Two more Nikon announcements in September

There were many Nikon press events all over the world today and I was able to gather some new information. There will probably be two more Nikon announcements in September. There must be a reason why some Nikon employees vacation was blocked for the end of August. The first one will be DSLR related and will probably be in the first week of September. This may not be a new product but rather a refresh of an existing model. The second one will be for the new mirrorless camera (with 4 lenses). I was told that those mirrorless camera mockups are a very close to the real thing. No word on new DSLR lenses.

For now set your expectations low and remember: no leaks = no announcement, and I don't care what happened with the 40mm macro lens.

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  • broxibear

    I’ve read through countless posts about wanting a D whatever because of 12mp isn’t enough, and sensor size being too small on the rumoured mirrorless.
    Amateur Photographer Magazine 27/08/11 UK have a very good, and detailed, test of sensor sizes and the effect on image quality, it’s not on their site so you’ll have to get a copy of the magazine itself.
    They compare various sensors sizes from a smartphone through to medium format(inc D3s, 5D and 645D)…it’s compares print quality as well as images viewed 100% on a monitor.
    Here’s a snipet “Although our medium-format sensor on the Pentax 645D offers up to 4x the area of an APS-C sized sensor, the difference in quality is less severe”
    It’s well worth a read and will question if you really do need the 24 or 32mp some are lusting after.

    • Landscape Photo

      I’m fully aware that a 24mp will only give a modest improvement over 12mp, but nothing comparable to the 4×5′ drum scans I’d envy when I had a Mamiya 7. But a good 24mp nef file may be on par with an average Mamiya 7 Velvia scan. Even the D2x image didn’t look too inferior on this test:

      We are technically approaching to the limit of 35mm digital. Any increment in resolution above 24mp on FX will result in less perceived improvement. The lenses are not simply “up to” it. Not to mention, even the slightest fault on the run will cancel the advantage and render it back to 12mp-like image, though keeping the disadvantages (noise, etc). D700 is quite forgiving on lenses.

      The dirty-quick way to get a detailed image is stitching, imo. A 3 vertical 12mp frame stitch with about 1/3 overlap can easily make a 24mp image with 3/2 aspect (after cropped and slightly downsized). This image will hold more detail with less lens aberrations and less sensor noise a 24mp single photo from a wider FoV lens. The difference shows how a 24mp FX sensor will be lens-limited. We simply don’t have such lenses that will resolve as sharp as it would look at 12mp at 100% magnification, especially true at the borders & corners even when stopped down a little.

      Yet, stitching is not always the most practical way to achieve high resolution (parallax errors, moving & changing images, stitching procedure, etc)

      I think, 18-20 mp must be the sweet spot of 35mm format regarding resolution & sensitivity issues which contradict each other. The D800 should be around this resolution to be considered a general-purpose camera.

      • Nikon Syndrome

        D3x vs D3:

        That is more than a modest benefit. Plus the high-iso noise is not as bad as advertised (by some people) keeping in mind it has 41% more linear resolution.

        Even Nikon chooses the interim D700x way (till the ultimate D800 is ready), it would be a fully usable camera in all conditions including low-light photography. A 12mp D700s would sound quite absurd now.

      • broxibear

        Hi Landscape Photo,
        It all comes back to what your images are going to be used for.
        I’m a portrait and music photographer, my images are used for magazine editorials, album covers and advertising…the largest prints I’ve needed were for an exhibition and they were 20 x 16 (the actual image was smaller because of the white border). The AP article I refered to, and many others, have shown that with A2 prints it’s near impossible to tell the difference between a D3s 12mp image and a 645D 40mp image.
        Now, if you’re printing images beyond A2 then fair enough the extra mp will make your prints slightly better…but how many people print at that size ? Before I started out on my own I freelance assisted a number of well known music, fashion and fetish photographers. Not once did any of them print bigger than 20 x 16…framed as part of an exhibtion even 16 x 12 looked big.
        Too many people are sucked in by marketing, the marketing companies know it and make good use of it to sell them new cameras…it’s their money so I guess it’s up to them ?

      • Roger

        24mp over 12mp is B I G improvement. Our lenses are good enough for soooo, soooo much more than just 24mp, you’d be shocked.

        • What are your sources for this statement? Sure 12 – 24 is a 1.4x linear resolution increase (nothing to scoff at), but where do you get the idea that the lenses are “good enough for soooo, soooo [sic] much more than just 24mp”?

          • PHB

            Back in the days of film we would expect a zoom lens to perform really well only in the very center of the frame. Before computer aided lens design even a prime was only really good in the middle portion.

            Today you can take an FX camera and pixel peep the corners of the frame and they turn out acceptable to good, stop the lens down a bit and it can be brilliant.

            Take a look at recent lens reviews where they give you corner 100% crops. Why? Since when was that where a competent photographer wanted to focus attention?

            If you evaluate current lenses by those criteria you will find that the current crop of Nikon Professional f/2.8 zooms are more than acceptable for 50MP work. The teles are good way beyond that, the tele primes might even work up to 150MP or more.

            Again, don’t expect 50MP resolution in the corners, but you will have it across far more of the frame than you have a right to expect.

    • haha

      Who said it’s the MP we are waiting for?

      People kept saying that D3s and D700 are good enough. I have the D700 as well and it does take most of the pictures I want to but is it perfect?

      Nothing to do with MP.
      I want:
      – Native ISO 100
      – Tethering
      – Video
      – A way such that my CF release door doesn’t come out during shooting.
      – A lock for Focus Mode switch doesn’t change when I am holding the lens.
      – More dynamic range is preferred

      • haha

        100% View Finder too.

      • haha

        And better NR for shadow noise.

      • I can’t argue with your demands.

        Apparently, neither can anybody else:

        That link represents months of opportunity for MP chasers to articulate why The Pursuit of MegaPixels is an Inalienable Right. Or something.

        The point is, nobody seems to have a logical MP packing argument they’re willing to stand behind.

        • PHB

          My reason for wanting more MP is simple: My D300 is perfectly OK for the shooting I currently do. It has served me well for almost 4 years.

          If I were to upgrade it would be with the expectation of getting at least another four years worth of use out of it and there would have to be a very substantial incentive to do so.

          12MP FX is not going to allow me to use my DX lenses to their full. Nor would a bag of minor upgrades (e.g. D300s) give me an incentive to move.

          Of the expected reasons to upgrade, 24MP is the only one that gives me a real reason to buy a new body rather than a lens. I doubt that I would go for a 24MP DX body at this point, while it is probably still a better choice for most than FX, it is not really enough to justify the upgrade.

          The other joker in the pack here is mirrorless. There is every possibility that the EVIL format will be better IQ at wide angle than any DSLR can deliver.

  • D700guy

    If the DSLR is a refresh; then it would be logical that the D700 is the intended recipient.
    Why? The D300 alreay had the refresh with a D300s, how are you going to refresh the D3 series without making it a D4?
    So, as many have speculated, it makes perfect sense to create a D700 series with the sensors from both the D3s and the D3x, followed up by the D4 series.
    Then again, I could be way off.

  • they are cock-blocking us with no dslr announcement yesterday!

    • Foolishcfo

      You are so right. We didn’t want the ugly chick aka Coolpix, we wanted the fox aka D4, D800, D400!

  • Here’s an announcement: I’m going to quit waiting for Nikon’s lost leader announcements.

  • Jabs

    A camera is like a tool

    A lens is like an accessory for this tool

    A photographer is like a mechanic or an artist who learns to properly use and respect the capabilities of their tools and uses it to creatively express what is in their mind or what they envision.

    If you see one as more important, then it often points to YOUR lack of vision or your focus is probably OFF.

    LOL – pun intended too.

    • SBP

      true! love my D300 but i think i deserve an upgrade now… please be this year Nikon 🙂


  • Wow. I just realized (and confirmed by searching all three pages of comments here) that no one here (myself included) has yet thought of what may be the most obvious answer to the question of which camera will be announced.

    Assuming that this really is a product refresh, and that this is an FX DSLR, why has nobody thought to ask whether this is the D3xs? I mean, it completely fits. Updated FX 24mp sensor, another stop or two of high-ISO, video capabilities, and a few other incremental improvements in things like DR, color fidelity (especially in high-ISO), and maybe even shooting speed. The D3x was announced in November, 2008. This means they could release the new D4x either late next year, or they could even hold off for another year and release in late 2013. I mean, the D3x sensor is already impressive, and 3 years’ time to improve it would make it that much better.

    I think everyone is so eager to get their hands on a D700 style body with 24mp that they’ve completely overlooked the obvious.

    Can someone explain how this doesn’t fit?

    • PHB

      Like I said last time you raised this, the D3xs will be the D4.

      The D3x is the current top of the flagship line. Its successor will have all the same capabilities plus some more. They might continue to make the D3s if there is demand for lower resolution, but I really can’t see why they would do that when the camera can down-res in software.

      I think it rather more likely that the new announcement is the D3s sensor in the D700 so that the low ISO crowd don’t get too indignant when the D3s is discontinued a few months later.

      Most likely would be a D9000 consumer FX body with the D3s sensor (or better) That would be the money maker that the D4 is set to flagship for. It didn’t make much sense before there was a range of cheaper FX f/4 lenses, nor do those lenses make much sense without.

  • I have seen people talking about mp related to print size. Maybe this document is useful

    BTW i am also hoping for d700s

  • Bryan

    Wow… WHY is everyone sitting around speculating about what might or might not be coming next from Nikon? When Nikon is ready with new product(s) they will be released. Until then, get out there and take pictures with the equipment you have! Remember, more megapixels and features will NOT make you a better photographer!

  • DaveyJ

    To Ron Adair as to what the September Nikon announcement will be…..The D700 upgrade is far more anticipated and far more overall necessary to Nikon in terms of market and sales. If there is a D3xs is will be with video on board and the same if the D700 is upgraded. But what sensor would be in the D700s?? It would appear they don’t have one? Total speculation on my part I admit. And part wishful thinking as a D3xs would be a no go for me. It seems like the rumor mill says it is an FX. However how about a DX sensor based on the D7000 with a better video, tweaked sensor, and a much faster Expeed 3 processor. That would seem to be technically available at this time. Yet as my speculation does not jive with the “it will be an FX!” Again this is based on my willingness to purchase a D400 type body as I see the D7000 as quite wonderful, and beautifully priced, but with several features I would want better. I do realize Nikon does not build cameras first for me (or anyone person alone). I also note that Nikon Rumors photographers are mostly seeking FX refresh….
    Hope this makes sense. Now we have to wait for Nikon to make their move!

  • D700guy

    Alright! 2 more days until the next disappointment!! So excited.

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