Nikon press release: Joe McNally was using “the latest Nikon cameras” for his new exhibition

I mentioned last week about Joe McNally's upcoming exhibition that will open on August 24th. Today Nikon issued a press release that contained the following paragraph:

Based on McNally’s renowned “Faces of Ground Zero, Portraits of the Heroes of September 11, 2001,” this updated special exhibition will feature original life-size portraits, along with new digital images and exclusive video interviews shot with the latest Nikon cameras...

Latest Nikon cameras that can shoot video? Was he using the Nikon D5100? Nikon D7000 is currently one year old. The Nikon D3s is the only full frame camera that can shoot video and was announced in October of 2009.

Full press release:

MELVILLE, NY (August 16, 2011) – Nikon Inc. is the exclusive photographic equipment sponsor of the “Faces of Ground Zero – 10 Years Later” exhibit at the Time Warner Center in New York. The free exhibit, marking the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, will take place from August 24 to September 12, 2011. The exhibit features more than fifty images and videos by internationally acclaimed photographer, Joe McNally, that bring to life some of the extraordinary individuals personally impacted by the events of 9/11.

Based on McNally’s renowned “Faces of Ground Zero, Portraits of the Heroes of September 11, 2001,” this updated special exhibition will feature original life-size portraits, along with new digital images and exclusive video interviews shot with the latest Nikon cameras, revealing where the subjects are today and how 9/11 indelibly affected their lives.

“Nikon is proud to be a sponsor of the ‘Faces of Ground Zero – 10 Years Later’ exhibition,” said Bo Kajiwara, Director of Marketing, Nikon Inc. “The still images and videos shot by Joe McNally document in compelling detail a very significant event in recent history and are vivid, powerful reminders of the human spirit.”

The exhibition includes portraits and video of everyday people such as firefighters and other uniformed rescuers, families of victims, survivors, caregivers, politicians and students from nearby schools. Some of the individuals honored in this exhibition include Firefighter Louie Cacchioli, Josephine Harris and Ladder 6 and Chef Michael Lomonaco as well as former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

“It’s been a truly amazing experience to recreate this exhibition,” said McNally. “It’s an honor to be able to visually tell the ongoing stories of the incredible people I first met 10 years ago that continue to be an inspiration every day.”

Joe McNally is one of the most widely acclaimed photographers in the world and has been a Nikon shooter throughout his career. He is globally recognized as one of the most accomplished masters of light and color and has inspired a world of photographers with Nikon’s Creative Lighting System. McNally’s international photography career includes time as a staff photographer for LIFE Magazine and a contributor to National Geographic for over 23 years. He has also shot cover stories for TIME, Newsweek, Fortune, New York, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Sports Illustrated, LIFE and Men’s Journal.

McNally’s 2002 tour, “Faces of Ground Zero,” was seen by an estimated one million people. The collection and sales of related books helped raise more than $2 million for 9/11 relief efforts.

Joe McNally’s “Faces of Ground Zero – 10 Years Later” exhibition will be held at the Time Warner Center in New York City from August 24 to September 12, 2011. The exhibition is open from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday – Saturday and from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Sunday. Admission is free and open to the public.

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  • OMG OMG OMG! Schmetterlinge in meinen bauch!

  • borneoaddict

    I don’t follow Nikon Rumours for the EVIL thing….

  • Elmo

    If you aint got anything new to show!!!!!! it is a really good statement!!!!
    “the latest Nikon cameras”

  • 120-300 F2:8 OS

    FDNY firefighter where is smoke there is fire they did a great yob now is Nikon to follow bring out the goodies

  • tfu

    we haven’t seen the big campain or the release yet.

    We don’t now that they are going to use 9/11 in their campain.
    All they have said so far is the the shoot was made with nikon equipment and they haven’t been beeting on the big drum about it.

    Maybe we are following a false lead?

  • broxibear

    The D700 seems to be coming back in stock in the UK…I think a new shipment may have arrived ?

  • I can’t believe the last full frame was announced Oct 09! The fact of the matter is, even if Nikon doesn’t announce one this month, it’s gotta be guaranteed they will at some point this year. How could they NOT announce one for 2 full calendar years???

  • Rahul

    There have been rumors about FX bodies, coolpix and mirrorless but so far I have not heard any rumor regarding new DX/FX lenses. It seems unlikely that Nikon will not release any such lens this year. Is it true that lens related information isn’t leaking at all. We got info related to 50mm 1.8G only a couple of days before the release and 40mm DX macro was an absolute surprise. No leaks at all for that!
    Admin, Should we assume that this trend will continue?

  • Art

    Ok, perhaps I’m getting pessimistic already and we are still out a week from our “Mystery Announcement”, but the question that springs to mind is are there any other press dates that if a D4/800/400 isn’t announced on the 24th, when might it be?

    The 24th, I’d assume is going to be a rather significant announcement simply because they don’t want anyone taking vacations that week. Of course ,there was the tsunami but then they didn’t (that we know of) go back and tell everyone: “Hey, it’s ok, go take your vacation after all.”

    I’d expect / hope that if the D4/800/400 announcement isn’t going to be on the 24th, then it would have at least as much hoopla within Nikon as the 24th announcement is supposed to receive. Any clues on any other major announcement dates?

    • Ke

      21st of Sept.

  • Bob

    On McNally’s blog page, the EXIF data fopr the image of fire fighter Bill Buttler seated indicates it was made with a Nikon D3x…

    • EXIF data can be manipulated, we’ve seen several images with Nikon D4 in the EXIF. Joe’s other pictures do not have EXIF data.

  • heiko

    Maybe some already commented on this. But if you look at the metadata of the pictures (which has not been removed) you can See that he used a d3x for his portraits

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