Watch out for Coolpix announcement this week

The exact day of the new Coolpix cameras announcement I believe is the key to wether we will see DSLR or mirrorless products on August 24th. Nikon Brazil for example has several events scheduled for this week (August 16-18th):

So far I have no indications that Nikon will announce the new Coolpix line this week. Adding the mirrorless camera to the Coolpix announcement next week makes sense, but Nikon will NOT announce point and shoot cameras and full frame DSLRs on the same date, because they will be looking for maximum press attention. This is why I think the mirrorlesss camera will be announced next week, but I could be wrong of course.

The IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin will take place between September 2-7 -it will be a good place to show the new mirrorless camera.

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  • Raou

    really want a D400…

    • Mr Rogers

      Id rather not watch out for even more useless coolpix announcements….yawn

    • techmine

      moving from?

  • Dave Konitz

    More likely a d800 and or d4

  • Raou

    no please, don’t break my heart…
    i’m waiting for so long….

  • What I am trying to say with post is that there is still a chance for a new DSLR to be released next week.

    • 120-300 F2:8 OS

      plus one for that admin and for millions others around this globe.

    • Raou

      Yes i know, but your last post just depress me….
      I just want ti close my eyes for 8 days to see the truth…

    • alvix usual pre-press material leaked from xitek and the like…I dont think we ‘ll se a new dslr..

    • cirtap

      NR….Your breaking out hearts. D300 is on her last leg…What is Nikon doing to us all. Don’t they know……we need a new camera. Have they not drawn out the D3s, D3x, and the ever old not up to date…..D700. Come on Nikon….don’t just announce some coolpix…MAYBE with projector to nowhere?

      I believe NR is right. No new pro or even prosumer camera…..I am truly down now….And for those wise ones that say..I am going over to Canon…What new camera your going to over there? But Wait….Sony!!! yes good ol Sony…YIKES!!!

  • Tony

    I hope Nikon is not spending lots of money on these Coolpix announcements.

  • I hope the coolpix cameras get announced a week before the 24th!

  • DarkNikon

    New DSLR yada yada. Follow Zack Arias and switch to Canon! No new DSLR this August!!!

  • All this talk of switching to Canon is hilarious. Like Canon has something to offer… they still have not answered the 3 yr old D3, much less the D3s and D3x and there are no credible rumors as to when the 5DII refresh will be announced. The current Nikon lineup is still industry leading, go shoot with a D700, D7000 or D3s/D3x if you need something NOW. Switching to Canon is a waste of time and defies common sense.

  • RR

    Oh well, tourists and rich people with extra money to spend, are going to take pictures… But heck Nikon thinks full frame Nikon users can do well without full HD video some more, and with no more than 12MP unless they spend 8k grand on a D3x, And never mind their 3 , almost 4 years old cameras (D700, and D3 and D3x’s) are picking fast more and more number of shutter actuations… Till the shutters give up, and while the competion makes great profesional video…

    But Hey ! The tourists and rich people DEMAND for the mirrorless cute cameras! Screw the pros!

    #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon !

  • D700guy

    So that does it, I’m switching to doing all my future shoots with a coolpix.
    Has anyone nabbed the handle ‘Coolpixguy’ yet??

  • C_QQ_C

    Got a copy of a leading german phot magazine september isseu, which says there are no new coolpix announcements to be expected this year, because of dependency from other suppliers that were hit by the disasters in Japan… Its the same magazine that last year spilt the beans on last years announcements…

    • D700guy

      You just had to fuck that up for me didnt you?

    • Weird, can you send me a scan/picture please?


    • zoetmb

      A September issue is published in August and goes to the printer in June (sometimes May), so its information in regards to current news is useless. That’s why print is dying.

  • I think though that with the complete lack of rumors I fear nothing is coming. Given all of the people involved in the process to get this new camera to market that ONE of them would slip you a clue. I think we are going to be facing another cameraless year. 🙁 I hope I am wrong.

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