the time the Trojan horse gets in and they come out to see the sunshine, the castle has moved and they are in the middle of nowhere, as the world is moving too fast technically for that to be as relevant today. Reminds me of trying to put up a Paywall to your version of EXCLUSIVE news, when everyone else can see the same or better for FREE all over the Internet – talk about lost in a past Business mold or model???

            • Sky

              Only issue right now is that the Castle is moving away from Nikon. Right now Nikon is the monolith lagging behind others while market is switching towards Mirrorless, a thing about which Nikon has no basic idea, what you can see solely by looking at the concepts & photos of their tiny-sensor-prototype that’s said to be released “soon” for far, far too long.

              (they provided a sound chip to them and then after they’d learned what is what they leased a Playstation).” – it looks like it… check the progress they made with A550 – from ugly colored splashes they changed high-ISO noise into film-alike one. And they still move closer and closer to match Nikon. If one day Sony will make camera with better high ISOs than alternative from Nikon than the company will loose it’s big advantage and that might be a first nail to grave (or the AF in video that works in Sony and doesn’t in Nikon is one already?)

            • Jabs

              I disagree as to the market is going mirrorless – NO!!!
              Mirrorless reminds me of the BetaMax -vs- VHS standard and since Beta was superior and VHS had the popularity and backing of more Studios, who make and release the content, then Beta lost.

              Mirrorless is trying to define a NEW category between traditional DSLR’s and Point & Shoot cameras and it is lousy, as in not that much better than the smaller cameras and no comparison to the larger cameras, and they are too expensive and too limited for MY use.

              Mirrorless reminds me of classic CULT cameras like the Minolta CE, most of the rangefinder Leica’s and such – cute, loved, respected but useless to me, as I don’t think in terms of rangefinders (I like to frame precisely) or the equivalent EVF = same CRAP!

              I wish that Nikon stays out of the mirrorless GAME but release a small camera system, as it is too inflexible for me, just like the ONE trick pony, that rangefinders are – I happen to love to shoot with long lenses, mirror lenses, micro-Nikkors and a whole slew of lenses that I NEED for my work, as in using it for a living.

              Eventually the mirrorless craze will be supplanted perhaps by iPhone like devices and they will probably be relegated to cult-like status as in Star Trek or such.
              Cute and usable are too distinct items and though most consumers are trendy and flippant, they buy what is ‘HIP’ or accepted socially now and so far PHONE cameras have outsold them (mirrorless cameras) by boatloads and that is what people are actually USING.

              A mirrorless system has advantages BUT it fills not one need well, so it’s like a stopgap ‘solution’ for a problem that is evolving and they are FIXED within a standard and hence VHS -vs- Beta and for your information BOTH VHS and Beta lost to digital 8 and such.

              When I see an actual mirrorless camera that I WOULD want to buy and USE, then perhaps we can talk then. Right now, I prefer a lowly Nikon L22 to ANY mirrorless, as I have better things to do with my money than buy CUTE cameras, as when I need a REAL low priced camera, I would just buy a D5100 and then I could at least use it to make money in MY field, as in mounting some Nikkor lenses and able to take pictures that NO mirrorless camera so far, CAN.

              I deal with the reality of MY situation and not overtly concerned about trends EXCEPT when they stop making what I need to do my JOB. Show me ANY rangefinder or mirrorless system that can mount a T&S lens, a 55mm F2.8 Micro-Nikkor, a 200 mm F2.0 ED-IF lens or even a 400mm F2.8 ED-IF and simpler lenses like a 35 F1.4, 24 F2.8, 35-70 F2.8 AF an such. People have differing needs and I make trends often and seldom follow trends, as Industrial person and NOT consumer. I consult and tell people what to do for a living, so I have a different focus on things – NOT the i-Crowd, but more into CONTENT creation than buying things to play back already made content – hence at the other end of the spectrum and thus concerned from that standpoint.
              Have a good one!

            • Jabs

              @Sky and Tony

              Sorry but the above response was to YOU ‘Sky’ instead of Tony – please forgive me!

        • Can Wishingwell

          Clearly Sony is an electronics company, Nikon is a Optical comonay… Sony polish any glass??

          • Sony can buy glass. There are a number of high-end lens manufacturers. Hoya for example makes lenses that are used in satellites where quality is paramount and cost clearly isn’t a significant barrier.

            The bigger question is the cost for a given quality level and whether Sony can buy high quality glass economically from Hoya, Zeiss, or many others. (I would bet they can.)

            • AnoNemo

              sony have patents for liquid lenses

            • Sky

              which are useless in DSLRs due to size-limitation. Liquid lenses work only if they are in size of cellphone lenses.

              “Sony can buy glass” – They already do. Zeiss. But they can make their own too – Minolta engineers are still hired there last time I checked and they used to be very good in this game. See their zoom lenses like 70-400.

        • Sony, to my mind, has been an engineering company first and a design company second to its detriment. Design is fundamentally the only “product” that matters. And I am not talking about ‘sexiness’. Nikon’s strength has been about great optics (well engineered and well designed) and great cameras, i.e. the 35mm SLR, design for portability.

          Nikon’s professional cameras are extremely well designed, from an industrial design standpoint. They know how to do this….well, the italians do, but at least Nikon knows who they need to get good industrial design. Software interface design is a whole new domain to them, however.

          Using a D700 is like enjoying driving a Maserati with the instrument panel of a Tonka truck. Still, the alternative is worse. Nothing more terrible that bad industrial design mated with horrible UX.

          • @Ernest Koe,
            “Using a D700 is like enjoying driving a Maserati with the instrument panel of a Tonka truck.”
            With a statement like that, I must ask, “Do you even own Nikon DSLR equipment?”
            One of Nikon’s greatest strengths is their ability to produce cameras for working photographers. A Nikon camera is not just a tool; it is an extension of the photographer which allows him/her to effortlessly create their own vision without being hindered by technology.
            The D700 menu-driven user interface is massive, yet intuitive. You must read the manual to maximize your benefits from it. I have friends who are professional photographers shooting Canon equipment, and they can’t praise the Nikon camera designs enough. They have made statments like, “You can tell that Nikon cameras are designed by Photographers for Photographers!”
            I can only agree with you on one point, “the alternative is worse.”

            • Perhaps my point was not sufficiently clear. I own plenty of Nikons; my collection of Nikons include FE, N55, N90s, D90, D700. The latter being my primary body if that matters. I have high praise of Nikon’s industrial (physical) design and said as much. But we are no longer in a industrial design-only world. We need to be designing for a digital age–and no, Nikon still fails in this regard, Their software sucks, the menu system on the camera’s suck, regardless of what so-called professionals seem to think. The alternative is, indeed worse. But the larger point is that Sony’s failure is largely what I am talking about at a large scale compared to Nikon. Imagine going from the dominant portable music player company (Walkman, industrial design age stuff) to being irrelevant in that segment today. The iPod/iPhone (digital design age) ate their lunch, and they are still wondering what hit them. Nikon should pay attention to UX in a digital age, and not be complacent about the strength of its so-called design.

            • BornOptimist

              Ernest Koe, I couldn’t disagree more on your statement that Nikon menus sucks.
              Have a look at what other manufacturers have.
              Personally I have/have had a Panasonic GF2, Fujifilm X100 and Olympus E-PL2, and at least two of these really sucks, and GF2 is an absolutely PITA. X100 is helped by a good mechanical interface, but their menus are not intuitive, They just look like a list of items based on first done first in list.
              Nikon menus OTOH are consistent accross all models, even P&S have basically the same layout if you choose text based menus and not icons.

          • Jabs

            @Ernest Koe.
            What you fail to realize is that Nikon HAS a long history of making PRO cameras from the film days and ALL the Nikon’s work a certain way, so it would be Corporate suicide for them to change that, as NOW all the photographers would have to relearn their craft as photography becomes INSTINCTIVE or intuitive after years of doing it and hence QUICK reaction is paramount, hence you are clueless BECAUSE you apparently do NOT use pro gear nor have any history of using this.

            If you did, you would get it. I can pick up a Nikon F, an F2, an F3, an F4, an F5, an F6 as well as ANY Nikon Pro digital Nikon body and use it within 3 minutes and NO OTHER manufacturer can claim this as they have ALL changed the look and feel of their cameras from generation to generation (film to digital, e.g) and thus lost on THEM and perhaps you.

            TIME is money and Nikon excels at that due to consistency of LOOK, feel and basic PRO usability as in WHAT they are accustomed to (as in NOT reinventing the wheel). You don’t see them using the same layout in a D3100 or D5100 as a D3s or D3X = what OTHER manufacturer’s need to learn.

            The people who buy a D3s, D3X have probably been shooting for a few years, therefore they came from SOMETHING else in the Nikon line and thus they treat a camera as a newer TOOL requiring consistency and less extra thought, as in intuitive to THEM as they are about to make money and time being money, they choose Nikon – simple as that. You break completely from the past and you lose the Pros = what both Canon and especially Sony need to LEARN.

            • Can you guys not read? @Jabs, with respect dude, I wasn’t talking about the physical (aka industrial) design of the bodies.

            • @Ernest Koe,
              Your reply definitely clarifies your position. Your point about the digital user interface of the Nikon DSLRs has been received, albeit not by all. I agree that the UI of ALL manufacturers’ cameras can be significantly improved. But I still think Nikon is WAY ahead of the competetion in this area…for now. Although I beleive Nikon would benefit significantly if they hired the interaction design team that Apple uses when developing new portable devices with digitally driven menu systems. However, as others have pointed out, they have to remain true to their existing customer base. Fortunately, the great thing about digital menus is the simplicity of being able to create different looks and feels, similar to the “SKINS” that software based MP3 players offered on PCs. Nikon could in theory, have multiple menu systems or SKINS which all achieve the same thing. They could even make software development kits for customers to customize their camera’s interface. As for me, I currently own or have owned the D300, D3, D700, D7000; the fact that I could/can pick up any one of those cameras and easily configure their settings and get to work is great testimony to Nikon’s current UI on their DSLRs. As for other cameras I have owned, Pentax, Fuji, Olympus, Kodak, etc….none have been able to offer consistancy in their handling from one model to the next, nor have they been excessively simple in their operation. Only Nikon has given me that consistincy factor. I doubt Nikon is resting on their laurals, they are a very methodical company which progresses their technology in very methodical steps. I don’t think liking Nikon to Sony’s Walkman is a fair analogy. Sony has been too concerned about developing a technology and then attempting to LOCK everyone into a form factor which maximizes their profits; this is why Sony has become irrelevant. In the eyes of the average consumer, hardware is only an insignificant component of the products Sony is selling. Interoperability and standardization is what consumers demand. That is one of the reasons that Apple has been so successful with the iPod and the follow-on devices. As for Nikon, the hardware is a significant component of their products, along with the standardization they have created with the F mount, the button and switch layout, and the UIs on their DSLRs. Creating an exotic interior to go with the Maserati like exterior with every new model release, might be modus operandi for Sony and others. But their is definitely something to be said about the simplicity of a Tonka truck… everybody quickly learns to drive ’em.

            • Jabs

              @Ernest Koe
              I was NOT speaking about the physical design of the body BUT the basic philosophy of USING a Nikon. Nikon’s have been consistent with their PRO bodies in their usability EVEN into the digital age. Pick up an F3/MD-4/MK-1 combo and then a D3s – and you will see what I am talking about – instant recognition of the logics of placement and relative consistency TO the user = Nikon’s strength.

              Everything can use an update or even fix some anomaly, but what people fail to realize is that IF YOU change things so much from the previous model, then you frustrate YOUR own loyal customers (the repeat buyers of YOUR expensive gear) and become irrelevant, like when Canon went from the concepts of their F series cameras to the EOS line (film days) and abruptly changed designs, layout and such. They LOST almost all the past users and gained new users, so I understand YOUR points well – but disagree with that route, as Nikon has a consistent history all the way back to the original Nikon F and Canon goes to the new F1n and then abruptly to the film EOS line to now digital Canon bodies.

              This is what long time Nikon users do NOT like and do not want Nikon to do, hence the uproar when any type of change is hinted at, as people who use Nikon’s are usually ‘conservative’ in their expectations and NOT always focused on specs or UI (as long as they can find stuff consistently) , BUT more fixated on RESULTS – hence more like race car drivers versus the ‘Bimmer crowd’ trying to look pretty, as their livelihood depends on them shooting fast, excellently, quickly, accurately, consistently and such and NOT on who sees them or them to be seen, hence PRO in that sense!

              Pro Nikon’s are about functionality over appearance, though they (the bodies) often look ‘good’ due to the Italian Design House, but it is results that intrigue most pro users. Me, I personally don’t care what a Pro body looks like, as long as it is not hideous and it delivers the results that I want and need.
              My take!

            • Jabs

              @Dr SCSI – sounds like Dr Scuzzy, the drive interface – lol
              and @BornOptimist

              Excellent replies from both of you, that bring new insights to me on this.


            • I actually think the Leica menu system is better than Nikon’s, though it is still weak in some ways. @scsi, one of the worst things about Nikon’s menu system is that you have to click through all these lists of menus and custom menus, neither of which are intuitive to begin with. Entering any text, renaming items etc are equally painful and tedious…i could go on.

          • Landscape Photo

            @ Ernest Koe

            Can you imagine, your next Nikon Dslr will have an operating system like new smartphones, (say Windows Camera 1.01).

            And then your brand new camera will fail to initialize some day when you turn it on because of a missing file, or worse new sort of viruses may suddenly destroy valuable photographs for your assignment. How would you feel?

            I’d prefer a retro-design b&w menu than a trendy customizable one. (e.g: My new Android mobile keeps showing arbitrarily some old read emails as new & unread – never seen any faulty behavior on my old industrial-design phone)

            • It is not about having a new operating system, or customizability, or having different skins. That’s just putting lipstick on a pig.

              No arguments about the ‘consistency’ factor with Nikon–again, if you think I am being harsh on Nikon, I am far more critical about the others on this front–I am a fanboy too.

              Here’s the thing, Windows is consistent too…consistently awful, (a little improved with 7, thank the gods). Consistency carries the past customers who have gotten used to your product, it doesn’t necessarily win you new ones.

            • Jabs

              @Landscape photo.

              IF it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it.

              REBOOT-REBOOT-REBOOT, Blue screen of death from Windose- lol

              A touch screen interface that changes when your cheeks or breath touches it in the height of shooting this amazing shot or sequence and it has changed to VIDEO mode from STILL mode and you get cursed out by your Company or those who hired you.

              Epic fail and broke too or sued for non-performance plus your reputation takes a dive and now, you are BROKE … no thanks. Pro photography is a Business and not a hobby.

              Seen Windows 8 = clueless so far.

              Maybe OS-X (Snow Leopard, not Lion) gets it.

            • @Ernest Koe,
              I guess the current Nikon UI is not well thought out in your opinion. I think we agree when we say that other products from other manufacturers are far worse. And I think we agree when we say the Nikon UI has room for improvement. So if you don’t agree with a skin system where people could customize the look and feel of the menu system, what do you think would be the ideal UI? Have you seen some specific feature in another manufacturer’s product which Nikon should duplicate? Or is this one of those intangible things where you will just know its right when you see it? You are definitely right about consistancy being able to keep a customer base, but not necessarily gaining new ones. I for one think that if Nikon developed a software developers kit (SDK) for the customization of the menu system, this added feature would become massively popular. Photo magazine companies could then produce customized skins that their subscribers could benefit from. In a very short timeframe, there would be customized skins optimized for variouis specific types of photography. They could be purpose built to maximize productivity for the individual. Nikon could then gather feedback from this new comunity to determine what is the optimal “default” menu system for their DSLRs. It would be a win-win situation as Nikon could save R&D money and the customer base gets what they want. Currently, I think Nikon needs to concentrate on adding new features to their cameras; and I am not suggesting improved HD video.
              For example, I would like to see PASIM on the dial; “I” for ISO priority mode, with the ability to give the next lower sub-priority to either aperature or shutter, while having the ability to set limits on those factors. “A” for aperature priority mode, with the ability to give the next lower sub-priority to either ISO or shutter, while having the ability to set limits on those factors. “S” for shutter priority mode, with the ability to give the next lower sub-priority to either ISO or aperature, while having the ability to set limits on those factors. And while we are at it, give us an ISO bracketing mode too. And it should go without saying, but I am saying it anyway; Nikon needs to have GPS and Wi-Fi built into the camera, with the ability to turn off the radios via the menu. I don’t want external devices, as you can only use one at a time (i.e. No cable release with the GPS device, no GPS device with their Wireless Transmitter) and this severly limits your options.

            • Jabs

              @DR SCSI.
              Great points and well thought out concepts – improvement in usability is always welcome, as long as they don’t alienate the older or more traditional photographers or make it too iPhone like or like a smartphone where everything now becomes a ‘touchy-feely’ issue.

              Sometimes people want it SIMPLE and complexities bring about a dumbing down of the photographic process or frustrations that ‘short-circuit’ the creative process, as in making things too much of a conscious effort that takes brain power away from the needed concentration on your creative craft? I like your skinning idea EXCEPT it would now open up your camera to virus and malware writers and brick your expensive body, perhaps especially if you have GPS and Wi-Fi built in for now hackers to jailbreak your camera and put Nikon in lawsuit and/or warranty ‘hell’. PLUS Nikon would have to now open up their menu system API or such to others and thus their trade secrets would be gone – lol.

              Maybe they can treat GPS and Wi-Fi like they used to treat removable heads and removable focusing screens via maybe two multi-function slots?

              Maybe it is better to have two to three SECURE built-in MENU choices that no one can really get to, like how some cars have different electronic menus. I don’t like things opened up to the public except for feedback, or you are courting disaster like Android is starting to now and Google is trying to lock down. Look at the Sony PS Network meltdown from hackers and other such cases.

              Good points though!

        • nek flopsowell

          Hummmm your ROSIE report is a mute point…Sony just posted quarter lose of 191 Million…dollars!!!! Try again.

        • kyoshinikon

          Also Canon has fully stopped innovating their still cameras as still cameras many if not most of the new buyers come based off reputation and not actual product quality…

          • Tony

            It could be but I don’t think that is the case. Their new cameras will be release just couple months after Nikon, and I’m certain that it will have similar new features.

            Canon strategy for luring new buyers is quite simple. Other from the reputation from their PS cameras, they do price their DSLR cameras a bit lower than Nikon, and then when those newbie got their EF-S mount lens, they pretty much lock up with Canon for life.

    • KsOfW

      Any speculations on Sony buying Nikon like they did with Minolta?

      • Tony

        Not yet.
        1. Nikon is a bit too big to be bought by Sony right now.
        2. Sony knows how to fight with Nikon, and at least for now as we all know they’re earning money in the process.
        3. Nikon is not in that much of a bad shape that they need to combined with anyone.

        • Sky

          4. Sony doesn’t want to fight with Nikon. They fight with Canon and RED.

          They said it clearly few times already. Every Nikon sold is Sony profit – why fight them when Sony has bigger opponents? Emerging RED which eats their pro video cameras market and largest DSLR player: Canon.

          Sure, if someone switches from Nikon to Sony than Sony is happy, but it’s by far more happy when Canon market share falls down.

  • cndlpwr

    More Ashton Kutcher? I think we could all do without more of that..

    • MK

      au contraire he makes all panties within a five mile radius drop every time he presses the shutter button

      • Jeremy

        And even a couple of pants…

        • me

          depends on where you live.


  • D40-owner

    They will announce the all-new SX line of camera/sensors.
    It is the “Sweep” line. It contains a 6x6cm 120Mpixel sensor in a bubble lens package.
    You throw it in the air, and it flips on itself a few times, creating a full “sweep” of all it’s surroundings with a few dozen shots.
    The end result is a 200 Gigapixel image of everything around you.
    When you get back to the PC for post-processing, you can just select whatever you need from the shot.

    It uses the soon to be released iSD cards, up to 512 petaByte capacity, in dual slots, of course.

    • Jabs


      OR soon we will be able to zoom in from Google Earth’s satellites or such and thensit at our desks, kiosks, home and ‘snap’ pictures with an App and then the whole things goes to Google – you never know – LOL!!!

      No more digital photography, as it has gone all to the CLOUD = pipe dream or maybe reality – ONE day!

      Ordering my prints from Amazon, Google or Apple through their App Stores via satellite imagery and then download them to your computer without doing anything at all – lazy bums too!

  • The invisible man.

    Here come the 3 CCD (RGB) captors !

  • chuck

    Yawn, these executives wannabees should learn from one Steve Jobs. Just release great products, they will sell themselves. No amout of pre talk will make a turd look like anything but a turd. Where the hell is D4, D400, and 1080 60FPS?

    • Joshua

      A ‘turd’ bitchin’ about ‘turds’. You sure know a lot about that topic…

    • Guy

      I bet you don’t even know what 1080 60p video is for.

      • Anonymous

        That must be for non-flickering slow motion.

    • Ronan

      chuck you are so clueless it hurts…

      • GeoffC

        I was thinking the same 😉

  • Joshua

    They will announce new P&S cameras that display your images on the LCD screen accompanied by music from Ozzy. Rad!!!

  • broxibear

    “by the end of March all facilities had steadily begun to resume operations, and by the end of April 2011 we were able to restore our production capacity to the pre-quake level.”…but then we decided to take all the equipment from the Sendai plant, all the employees and relocate to Malaysia ?
    My guess is that all production of the D3 series cameras has now stopped and those in stock are the last ones.

    • broxibear

      P.S. Talking about production in other countries, Nikon have just announced they’ll be making some Coolpix models (L120, S4100, S3100, S2500 and L23) in Brazil…,,OI5264277-EI12882,00-Nikon+anuncia+producao+de+modelos+de+cameras+no+Brasil.html

    • lolly

      “My guess is that all production of the D3 series cameras has now stopped and those in stock are the last ones.”

      I think this applies to D3x too. In addition to the D4 the D4x may be the 2nd fullframe that’s going to be announced end of August or early September 2011.

      Also, Yasuyuki Okamoto said : “Another issue we are addressing is the shortening of product development lead times. To successfully compete against our peers, the realization of shorter lead times is absolutely imperative.”

      The rumor on Canon is that Canon is expected to bring to market a higher megapixel fullframe body in 2011 or early 2012. So for Nikon to “successfully compete against … (its) peers” a D4x should be expected soon too.

      By introducing the D4x in 2011, current D3x owners will get a chance to upgrade by selling their D3x at a good price (before another Nikon fullframe body “kills” the D3x). Maybe the D4 will “kill” the D3x and hence a D4x should be announced along with the D4. 😉

      Whether Nikon calls the 3rd fullframe D800 or D400 does not matter. Pros who want a D300s successor will get a DX successor by whatever name Nikon decides to call it.

  • SGN

    I’m pretty sure he is referring to mirrorless and not D4 🙁

  • Bob

    Convenience will alway win. People are choosing to take crappier photos with iPhones because it can be immediately sent to friends. My guess is that all new cameras have to address this trend and offer at least built in wi-fi. Maybe the new cameras can upload photos via your cell phone using a Nikon iApp or somethig. Just guessing of course.

    • JorPet

      This is why I like to shoot the D7000, upload instantly to my iPhone and then post to Facebook. I can set it just to push it straight to Facebook as they arrive if I wish. High quality pictures with the same instant availability as just shooting with the just the iPhone.

      • @Bob, I agree with you…wi-fi must be built in and a Nikon iPhone app will probably be right there with it.
        @JorPet, the ability to easily publish photos on FaceBook is most likely going to result in more high quality snap shots. I am not suggesting you are contributing to the endless visual clutter, I am just suggesting that the removal of post processing is more likely going to result in masses of crap on the internet. The camera capture to digits is just a portion of creating a photograph, there is also the artistic portion of refining your image in post; instant publishing technologies steal away that refinement.

        • JorPet

          I don’t disagree, but for Facebook of what is happening “now”, snapshots are what you are going to get. At least with the D7k it is a better picture to start with and I can set some default “post processing” to occur as it creates the jpeg.

          As for built in WiFi, that would be one of the major reasons I would replace my D700. That and having it automatically geocode the location.

    • +1

  • Jabs

    1. Nikon seems to be going down a path to small mirrorless cameras to eventually replace some of its’ CoolPix line, maybe. Like the old Leica and Minolta CLE, Contax lines or even a Nikon S3 rangefinder of the past but done in digital with removable heads.

    2. Nikon might be going towards a 3chip on one chip camera design for their high end Pro bodies, as this gives them the ability to do cleaner plus sharper video with less artifacts, 3D stills + video and more important, do what RED does with Cinematic gear and RAW still plus video files at 16bit and above bit structure, perhaps.

    3. Maybe that is part of the reason that Nikon and Sigma got into that spat. Maybe Nikon should just buy them or maybe they don’t need them!

    • Jabs

      Sorry – should have been – removable LENSES and not heads !!!

  • Bonetti

    They are Talking about the Mirroless cameras

  • Nathan

    I know that Nikon is very, very conservative, but do you think their new catagory of cameras could be the multi-lens design so we can focus after the fact.

  • Anonymous

    What is all about these corporate “bla bla” ? I’d better wish to hear some solid hints.

    What does Nikon mean by saying they are almost ready for new-gen technology?

    Evil cameras or hi-res sensors together with hi-iso (pixel binning), better video or something else?

    All I need is an affordable 20-24mp D800 asap pls 😉

  • broxibear

    Nice Nikon history video appeared a few days ago

  • photonut

    I am scared!!!

    You never hear that kind of comments on the eve of the release of high-end products.

    That sounds like the onslaught of a new generation of coolerpixes with some integrated fancy useless features…

    • Anonymous


  • Landscape Photo

    We saw the merits of new technology with D7000. It approached D3s high iso performance short of 2 stop. If pixel density of the d7K is scaled up to FF, it makes 36mp. Applying that logic, a 24mp FX (D800) would likely supersede D3s performance despite of its resolution.

    Nikon may have even managed CMOS pixel binning like the P65’s 60mp CCD. Then they can have 32/16mp sensors possibly for D4.

    Plus, we will likely see electronic-viewfinder DX or even FX soon. Fuji X100 is a great success (of that genre).

    The only rumor that sounds problematic is the 24mp DX (from Sony); there will be real diminishing returns in DX size past 20mp imo, which can be named as insufficient lens resolution, earlier diffraction, increased noise, reduced DR, etc. Even it happens, that will become a niche product mainly for birders or paparazzi working with tele-primes.

    • Roger

      X100 has unusable EVF.

  • Camaman

    This means only one thing:
    They will announce their new mirroless system camera in August.
    And it won’t be aimed at us big sensor wanting users, but for a new generation of photographers.
    The age of smart lenses, small high ISO sensors combined with artificial DOF algorithms is coming!

    Cela a commencé ! Indeed…

    • Anonymous

      Yes, there was a photo of 2.7x crop sensor mount. New Nikon bodies, new Nikkor pancake lenses & mediocre photos (look at sample images from Panasonic Pen series). Any interchangeable-lens body having a sensor smaller than DX is a waste of effort. The system will be smaller in size, but not yet pocketable. Better carry a D3100 with a kit lens & be there. Or conversely grab any compact & forget the rest.

      • MK

        MMMKAY. Since you know so well please post the specs and the samples that Nikon has provided you. I am truly surprised you took some time off from your busy job of pixel peeping to bless us with this gem of wisdom. Thank you and godspeed.

  • Haha, maybe we’ll have 18mpx plenoptic cameras.

  • Yup… I REALLY, REALLY trust Ashton to tell which camera to buy!

    • Tony

      Don’t take it too serious. He is just a guy doing that for a living. But I like Sharapova more though.

  • Landscape Photo

    Nikon’s latest innovation is a 100mp+ spherical foveon sensor + liquid zoom lenses = better than eagle’s eye 🙂

  • broxibear

    Hi Peter/admin,
    I posted this 8 days ago
    Did you miss it lol…too many rumours not enough hours ?

    • broxibear

      oops…6 days ago…I need some sleep, bloody lightroom lol.

    • yes, I saw that but then I came across the second interview where both executives basically said the same thing about a new generation of cameras

      • broxibear

        It’s cool Peter, I was just pulling your leg.
        I’d love to post something more interesting but no one’s saying anything. We should all throw in a few £s, $s etc to get you a flight to Malaysia, you could stand outside the new factory and grab people as they walk out after a shift lol ?

        • LGO

          I am sure that there are enough readers here from Malaysia who can do the same thing. 🙂

        • yes, I am also sure the local bar will be a good source of Nikon rumors 🙂

          • Jabs

            Maybe you forgot what religion is the main or a significant one in Malaysia – lol


            Expresso Bars (?), maybe but I am almost sure there are many liquor bars there too.

            Just don’t get arrested for intoxication or drunken stupor in a land with different sensibilities.

  • rex

    “which will offer customers new ways to enjoy images.”… Will this be a pinhole camera or what is so special? I do not believe they can be too much ahead of the competition.

  • how bout this for monitoring a trend…if you come out with the d800 with the flip screen and 60fps full had before canon comes out with the 5d mark iii then I will get it. Otherwise headed over to canon.

    • @Daniel,
      Buy a P&S for the interim, take some pictures, enjoy yourself. You can then wait for Canon and Nikon to introduce their products, read the critics reviews, and then make a purchasing decision for the next system you are going to invest in. Camera bodies (of the quality you desire) are replaced every 3-5 years, where as your optics can last a lifetime. For me, Nikon was the only option because of their long commitment to the F mount. I am sure you can find numerous Canon shooters who can’t say the same about Canon glass. One last thought…you could always buy into both systems and have the best of both worlds. 🙂

  • Ryan

    Anyone given thought to this “new generation” of camera as a pro body ( ala D4/D800 form) with interchangeable sensors? It seems like it might be useful to have a single body and able to change out between a D3s or D3x type sensor depending on need.

    • @Ryan, I supose they could do interchangeable sensors, but does that really make sense? The most expensive components in the camera is going to be the sensor and the processor, very similar to PCs. Many people who favor the building block approach to PCs can certainly attest to the difficulties in upgrading. After one or two years you may want to upgrade, but then you realize that in order to get that new processor, you need a new motherboard, which by the way takes new memory modules, and forget that AGP graphics card, you need PCIe 8, no make that PCIe 16. Nikon can’t afford to manufacturer extra high dollar sensors for your camera, in the event that you decide to upgrade later; that would be too costly. For example, I had a Nikon D3 (recently sold) and I had the option to double the frame buffer for only $500. I didn’t do it, as it made more sense to put the $500 towards a new D4. I wonder just how many memory kits Nikon has lying around for the D3. If they do go with an interchangeable sensor, it will need to be user replaceable. Otherwise I don’t see enough enthusiasts willing to send their cameras into a Nikon Service Center for a costly upgrade. With that said, I would have been willing to send in my D3 to have quadrupple the buffer added, the new 32MP D4 sensor and the upgraded microprocessors installed! But that upgrade better not cost more than 20% of a brand new D4. If Nikon could offer something like that, I am sure they would have many takers lined up at their service centers!

      • Roger

        The sensor would be the part of the camera that contributes most to the price. Sensor upgrade would probably cost 90% of a brand new camera.

        Here’s how medium format works:
        4,000$ for the body
        50,000$ for the sensor/back

        Yup. Interchangeable sensors = FAIL. Dont hold your breath on modular, Nikon just arent that stupid.

        • Roger

          And I havent even said a word on how modular makes your camera worse in other ways. Compare non-modular 645D Pentax with those sucky Hasselblads…

  • Ryan

    ,,,,plus some sort of designated video sensor. Could cover a lot of ground in one camera with just a handful of tailored sensors. We do it with lenses already….used to do it with film.

  • David La Roche

    If this is in relation to a new pro line, I will eat my hat.

    My guess this will be the new mirrorless camera… Hopefully that’s not what’s going to be announced on August 24 😛

  • broxibear

    Broken Nikon 24mm f/1.4 AF-S video

  • Worminator

    Clearly this refers to the new mirrorless system, with the mid-size sensor and new mount.

    The question is how this fits re. Aug 24.

  • Rob

    Isn’t anyone else afraid of the word “development?” Development is finished a long time before the release of a product. Whereas it’s possible they are long done with the development of the D4 and D400 and only have a little left of the D800, it could also mean they aren’t even done developing any of the next generation pro DSLRs. The end of August announcements could be when they foresee having finalized the specs, having a few working prototypes and plans to initiate mass production. It could be 6 months after that before an actual release if that is the case. I don’t think they would use the word “development” if they were talking about actual release of a product.

    On the other hand, they might not even be talking about the next gen pro DSLRs. They could have a major technological leap in any one of their lines of cameras (dslrs, p&s, or evil) and be talking about that here. In that case the products to which they are referring might not be around for over a year. Just because the August announcement is coming up doesn’t mean these statements have anything to do with the new products they will show at that time.

  • Joe

    Full HD video, 2.5x crop, 600mm f4, FOR THE WIN!!!

  • mshi

    No, this is the up-coming dedicated system for video.

  • One More Thought

    This is a bit off topic, but I read an interesting theory on why Nikon would release the D4 and the D800 at the same time (from stanie on When the D3 was released, no one know about the D700, so many people purchased the D3 who if they had known would have waited for a D700. Nikon wanted a response to the 5dii,so they had to use the same sensor from the D3 and basically make it a mini-D3.

    Now if they don’t want to do that again, if they don’t want the D800 to be a mini D4, then they need to release both cams at the same time. If they release the D4 only,many people will just wait and assume a D800 is coming and continue to enjoy their D700, etc.

    However, by releasing a D4 and a D800, with the D4 having the clear edge, then those that want the best will go to the D4 and those wanting a more affordable FF will go to the D800.

    If they are going to split this product line, then they almost need to release both cams simultaneously.

    • broxibear

      Hi One More Thought,
      I’m still leaning towards a D4 and D400…there also seems to be a bit of chatter about a mirrorless announcement in a few weeks too.
      Maybe the D4 will be more stills focused with video slightly better than the D3s, and the real video rich camera being the D800 ?…in the same way as Canon ?

    • The D700 came out before the 5D Mark II.

      • One More Thought

        Yes…the D700 was a response to the 5d, and of course, I am sure that Nikon anticipated the 5dii…

  • portence flatulencia

    …they’re going to come out with the next generation of cameras? stop me if i’m wrong, but that IS what camera companies do with regularity, no?

    how is this news?

    • broxibear

      You’re right, it’s just marketing…they have to sell their new cameras by convincing you they’re so much better than previous models.

      • Markus

        Usually they are much better, but correct it is marketing.

    • BornOptimist

      The news is: “products of new domain”, meaning a new type of camera.
      That is not something done regulary.

      • portence flatulencia

        right on the ‘products of new domain’ part, though i’ll admit being let down severely by nikon’s decision that the tiny-sensored-but-likely-not-inexpensive-interchangeable-system-camera was the ‘new domain’ to venture into.


    • the interesting part is “products of new domain”

      • portence again

        i certainly *wish* that this would end up meaning something, but “of new domain” just smacks of flowery company-speak, being poignantly nondescript and information-less. how many times have “exciting new products” or “very important announcements” ended up being a printer, or an online storage program, or a coolpix refresh? puting video in the D700 line (something we all more or less can predict is coming) would technically be breaking into a “new domain” – videography capabilities in the budget FF line. nikon cloud storage would be a “product of new domain”.

  • Med format system I hope. Or even better a pro film/digital hybrid 135 system

  • broxibear

    Here’s another image of that Nikon concept dslr that appeared earlier in the year

  • Karlosak

    Isn’t it strange that only three weeks before the supposed announcement of two “pro” DSLRs there is absolutely zero, nada, nill info about the model names, specs, etc.? How can Nikon pull this off?
    If I remember past rumors, it was about two months before the official announcement when the interesting info started pouring in. With every day passing by, I have a stronger feeling that 24th August will be about Coolpixes only… 🙁
    Admin, please prove me wrong!

    • I have the same concern. In “the worst case scenario” we will see only the mirrorless camera and the new Coolpix cameras since those were the only reliable leaks so far. I still believe that there will be more and the reason why we don’t have more info is because Nikon changed something in the way they distribute info on new products.

      • BornOptimist

        The mirrorless camera has been in work since 2005/2006 (from the patents), and all that is leaked is 1 recent picture of the lens mount! No information about the sensor or lenses, apart from estimation of crop factor has appared. So it’s absolutely remarkable how tight they are on information.

      • Bart B

        OR … The difference between the old generation and the “new generation cameras” is so big that Nikon tries to avoid leaks as much as possible to not affect the sales of their current models …

    • broxibear

      Well, nobody saw the 40mm f/2.8G announcement…I just think they’ve been super tight with their leaks…either that or there’s nothing coming out until 2012 lol ?

      • portence flatulencia

        i somehow suspect that nikon is super tight with their information until they choose to strategically let something slip. the 40/2.8G is proof that they can keep a lid on an extended project if they choose. that said/supposed, i can’t wait until they start strategically leaking D800 info next year.


  • me

    They are talking about NX3, I just know it!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t give hoot for mirrorless, where is my D800?

  • broxibear

    Has anyone out there got a D3s or D3x body ordered that hasn’t yet arrived ?
    I’m trying to get some information about whether the D3 series production has now stopped. If the Sendai plant is empty of equipment and staff, any new D3s or D3x bodies would have come from Malaysia with “Made in Malaysia” stamped on them…anyone seen this ?

    • broxibear

      P.S. I’m starting to think they moved production not because of the power issues, but for the Malaysian babes lol…

      • Just A Thought

        Clever to hide new technology in plain site. The yellow frocked Babes were placed there as a clear distraction.


        Check the guy in center – clearly most important portion of the photo unless you are into composition … The photo shows the New Nikon Eye to Camera interface. Guy does not need to look at rear screen like with old tech Live View. Nor does he have to use ancient tech like looking thru the viewfinder. No he frames his shot and sets point of focus by just looking at his photo subject while using the (NNEC) Nikon New Eye to Camera technology. The use of a 600mm lens suggests the incredible technological leap made since that lens has a narrow angle of view. Folks are all talking about Sony and their NEX but when NNEC is released it could become the talk of the internet…

        I’m surprised that you were able to get your hands on such a photo prior to any official announcement…

  • assuming the sensor is indeed 2.5-x ish, does anyone have a reasonable idea how big typical lenses will be, say a 8mm f/1.8 (24mm equiv) 20mm f/1.8 (50mm equiv) , 35mm f/1.8 etc…might be?

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